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The state election board has charge of all primary and general state elections. The board is composed of three members, appointed by the governor. The secretary receives a salary of two thousand one hundred dollars per annum and the remaining two members a salary of six dollars per day during the time they are in actual service of the state or going to or from the place of meeting, and hotel and traveling expenses, provided that pay shall not be allowed for more than fifty days in any one year or 200 days during a term. Returns from the counties of the state on all state elections are made to the state election board, where a record of all votes cast even to precinct divisions is kept. Certificates of election are given by the state board after the" returns liave been canvassed. The county boards are composed of one person selected by the state board, who shall be secretary, and two persons, selected one each by the two political parties, receiving the highest number of votes at the last previous general election.

Members of the State Election Board,

C. C. Penn Chairman Weatherford.

Ben W. Riley Secretary El Reno.

T. B. Ferguson Member Watonga.


Effie C. B. Smith Record Clerk and Bookkeeper $1,500.00

Pauline Bremicker Stenographer 1,200.00

Edith Balzer Stenographer 900.00

Appropriations.            1912. 1913.

H. B. No. 524—Salaries, extra help, records, furni-
ture, telephone, telegraph, etc. .$7,850.00 $6,385.00

S. B. No. 209—Deficiency—Stenographers' salaries,
typewriters, records, furniture
contingent, etc $1,756.00



Adair County

W. T. Tipton, Secretary Westville Democrat.

P. C. Adair Baron Democrat.

W. D. Bigby Still well Republican.

Alfalfa County

E. W. Allen, Secretary Yewed Democrat.

R. I. Minims Carmen Democrat.

E. Jones Burlington Republican.

Atoka County

D. O. Groff, .Secretary Atoka Democrat.

Joseph Garsides Stringtown Democrat.

Howard Fraudree Caney Republican.

Beaver County

P. J. Birdsall, Secretary .Madison Democrat.

P. C. Tracy Beaver Democrat.

A. C. Midkiff Balko Republican.

Beckham County

R. S. Andrews, Secretary Sayre Democrat.

Samuel N. Plournoy Elk City Democrat.

Joe Paris Sayre Republican.

Blaine County

T. W. Moseley, Secretary Watonga Democrat.

D. P. Hogan Geary Democrat.

V. C. Brodie Okeene Republican.

Bryan County

George Harrison, Secretary Durant Democrat.

J. A. Moore Caddo Democrat.

W. S. Hawkins Yuba Republican.

Caddo County

G. A. Reinmlller, Secretary Anadarko Democrat

J. L. Wileman Carnegie Democrat.

H. C. Jones Hydro Republican.

Canadian County

Sam T. Roberson, Secretary El Reno Democrat.

Tom Ellison El Reno Democrat.

W. A. iHowell El Reno Republican.

Carter County

J. H. Carlock, Secretary Ardmore Democrat.

Kelly Brown Ardmore Democrat.

Fred V. Kinkade Ardmore Republican.

Cherokee County

Joseph L. Manus, Secretary.... .Tahlequah Democrat

J. G. Porter Tereslta Democrat.

Jas. H. Henderson Parkhill Republican

Choctaw County

J. H. Warren, Secretary Hugo Democrat.

R. W. Williams Soper Democrat.

No republican appointed.

Cimarron County

R. C. Thomas, Secretary Boise City Democrat.

E. G. Boyle Wheeless Democrat.

John Vanatta Willow Bar Republican.

Cleveland County

E. L. Cralle, Secretary Norman Democrat.

Wm. Moutaw Lexington Democrat.

Collins McKinney Norman Republican

Coal County.

R. T. Breedlove, Secretary Tupelo Democrat.

Leslie E. Bay Phillips Democrat.

W. A. Austin Bromide Republican.

Comanche County

Charles Shaw, Secretary Law ton Democrat.

Byron J. Rauch lemple Democrat.

J. A. Fowler Randlette Republican

Craig County

Davis Hill, Secretary Vinita, Democrat.

I. N. Bunch Bluejacket Democrat.

W. H. Klaus Vinita R. F. D Republican

Creek County

L. M. Nichols, Secretary Bristow Democrat.

J. A. Boyd Sapulpa. Democrat.

Chas. W. I^ovett Bristow Republican.

Custer County

Walker Moore. Secretary Weatherford Democrat. (Resigned. No successor named)

W. E. Hunt Thomas Democrat.

J. E. Baker Butler Republican.

Delaware County

Tom Price, Secretary Jay Democrat.

John R. Leach Leach Democrat.

No republican appointed.

Dewey County

W. P. Hickok, Secretary Taloga Democrat.

Stanley Shepard Selling Democrat.

