U.S. Indian Census Schedules
Census of the Wichita Tribe
Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer

Name Parent or spouse names Relation to Head Birth Date Gender
Chester Warden    Father abt 1858 Male
Blanche Warden Chester Daughter abt 1887 Female
Dennis Warden Chester Son abt 1889 Male
Ella Warden  Chester Daughter abt 1895 Female
William Warden Chester Son abt 1899 Male
de-Ats-Ah     abt 1836 Female
Hortie Stephens Kate Father abt 1869 Male
Kate Ross Hortie Wife abt 1870 Female
Edna M Ross Kate Stepdaughter abt 1889 Female
Charlie Ross Kate Stepson abt 1894 Male
Oscar Stephens Kate Stepson abt 1895 Male
Sarah Stephens Hortie  &  Kate Daughter abt 1902 Female
Ida Ross   Mother abt 1886 Female
Glodys Luther Ida Daughter abt 1902 Female
Kih-Kih     abt 1857 Female
Wichita Isaac    Husband abt 1855 Male
Nah-Chah-Suddy-Quas Wichita Wife abt 1863 Female
de-Ah-Aun-Ne-Ah-Kuka-Sos   Mother abt 1854 Female
Thomas Collins Lane   Son abt 1895 Male
Anna Miller     abt 1882 Female
Chester Collins     abt 1875 Male
Lulu Collins Wallace     abt 1882 Female
To-Da-Kits     abt 1860 Male
Waits-Koke   Father abt 1894 Male
Chah-de-Ah   Wife abt 1865 Female
Frank Moore   Stepson abt 1889 Male
Sampson Moore   Son abt 1893 Male
Grimes Akeen     abt 1882 Male
Ah-Suddy-Kis   Mother abt 1863 Female
Rose Handley   Daughter abt 1887 Female
Jose Handley     abt 1882  
Ots-Sarts     abt 1843 Female
Charlie Lamb    Father abt 1870 Male
Tor-Chiddy Wah Charlie Wife abt 1863 Female
Alice Lamb Charlie Daughter abt 1898 Female
Emma Campbell     abt 1882 Female
Kah-de-Wah   Husband abt 1844 Male
He-Dates-Char-A-Dis   Wife abt 1875 Female
Say-Is-Sick Kah-de-Wah   Stepdaughter abt 1895 Female
de-Ah-Sun-Ne-Ah-Cut-Tah-Diah     abt 1849 Female
Horace Greely     abt 1883 Male
Mis-SE-Nah   Mother abt 1867 Female
Thomas Stevens   Son abt 1887 Male
Bertha Stevens   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Ella Stevens   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Jim Tow-Akoni   Father abt 1847 Male
Hos-Que-Day-As-Sun-A-Sis-Sus Jim Wife abt 1863 Female
Grover Cleveland Jim Son abt 1894 Male
Charlie Swift     abt 1873 Male
Howard West     abt 1886 Male
De-Ah-de-Ah                                            abt 1857 Male
Wah-W Its    Mother abt 1870 Female
Major Campbell Wah-W Its Son abt 1889 Male
Oscar Campbell Wah-W Its Son abt 1892 Male
Jean de-Ah-de-Ah                                 Wah-W Its Son abt 1898 Male
John Red Bear Wah-W Its Son abt 1902 Male
Kid-Dah-A-Do   Father abt 1854 Male
Ray Oliver    Stepson abt 1893 Male
Crete Mason      abt 1884 Female
Walter Zumah Ross   Father abt 1870 Male
Willie Ross Walter Zumah Son abt 1888 Male
Frances Ross Walter Zumah Daughter abt 1894 Female
Charlie Moore Ross Walter Zumah Son abt 1889 Male
Kid-Dah-Waddy   Husband abt 1863 Male
Kah-Do-SE-Ah   Wife abt 1859 Female
Mary Myers   Stepdaughter abt 1889 Female
Philip Hendrix Winnie Father abt 1875 Male
Winnie Hendrix Philip Wife abt 1872 Female
Carrie Hendrix Philip &   Winnie Daughter abt 1895 Female
Norman Hendrix Philip &   Winnie Son abt 1900 Male
