Woods County, Oklahoma
1902 Directory

Population, 500. On the Choctaw Northern R. R. in Eagle Chief township, Woods county, 30 miles southwest of Alva the county seat. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, two elevators, two feed mills, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Chronoscope. Tel., W U. Exp, W E. & Co. Telephone Connection. E. E. Hartshorn postmaster.

Bank of Aline (cap. $5,000) J T Brady pres, W. A. Kown cash
Aline Hwd & Impl Co. hardware
Amsden Lbr Co
Asheroft-Staten Mer Co, genl store
Austin & Fields, general store
Campbell & Campbell furniture
Chronoscope, E B Marehand editor
Davidson J F, general store
Enid Lumber Co
Ford & Martin, livery
Ging Charles, hotel
Goin Bros, livery
HARTSHORN E E, Mngr Townsite Co
Lile Henry A, physicians
Maxwell -, r r and express aget
Oyler - , physicians
Bader O S, saloon
Schoch Mrs -, millinery
Sparks Bros, general store
Sprague -, restaurant
Steele -, blacksmith
Thomas Hardware Co
TOWNSITE CO, E E Hartshorn Mngr
Trainor K A, physician

A country postoffice in Woods county 56 miles southeast of Alva, the county seat, and 8-1/2 from Bingwood on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., its shipping point. Mail daily.

The county seat of Woods county. Organized a city of the first class in April, 1901 and is the location of U. S. Land Office and U. S. Courts for this district. Situated on the A. T. & S. F. and C. & N. Rys., 355 miles from Kansas City and 105 miles southwest of Wichita. Alva is noted for its being the location of the Northwestern Territorial Normal School, the largest institution of learning in Oklahoma at present and occupies the largest and most expensive building erected for educational purposes in Oklahoma, costing over $125,000 and situated on an elevation above the city, has a commanding view for many miles in all directions. It is a handsome brick building, modern in construction and in all its appointments, literally endowed, and employs a faculty of 18 and with 594 students in attendance. Alva also has good public schools and churches of the various religious denominations. The press is ably represented by three weekly and one daily, The Alva Pioneer. There are three banks, among which the largest is the Exchange National Bank with a paid up capital of $25,000 and with deposits exceeding $250,000. There are four hotels, opera house, four grain elevators. The Alva roller mills, a 300 barrel capacity; a system of waterworks obtained from natural pure water springs three miles northeast of the city; an electric light and power plant, artificial ice plant, two brickyards, a broom factory, bottling works and many well stocked general stores and special lines. Daily stage to Wisby, 37 miles; south to Whitehouse 16 miles west, with extensions and to Winchester, 17 miles north. The principal shipments are grain, live stock, flour and produce. Telegraph, Western Union; also long distance telephone connections, Express. Wells, Fargo & Co. Population census of 1900 was 1498 and conservative estimates of the present population is over 2,800. W. C. Douglass, postmaster.

Aeckerle Wm, baker
Alva Bottling Works, A A Hiatt prop
Alva Drug and Book Store, J W Greutter & Co proprs
Alva Ice Plant, E F Hagerty mngr
Alva Light and Power Co. Noel R Gascho pres. Robert P. Ervien
Alva Operat House, E L Drake, mngr
ALVA PIONEER The (Daily and Weekly), W F Hatfield, Editor
ALVA REVIEW The, W S Fulton Publisher
ALVA ROLLER MILLS , George D Carter Pres, W F Laird Vice-Pres, H G Hackney Sec and Treas, mnfrs of the celebrated Honey Bee Flour
Alva State Bank (capital $10,000), E E Rall pres, H E Mason cashier
Alva Steam Laundry, A L Circle propr
Amis James F second hand goods
Amsden Lumber Co (Wichita, Kan) S J Waugh, mngr
Arnold Walter W, agt A T & S F Ry
Ayersman & Booth (Daniel R Ayersman, Elzie J Booth), flour and feed
Ball D C county assessor
Bell James W real est and justice
Bell Walter H, loans
Bickford H K, lumber and coal
Bilby George N, physician
Bindrum M, laundry
Bowen John H, agt Waters-Pierce Oil Co
Bowling James A, physician
Briant Wm C, barber
Brown Harmon L, barber
Brown, Matt, city marshal
Brown Robert, brick mnfr
Burke Joseph Y, propr Cottage Hotel and livery
Cameron Robert A, lawyer
Campbell W W, live stock
Carrico S T, real estate
CARTER GEORGE D, Pres Alva Roller Mills
CARTER R E, Propr The Hotel Hendrickson. The Commercial Headquarters, northeast cor Public Sq
Carter & Ernst (J Edgar Carter, Wm. Ernst) blacksmiths.
