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Coquille Valley, Coos County, Oregon

Coquille Valley Art Center Cookbook

Compiled by the Coquille Valley Art Center, circa 1984

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Abel, Jean Beer Cheese Bread (Bread) 4
  Chili Sauce (Odds and Ends) 167
  Garlic Dill Pickles (Pickles - Relishes) 123
  White Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 42
  Apple Brownies (Cookies) 66
  Fudge Nut Patties (Candy) 52
Banks, Robert Granola Cookies (Cookies) 67
Bingle, Mary Quick and Delicious Fudge (Candy) 52
  Sausage Quiche (Casserole) 77
  Scotch Toffee Bars (Cookies) 63
  Sergio's Polenta (Main Dishes) 101
Blaechl, Mary Clipping note (Bread) 1b
  Helen's Bowl Bread (Bread) 9
  Purple Prune Plum Nut Bread (Bread) 4
  Quick Sourdough Bread: an easy bread for beginners (Bread) 2
  Betty's Sherry Wine Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 33
  Betty's Vanilla Wafer Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 34
  Eggnog Christmas Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 35
  Nadine's Coconut Pecan Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 42
  Rubye's Pina Colada Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 32
  A thought to sleep on - interesting quotes and tidbits (Candy) 44b
  Becky's Cream Candy (Candy) 51
  Mom Blaechl's Chocolate Fudge (Candy) 52
  Lee Avery's Recipe Buff and other tidbits - Mary (Avery) Blaechl (Casserole) 74b
  Zucchini Casserole (Casserole) 78
  Lou Ann's Fruit Drops (Cookies) 57
  Boyer's Spagetti Pot (Main Dishes) 102
  Adeline's Enchiladas (Microwaving) 149
  Adeline's Oven Fry Mix (Odds and Ends) 165
  Brenda's Sausage Cheese Balls (Odds and Ends) 163
  Home Made Herb Mix (Odds and Ends) 166
  Wanda's Art Dough (Odds and Ends) 174
  Jean's Dill Pickles (Pickles - Relishes) 122
  Apple Pie (Pie - Dessert) 116
  Becky's Cheese Cake Pie (Pie - Dessert) 117
  Betty's Pumpkin Dessert (Pie - Dessert) 111
  Oatmeal Pie (Pie - Dessert) 112
  Adeline's Cabbage Patch Soup (Soup - Salads) 127
  Edyth Ford's Cranberry Surprise (Soup - Salads) 138
  Cinnamon Rolls (Time Savers) 161
  Crispy Breadsticks (Time Savers) 160
  Flaky Pie Crust (Time Savers) 159
  Flaky Pie Crust Mix (Time Savers) 159
  Never-fail Rolled Biscuits (Time Savers) 161
  Versatile Quick Mix (Time Savers) 160
  Gourmet Green Bean Bake (Vegetables) 139
  Linda's Zucchini Patties (Vegetables) 140
  Sour Cream Beans (Vegetables) 139
  Zucchini in Dilled Sour Cream (Vegetables) 140
Brunell, Jean Doris's Whole Wheat - Sunflower Muffins (Bread) 12
  Clam Corn Casserole (Fish - Seafood) 158
  Lee's Fish Salad (Fish - Seafood) 153
  Salmon Corn Chowder (Fish - Seafood) 153
  Salmon, Baked (Fish - Seafood) 153
  Section Divider Illustration (Fish - Seafood) 152a
  Doris's Ribs (Main Dishes) 104
  Boyer's Venison Salami (Odds and Ends) 163
  Doris' Bar-B-Que Sauce (Odds and Ends) 167
  Doris' Onion Rings (Odds and Ends) 164
  Irene's Spicy Mustard (Odds and Ends) 165
  JoAnn's Ice Cream (Odds and Ends) 168
  Pickled Beets (Pickles - Relishes) 122
  Doris' Chocolate Refrigerator Pie (Pie - Dessert) 112
  Time-saving White Sauce Mix (Time Savers) 162
  Doris' Spiced Yams (Vegetables) 144
  Danish Pastry (Bread) 17
  Doris's Bread (Bread) 3
  Glaze (Bread) 16
  Lemon Jello Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 31
  Bayer's Spiced Nuts (Candy) 47
  Potato Pie (Casserole) 84
  Doris' Date Bars (Cookies) 60
  Doris' Filbert Cookies (Cookies) 59
  Irene's Sugar Cookies (Cookies) 56
  Observation (from Edna Pitcher) (Jams - Jellys) 86b
Burbank, Luther Dilled Onions (Pickles - Relishes) 124