Richenda Hendrix Philip &   Winnie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Alfred Standing Hattie Father abt 1872 Male
Hattie Standing Alfred Wife abt 1876 Female
George Standing Alfred  &   Hattie Son abt 1892 Male
McKinley Standing Alfred  &   Hattie Son abt 1896 Male
Josephine Standing Alfred  &   Hattie Daughter abt 1899 Female
Reuben Standing Alfred  &   Hattie Son abt 1902 Male
Alfred      abt 1873 Male
Skau-Ace-Er   Father abt 1860 Male
Mabel Skau-Ace-Er   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Anna Skau-Ace-Er     abt 1893 Female
Kah-Widdis   Father abt 1842 Male
Kei-Sun-NE-Ah-Te-Dah   Wife abt 1862  
Burgess Wheeler   Son abt 1886 Male
Dewey Wheeler   Son abt 1890 Male
William Wheeler     abt 1884 Male
Cora West     abt 1868 Female
Day-Ty-Ah-Sun-Nis   Mother abt 1856 Female
Nellie Brown   Daughter abt 1889 Female
Walter Brown     abt 1882 Male
Nuss Stephenson     abt 1889 Male
SE-Ah-To Stephenson   Mother abt 1880 Female
Mattie Florence Campbell Se-Ah-To Daughter abt 1901 Female
Mabel Campbell Se-Ah-To Daughter abt 1902 Female
Hall Stephenson     abt 1875 Male
Ke-Ah-Koy-Do     abt 1858 Male
Amos Fulton      abt 1884 Male
Robert Fulton      abt 1880 Male
Burgess Hunt Segar Josephine Father abt 1879 Male
Josephine Hunt Segar Burgess Wife abt 1880 Female
Noble Hunt Segar Burgess  &  Josephine Son abt 1894 Male
Henry Segar Burgess  &  Josephine Son abt 1900 Male
Eugene Segar Burgess  &  Josephine Son abt 1902 Male
Stanley Punlay    Father abt 1871 Male
Haw-W-Au-Na-Ha-Sun-Ah Stanley Wife abt 1873 Female
Sophie Phifer Stanley Daughter abt 1892 Female
Jennie Stanley Punlay    Stepdaughter abt 1894 Female
Tom Punlay Stanley Son abt 1903 Male
Ash-Er     abt 1857 Male
E-Kark-SE-Kits   Husband abt 1850 Male
Nat-Chi-Sar-de-Di   Wife abt 1865 Female
Wits   Husband abt 1855 Male
Kick-Kaw   Wife abt 1855 Female
Frank Everett   Father abt 1867 Male
Dar-Char-Sun-Ah-de-Kos Frank Wife abt 1864 Female
Albert Lorentz   Stepson abt 1890 Male
Henry Lorentz Frank Son abt 1893 Male
Willie Everett Frank Son abt 1897 Male
John Lorentz     abt 1884 Male
Large Lorentz     abt 1882 Male
A-Che-SE-Kah-Wat     abt 1863 Female
Hid-Ace-Shiddy-Ace     abt 1842 Female
Helen Swift   Mother abt 1880 Female
Nannie L Caley Helen Daughter abt 1895 Female
Thomas Julian Helen Son abt 1898 Male
William Julian Helen Son abt 1901 Male
Kiowa   Husband abt 1857 Male
Hiddy-Saw-Sun-A-Tah-Sun-AZ   Wife abt 1864 Female
George Ashley     abt 1890 Male
Sarah Standing      abt 1892 Female
Koos-Tus     abt 1842 Female
Cap   Father abt 1858 Male
Uts-SE-Ah-Ah   Wife abt 1862 Female
Carrie Pickard   Daughter abt 1889 Female
Sam Pickard    Son abt 1891 Male
Sch Ley Pickard   Son abt 1893 Male
Car-Dash     abt 1840 Female
de-Aske-Kates   Mother abt 1878 Female
Bertha Grace   Daughter abt 1893 Female
Ida Grace   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Julia de-As-Ke-Kates   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Es-Kay-Wicks   Father abt 1860 Male
Nina Frazier   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Sallie Frazier   Daughter abt 1898 Female
Arthur Pickard   Father abt 1880 Male
Kin-Ne-Ah-Sar-Dase Arthur Wife abt 1864 Female