Cassity Wm S, racket stores
Central Hotel E P Duchemin propr.
Central Telephone Exchange W F Potter mngr
Chilson David S, grocer
Circle A L, ice dlr, drayman and lndry
Clark & Blackford (Albert W Clark, Corbin H Blackford) dentists
Close W D, county treasurer
Cofield Willis H, receiver U S Land Office
Conway T W, pres Northwestern Territorial Normal School
Cook Arthur A confectionery
Cook Cyrus loans
Cooprider J B county supt of schools
Cottage Hotel JY Burke propr
Courtnier A N, baker
Cowgill & Dunn (Francis M Cowgill, Jesse J Dunn), lawyers
Craig Andrew, tailor
Crowell Bros (George W and D H Baxter Crowell) lumber, grain, coal and live stock
Crowell Bros & Clark (G W and D H B Crowell, Wm A Clark) grain elevators
Crowell George W, vice pres The Exchange National Bank
Davis W S county clerk
Davis Richard M hardware and harness
De Cou Miss Maude, music teacher
Donnan Hugh T, photographer
Doughty Charles W, restaurant
DOUGLASS WM C, Postmaster
Downen Joseph barber
Drake E L mngr Alva Opera House
Duchemin E P propr Central Hotel
Edge Rev C J (Baptist)
Edwards N E contractor
Edwards Rev T E (Christian)
Edwards Wm H jeweler an dmusical mdse
Emberson P C grain
Emmert Merritt, mngr Gloyd Lumber Co
ERGANBRIGHT LUTHER L, Gen Agt Singe Sewing Machine Co
Eutsler Mrs W E milliner
Eutsler & Van Fleet (Wm E Eustler, Herbert N Van Fleet), barbers
EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK The (capital $25,000, surplus $12,000, J A Stine Pres G W Crowell Vice Pres G E Nickel cashier
Ezell & Williams (Aplha P Ezell Wm E Williams), confectionery etc
Fennessey Thomas F, genl mdse
Fletcher Bert C, painter
Fletcher & Lord, painters
Foster Bros (Stanley M and Clinton P) restaurant
Frazer George, physician
Frazier David R, drayman
Frederickson Peter, livery
FULTON WM S, Pub The Alva Review
Gamble Samuel D shoemkr
Gamble & Queen (David C Gamble, Henry W Queen) physicians
Gilchrist Neal, restaurant
Gillespie James B dentist
Gloyd Lumber Co (Kansas City, McMerritt Emmert mngr)
Green C P register of deeds
Green H M contractor
Greutter J W & Co (Jacob W Greutter mngr) drugs and books
Grimes & Scoggins (Alfred C Grimes, Jesse C Scoggins), blacksmiths
Hackney HG sec and treas Alva Roller Mills
Hagerty E F mngr Alva Ice Plant
Haines E A clothing and shoes
Hanford Fred W, hardware
Harbaugh George A grain, seeds, feed and coal
Harding Rev W F (Congregational)
Hardwick & Maxey (Eugene F hardwick, John W Maxey), saloon
Hardy & Adam (Fred Hardy, Thomas J Adam), real estate
Haviland G W county surveyor
HATFIELD WM F Editor The Alva Daily and Weekly Pioneer
Henderson A saloon
Henderson & Reid (Wm Henderson, Noah W Reid) meat mkt
Herron Joseph C, dentist
Herron Mrs J C photographer
Hess Thomas M saloon
Hiatt Alonzo A, soda water mnfr
Hicks M J coal and seeds
Hobbie & Stewart (C W Hobbie, B M Stewart) real estate
Hoeck Gustav T boots and shoes
HOTEL HENDRICKSON ($2 Per Day) R E Carter Propr Commercial Headquarters, northeast cor Public Square
