Texas County, Oklahoma

County Officials

County Seat, Guymon. (Population 1,342)

County Officers

County Judge W. C. Crow Democrat
County Clerk A. F. Burch Republican
County Attorney T. L. Gleason Republican
Register of Deeds J. C. Williamson Republican
Clerk District Court H. C. Parcells Republican
Supt. Public Instruction Nettie B. Lynch Republican
Sheriff D. H. Sehenault Republican
County Treasurer W. R. D. Smith Republican
County Surveyor Hugh E. James Democrat
County Assessor W. L. Roberts Democrat
County Commissioners Al Lawder Democrat
B. M. Ballanger Republican
T. W. Clayton Democrat
County Weigher Wm. Goodnight Democrat


County Judge R. L. Davis Democrat
County Clerk L. B. Sneed Democrat
County Attorney Wallace G. Hughes Democrat
Clerk District Court I. F. Newsom Democrat
Register of Deeds R. S. Cox Democrat
Supt. Public Instruction Geo. T. Payne Democrat
Sheriff R. L. Walkup...
County Treasurer John J. Flanagan
County Commissioners All Lawder
C. E. Hunter
R. D. Stratton...

Population, 1907, 16,448; 1910, 14,249.

Texas County was formed from the middle third of old District Seven, "No-Man's-Land", known as Beaver County for a time. The name Texas was given it by its residents, practically all of whom at that time were from the state of Texas . It has an area of 1,992 square miles, practically all of which is level. Live stock, corn, wheat, alfalfa, broom corn, hay, water melons, and cantaloupes are the chief products.

Source: The Oklahoma Red Book, Volume 2, by Oklahoma (Ter) Legislative Assembly. Council, 1912 transcribed by Sandy Denney


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