Jimmie Pickard   Stepson abt 1890 Male
Helen Pickard   Niece abt 1888 Female
Rosa Pickard   Niece abt 1891 Female
Mary Pickard Arthur Daughter abt 1901 Female
Oscar Leonard Rose Father abt 1871 Male
Rose Leonard Oscar Wife abt 1877 Female
Ida Pickard Rose Stepdaughter abt 1893 Female
Lena Pickard Rose Stepdaughter abt 1894 Female
Robert Leonard Oscar &  Rose Son abt 1899 Male
David Leonard Oscar &  Rose Son abt 1901 Male
John Tatum   Husband abt 1870 Male
Chow-WA John Wife abt 1863 Female
Willie Left Hand     abt 1882 Male
Mabel Ashley     abt 1882 Female
Minnie May   Mother abt 1885 Female
Mabel Stevens     abt 1902 Female
John Conklin     abt 1886 Male
Edgar Hendrix   Father abt 1867 Male
Wah-Kits Edgar Wife abt 1878 Female
Josephine Hendrix Edgar Daughter abt 1893 Female
Ruby Hendrix Edgar Daughter abt 1897 Female
Bessie Hendrix Edgar Daughter abt 1901 Female
Tuck-Kau-Uts-Ah   Mother abt 1878 Female
Agnes Crazy-Chief-Bryden    Daughter abt 1895 Female
Cho-Cof-Py   Father abt 1851 Male
Frank Stone Ross   Sister abt 1890  
Sadie Barnum Ross   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Clarence Rulinson Ross   Son abt 1889 Male
Dan Smith     abt 1883 Male
Ni-As-Tor   Father abt 1845 Male
Hau-Wah   Wife abt 1860 Female
George Lamb   Grandson abt 1886 Male
Nathaniel Stephenson   Grandson abt 1894 Male
Sun-Tose   Husband abt 1851 Male
Nah-Dah-Kits   Wife abt 1845 Female
Kau-A-Chi-Da-Da     abt 1859 Female
Es-Kates   Mother abt 1858 Female
Green Clay    Son abt 1892 Male
Henry Clay   Son abt 1886 Male
Ida Clay   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Whit Lee     abt 1880 Male
Willima Lamb  Jennie Father abt 1865 Male
Jennie Stephens Willima Wife abt 1870 Female
Houston Miller Jennie Stepson abt 1892 Male
Gertrude Lamb Willima &  Jennie Daughter abt 1901 Female
Belle Jones     abt 1886 Female
Tsaw-Tsaw-Ace     abt 1825 Female
Sam Oliver     abt 1886 Male

Tiddy-Kits   Husband abt 1850 Male
Dah-Ah-Ace   Wife abt 1845 Female
Ots-E-Kuddy-Kid-Dah-Hay     abt 1870 Male
Way-NE-O-Ka-Chat   Wife abt 1865 Female
de-Ah-Sun-or-Di-Say-Us   Wife abt 1865 Female
Mack Lee     abt 1883 Male
Uk-Kaw-Ha-Dick   Husband abt 1860 Male
Nar-As-Sun   Wife abt 1850 Female
Nancy Phifer   Stepdaughter abt 1889 Female
Guy Fox   Grandson abt 1889 Male
Ferd Phifer   Grandson abt 1893 Male
Topsy   Mother abt 1879 Female
Katie May  Topsy Daughter abt 1892 Female
George H May Topsy Son abt 1895 Male
Margaret May Topsy Daughter abt 1899 Female
Ko-Do-Kits   Mother abt 1873 Female
Alice   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Jay Johnson     abt 1875 Male
Jonathan    Husband abt 1870 Male
Kay-Chah-Kid-Dah-Wad-Dis   Husband abt 1860 Male
A-Kit-Tad   Wife abt 1865 Female
Lizzie Negates      abt 1885 Female
George Pickard   Father abt 1873 Male
Koe-Cuddy-As-Sun-As-Do-Orsets George Wife abt 1862 Female
Alice Pickard George Daughter abt 1898 Female
Martha Frazier      abt 1890 Female
Studdy-Ash   Mother abt 1856 Female
Bertha Wallace   Daughter abt 1888 Female
Philip    Father abt 1870 Male
Hugh Oliver WA-He-Kits Philip Son abt 1894 Male