Hotel Wally, Wally Ong propr
Hughes J J probate judge
Hunter L D city clerk
Jackson Andrew J grocers and shoes
Jackson James T blacksmith
Johnson Joseph J vet surgeon
JOHNSTON JOSEPH E, Sec Woods County Abstract Co, Notary Public and Expert Accountant
Jones Pinkston grocer
Karr John D physician
Karr Lulu G pharmacist
Karr W L & Co (Wm L and John D Karr) druggists
Kelly E P, clk U S District Court
Kerr Jacob M saloon
Kerr & Bruner, painters
Kletke & Meyer (Gottlieb Kletke, Fred H Meyer) groceries and shoes
Kuster Walter J, jeweler
Laird W F vice pres Alva Roller Mills
Lander Edward J mngr W U T Co
Langdon Robert A 2d hand goods
Langley Francis C saloon
Leslie Bros (Wreston B and Clarence W) grocers
Lewis Columbus W, restaurant
Lewis Stephen, blacksmith
Lloyd Miss Eva music teacher
Long & Rutledge (Lindsey L Long, Cyrus F Rutledge), physicians
Luallen Samuel V dentist
McClure James B ins agt
McCrory Claud, city attorney
McHenry & Shultz (Isaac McHenry, Clell Shultz) saloon
McKibben Harvey propr White House
McKnight G F & Co (George F McKnight, John H Schaefer) real est
McNeely George confectionery etc
Makemson & Hughes (Harry H Makemson, Albert A Hughes) real dry goods
Martin Luther, lawyer
Mason Harry E, cas Alva State Bank
Mathews James, hardware
Mathews James O, agt C O & G Ry
Mauntell C county attorney
Meixner George, baker
Miles John L agt W F & Co Express
Miller Louis, furniture and untaker
Montfort John W, drugs, books and jewelry
Monroe, Perry A harnessmkr
MOORE L W, Bonded Abstractor, Notary Public and Deputy Clerk U S District Court
Moyer Mrs Charles milliner
Murphy Mrs Katherine, music teacher
Nelson Charles livery
Nelson L tailor
Nelson & Crooks (John A Nelson, John T Crooks) meat mkt
Nicholson & Francis (John Nicholson, Edward Francis) livery
NICKEL GEORGE E, Cashr The Exchange National Bank
Nighswonger U Grant, hardware
NOAH HARRY A, Pres Woods County Abstract Co and Attorney at Law
Noble Fred B, barber
Noble Henry E hardware
Noel Bros (Robert E and Arthur) livery
Northwestern Territorial Normal School T W Conway pres
Oates D C sheriff
PANCOAST HON J L, Judge 6th Judicial District and Associate Justice Supreme Court of Oklahoma
PARKER GEORGE S, Real Estate, Farm Loans, Farms and City Property, Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle
Pinkston Harry J boarding house
Potter W F mngr Central Telephone Exchange
Rall Eugene E, pres Alva State Bank
Rall L Everett grocer
Reed J Porter produce
Renfrew & Gadbois (Rufus O Renfrew, Dyas Gadbois), furniture and undertakers
Roberts Walter S lawyer
Ross Andrew J pub The Alva Courier
Schnitzer Joseph meat mkt
Scott James D grocer
Shafer Anton harness
Share S B & Bro (Sylvester B, John D and Charles C) genl mdse
Shaw John E tinner
Sheddy Henry broom mnfr
Sherman Harry H, osteopath
Singer Sewing Machine Co L L Erganbright agt
Smith James A flour and feed