Carter, Edna Section Divider Illustration (Cakes -Frostings) 20a
  Hot Chicken Salad Souffle (Casserole) 80
  Cheese Toast Cups (Main Dishes) 99
  Quick Chicken A La King (Main Dishes) 98
  Artichokes (Microwaving) 151
  Corn (Microwaving) 151
  Mallow Fudge (Microwaving) 150
  Party Snax (Microwaving) 150
  Grandma's Pie Crust (Pie - Dessert) 113
  Elaine's Tangy Fruit Salad (Soup - Salads) 129
  French Honey Dressing (Soup - Salads) 134
  Honey Mayonnaise (Soup - Salads) 134
  Creamy Potato Bake (Vegetables) 142
Christensen, Joyce Biscuit & Pancake Mix (Bread) 13
  Sherry Wine Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 31
  Melted Moments Cookies (Cookies) 65
  Virginia Furer's Paper Sack Apple Pie (Pie - Dessert) 110
Coke, Liz Apple Pancakes (Bread) 14
  Sky High Biscuits (Bread) 13
  Almond Roca (Candy) 45
  Mildred Lynn's Famouse See's Chocolate Fudge (Candy) 48
  Anna Perry's Date Coconut Confections (Cookies) 60
  Ice Cream Kolachkey (Cookies) 68
  Chicken Breasts (Main Dishes) 93
  Sweet and Sour Chicken (Main Dishes) 92
  Chicken Salad (Soup - Salads) 134
  Cranberry Salad (Soup - Salads) 137
  Ed Riley's Gazpacho - North Bend Style - Cold Soup (Soup - Salads) 128
  Section Divider Illustration (Soup - Salads) 126a
  Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes (Vegetables) 142
Costello, Kathy Fast Banana Bread (Bread) 6
  Workperson's Roast (Main Dishes) 104
  Quick- No Knead - Bread (Bread) 1
  Six ways to save money on groceries (Jams - Jellys) 86b
  Laura's Chocolate Dessert (Pie - Dessert) 118
Danielson, Donna Bran Muffins (Bread) 11
  Frosting - with vanilla pudding (Cakes -Frostings) 25
  Good Cake - with mandarin oranges (Cakes -Frostings) 25
  Zucchini Casserole (Casserole) 85
  Seafood Salad (Fish - Seafood) 153
  Sandwiches (Odds and Ends) 168
  Crunchy Vegetable Salad (Soup - Salads) 136
  Frozen Cranberry Salad (Soup - Salads) 136
Due, Leota Enchiladas (Casserole) 78
  Banana Crunch Punch (Odds and Ends) 171
Elliott, Evelyn Chicken Casserole (Casserole) 82
  Potatoes O'Brien (Casserole) 77
  Lemon Bars Deluxe (Cookies) 59
  Poem (Microwaving) 144b
Gorn Sutin, Helen Section Divider Illustration (Bread) 1a
Harrington, Amy French Bread (Bread) 7
  Date Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 39
  Play Clay (like Play dough) (Odds and Ends) 174
Hilderbrand, Ruth Everlasting Yeast (Bread) 6
  Sticky Rolls (Bread) 6
  Zucchini Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 38
  Cracked Sugar Cookies (Cookies) 65
Horton, Carol Boiled Cookies (No Bake Cookies) (Cookies) 54
  Lemon Squares & Topping (Cookies) 55
  Colden Pilaf (Main Dishes) 100
Hultin, Leola Easy Applesauce Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 29
  Apple Macaroons (Cookies) 69
  Dishpan Cookies (Cookies) 68
  Curried Chicken (Main Dishes) 101
  Monkey Meat Stew (Adapted from Tasmanian Recipe) (Main Dishes) 106
  Sue Ellen's Staff Room Delight (Pie - Dessert) 118
  Sunshine Carrots (Vegetables) 141
Johnson, Eva (Evaline) Banana-nut Muffins (Bread) 11
  Gingerbread or Cookies (Cakes -Frostings) 37
  Story behind Gingerbread or cooie recipe from about 1850 (Cakes -Frostings) 36
  Onion Quiche (Casserole) 81
  Favorite Oatmeal Cookies (Cookies) 61
  Jarman's Cmas Tree Cookies (Cookies) 67
  Mushroom Sauce (A Swede's way to do mushrooms) (Main Dishes) 106
  Soubise (Brased rice and onions) (Main Dishes) 93
  Swedish Pancakes (Main Dishes) 107
  Jackson's Joy (found on a wall in a very old home in Maine) (Odds and Ends) 169
  Quick Cabbage Salad (Soup - Salads) 137
  Potato Patties (Vegetables) 143
K., Ally 6 Week Muffins (Bread) 10
  Peppermint Mints (Candy) 50