Mary WA-He-Kits Philip Daughter abt 1897 Female
Wits-Te-Kah   Mother abt 1860 Female
Grover Waits-Cox   Son abt 1887 Male
Minnie Waits-Cox     abt 1889 Female
Grace Waits-Cox  Minnie Daughter abt 1892 Female
Has-Quash     abt 1875 Male
Hattie Phifer   Mother abt 1882 Female
George Has-Quash Hattie Son abt 1899 Male
Ray Ni-As-Tor Hattie Son abt 1901 Male
Kitty-Wah-As-Os   Mother abt 1858 Female
Bertha Campbell Rose   Daughter abt 1889 Female
Mary R Rose   Daughter abt 1891 Female
Eben Rose     abt 1882 Male
Char-Suddy-As     abt 1850 Female
Johnson Caley     abt 1859 Male
Kor-Ace-Us     abt 1855 Female
Jacob Caley    Husband abt 1856 Male
Mar-Cut-Daw-Ace Jacob Wife abt 1862 Female
Florence Caley Jacob Daughter abt 1889 Female
Daisy Caley Jacob Daughter abt 1892 Female
Belle Caley Jacob Daughter abt 1898 Female
Moses Caley     abt 1885 Male
de-Ah-Suck-Ke-Ah   Father abt 1857 Male
Kiddy-Wad-Dy-Sun-As   Wife abt 1863 Female
Hardin B Grace   Son abt 1888 Male
Nellie Grace   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Jennie Grace   Mother abt 1883 Female
Annie Eskawicks Jennie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Annie Grace     abt 1885 Female
Wah-Chid-Di   Father abt 1842 Male
A-SE-Tor   Wife abt 1858 Female
Joe Campbell   Son abt 1895 Male
Flora Campbell   Daughter abt 1894 Female
Hugh Miller   Father abt 1880 Male
Nat-Sah-Ker-de-Kits Hugh Wife abt 1878 Female
George Miller   Stepson abt 1893 Male
Tah-Kah-i   Aunt abt 1860 Female
Roy Left Hand   Nephew abt 1892 Male
Dick Wacoe   Husband abt 1867 Male
A-Con-Cor-Dated Dick Wife abt 1869 Female
John Wolf Martha Father abt 1847 Male
Martha Johnson John Wife abt 1870 Female
Leo Caruth Martha Stepdaughter abt 1886  
Mary Wolf John &  Martha Daughter abt 1890 Female
John Wolf John &  Martha Son abt 1894 Male
Ula Frazier   Mother abt 1881 Female
Frances Stephenson Ula Daughter abt 1902 Female
Jacob Johnson     abt 1882 Male
Fred Caruth     abt 1875 Male
Ho-Nah-HI     abt 1830 Female
Sah-Ko-No   Father abt 1850 Male
Myrtle Bates   Daughter abt 1889 Female
George Bates   Son abt 1893 Male
Samuel Bates   Son abt 1896 Male
Ralph Bates      abt 1880 Male
Ah-Hay-Do-Tad     abt 1845 Male
Luther Campbell     abt 1869 Male
Percy Za-Do-Ko     abt 1873 Male
John Haddon     abt 1882 Male
David Haddon     abt 1885 Male
Uk-Quates   Father abt 1863 Male
Ella Red Bear   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Chester Red Bear     abt 1881 Male
Ter-Rah-de-Ah     abt 1857 Female
Martin Longhat Jennie Father abt 1866 Male
Jennie Bobb Martin Wife abt 1869 Female
Nora Longhat Martin &  Jennie Daughter abt 1890 Female
Bill Thomas   Father abt 1843 Male
Mrs. Thomas Bill Wife abt 1853 Female
Louise Thomas Bill Daughter abt 1886 Female
Charlie Keechi  Josie Father abt 1865 Male
Josie Thomas Charlie Wife abt 1872 Female
Edith Keechi Charlie &  Josie Daughter abt 1892 Female
George Keechi Charlie &  Josie Son abt 1895 Male
Frank Keechi Charlie &  Josie Son abt 1896 Male
Robert Keechi Charlie &  Josie Son abt 1900 Male
Willie Edwards   Father abt 1877 Male
Samuel Hunter Edwards Willie Son abt 1895 Male
Ethel Hunter Edwards Willie Daughter abt 1899 Female