SNODDY & SON (W W S and Erskine W) Attorneys at Law, Practice in all Federal and Territorial Courts, the U S Land Office and the Departments; Collections Receive Prompt Attention: 40 Years' Experience
Snyder George W genl mdse
Spaulding Benjamin M, saloon
Stanaert Rev (Catholic)
STINE JAMES A, Pres The Exchange National Bank
Stone E C, contractor
Strawn & Son (J M and F C) druggists
Strong E M, stone Contr
Talkington Wm A, grocer
Thompson Collis H, land attorney
Towne Alexander C, lawyer
Vickers & Grove (George W Wickers, J Paul Grove), lawyers
Wade & Thayer (Cyrenus R Wade, Horace A Thayer), saloon
Wagner Rev J E (Methodist)
Walker N E, harness
Wansch Ambrose, blacksmith
Waters-Pierce Oil Co, J H Bowen, agt
Watrus John G, real est
Waugh Samuel J, mngr Amsden Lumber Co
Weinrich & Rauh (George F and Wm H Weinrich Theodore Rauth) grocers
Wells Fargo & Co Express, J L Miles agt
Welsh George, drayman
Western Union Telegraph Co, E J Lander mngr
Westfall L A, cashr Woods County Bank
White House, Harvey McKibben propr
White J E hides and poultry
Widmeyer Charles, machinist
Wiggins, Wm H contractor
WiLLIAMS JOHN, Bus, Bagge and Transfer Line
Wilson Elsworth, physician
Wilson L T, lawyer
Womack Thomas J lawyer
WOODS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO Uncorporated H A Noah Pres Joseph E Johnston Sec Bonded Abstracters, Farm Loans, Genl Insurance and Collection Agts
Woods County Bank (capital $10,000) H K Bickford, pres L A Westfall, cashr
Woods County Stone Mnfg Co, E M Strawn pres and mngr G E Richardson, sec
Woodward Benjamin T livery
Wright George E physician
Wright J C restaurant


Adams J W, stockman
Ainsworth W C, stockman
Aldrich Chandler, general store
Allen Woodard & Yarnell (Wm Allen, T F Woodard, T F Yarnell) meats
American Hotel D Bentley propr
Anadarko Bottling Works T G Tinsley propr
Anadarko Brick Co, Joseph Conley mgr
Anadarko Democrat The, Shaw & Blankenship publrs
Anadarko Evening Tribune, Spivey & Dutton publrs
Anadarko Furniture and Hardware Co. Thos Watkins mgr
ANADARKO HOTEL, L J Morrison Propr
Anadarko Ice Co A Reummeli pres Carl Glitsch sec
Anadarko Wall Paper Co (A E and B B Smith)
Area Eva confectioner
ART WALL PAPER & PAINT CO (The (W H Divers, E C Taylor) Up-to-date Art Decorators and Sign Writers
Austin & Sigrist (Eli Austin, E W Sigrist) merchant tailors
Axline W S stockman
Baird J J confectionery
Baker H C house mover
Barber E A confectionery
Bartley G B agt C R I & P Ry
Baum H stockman
Beebe & Ellison (B E Beebe, W S Ellisom) livery
Belisle & Holcomb (E A Belisle, F M Holcomb, hardware)
Bell Top saloon W H Masterson propr
Bentley D propr American hotel
Black George saloon
Blackman J P stockman
Blum & Blum (W M and W S) real est
Bohler J L (J T Moore & Co) city attorney
Bogle Clyde dairy
Bon Ton Saloon  F M Howard propr
Bowman Samuel harness
Boyd D H phys
BOYS A T (Boys, Perry & Farmer), Notary Public, Natl Bank of Anadarko Bldg.
BOYS, PERRY & FARMER (A T Boys, A J Perry and Worth Farmer) Lawyers, Notaries, Conveyancers and Relinquishment, Natl Bank of Anadarko Bldg.
