Tillman County, Oklahoma



Locations: 8 miles east of Frederick, Oklahoma on highway 5, one mile east, two and a half miles north and ¼ mile north.

I. E. Reynolds


Daughter of T. J. and N. M. Moon

14 July 1877 to 3 Oct 1910


D. H. Moon

22 Jan 186 to 24 Feb 1915  member WOW


A. P., son of T. J. and N. M. Moon

2 Jan 1895 to 6 July 1915


Jos. H. Nelson

Died 8 Feb 1908 aged 63 years


Carolyn, wife of F. Schulst

11 Nov 1871 to 25 July 1904 (this was an extremely old tombstone with a lengthy inscription in German, using the Gothic alphabet.)


Elizabeth, wife of G. H. Doyle

23 Dec 1825 to 14 Mar 1902


Orville, son of D. T. and J. L. Howell

18 Mar 1903 to May 1907

Source: Cemetery Census of Tillman County, Oklahoma, part 1, taken by Bob Waldrop, page 24)



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