Tillman County

Cemetery Index

Cemetery Location Lat Long
Bethel Cemetery Hollister NW 34.486ºN 98.907ºW
Chattanooga Cemetery Chattanooga 34.435ºN 98.680ºW
Davidson Cemetery Frederick SE 34.261ºN 99.071ºW
Dickerson Cemetery Hollister NE 34.457ºN 98.854ºW
Dunkard Cemetery Hackberry Flat 34.298ºN 98.925ºW
Frederick Cemetery Frederick 34.399ºN 99.048ºW
Grandfield Cemetery Grandfield 34.240ºN 98.661ºW
Hackberry Cemetery Hackberry Flat 34.295ºN 98.975ºW
Hollister Cemetery Hollister 34.320ºN 98.863ºW
Isadore Cemetery Hollister 34.372ºN 98.823ºW
Loveland Cemetery Hollister 34.293ºN 98.785ºW
North Deep Red Cemetery Manitou 34.566ºN 98.896ºW
Rogers Cemetery Long Mountain 34.630ºN 99.069ºW
Schofield Cemetery Indiahoma 34.501ºN 98.835ºW
South Deep Red Cemetery      
Tipton Cemetery Frederick 34.495ºN 99.125ºW


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