Bradford & Davidson (J E Bradford, J E Davidson) dry goods
Brown E M, stockman
Brown, James lumber
Brown J F mngr Missouri Lumber Co
Brown WM M confectioner
BULL H H, Cashr 1st Natl Bank of Anadarko Pres Bank of Union, Union, O T
Buresh Joseph, saloon
Burge, Mrs A A millinery
Burgett J O grocer
BYRNE J L & CO (J L Byrne), Real Estate, Loans, Abstracts, Collections, Notaries Public and Conveyaneers, 6th and C Lock Box 532
Caddo County Times G E Nichols propr
Caddo Land, Loan and Insurance Co (R Z McAnnich, J Richey)
Caddo Saloon, J A Williams propr
Callahan F J, hardware and harness
Cameron Wm & Co T E Fears mngr lumber
Campbell Bertha H phys
Campbell George C phys
Campbell Jessie millinery
CAMPBELL M C, propr Peerless Saloon 7th and C
Carpenter Ed M blacksmith
Carter F L & Co (F L Carter, Rufus Shaw ) 2d hand goods
Carter & Howard (W J Carter, C O Howard) blksmiths
Case J B S hardware
Cassity Ora, millinery
Cecil & Clark (Allie Cecil, C L Clark), saloon
Chamberlain L C, barber
Champlin Lumber Co, H H Champlin pres, F C Champlin sec and treas.
Chong Lee, laundry
Citizens' National Bank (capital $25,000) J W Myers pres, J E Cox cashier
City Drug Store, Dr. B K Wood propr.
City Steam Laundry, Mdmes G W Davis and S Smitzius proprs.
Clark Samuel, feed
Clary & Schram (C H Clary and J E Schram) barbers
Cline J S, blacksmith
Cochrane O K, hardware
Coen J S, propr Hotel Coen
Commercial Club, E W King sec.
Commack Joseph, wagon yard
Conley Joseph, mngr Anadrako Brick Co
Coley A R, confectioner
Conover R C, stockman
Cooper C W, stockman
Cooper Forrest, genl store
Cornett Bros, meats
Cowder C E, stockman
Cox I E, cashier Citizens' Nat'l Bank
Cranston O C, physician
Crawford, Joy & Co, Inc F H Joy pres, A B Crawford sec and treas, grocers
Crosby Herbert D, atty 1st Natl Bank and county attorney
Crosby & McKnight (Herbert D Crosby, Lonie E McKnight) lawyers
Crosthwaite D M, grist mill
Crudlington John, wagon yard
Crozen E M, mngr Topeka & El Reno Tel Co
Crystal Palace Saloon, Karl Haegelin mngr
Davidson A K, blacksmith
Davis F F, restaurant
Deford John, wagon yard
Demarre & Gayetty (J T Demarre, J C Gayetty), grocers
Deskery Bros (Frank and Burt) saloon
Dibble J A, exp agt
Dinkler Bros (F A and J A) drugs
Dippery George, transfer
DIVERS & TAYLOR (W H DIVERS, E C Taylor) props The Art Wall Paper & Paint Co
Douglas Karl, Drug Co
Dunbar H W, stockman
Duncan & Leonard (E B Duncan, M Leonard), hardware
Dunlap J H, stockman
Dutton W R, postmaster
Earheart R C, confectionery
Edwards W H, real est and mayor
Eldred F A, cabinetmaker
Ellis Charles L, U. S. Commissioner
ELLIS E B, Ast Cashr 1st Natl Bank of Anadrako
Elston J S, hotel

Estes E H, cold drinks

Eureka Restaurant, Mrs. Rosa Davenport propr
Evans & Parker (A D Evans, J E Parker) shoemkrs
Ewing H C, second hand goods
FARMER WORTH (Boys, Perry & Farmer), Notary Public, Nat Bank of Anadarko Bldg.
Farwell Frank, stockman
Fears F E, mngr Wm Cameron & Co.
