U.S. Indian Census Schedules
Census of the Sac and Fox Tribes

Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer


Parent or spouse names

Relation to Head

Birth Date


Edith Appletree     abt 1879 Female
Susie Appletree Edith Daughter abt 1899 Female
Carrie Appletree Edith Daughter abt 1902 Female
George Appletree      abt 1881 Male
Henry Appletree      abt 1872 Male
Avery David B      abt 1872 Male
Eva Baker      abt 1848 Female
Bannister Fannie     abt 1882 Female
Andrew Barker      abt 1835 Male
Matilde Barker      abt 1872 Female
Matilde Barker  Matilde Daughter abt 1893 Female
Scott Barker  Matilde Son abt 1896 Male
Lee Barker     abt 1902 Male
Munni Barker      abt 1843 Female
Nora Barker      abt 1837 Female
Stalla Barker      abt 1881 Female
Mary Barker Stalla Daughter abt 1902 Female
Mary Burries     abt 1872 Female
John Charles Burries Mary Son abt 1898 Male
Victor James Burries Mary Son abt 1901 Male
Inez Bass      abt 1871 Female
Cora Bass  Inez Daughter abt 1889 Female
Lee Bass  Inez Son abt 1891 Male
Jone c Bass  Inez Daughter abt 1898 Female
Battice Walter      abt 1860 Male
Mr. Ski Walk Bear  Sarah   abt 1842 Male
Sarah Bear  Jack Wife abt 1847 Female
Welliam Bear      abt 1863 Male
Edith Bruson      abt 1853 Female
Harry Bruson  Edith Son abt 1886 Male
Jennie Bigwalker      abt 1879 Female
Carrie Bigwalker Jennie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Lilly Bigwalker      abt 1882 Female
Margaret Bigwalker      abt 1883 Female
Sarah Bigwalker      abt 1856 Female
Maud Bigwalker  Sarah Daughter abt 1887 Female
Esther Bigwalker  Sarah Daughter abt 1890 Female
Amas Black  Mary   abt 1881 Male
Mary Black  Amas Wife abt 1877 Female
Carl Black  Amas & Mary Son abt 1900 Male
Gertrude Brown      abt 1841 Female
John Brown      abt 1860 Male
Thomas Brown  John Son abt 1891 Male
Harry Brown  John Son abt 1894 Male
Brulah Brown  John Daughter abt 1896 Female
Mary E Brown  John Daughter abt 1899 Female
Julia Brown     abt 1878 Female
Noble H Brown Julia Son abt 1899 Male
Pearl Brown Julia Daughter abt 1902 Female
Sam Brown      abt 1863 Male
Sryor Brown    Adopted Son abt 1896 Male
Shelah Guthrie Brown     abt 1889 Female
Jennie Baffalobom      abt 1851 Female
Thoma J Baffalobom  Grace   abt 1854 Male
Grace Baffalobom  Thoma J Wife abt 1863 Female
Shaqueqarat Kate  Thoma J &  Grace Daughter abt 1893 Female
Mamie Buffalobom  Thoma J & Grace Daughter abt 1899 Female
George Butler  Thoma J &  Grace Son abt 1886 Male
Jane Butler     abt 1889 Female
Edward Butler      abt 1881 Male
Copper John T     abt 1875 Male
Carlisle John G      abt 1869 Male
Frank Carter  Laura   abt 1869 Male
Laura Carter  Frank Wife abt 1871 Female
Bertha Mautaera  Frank &  Laura Daughter abt 1887 Female
Elmer Mautaera  Frank &  Laura Son abt 1891 Male
Lenna Mautaera  Frank &  Laura Daughter abt 1895 Female
Bertha Curter Frank &  Laura Daughter abt 1896 Female
Jesse Curter      abt 1834 Male
Joe Curter      abt 1872 Male
Madihrril Curter      abt 1878 Female
James Curter  Madihrril Son abt 1898 Male
Sampson Curter     abt 1900 Male
Melton Curter  Ella   abt 1860 Male
Ella Curter  Melton Wife abt 1862 Female
Louis Curter Melton & Ella Son abt 1887 Male
Saddie Curter  Melton &  Ella Daughter abt 1890 Female
Charley Curter  Melton &  Ella Son abt 1893 Male
Maud Curter  Melton &  Ella Daughter abt 1898 Female
Mami Remcar Curter Melton &  Ella Daughter abt 1902 Female
