Woods County, Oklahoma


Source: photocopies from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
transcribed & submitted by Nancy Overlander
DNB -Died, non battle DOW -Died of wounds
FOD -Finding of death KIA -Killed in action
CPL - Corporal LT - Lieutenant
JG - Junior grade PFC - Private First Class
PVT - Private SGT - Sargeant
SSGT - Staff Sargeant TEC - Technician

Name Serial No. Rank Status
Woods County      
Albright J F 18192182 S SG FOD
Alltizer George L 38023313 PFC DNB
Appleman James E 38570789 PFC KIA
Bird Elmer L 20823633 PFC KIA
Brickman Harry E 18002285 SGT DOW
Coale Carl W 0-692736 2 LT KIA
Compton Larkin E 6298128 CPL DOW
Dotter Wilmer F 38015466 TEC 5 DOW
Dubben Frederick A H 38272128 CPL KIA
Ellingsen John Jr 0-670718 1 LT KIA
Evans Donald W 18085047 S SG DNB
Franco Antonio M 38394098 PFC KIA
Garrison Nathan M 20823685 PFC DOW
Hager William H 38259274 S SG KIA
Hardgrove Hugh M T-061013 FL O FOD
Hart Dennis C 20830612 T SG KIA
Hood Lester O 38272103 PFC DOW
Jones Kenneth H 0-726030 2 LT KIA
Kerfoot Vearl C 38023770 TEC 5 KIA
Kilmer T J 18085232 S SG FOD
Lockwood Otho B 38015441 CPL KIA
Majaffey Calude A Jr 38403403 PVT FOD
Munger Clarence W 38400302 CPL KIA
Neely Frank A 6921033 PVT KIA
Olson Gerald L 38563432 CPL FOD
Phillips Joe W 0-721198 2 LT KIA
Rebel Fred M 18002287 PFC KIA
Reed Virgil F 38015503 PFC KIA
Ross Joseph H 38694564 PFC KIA
Schulte Melvin J 37752803 PVT KIA
Sharp Alva D 38566441 PFC KIA
Sharp Lewis E 38180333 PFC KIA
Slaven Clay 6395477 PFC DNB
Smith Dean R 18148306 S SG KIA
Snow Kenneth J 38694563 PFC KIA
Strohmeyer Fenton D 38563380 SGT KIA
Turner Lester P Jr 38570794 PVT KIA
Van Pelt Garland L 18193148 CPL KIA
Vetter Walter J 0-589921 1 LT KIA
Vore Charles 2075613 2 LT DNB
Walker Ralph W 0-672255 1 LT DNB
Wiebe Theodore R 38567395 PFC KIA
Wilson Eldon L 1294402 1 LT DOW

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