Feis Rev E B (Presbyterian)
Fenner C E L, stockman
FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Anadarko (capital $25,000) J F Woodard Pres, H B Johnson Vice-Pres, H H Bull Cashr, E B Eillis Asst Cashr
Fischer N G, mngr W U Tel Co
Foley J L, grocer, feed and tinware
Ford George W & Co (George W and F F Ford), produce
Ford Mrs Lizzie, boarding house
Forsyth Ed, stockman
Fowler E, grain
Fox Byron, grocer
FRANKHAUSER MISS M H, Optician, over 1st Natl Bank 
Freeland M B, stockman
Frick & Cummingham (J L Frick and I V Cunningham), grocers
Galloway D G, men's furnishings
GARDNER L C, Vice - Pres Charles Tipple Brick Co
Gates J W, general store
Geagan O H, real estate
George & Thompson (Fred Georke, C L Thompson) restaurant
Gish, Brooke & Co (M N Gish, T H Brooke and G W Baker), furniture and undertaking
Gletsch Carl, sec Anadarko Ice Co
Glitsch, Randolph & Glitsch (Henry Glitsch, B H Randolph, Carl Glitsch) attorneys at law
Gold Dust Saloon, Shelby & Miller proprs
Goldman Max & Co., Max Goldman mngr, dry goods
Graham Hugh, genl store
Green J T, real estate
GRINSTEAD E E, Lawyer, Over Natl Bank of Anadarko
Gwinner G A, stockman
Haegelin Karl mngr Crystal Palace Saloon
Hall Lou, teacher
Hammert & Thralls (B W Hummert, Frank Thralls) grocers
Hammond Dry Goods Co, J W Hammond mngr
Hardcastle, V V, Lawyer
Harper & Freelin (W W Harper, W S Freelin) genl store
Hart J E, genl store
Hartl & Clinton (Louis Hartl, John Clinton) saloon
Hartshorne Bros (J M and W S) saloon
HASTAIN, WHEELER & WORLY, lawyers, practicing in all County Courts, Notary in Office, P O Box 581
Heath C L, mngr Dick T Morgan
Heimes H J, stockman
Henson Rev J L (M E South)
Herndon & Britton, grocers and meats
Hill J T, meats
Hollinshead & Ristine (F L Hollinshead, W C Ristine), livery stables
Holt L H, stockman
Holt Rev L M (Baptist)
HOTEL ANARDARKO, L J Morrison propr
Hotel Coen, J S Coen propr
Hotel Florence, Mrs. F Rodman, propr
Hotel Gunn, J C Masters mngr
Howard F M propr Bon Ton Saloon and barber
Hume C R, physician
Ingram J G, confectionery
Ingram & Hoffman (J G Ingram, F J Hoffman)  bakers
Jackson J P, insurance
Jones D H, stockman
Jones J W, dentist
Keeler G W, bakery
Keller Rev G W (M E North)
Kemp & Co., Charles Kemp. Mngr genl store
Kemp & Co, John Brown mngr saloon
Kennedy Misses Belle, Lillian and Nettie, proprs Bon Anti restaurant
Kennedy & Rohren (U G Kennedy, G C Rohrer) saloon
Kerley W W, physician
Kerr I H, lawyer
King E W, lawyer
Kirkpatrick C L, hotel
Klingman J F, grocer
Kohn James S, racket store
KREITZER DORSEY, Cashr The National Bank of Anadarko, Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public
Kroning, John, shoes
LANE F A, Attorney-at-Law, Real Estate, Relinquishments and Colections, "B" St., opp, Court House
Lauber, John grocer
Layton & Jaquith (C W Layton, E M Jaquith) barbers
Lazenby J W & Sons (J W, W F Lazenby and W S Estepp), grocers
Leach & Co (S R Leach, C L Pencock), grain and coal
Lewis John, stockman
Liebenheim B, real estate
Liebenhelm, M, shoemkr
Liming C V (liming & Pruett) notary public
Liming & Pruett ( C V Liming, Theodore Pruett), lawyers
Lindley W H, saloon
Linzee E H, feed
Loudermilk W W, stockman
McCAMPBELL J A, Propr P O Book Store, Cigars, Tobacco and Confectionery
McCarthy J B, grocer
McDavid J S, civil engnr and surveyor