Lucy Curter Melton &  Ella Daughter abt 1902 Female
Henry Clay  Julia   abt 1852 Male
Julia Clay  Henry Wife abt 1851 Female
Neal Isadore  Henry &  Julia Son abt 1891 Male
Clute Hazel     abt 1825 Female
Cofer Jennie     abt 1857 Female
Andrew Conger      abt 1877 Male
Jare Conger      abt 1845 Male
Pau Nau The Junior      abt 1866 Male
Mary Connalis     abt 1878 Female
Loren Connalis Mary Son abt 1894 Male
John E Connalis Mary Son abt 1898 Male
Stelle Connalis Mary Daughter abt 1900 Female
Florence Thelma Connalis Mary Daughter abt 1902 Female
Marthe M Connalis     abt 1885 Female
Katharine Connalis Marthe M Daughter abt 1903 Female
Alex Connolly  Liza   abt 1856 Male
Liza Connolly  Alex Wife abt 1865 Female
Louis Gokey  Alex &  Liza Son abt 1889 Male
Frank Gokey  Alex &  Liza Son abt 1890 Male
Viola May Connelly  Alex &  Liza Daughter abt 1892 Female
Alvira Connelly  Alex &  Liza Daughter abt 1896 Female
Charles Connelly  Alex &  Liza Son abt 1899 Male
Grace Connelly Alex &  Liza Daughter abt 1901 Female
Edgar Connelly Alex &  Liza Son abt 1903 Male
Coon Nancy      abt 1850 Female
John Couteau      abt 1870 Male
Lottie Couteau      abt 1879 Female
Herbert Couteau Lottie Son abt 1899 Male
Mabel Couteau Lottie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Charley Crane  Mary L   abt 1866 Male
Mary L Crane  Charley Wife abt 1871 Female
Carrie Crane Charley &  Mary L Daughter abt 1901 Female
John Crane Charley &   Mary L Son abt 1902 Male
Logan Theresa Charley &  Mary L Daughter abt 1896  
Helen Crane      abt 1861 Female
Lizzie Crane      abt 1833 Female
Edward L Crane    Grandson abt 1894 Male
Lee Cuppawhe      abt 1878 Male
Lizzie Cuppawhe Lee Daughter abt 1902 Female
Nancy Curtess      abt 1834 Female
Frank Davis      abt 1873 Male
Flora Davis      abt 1873 Female
Frank B Davis  Flora Son abt 1898 Male
Harry Davis Flora Son abt 1901 Male
Orilla Davis      abt 1885  
Robert Davis      abt 1883 Male
Daw Lerenzo     abt 1883 Male
Dickson Duncan      abt 1887 Male
Rickard Duncan  Alice Fox   abt 1875 Male
Alice Fox Duncan  Rickard Wife abt 1878 Female
Lulu Duncan Rickard &  Alice Fox Daughter abt 1902 Female
Dunn Caroline      abt 1863 Female
Ensley Elen Jenes     abt 1897 Female
Jackson Elis      abt 1883 Male
Ruth Ellis      abt 1884 Female
Ellis Sarah Ellis      abt 1850 Female
Clara Ellis  Ellis Sarah Daughter abt 1888 Female
Laura Ellis  Ellis Sarah Daughter abt 1891 Female
Stella Ellis      abt 1885 Female
Emmerson Lena     abt 1883 Female
George Falls  Lydia   abt 1872 Male
Lydia Falls  George Wife abt 1855 Female
Samuel Falls  Edna   abt 1882 Male
Edna Falls Samuel Wife abt 1881 Female
Jennie Falls Samuel &  Edna Daughter abt 1899 Female
John Falls Samuel &  Edna Son abt 1902 Male
Foster William G      abt 1871 Male
Bretie Fox      abt 1869 Female
Harry M Fox      abt 1888  
Benjamin Franklin  Leona   abt 1859 Male
Leona Franklin  Benjamin Wife abt 1870 Female
Randall Franklin      abt 1889 Male
Christine Franklin  Benjamin Daughter abt 1891 Female
Harding Franklin  Benjamin Son abt 1893 Male
Gro R Franklin Benjamin Son abt 1901 Male
Rass Franklin Benjamin Son abt 1902 Male
Osmond Franklin      abt 1883 Male
Alice Gibbs      abt 1879 Female
Carrie H Gibbs Alice Daughter abt 1901 Female
Dosh Gibbs      abt 1844 Female
Gelbert Gibbs      abt 1882 Male
Eveline Givens      abt 1878 Female
Iaac Givens      abt 1881 Male