  Carmen's "Reese Cups" (Cookies) 58
  Corned Beef Potato Salad (Soup - Salads) 129
  Beer Bread (Bread) 1
  Cake Mix Cookies (Cookies) 74
Kamph, Ruah Poem (Bread) 1b
  Prune Nut Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 22
  Sheet Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 22
  Sheet Cake Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 22
  Wacky Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 29
  Cracked Cookies (Cookies) 64
Kramer, Lillie Beer Pie Crust (Pie - Dessert) 119
Kysar, Lola Sour Dough Camp Bread (Bread) 19
  Sour Dough Starter (Bread) 19
  Zucchini Pancakes (Bread) 15
  Oatmeal Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 23
  Basque Clams and Rice (Fish - Seafood) 154
  Moussaka (Main Dishes) 94
  Paella (Main Dishes) 95
  Caramel Corn (Microwaving) 145
  Sangria Party Drink (Odds and Ends) 173
  Greek Salad (Soup - Salads) 136
  Lemon Vinagrette (Soup - Salads) 131
  Lentil Soup (Soup - Salads) 127
Ley, Dorothy Polish Pancakes (Bread) 14
  Section Divider Illustration (Jams - Jellys) 86a
  Beef and Onion Quiche (Microwaving) 148
  Bran Buttermilk Muffins (Microwaving) 146
  Bran Muffins (Microwaving) 146
  Stuffed Mushrooms (Microwaving) 147
  Sweetened Condensed Milk Microwave (Microwaving) 145
  Tuna Casserole (Microwaving) 147
Lowry, Elva Myra's Avocado Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 28
  Vegetable Relish (Vegetables) 141
Marineau, Yvonne L. Carrot Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 33
  Carrot Cake Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 33
  Mandarin Orange Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 35
  Overnight Coffee Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 39
  Overnight Coffee Cake Topping (Cakes -Frostings) 39
  Hamburger Chow Mein Casserole (Casserole) 86
  Super Nacho (Casserole) 84
  Diana's Peanut Chews (Cookies) 54
  Artichoke Dip (Odds and Ends) 166
  Chocolate Pie (Pie - Dessert) 110
Mason, Millie Lightening-Quick Nut Bread (Bread) 2
  Pork Steak Supreme (Main Dishes) 94
  Banana Pineapple Punch Base (Odds and Ends) 172
  Spinach Salad (Soup - Salads) 135
McGeorge, Alberta Norma William's La Vosh - Armenian Bread (Bread) 1
  Cookie Quickies (Cookies) 57
McKean Smith, Vicki Oatmeal Rolls (Bread) 16
  Spoon Bread - Grammy's (Bread) 5
  Cranberry Coffee Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 21
  Gateau Au Chocolate (Cakes -Frostings) 24
  Mel Gustaue's Strawberry Cordial (Cakes -Frostings) 44
  Cranberry Candy (Candy) 51
  Ruth Lennon's Cranberry Candy (Candy) 50
  Cheesecake Cookies (Cookies) 53
  Florence Davies' Crisp Molasses Cookies (Vicki's mother) (Cookies) 64
  Florence Davies' Soft Molasses Cookies (Cookies) 53
  Old Fashioned Ginger Snaps (Cookies) 55
  Crab Vermouth (Main Dishes) 105
  Easy Beef Stroganoff (Crock pot method) (Main Dishes) 105
  Spiced Cranberry - Apricot Relish (Pickles - Relishes) 124
  Crisp Topping for Fruit and Puddings (Pie - Dessert) 114
  Daring Daiquiri Pie (Pie - Dessert) 111
  Miwako Temple's Oriental Slaw (Soup - Salads) 133
Myers, Elma Jean Quick Prune Bread (Bread) 8
  Afton's Jello Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 23
  Black Bottom Cupcakes (Cakes -Frostings) 24
  Cara's Chocolate Lovers' Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 40
  Cream Cheese Mixture - for Black Bottom Cupcakes (Cakes -Frostings) 24
  Pina Colada Angel Food Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 40
  Alice's Popcorn Balls (Candy) 49
  Caramel Corn (Candy) 49
  German Nuts (Candy) 49
  Grandma's Snickerdoodles (Cookies) 62
  Great-Grandma's Sinkleys (Cookies) 61