McFadyen Wm, lawyer
McFarland A G, restaurant
McFARLANE W S, Propr Windsor Hotel and vet surg
McHugh & Co, John McHugh mngr, saloon
McKnight Louie E, atty 1st Natl Bank, dep county attorney
Martin W, tailor
Masters J C, mngr Hotel Gunn
Masterson W A, brewers' agt
Masterson W H, mngr Taylor & Cummins
Matheny & Livesay (W I Matheny) Randall Livesay) lawyers
Meeting Casper, stockman
Miller Bros (H J L and A) saloon
MILLER BROS LUMBER CO (H O and B H Miller), Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash and Doors and Building Materials, cor 7th and B
Miller P J, planing mill
Miller Mrs P J, millinery
Miller P M, racket store
Miller & Williams (G A Miller, D E Williams), real est and ins
Millne J W, grocer
Mills & Orme (H T Mills, T O Orme), meats
Missouri Lumber Co, J F Brown mngr, lumber
Mitchell & Hageman (R L Mitchell, S. J Hageman), hardware
Mitchell & Kerley (E B Mitchell, W W Kerley) physicians
Mcthvin Rev J J supt Methvin Inst, Indian Mission School
Millard R H, stockman
Mittnacht Fred, (mngr), saloon
Monsell M E, city engineer
Moore J T & Co (J T Moore and J L Bobler, law, real estate and ins
Moots Rev J W (Congregational)
Morgan Dick T, C L Heath mngr, real estate
Morris A J, real est and lawyer
Morrison L J, propr Hotel Anadarko
Moyes, Wolf & Hudson (G A Moyes, Frank Wolf, Will Hudson) dry goods, notions, boots and shoes
Nathan L, dry goods
NATIONAL BANK OF ANADARKO The (capital $25,000), H T Smith Pres, D T Flynn Vice-Pres D Kreitzer Cashr
Nichols G E, propr Caddo Co Times
Nicholson J S, dentist
Nickle D R, stockman
Noah & Axline ( J P Noah, Wm Axline) confectionery
Noble & Clay, stone quarries
Norton J H, stockman
Norton Miles, stockman
O'Brien T J, propr Shamrock saloon
Oelke Bros (Carl and Louis), grocers
Ogle Bros (J W and Levi), dry goods, boots and shoes
Oliver & Woodward (J C Oliver, F W Woodward), restaurant
Page J S, saloon
Painter F F, cigar mnfr
Palace Saloon, Chauncey Rhoads, propr
Pallady & Greenlee (A J Pallady, C M Greenlee) broom mnfrs
Paysen Andrew, genl store
PEERLESS SALOON, M C Campbell propr 7th and C
Penn F E, real estate
PERRY A J (Boys, Perry & Farmer), Law and Insurance, Nat Bank of Anadarko Bldg.
PFAFF JOHN & SONS (John, Frederick and John Jr), Hardware, Farm Implements, Stoves and Tinware, Sporting Goods, etc
POSTOFFICE BOOKSTORE, J A McCampbell Propr, Books, Stationery, Cigars, Tobacco, Confectionery, etc.
Potter A, blacksmith
Pratt H C, general store
Preger Karl, second-hand goods
Price W W, lawyer
Pritchett T J, teacher
Purett Theodore (Liming & Pruett), notaries public
Ralston G E, restaurant
Randolph B H, lawyer
REECE WM, Mngr The Reece Agency, Real Estate, Loans, Collections, Notary Public and Conveyancing
REECE WM, Mgr The Reece Agency, Treas Anadarko School Board, Local Treas and Agt Aetna Building Load Assn
Reid Miss Estelle, music teacher
Rhoads Chauncey, propr Palace Saloon and Gordon &  McRae saloon
Richards Thomas, merchant tailor
Ricklin Rev Isidore (Roman Catholic)
Roberts Bros ( J J and S H), barbers
Robinson S A, saloon
Robinson & Jackson (R K Robinson, G C Jackson) law and real estate
Rodman Mrs F, propr Hotel Florence
Rodgers Charles, stockman
Rogers & Wolverman (H Rogers, A Wolverman) restaurant
Rohrer G W, saloon
Romick & Carnover ( P A Romick, G W Carnover), general store
