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Pioneer History of
Coos and Curry Counties, Or.

Heroic Deeds and Thrilling Adventures of the Early Settlers

Published under the Auspices of the Pioneer and Historical Association of Coos Co.

Orvil Dodge, Historian

Salem Oregon

Capitol Printing Co.


[ Transcription in progress]

Table of Contents:

Chapter I. Description of Coos and Curry counties  

Chapter II. First settlement in Coos County  

Chapter III. The hero of Battle Rock  

Chapter IV. History of Southern County, Oregon  

Chapter V. Rogue River and adjacent country, between Euchre Creek and Pistol River  

Chapter VI. Early struggles and trials

Chapter VII. Report of J. L. Parrish, Indian agent  

Chapter VIII. Wreck of the Captain Lincoln  

Chapter IX. The Coos Bay Colony  

Chapter X. "Bandon Beach"  

Chapter XI. Coos Bay and its surroundings

Chapter XII. Coquille Valley  

Chapter XIII. Coos County productions for the year 1897  

Chapter XIV. Myrtle Point  

Chapter XV. Coquille City  

Chapter XVI. Riverton, Parkersburg, Randolph, Prosper and Bandon  

Chapter XVII. Curry County  

Chapter XVIII. Two decades in Curry  

Chapter XIX. Author's preface  

Chapter XX. Reminiscences of Daniel Giles, Jos. McVay and A.H. Thrift  

Chapter XX. Recollections of early days   

Chapter XXI. Reminiscences from the life of M. Riley  

Chapter XXII. Samuel Stillman Mann 

 Chapter XXIII. Reminiscences of early days--Thos. Hirst  

Chapter XXIV. Contribution from J.A. Haines  

Chapter XXV. Brief history of the emigration of the Baltimore Company in 1859  

Chapter XXVI. The Nosler emigration  

Chapter XXVII. The mineral belt  

Chapter XXVIII. Crimes, casualties, curiosities and miscellaneous happenings  

Chapter XXIX. Miscellaneous matter--The Coos Bay wagon road

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