Lizzie Givens      abt 1879 Female
Ertharine Givens Lizzie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Leo Gokey      abt 1877 Male
Adams Gokey  Leo Son abt 1897 Male
John Gokey Leo Son abt 1901 Male
Amdia Gokey Leo Daughter abt 1902 Female
Paul Gokey  Mary M   abt 1872 Male
Mary M Gokey Paul Wife abt 1854 Female
Rass Gokey Paul &  Mary M Son abt 1902 Male
Meller Ida Paul &  Mary M Daughter abt 1892 Female
Mary Goodell  Paul &  Mary M Daughter abt 1853 Female
John Iaac Goodell Paul &  Mary M Son abt 1890 Male
Fannie Goodell     abt 1885 Female
Austin Grant  Alice   abt 1881 Male
Alice Grant  Austin Wife abt 1881 Female
Mary Grant  Austin &  Alice Daughter abt 1901 Female
Masey Grant Austin &  Alice Son abt 1902 Male
Nlyses s Grant  Lydia   abt 1856 Male
Lydia Grant  Nlyses s Wife abt 1866 Female
Saginaw Grant  Nlyses s &  Lydia Son abt 1887 Male
Caroline Grant  Nlyses s &  Lydia Daughter abt 1891 Female
Ind Grant  Nlyses s &  Lydia Son abt 1896 Male
Bessie Grant  Nlyses s &  Lydia Daughter abt 1899 Female
Arnos Grant Nlyses s &  Lydia Son abt 1901 Male
Fleva Grass      abt 1866 Female
Green Grass  Fleva Son abt 1896 Male
Edna Grass  Fleva Daughter abt 1898 Female
Roy Grass Fleva Son abt 1900 Male
May Grass      abt 1875 Female
Florence Grass May Daughter abt 1902 Female
Silas Grass      abt 1883 Male
Grayeyes Leona      abt 1883 Female
Grayson Watt Grayson      abt 1855 Male
Lydia Hamblin     abt 1869 Female
Arthur Hamblin Lydia Son abt 1894 Male
John Hamblin Lydia Son abt 1892 Male
May Hamblin Lydia Daughter abt 1897 Female
Monroe Hamblin Lydia Son abt 1899 Male
Ada Hamblin Lydia Daughter abt 1902 Female
Harry Hall      abt 1866 Male
Rachel Hall  Harry Daughter abt 1894 Female
David Harris     abt 1888 Male
Benjamin Harris     abt 1884 Male
William L Harris      abt 1846 Male
Benjamin Harrison  Jane   abt 1841 Male
Jane Harrison  Benjamin Wife abt 1855 Female
Gromhom Milferd      abt 1873 Male
Sarah Harrison     abt 1877 Female
Frank c Harrison Sarah Son abt 1897 Male
Hunbrom Harrison Sarah Son abt 1899 Male
Jefferson George Sarah Son abt 1902 Male
Stehen Harrison      abt 1876 Male
Sarah M Harnes     abt 1878 Female
Lulu Harnes Sarah M Daughter abt 1902 Female
Lulu Harnes Sarah M Daughter abt 1902 Female
Emes Hawk      abt 1839 Female
Stella Hawk  Emes Daughter abt 1889 Female
Silas Hawk    Grandson abt 1886 Male
Pauline House     abt 1879 Female
Guy Pruston House Pauline Son abt 1899 Male
John House Pauline Son abt 1901 Male
Samuel Houston  Judith   abt 1857 Male
Judith Houston  Samuel Wife abt 1847 Female

Emma Hunten      abt 1881 Female
George Hunten     abt 1903 Male
George Hunten     abt 1903 Male
Harry Hunten      abt 1876 Male
Lilly G Hunter      abt 1874 Female
Annie G Hunter  Lilly G Daughter abt 1891 Female
Robert Hunten  May   abt 1859 Male
May Hunten  Robert Wife abt 1858 Female
Harrison Hunten  Robert &  May Son abt 1889 Male
Gertrude Hunten  Robert &  May Daughter abt 1892 Female
Daniel S Hunten  Robert &  May Son abt 1899 Male
Harr Mary      abt 1849 Female
Matlie Ingalls      abt 1872 Female
Sadie Ingalls  Matlie Daughter abt 1891 Female
Henry Ingalls Matlie Son abt 1901 Male
Frank Ingalls Matlie Son abt 1902 Male
Jackson Olever Jackson      abt 1874 Male
Jesse James      abt 1862 Male
Juliet James      abt 1883 Female
Alex Jefferson      abt 1877 Male
William H Jefferson     abt 1897 Male
O Sando Johnson      abt 1887 Male
