History of Benton County, Oregon; including its Geology, Topography, Soil and Productions,

Together With

The Early History of the Pacific Coast, Compiled from the Most Authentic Sources; A Full Political history, Comprising a Tabular Statement of Officers of the County Since its Formation; Incidents of Pioneer Life and Biographical Sketches of Early and Prominent Citizens; and Also Containing the History of the Cities, Towns, Churches, Schools, Secret Societies, Etc.

Published by David D. Fagan
Portland, Oregon
A.G. Walling, Printer, Lithographer, Etc.

Chapter I. Discovery of the Pacific  

Chapter II. Early explorations in the Northwest  

Chapter III. Search for the mythical straits of Anian  

Chapter IV. Voyages in the Pacific and Atlantic  

Chapter V. Russia enters the Pacific  

Chapter VI. Spanish missions and settlements in California  

Chapter VII. Discoveries Westward from the Atlantic  

Chapter VIII. Explorations by land and sea  

Chapter IX. Beginning of the fur trade on the Pacific Coast  

Chapter X. Conflict of authority at Nootka Sound  

Chapter XI. Discovery of Puget Sound and the Columbia  

Chapter XII. Captains Lewis and Clarke traverse the continent  

Chapter XIII. The Astoria enterprise  

Chapter XIV. Joint occupation of Oregon  

Chapter XV. Rivalry of English and American fur companies  

Chapter XVI. Oregon missions and settlements  

Chapter XVII. Oregon for the United States  

Chapter XVIII. Whitman Massacre and Cayuse War  

Chapter XIX. Territorial Government of Oregon  

Chapter XX. Indians of Southern Oregon  

Chapter XXI. The early explorers attacked  

Chapter XXII. Effect of white immigration  

Chapter XXIII. First campaign against the Indians  

Chapter XXIV. Hostilities occurring in 1852  

Chapter XXV. The war of 1853  

Chapter XXVI. The Lane Treaty of Peace and concluding events of 1853  

Chapter XXVII. Events of 1854 


Chapter XXVIII. Causes of the war of 1855-6   

Chapter XXIX. The massacre of October ninth, and war in Grave Creek Hills  

Chapter XXX. The first Meadows campaign  

Chapter XXXI. The spring campaign  

Chapter XXXII. The war on Curry County  

Chapter XXXIII. The war ended  

Chapter XXXIV. Names of the volunteers  

Chapter XXXV. Benton County  

Chapter XXXVI. Benton County  

Chapter XXXVII. General county history  

Chapter XXXVIII. General county history  

Chapter XXXIX. General county history  

Chapter XL. Legislative history  

Chapter XLI. Legislative history  

Chapter XLII. Criminal history  

Chapter XLIII. Siletz Indian reservation  

Chapter XLV. The Willamette Valley and Coast Railroad  

Chapter XLVI. Corvallis precinct  

Chapter XLVII. Corvallis precinct  

Chapter XLVIII. Willamette, Monroe and Philomath precincts  

Chapter XLIX. Soap Creek, King's Valley and Summit precincts  

Chapter L. Yaquina precinct  

Chapter LI. Yaquina precinct  

Chapter LII. Toledo, Elk City, and Tum Tum precincts  

Chapter LIII. Alsea, Lower Alsea, and Tide Water precincts  

Biographies of pioneers, prominent residents and patrons


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