  Crab Salad (Fish - Seafood) 154
  Barbeque Meatballs (Main Dishes) 95
  Whoopie Pudding (Pie - Dessert) 114
  Dill Dip (Soup - Salads) 134
  Knorr's Spinach Dip (Soup - Salads) 131
Nelson, Mary Date Nut Chocolate Chip Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 21
  Sour Cream Coffee Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 34
  Danish Apple Pastry Bars (Cookies) 62
  Easy Sugar Cookies (Cookies) 66
  Crab and Shrimp Hot Dish (Fish - Seafood) 157
  Shrimp Filled Croissants (Fish - Seafood) 157
  Section Divider Illustration (Helpful Hints) 174a
  Do Ahead Beef Roast (Main Dishes) 97
  Section Divider Illustration (Main Dishes) 90a
  Sweet and Sour Pork (Main Dishes) 98
  Microwave Potatoes (Microwaving) 148
  Tips for success with microwave (Microwaving) 152
  Frozen Fruit Punch (Odds and Ends) 170
  Section Divider Illustration (Odds and Ends) 162a
  Molded Corned Beef Salad (Soup - Salads) 138
  Section Divider Illustration (Vegetables) 138a
  A thought to sleep on - interesting quotes and tidbits (Candy) 44b
Olney, Lillian Zucchini Relish (Pickles - Relishes) 125
Perry, Barbara Chocolate Delight (Candy) 47
  Mustand Sauce (Odds and Ends) 164
  Chicken Casserole (Casserole) 76
  Zucchini Bake (Casserole) 83
  Section Divider Illustration (Cookies) 52a
  California Mold Salad (Soup - Salads) 135
Philpott, Ruth Applesause Loaf (Bread) 5
  Cranberry Jello Candy (Candy) 50
  Overnight Salmon Casserole (Casserole) 82
  Poem (Pie - Dessert) 108b
Pitcher, Edna No Knead Rolls (Bread) 9
  Section Divider Illustration (Candy) 44a
  Potato Casserole (Casserole) 79
  Sherried Sweet Potato Casserole (Casserole) 85
  Quince Honey (Jams - Jellys) 87
Plum, Bev Bran Muffins (Bread) 10
Pugh, Dene Easy Chocolate Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 44
  Good Cake - with pineapple (Cakes -Frostings) 32
  Night Before Coffee Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 28
  Quick Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 44
  Watergate Cake with "Cover up" Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 43
  Easy Brittle (Candy) 45
  Peanut Butter Fudge (Candy) 48
  Velveeta Cheese Fudge (Candy) 46
  Harvest Zucchini Casserole (Casserole) 76
  Super Salmon Casserole (Casserole) 81
  Zucchini Casserole Supreme (Casserole) 79
  Baby Huey Cookies (Cookies) 70
  Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pudding Cookies (Cookies) 70
  Congo Squares (Cookies) 69
  Magic Cookie Bars (Cookies) 71
  Monster Cookies (Cookies) 73
  Refrigerator Date Pinwheels (Cookies) 71
  Zucchini Brownies (Cookies) 72
  Curried Salmon Pie (Fish - Seafood) 156
  Fish or Shrimp Batter (Fish - Seafood) 154
  Lobster Newburg (Fish - Seafood) 155
  Salmon Surpreme (Fish - Seafood) 155
  Seasoned Seafood Coating (Fish - Seafood) 156
  Basic Huckleberry Sauce (Jams - Jellys) 88
  Canned Apples for Pies (Jams - Jellys) 87
  Fruit Leather (Jams - Jellys) 89
  Mincemeat (Jams - Jellys) 88
  Winter Jam (Jams - Jellys) 89
  Zucchini Squash Preserves (Jams - Jellys) 87
  Charlie Riley's Bar-B-Que Chicken (Main Dishes) 96
  Cheer Leader Shake 'n' Bake (Main Dishes) 97
  Dorothea Brown's Barbeque Chicken (Main Dishes) 100
  Lazy Day Chicken (Main Dishes) 103
  More (a Meat Dish) (Main Dishes) 98
  Peppy Skillet Eggs (Main Dishes) 91
  Short Ribs with Corn Meal Dumplings (Main Dishes) 91
  Aunt Cora's Dill Pickles (Pickles - Relishes) 123
  Beet Relish (Pickles - Relishes) 125
  Best Ever - Bread and Butter Pickles (Pickles - Relishes) 121
  Company Best Pickles (Pickles - Relishes) 124
  Good Canned Beans (Pickles - Relishes) 123
  Refrigerator Pickles (Pickles - Relishes) 122