Samuel Johnson  Emily   abt 1848 Male
Emily Johnson  Samuel Wife abt 1851 Female
Conger Pearl   Adopted Daughter abt 1896 Female
Jones Frank     abt 1877 Male
Henry c Jones Melissa   abt 1845 Male
Melissa Jones Henry c Wife abt 1858 Female
Theresa Jones Henry c &  Melissa Daughter abt 1887 Female
Alie Jones Henry c &  Melissa Daughter abt 1889 Female
Artemus Jones Henry c &  Melissa Son abt 1890 Male
Eustes Carten Jones Henry c &  Melissa Daughter abt 1894 Female
Leroy Jones     abt 1885 Male
Levi Jones     abt 1878 Male
Thomas Jones     abt 1883 Male
William Jones     abt 1872 Male
Jessie Kakaque     abt 1877 Male
Maud Kakaque Jessie Daughter abt 1898 Female
Rogan Kakaque      abt 1840 Male
Walter Kakaque      abt 1884 Male
Charles Keokuk     abt 1855 Male
Jannie Keokuk     abt 1891 Female
Frank Keokuk     abt 1872 Male
John Earle Keokuk     abt 1879 Male
Moses Keokuk Mary A   abt 1823 Male
Mary A Keokuk Moses Wife abt 1828 Female
Peyton Keokuk     abt 1886 Male
Gertoulle Kirtley      abt 1863 Female
Fannie Lasley      abt 1876 Female
William Lasley  Fannie Son abt 1894 Male
Horace Lasley Fannie Son abt 1899 Male
W Oscar     abt 1901 Male
Florence Oscar W Daughter abt 1903 Female
Jesse Lee      abt 1870 Male
Phillip Lee      abt 1881 Male
Lewis Pauline     abt 1881 Female
Carrie J Lutlehar     abt 1866 Female
Florence Lutlehar Carrie J Daughter abt 1903 Female
Jno A Logan      abt 1879 Male
Lucy Logan Jno A Daughter abt 1902 Female
Jno c Logan  Matlie   abt 1841 Male
Matlie Logan  Jno c Wife abt 1848 Female
Annie Longshore     abt 1881 Female
Iaac Longshore Annie Son abt 1898 Male
Bertilla Longshore Annie Daughter abt 1899 Female
Ayalah Longshore Annie Daughter abt 1901 Female
Theodore Rosendolf Longshore Annie Son abt 1902 Male
Estelle Longshore Annie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Edger Mack  Sarah   abt 1854 Male
Sarah Mack  Edger Wife abt 1857 Female
Charley Mack  Edger &  Sarah Son abt 1893 Male
Elbert Mack  Laura   abt 1877 Male
Laura Mack  Elbert Wife abt 1882 Female
Arthur Mack  Elbert &  Laura Son abt 1899 Male
Edward Mack Elbert &  Laura Son abt 1902 Male
Sarah Mansur      abt 1890 Female
May Samnsur      abt 1894 Female
Henry N Mansur      abt 1894 Male
Beu K Mansur      abt 1897 Male
Ida Mansur      abt 1885 Female
Josiah Mansur Ida Son abt 1902 Male
Frank Martier  Liza   abt 1870 Male
Liza Martier  Frank Wife abt 1870 Female
May Harris  Frank &  Liza Daughter abt 1890 Female
Moses Harris Frank &  Liza Son abt 1892 Male
Edith Mason      abt 1884 Female
Alen Mason  Edith Daughter abt 1900 Female
Harter Mason Edith Daughter abt 1902 Female
Grace Mason      abt 1886 Female
Olive Mason Grace Daughter abt 1903 Female
Edward Mathews  Annie   abt 1846 Male
Annie Mathews  Edward Wife abt 1859 Female
Watley Mathews  Edward &  Annie Son abt 1888 Male
Martha Mathews  Edward &  Annie Daughter abt 1892 Female
Rogers Mathews      abt 1882 Male
Jennie Meek     abt 1870 Female
Rilla Meek Jennie Daughter abt 1893 Female
Susie Meek Jennie Daughter abt 1895 Female
Thomas N Meek Jennie Son abt 1897 Male
Pen Jane Meek Jennie Daughter abt 1900 Female
David Meek Jennie Son abt 1902 Male
Messawat Luida      abt 1885 Female
Rhoda Mile     abt 1877 Female
Thomas c Mile Rhoda Son abt 1897 Male
Cladys Mile Rhoda Daughter abt 1901 Female
Huad Iaac Mile Rhoda Son abt 1902 Male
Grover Monis      abt 1889 Male
Thomas J Miles     abt 1861 Male
Susan Morris      abt 1891 Female