No republican appointed.

Ellis County

W. K. Suthers, Secretary Arnett Democrat.

B. A. Clark Arnett Democrat.

Frank Hecox Fargo Republican.

Garfield County

C. V. Porter, Secretary Enid Democrat.

W. H. King Breckenridge Democrat.

W. E. Brown Drummond Republican.

Garvin County

L. W. Wettermark, Secretary ... Pauls Valley Democrat.

Ira Mitchell Wynnewood Democrat.

No republican appointed.

Grady County

W. A. Griffin, Secretary Chickasha Democrat.

F. C. Blekley Rush Springs Democrat.

Dan Roysden Minco Republican.

Grant County

J. B. Drennan, Secretary Medford Democrat.

Abe Slaughter Gibbon Democrat.

Richard Metzer Pond Creek Republican.

Greer County

H. M. Thacker, Secretary Mangum Democrat.

George W. Briggs Granite Democrat.

No republican appointed.

Harper County

E. Lee Adams. Secretary Buffalo Democrat.

E. M. Claycomb Willard Democrat.

C. W. Voris Buffalo Republican.

Haskell County

Jack Perry, Secretary Chant Democrat.

No other appointments.


Harmon County

W. B. Groves, Secretary Hollis Democrat.

.1. B. Sherill Vinson Democrat.

S. S. Frazler Louis Republican.

Hughes County

A. J. Edmondson, Secretary Holdenville Democrat.

J. R. Lutsell Lamar Democrat.

Dr. Jas. M. Vanderpool Calvin Republican.

Jackson County

J. H. Lawson, Secretary Altus Democrat

A. S. J. Shaw Altus Democrat.

Will McCoy .Blair Republican.

Jefferson County

D. P. Spradling, Secretary Cornish Democrat.

J. T. Barnes Ryan Democrat.

W. T. P. Bush Waurika Republican.

Johnston County

D. C. Teter, Secretary Tishomingo Democrat

E. J. Ball Wapanucka Democrat.

A. Wilbourn Mannsville Republican.

Kay County

T. P. McDonnell, Secretary Newkirk Democrat.

O. M. Walling Tonkawa Democrat.

George Wageck Ponca City Republican.

Kingfisher County

T. J. Stringer, Secretary Kingfisher Democrat.

A. E. Lane .Hennessey Democrat.

George Mc«oy Okarche Republican.

Kiowa County

G. H. Salisbury, Secretary Hobart Democrat.

C. L. Clay Hobart Democrat.

W. A. Phelps Republican.

Latimer County

E. A. Swan, Secretary Wilburton Democrat.

Bud Cutler Red Oak Democrat.

Win. A. Cox Wilburton Republican.

Le Flore County

B. A. Witte, Secretary Poteau Democrat.

J. O. Terrell Spiro Democrat.

J. H. Cruthis Talihina Republican.

Lincoln County

John J. Davis, Secretary Chandler Democrat.

C. S. Stewart Tryon Democrat.

James Embry Sparks Republican.

Logan County

Dr. J.» W. Duke, Secretary Guthrie Democrat.

John E. Hopkins Crescent Democrat.

Pred L. Wenner Guthrie Republican.

Love County

Jesse Jordan, Secretary Marietta Democrat.

M. M. Hanna Overbrook '..Democrat.

W. H. H. Keltner Leon Republican.

McClain County

P. J. Thiel, Secretary .Purcell Democrat.

S. R. Fisher Byars Democrat.

W. H. Dickerson Purcell Republican.

McCurtain County

J. W. Scott, Secretary Garvin Democrat.

Win. H. Harrison Bokoma Democrat.

Will L. Burkhart Smiihville Republican.

Mcintosh County

W. T. Pears, Secretary Eufaula Democrat.

c. C. Grimes Checotah Democrat.

W. E. Johnson Pierce Republican.

Major County

C. B. Powell, Secretary Fairview Democrat. (Resigned. No successor named.)

C. T. McDermeit Ringwood Democrat.

S. A. Kyler Chaster \Republican

Marshall County

W. J. Bell, Secretary Madill Democrat.

John L. Woody Oakland Democrat.

J. J. Johnson Woodville Republican.

Mayes County

W. R. Samuel, Secretary Choteau Democrat.

Dr. E. L. Pierce Salina Democrat.

M. C. Hadley Pryor Republican,

Murray County

George C. Frier, Secretary Sulphur Democrat.

W. F. Parker Davis Democrat.

Mat Meadors Drake Republican

Muskogee County

C. T. Rogers, Secretary Muskogee Democrat.

J. W. Houck Muskogee Democrat.

D. E. Herrchelman Porum Republican.

Noble County

J. T. Perryman, Secretary Perry Democrat.

Dug Conley Morrison Democrat.