  Zucchini Pickles (Pickles - Relishes) 121
  Chocolate Marvel Pie (Pie - Dessert) 109
  Hala Kahiki Pie (Pie - Dessert) 115
  Judy Smith's Banana Mallow Pie (Pie - Dessert) 117
  Margie Dickey's Dang Good Pie (Pie - Dessert) 115
  Raisin Pie (Pie - Dessert) 117
  Rhubard Cobbler (Pie - Dessert) 113
  Stella DePeo's Lemon Pie (Pie - Dessert) 109
  Corn Salad (Soup - Salads) 133
  Frozen Pea Salad (Soup - Salads) 132
  Marinated Zucchini (Soup - Salads) 130
  Old Dutch Cole Slaw (Soup - Salads) 132
  Broccoli Bake (Vegetables) 144
  Harvard Beets (Vegetables) 142
Rencehausen, Jo 7-Up Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 26
  Pineapple Coffee Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 41
  Story about how to preserve a husband (Cakes -Frostings) 20
  Chicken or Turkey Casserole (Casserole) 86
  A perfect Day - from Tropical Pot Pourri Cookbook (Main Dishes) 90b
  Debby's Sweet & Sour Pork (Main Dishes) 108
  Dorothea Brown's Tripple Fruit Pie (Pie - Dessert) 112
  Moslem Cocktail Pudding- from Trinidad West Indies (Pie - Dessert) 109
  Section Divider Illustration (Time Savers) 158a
Sanders, Dorothy Cheese Bread (Bread) 8
  7-Up Cake Icing (Cakes -Frostings) 27
  Caramel Corn (Candy) 46
  Rolled Round Steak (Main Dishes) 96
  4 Cup Salad (Soup - Salads) 131
Sause, Irene Tuna Noodle Crisp (Casserole) 75
  Hot Butter Rum Mix (Odds and Ends) 170
  Party Punch (Odds and Ends) 172
  Apricot Dessert (Pie - Dessert) 114
Siglin, Leona Boyer's Raised Donuts (From a Canadian Logging Camp) (Bread) 16
  Zucchini Squash Casserole (Casserole) 83
  Sour Cream Raisin Pie (Pie - Dessert) 116
  Strawberry Salad (Soup - Salads) 130
Smith, Harold Lemon Pie - Baked in Shell (Pie - Dessert) 113
Stratton, Goldie Cocoa Wonder Cake (Wonder where it went!) (Cakes -Frostings) 27
  Dark Angel Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 30
  Molasses Cookies (Diet) (Cookies) 63
  Section Divider Illustration (Microwaving) 144a
  Frozen Punch (Odds and Ends) 171
  Section Divider Illustration (Pickles - Relishes) 120a
Sturgill, J. Rich Biscuits (Bread) 12
Sullivan, Pauline Pineapple Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 31
  Gloria's Treasure Cookies (big batch for grandkids) (Cookies) 56
  Trish Brown's Favorite Bars (Cookies) 58
  Mabel Lehl's Noodles (Main Dishes) 103
  Margaret Ferris' Special Chicken (Main Dishes) 97
  Quick and Easy Dinner in a Dish (from Oregon Journal) (Main Dishes) 92
  Microwave Casserole (Microwaving) 151
Thiel, Mitzi Banana Bread (Bread) 8
  Corn Bread (sweet milk) (Bread) 7
  Grandma Thiel's Banana Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 37
  Yellow Buttermilk Cake (prize winning recipe) (Cakes -Frostings) 38
  Yellow Buttermilk Cake Creamy Nut Frosting (Cakes -Frostings) 38
  Butterscotch Sauce (for ice cream) (Candy) 45
  Section Divider Illustration (Casserole) 74a
  Ginger Snaps (Cookies) 74
  Mother, I Forgot - Cookies (Cookies) 74
  Pineapple Raisin Drops (Cookies) 73
  Toffee Nut Bars (Cookies) 72
Unknown Story about the Basques sheephearders in the United States and their bread (Bread) 18
  Orange Delight Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 25
  Apple Cookies (Cookies) 65
  Signs to Plant by [refers to signs of the zodiac as they are applied to the body] (Cookies) 52b
  Sultana Cookies (Cookies) 56
  The Divine Office of the Kitchen - or the Kitchen Prayer (Pickles - Relishes) 120b
  Red Cabbage (Vegetables) 143
  Section Divider Illustration (Pie - Dessert) 108a
Wolgamott, Susan Chocolate Cheese Cake (Cakes -Frostings) 26
  Potatoes Romanoff (Casserole) 75

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