Thomas Morris      abt 1886 Male
Cliffmoth Morton      abt 1883 Male
Munie F Morton      abt 1889 Female
Edwin L Moore     abt 1881 Male
Samuel L Moore      abt 1881 Male
Albert Moore    Adopted Son abt 1889 Male
Ruth Moore    Adopted Daughter abt 1892 Female
Shannon Moore     abt 1880 Male
William Moore     abt 1871 Male
Dolly McClelan      abt 1875 Female
Thomas N McClelan  Dolly Son abt 1899 Male
Edward J McClelan  Dolly Son abt 1901 Male
Edward McClelan  Cora   abt 1869 Male
Cora McClellan  Edward Wife abt 1871 Female
Dan McCoy      abt 1876 Male
Thelma McCoy Dan Daughter abt 1902 Female
Mary McCoy     abt 1846 Female
David McCoy Mary Son abt 1892 Male
Hattie McDaniel     abt 1857 Female
Knig Gertie Hattie Daughter abt 1889 Female
Aron McKinney     abt 1880 Male
Lizzie McKinney     abt 1883 Female
Wilson McKinney     abt 1845 Male
Cherf Mc Kosits  Ellen   abt 1833 Male
Ellen Mc Kosits  Cherf Wife abt 1847 Female
Painter Mc Krsits  Annie   abt 1863 Male
Annie Mc Krsits  Painter Wife abt 1879 Female
Hokesmith Mc Krsits  Painter &  Annie Son abt 1896 Male
Mary Mc Krsits  Painter &  Annie Daughter abt 1898 Female
Flassie Mc Krsits  Painter &  Annie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Wakolle Grover Painter &  Annie Son abt 1888 Male
Nadeau Fannie      abt 1849 Female
Whestler Guy Nadeau Fannie Son abt 1888 Male
William Nawashe      abt 1890 Male
Emma Nawaske      abt 1893 Female
Neal Victor      abt 1880 Male
Northfork Joe      abt 1851 Male
Amanda Nullake      abt 1849 Female
Charley Nullake      abt 1879 Male
Walter Nullake      abt 1881 Male
Lucy O Brien     abt 1872 Female
Julia O Brien Lucy Daughter abt 1899 Female
Dannie O Brien Lucy Son abt 1902 Male
Luvis Parkerson  Julia R   abt 1880 Male
Julia R Parkerson  Luvis Wife abt 1877 Female
William Parkenson  Maggie   abt 1831 Male
Maggie Parkenson  William Wife abt 1854 Female
Bertha Pattequa      abt 1891 Female
Addie Pattequa      abt 1894 Female
William Pattequa  Rosa   abt 1859 Male
Rosa Pattequa  William Wife abt 1872 Female
Battice Cora William &  Rosa Daughter abt 1892 Female
Paltock George w      abt 1859 Male
Prel Samuel      abt 1837 Male
Pemrock David n      abt 1895 Male
Jesse Pickett      abt 1883 Male
Maggie Pickett      abt 1858 Female
Faster George c  Maggie Son abt 1889 Male
Plumb Minnie      abt 1886 Female
Randall Paul      abt 1888 Male
Edward Rice      abt 1871 Male
Lizzie Rice      abt 1877 Female
Murrice Rider     abt 1877 Female
Ellen Rider Murrice Daughter abt 1902 Female
Rhodes Deberah      abt 1875 Female
Jdavis Unetta Davis Rhodes Deberah Daughter abt 1895 Female
Robertson Leua     abt 1880 Female
Barney Isabel Robertson Leua Daughter abt 1894 Female
Cassie Royers     abt 1866 Female
Oscar Royers Cassie Son abt 1897 Male
Lendy Royers      abt 1870 Female
Sampson Jesse      abt 1838  
Maudy Scott      abt 1873 Female
Susie Scott  Maudy Daughter abt 1888 Female
Rogen L Scott  Maudy Son abt 1901 Male
Josephine Scott Maudy Daughter abt 1898 Female
William Shau  Jane   abt 1853 Male
Jane Shau  William Wife abt 1849 Female
Etta Shau  William Daughter abt 1891 Female
Francesch Sherman  William Daughter abt 1870  
Dolly Sherman  William Wife abt 1870 Female
Benjamin Smith      abt 1881 Male
Charley Smith      abt 1870 Male
Frank Smith  Annie F   abt 1877 Male
Annie F Smith  Frank Wife abt 1877 Female
Webster Smith      abt 1850 Male