ROSSER W E (witn J S Byrne & Co), civil engineer
Russel Benjamin, photographer
Ruzicka J F meats
Sage W E, stockman
Sager & Steward (John Sager, E H Steward) proprs O K Bakery
Sanborn & Coffey (R Sanborn, S Coffey) grocers
Schafer & Kamm, brewers' agts
Scott & Son (N A and C A), harness
Seward M E, hardware and agl impts
Shafner & Son (J  F and G W), grocers
Shamrock Saloon, T J O'Brien propr
Shaw & Blankenship (P P Shaw, L E Blankenship), proprs Anadrako Democrat
Shelby & Miller ( R M Shelby, G F Miller), proprs Gold Dust Saloon
Shemmesser A, stockman
Siebert & Kaiser (Will Siebert, Ed N Kaiser), saloon
Siller Ed, stockman
Silver Moon Restaurant, S B Taylor propr
Smith A C, barber
Smith Bus & Transfer Co, R Q Smith mngr
Smith E M (mngr) saloon
SMITH H T, Pres Citizens' National Bank (El Reno, O T) and The National Bank of Anadarko, O T
Smith John D, stockman
Smith M M, men's furnishings
Smith T W, stockman
Smith W H & Son (W H and A R), drugs
Smith & Beall (Joseph Smith, F M Beall), grocers
Songe J A G, physician
Spivey & Dutton (L M Spivey, W R Dutton, publrs Evening Tribune
Stelzner J C, plumber
Stephenson-Browne Lumber Co, J N D Browne, mngr
Stephenson O C, drugs
Stockman Mrs M, dressmaker
Sturtz R, carpenter
Sullivan T J, shoemaker
Sutter H E, jeweler
Swank David, contractor and builder
Taylor, B F, bakery
Taylor S B, propr Silver Moon Restaurant
Taylor & Cummins (J D Taylor, F C Cummins), agts Vale Blatz Brewg Co
Thompson Wm C, stockman
Tillman G W, agt C R I & P Ry
Tinklepaugh V D, hardware
Tinsley T G, propr Anadarko Bottling Works
TIPPIE CHARLES BRICK CO (Inc), Charles Tippe Pres and Mngr, L C Gardner Vice-Pres, T F Woodard Sec and Treas, Daily capacity 40.100.
Todd Benjamin, stockman
Topeka & El Reno Rel Co, E M Crozen Mngr
Tuggle Tom, barber
Turnell E V, constable
Turner David, furniture
Turner W E & Co (W E Turner mgr) pawnbrokers
Turner & Russell (David Turner, Howard Russell), contrs
TWEED MISS EDITH (J L Byrne & Co), Notary Public
Underwood J J, stockman
Valerius & Co (Michael and Charles Valerius), grocers
Vivion L W, real estate
Wadsworth W E, undertaker
Waldo James, stockman
Ward M F, saloon
Warfield E S, stockman
Warrington W A, jeweler
Weither J R & Sons (J R, C A and S R), hardware
Weinrich Philip, stockman
Wells Otto, stockman
Wertzenhoffer & Turk, Adolph Miller mngr, whol liquors
Wester Charles, wagon yard
Western Union Tel Co, N G Fischer mngr
Wilcox E B, brewer's agent
WILLIAMS C S, Dealer Musical Mdse, north side Court House square
Williams J A, propr Caddo saloon
Williams Ross and John, proprs Klondike saloon
WILLIAMS R A, Contractor and Builder, House-moving a Specialty, 7th and Ark av
Williams & Mack (J E Williams, A Mack), laundry
Wilson G W, feed
WINDSOR HOTEL, W S McFarlane Propr
Winton W Y, phys
Wood Dr Burgess K, propr City Drug Store
Wood & Bristow (J L Wood, M Bristow), lawyers
WOODARD J F, Pres 1st Natl Bank of Anadarko, res Old Anadarko
Wright Rev (Episcopal)
Wyckoff J C, stockman
Yarnall T F, live stock
Youngblood J M, dry goods
Youngheim Clothing Co (Adolph and Herman Youngheim), men's furnishings


Source: Polk's Oklahoma Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1902-1903, by: R. L. Polk& Co., 1902



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