L. G. Shoop Perry Republican

Nowata County

David Parker, Secretary Alluwee Democrat.

D. A. Dye Nowata Democrat.

Ben F. DeVann Delaware Republican.

Okfuskee County

A. V. Skelton, Secretary Okemah Democrat.

W. M. Davis... Paden Democrat.

Chas. T. Meyer's Weleetka Republican.

Oklahoma County

E. A. Ringold, Secretary Oklahoma City Democrat.

uave Morrow Harrah Democrat.

A. B. Dailey Edmond Republican.

Okmulgee County

J. C. Milner, Secretary Okmulgee Democrat.

C. W. Goree Henryetta Democrat.

Robert M. Clark Beggs Republican.

Osage County

E. L. Gay, Secretary Pawhuska Democrat.

H. G. Eneil Foraker Democrat.

(No republican named.)

Ottawa County

S. T. Lincoln, Secretary Fairland Democrat.

S. N. Maxwell Miami Democrat.

Grant Foust Miami, R. F. D. No. 2 Republican.

Pawnee County

G. M. Berry, Secretary Pawnee Democrat.

J. T. Roe Pawnee Democrat.

(No republican named.)

Payne County

G. D. Abercrombie, Secretary.. Stillwater Democrat.

Wm. Barker Mehan Democrat.

Charles M. Prowant Quay Republican.

Pittsburg County

W. P. Hill, Secretary McAlester Democrat.

Bob Hall Ashland Democrat.

R. V. DeGroff Hartshorne Republican.

Pontotoc County

A. R. Sugg, Secretary Ada Democrat.

Clay Jones Koif Democrat.

Chas. T. Barney Ada Republican.

Pottawatomie County

E. J. Dickerson, Secretary Shawnee Democrat.

E. D. Cummings Tribbey Democrat.

Mark Goode Shawnee Republican.

Pushmataha County

C. A. Filley, Secretary Antlers Democrat.

Chas. H. Chapman Tuskahoma Democrat.

L. W. Bennett Pinley Republican.

Roger Mills County

J. J. Moore, Secretary Cheyenne Democrat.

W. M. Brooks Roll Democrat.

J. A. Moad .Carpenter Republican.

Rogers County

R. W. Canfield, Secretary Claremore Democrat.

J. W. Coughill.: Chelsea Democrat.

(No republican appointed.)

Seminole County

H. E. Kanaga, Secretary Wewoka Democrat.

Walter Casey Sassakwa Democrat.

H. A. Reynolds Little Republican.

Sequoyah County

Riley Cleveland, Secretary Gore Democrat.

J. W. Sasser Brent Democrat.

Gid Patton Muldrow Republican.

Stephens County

R. P. Wilson, Secretary Duncan Democrat.

Taylor Green Marlow Democrat.

G. E. Butler Comanche Republican.

Swanson County

C. W. Smelser, Secretary Cooperton Democrat.

H. J. Countryman Manitou, R. P. D. No. 4... Democrat. ,

John S. Carmack Snyder Republican.

Texas County

W. L. Roberts, Secretary Texhoma Democrat.

(No other democratic member appointed.)

Ralph Colvin Tyrone Republican.

Tillman County

W. C. Lukenbill, Secretary Frederick Democrat.

C. L. Gettys Grandfleld Democrat.

W. H. Murphy Davidson Republican. i Tulsa County.

Tulsa County

John D. Porter, Secretary Tulsa Democrat.

J. N. Crutchfleld Broken Arrow Democrat.

John A. Oliphant Tulsa Republican.

Wagoner County

Mark U. Weber, Secretary Bartlesville Democrat.

L. W. Servey Ochelata Democrat.

F. E. Yale Dewey Republican.

Washington County

Mark U. Weber, Secretary Bartlesville Democrat.

L. W. Servey Ochelata Democrat.

F. E. Yale Dewey Republican.

Washita County

J. S. Wiley, Secretary Rocky Democrat.

R. W. Riggs Foss Democrat.

D. Weans Corn Republican.

Woods County.

Jesse Jackson, Secretary Alva Democrat.

R, S. Goodno Aline Democrat.

W. A. Cooksey Republican.

Woodward County

C. W. Herod, Secretary Woodward Democrat.

C. C. Coleman Mooreland Democrat.

Thomas S. Green Richmond Republican.

 [The Oklahoma Red Book, Volume 2, by The Oklahome Legislative Assembly Council, 1912 - Transcribed By AFOFG]



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