Hiram p Pruner Lucy Husband abt 1849 Male
Lucy Pruner Hiram p Wife abt 1857 Female
Charlie Pruner     abt 1881 Male
Margaret McLane   Mother abt 1875 Female
Jackson McLane Margaret Son abt 1895 Male
Annie McLane Margaret Daughter abt 1899 Female
Charlie Patrick McLane Margaret Son abt 1900 Male
Timothy McLane Margaret Son abt 1901 Male
John R Osborne Alcie Fitzpatrick Father abt 1873 Male
Alcie Fitzpatrick Osborne John R Wife abt 1882 Female
Frank Osborne John R  &  Son abt 1895 Male
  Alcie Fitzpatrick      
Emma Osborne John R  &  Daughter abt 1897 Female
  Alcie Fitzpatrick      
Randolph Fitzpatrick Osborne John R  &  Son abt 1901 Male
  Alcie Fitzpatrick      
Howard Kino   Husband abt 1869 Male
Chu-Lu-Lu Howard Wife abt 1860 Female
Jack Thomas   Grandfather abt 1858 Male
Lena Thomas   Grand Daughter abt 1897 Female
Dirty Face      abt 1866 Female
Enoch Hoag Nellie Father abt 1869 Male
Nellie Thomas Enoch Wife abt 1879 Female
Nannie Hoag  Enoch &  Nellie Daughter abt 1888 Female
Lillie Hoag Enoch &  Nellie Daughter abt 1902 Female
Clarence Hoag     abt 1884 Male
Joshua Longhat     abt 1874 Male
Dunks-She Charlie Mother abt 1874 Female
Bessie Hunter Charlie Daughter abt 1897 Female
Josie Hunter Charlie Daughter abt 1900 Female
Alfred Thomas Charlie Son abt 1902 Male
Charlie Chisholm   Husband abt 1861 Male
Sarah Beaver   Wife abt 1860 Female
Jim Bobb   Father abt 1846 Male
Ho-Ta-WA Jim Wife abt 1871 Female
James Bobb Junior   Nephew abt 1886 Male
Louise Be-Do-Ko   Father abt 1874  
Ta-Ko-ME-NE Louise Wife abt 1872 Female
Anthony Hilton   Stepson abt 1889 Male
Beatrice Hilton   Stepdaughter abt 1892 Female
Maurice Be-Do-Ko Louise Son abt 1897 Male
Susie Be-Do-Ko Louise Daughter abt 1901 Female
Alle-Hah-Ke-Nah     abt 1852 Female
Harry Harry     abt 1885 Male
Suck-Quin-Chits   Mother abt 1874 Female
Elijah Reynolds   Son abt 1895 Male
Blanche Reynolds   Daughter abt 1901 Female
Tom Harry Rachel Father abt 1874 Male
Rachel Edge Tom Wife abt 1873 Female
Hugh Harry Tom &  Rachel Son abt 1893 Male
Margaret Harry Tom &  Rachel Daughter abt 1898 Female
May Harry Tom &  Rachel Daughter abt 1901 Female
Wild Horse     abt 1857 Male
Mrs. Tomahawk     abt 1860 Female
Wild Cat      abt 1860 Male
Spy Buck   Father abt 1850 Male
Mrs. Spy Buck Spy Buck Wife abt 1860 Female
Sadie Spy Buck Spy Buck Daughter abt 1893 Female
Sarah Spy Buck    Mother abt 1886 Female
John Parton Sarah Son abt 1902 Male
Pauline Spybuck   Mother abt 1882 Female
Mary White Bead Pauline Daughter abt 1903 Female
Chow-Units-SE   Father abt 1874 Male
He-Buck-He-la   Wife abt 1870 Female
Matthew Long Horn   Stepson abt 1892 Male
Eva Long Horn   Stepdaughter abt 1895 Female
Otto Chow-Un-Its-SE   Son abt 1900 Male
Ella Chow-Un-Its-SE   Daughter abt 1902 Female
George Washington     abt 1854 Male
Old Lady Possum      abt 1835 Female
Minnie Bobb     abt 1881 Female
Peter Williams   Father abt 1876 Male
Alle-MA-Canmp-Sy Peter Wife abt 1875 Female
Alice Williams   Stepdaughter abt 1893 Female
Auorny Peter Son abt 1903 Male
Willie Thomas     abt 1872 Male
Annie Thomas     abt 1873 Female
Joe Pooler     abt 1852 Male