Rachel Smith  Webster Daughter abt 1888 Female
Starr Heram     abt 1883 Male
Iaac Strubble  Jone c   abt 1859 Male
Jone c Strubble Iaac Wife abt 1862 Female
Ada Strubble Iaac & Jone c Daughter abt 1888 Female
Alice Stewart     abt 1869 Female
Emma Stewart Alice Daughter abt 1896 Female
Elmer Stewart Alice Son abt 1899 Male
Nellie B Stewart Alice Daughter abt 1901 Female
Maomi Salleran      abt 1878  
George Salleran Maomi Son abt 1902 Male
Heram Thorp     abt 1852 Male
Jeni Thorp Heram Son abt 1887 Male
Mary Thorp Heram Daughter abt 1891 Female
Addine Thorp Heram Daughter abt 1896 Female
Edward Thorp Heram Son abt 1899 Male
Earnest Thorp Heram Son abt 1903 Male
Frank Thorp     abt 1881 Male
George Thorp     abt 1882 Male
Lucy Thurman      abt 1870 Female
Allen G Thurman  Lucy Son abt 1888 Male
Roy V Thurman  Lucy Son abt 1894 Male
Theresa Thurman  Lucy Daughter abt 1895 Female
Mary Thurman Lucy Daughter abt 1897 Female
Jennie Thurman Lucy Daughter abt 1902 Female
Maggie Tyner      abt 1877 Female
Fannie Tyner Maggie Daughter abt 1898 Female
Stella Tyner Maggie Daughter abt 1902 Female
David Wakothe      abt 1832 Male
Ellen Wakothe      abt 1838 Female
Hugh Wakothe  Mabel   abt 1869 Male
Mabel Wakothe  Hugh Wife abt 1876 Female
Arthur Wakothe  Hugh &  Mabel Son abt 1887 Male
Bessie Wakothe  Hugh & Mabel Daughter abt 1896 Female
Harry G Wakothe  Hugh &  Mabel Son abt 1898 Male
William Wakothe Hugh &  Mabel Son abt 1902 Male
Jackson Wakothe Esther   abt 1873 Male
Esther Wakothe Jackson Wife abt 1874 Female
Horace Wakothe  Jackson &  Esther Son abt 1899 Male
Maris Wakothe Jackson &  Esther Daughter abt 1901 Female
Ruth Wakothe Jackson &  Esther Daughter abt 1902 Female
George W McClellan  Jackson &  Esther Son abt 1890 Male
Elisa McClellan  Jackson &  Esther Daughter abt 1891 Female
Luain Wakothe      abt 1883 Male
Ben Walker  Dora   abt 1882 Male
Dora Walker  Ben Wife abt 1883 Female
William Roscoe Walker Ben & Dora Son abt 1882 Male
Guy Walker      abt 1884 Male
Ira Walker      abt 1885 Male
Leo Walker      abt 1881 Male
Artemes Ward      abt 1863 Male
Cora Ward      abt 1861 Female
Carl Ward  Cora Son abt 1894 Male
Leo Whistler      abt 1861 Male
Maud Whistler     abt 1871 Female
Don W Whistler Maud Son abt 1895 Male
Leo E Whistler Maud Son abt 1899 Male
Anaurene Whistler Maud Daughter abt 1902 Female
Sarh Whistler      abt 1843 Female
Ida White      abt 1854 Female
James Tyner White      abt 1881 Male
Jalbert White      abt 1860 Male
Frazure White Jalbert Daughter abt 1901 Female
Mynth Amanda White Jalbert Daughter abt 1903 Female
Jerome Walf      abt 1866 Male
James Walf      abt 1884 Male
Jacob Wyman  Mary   abt 1877 Male
Mary Wyman  Jacob Wife abt 1880 Female
Lulu Wyman Jacob &  Mary Daughter abt 1902 Female
Reuben Wyman      abt 1872 Male

Source Information: (National Archives Microfilm Publication M595); Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Record Group 75; National Archives, Washington, D.C.) The Indian Census schedules are census rolls usually submitted each year by agents or superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, as required by an act of 4 July 1884 (23 Stat. 98). The data on the rolls varies. For certain years including 1935, 1936, 1938, and 1939 only supplemental rolls of additions and deletions were compiled.
There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls.


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