Sallie Hunter   Grandmother abt 1852 Female
Henry Hunter   Grandson abt 1894 Male
Saysay     abt 1881 Female
Susan Miller Half Moon   Mother abt 1875 Female
Annie Miller Half Moon Susan Daughter abt 1898 Female
Edgar Miller Half Moon Susan Son abt 1899 Male
James Riss Nellie Father abt 1878 Male
Nellie Bates James Wife abt 1878 Female
Ruby Ross James &  Nellie Daughter abt 1901 Female
Ivy Ross James &  Nellie Daughter abt 1903 Female
Homer Seger Miillie Father abt 1877 Male
Miillie Moffett Seger Homer Wife abt 1877 Female
James Seger Homer &  Miillie Son abt 1902 Male
Walter Lamar     abt 1878 Male
Margaret Spooner Lamar   Mother abt 1876 Female
Roy Lamar Margaret Spooner Son abt 1901 Male
Albert Lamar   Brother abt 1888 Male
Pearl Stevens Lamar   Sister abt 1892 Female
Julian     abt 1875 Male
Rollin Stephenson Fannie Givens Father abt 1880 Male
Fannie Givens Stephenson Rollin Wife abt 1880 Female
Sadie Stephenson Rollin &  Fannie Givens Daughter abt 1897 Female
Edwards Stephenson Rollin &  Fannie Givens Son abt 1900 Male
Caly J Brown Belle Kenoyer Husband abt 1877 Male
Belle Kenoyer Brown Caly J Wife abt 1879 Female
Grandy Wheeler     abt 1878 Male
Genea Roberts   Mother abt 1878 Female
Ethel Mary Roberts Genea Daughter abt 1900 Female
Josephine Caruth Genea Daughter abt 1903 Female
William Luther     abt 1879 Male
Hush-S-E-Ah   Mother abt 1883 Female
Mariett Zollars Lamar   Daughter abt 1895 Female
Margie Lamar   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Pah-Nos-Hah-Bar-Ke-Nur   Mother abt 1883 Female
Maud Ned   Daughter abt 1899 Female
James Ned   Son abt 1900 Male
Lizzie Ned   Daughter abt 1902 Female
Johnson Bobb   Father abt 1860 Male
William Bobb Johnson Son abt 1897 Male
Frances Bobb Johnson Daughter abt 1899 Female
Roscoe Conklin     abt 1882 Male
Jasper Exendine Mary Father abt 1854 Male
Mary Exendine Jasper Wife abt 1858 Female
Frank Exendine Jasper &  Mary Son abt 1890 Male
Josephine Exendine Jasper &  Mary Son abt 1895  
Annie Exendine     abt 1885 Female
Albert Exendine     abt 1884 Male
Fred Exendine     abt 1880 Male
Oliver Exendine     abt 1882 Male
Don McDonald   Father abt 1878 Male
Edna Elizabeth McDonald Don Daughter abt 1903 Female
Adelia L Strong     abt 1878 Female
Edith Waits-Koke   Mother abt 1885 Female
John Karkar Wheeler Edith Son abt 1901 Male
Joseph Wheeler Edith Son abt 1902 Male

Source Information: (National Archives Microfilm Publication M595); Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Record Group 75; National Archives, Washington, D.C.) The Indian Census schedules are census rolls usually submitted each year by agents or superintendents in charge of Indian reservations, as required by an act of 4 July 1884 (23 Stat. 98). The data on the rolls varies. For certain years including 1935, 1936, 1938, and 1939 only supplementa l rolls of additions and deletions were compiled.
There is not a census for every reservation or group of Indians for every year. Only persons who maintained a formal affiliation with a tribe under federal supervision are listed on these census rolls.


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