.....Includes Heirloom Recipes from Hometowns across America

Myrtle Point, Oregon

Our Favorites

Compiled by the First Methodist Church, Myrtle Point in 1982

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Aasen, HenriettaAngel Delight Dessert (Desserts)71
 Crisp Sweet Pickle Chips (Potpourri)141
 Salmon Loaf (Main Dishes)29
Axe, MaryFruit Puddling (Desserts)76
 Rhubarb Cobbler (Desserts)76
 Self-lined Cupcakes (Desserts)86
 Super Meat Loaf (Main Dishes)33
Bartlett, MaryLemon Mist Pie (Desserts)110
Brodie, La VerneBurnt crème Custard (Desserts)73
 Cheesy Eggs (Main Dishes)60
 Chocolate Cookies (Cookies & Candies)117
 Crab, Chicken or Turkey Casserole (Main Dishes)31
 Dip (microwave) (Potpourri)147
 Fresh Spinach Salad (Salads & Soups)15
 Mandarin Orange Cake (Desserts)90
 Strawberry Pie (Desserts)106
 Zucchini Casserole (Vegetables)68
Bryant, SigneFrikadeller (Meatballs) (Main Dishes)44
Bunn, EvaChicken Loaf (Main Dishes)38
 Chicken Salad Supreme (Salads & Soups)15
 Rhubarb Delight (Desserts)73
Cook, PaulaBarbecued Spareribs (Main Dishes)41
 Beef Stroganoff (Main Dishes)45
 Elegant Strawberry Romanoff Pie (Desserts)103
 Golden Dream Cake (Desserts)90
 Lime Chiffon Dessert (Desserts)83
 Little Pigs and Potatoes (Main Dishes)54
 Monster Cookies (Cookies & Candies)119
 Perfect Tuna Casserole (Main Dishes)41
 Raw Apple Cake (Desserts)88
 San Diego Fair Salad (Salads & Soups)21
 Savory Spagetti (Main Dishes)45
 Scalloped Corn (Vegetables)66
 Tomato Aspic (Salads & Soups)21
 White Stuff (Desserts)82
 Zucchini Bread (Bread)11
Duke, JuliaApple Crisp (Desserts)80
 Chocolate Swirl Cheese Pie (Desserts)80
 Lemon Supreme Special (Desserts)83
 Moussaka (Main Dishes)42
 Pancake (Bread)6
 Pecan Chewies (Cookies & Candies)127
Evernden, GloriaAngel Cookies (Cookies & Candies)117
 Bon-Bons (Cookies & Candies)137
 Cheese Blobs (Potpourri)146
 Chocolate Pie Dessert (Desserts)71
 Clam Puffs (Main Dishes)29
 Mock Pineapple (Potpourri)143
 Powdered Sugar Cookies (Cookies & Candies)122
 Refrigerator Yeast Dough (Bread)1
Gassman, RuthellenAlmond Bark Drops (Cookies & Candies)118
 Apple Crisp (Desserts)77
 Chicken Rosé (Main Dishes)34
 Chinese Cabbage Salad (Salads & Soups)16
 Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (Cookies & Candies)118
 Easy Beef Goulash (Main Dishes)50
 Easy Stew (Main Dishes)50
 Pear Bread (Bread)10
 Pistachio Salad (Salads & Soups)26
 Rice Sidedish (Main Dishes)62
 Rich Hot Dish (Main Dishes)62
 Strawberry Salad (Salads & Soups)26
 Sweet-Sour Breasts (Main Dishes)36
 Tuna Salad / Sandwiches (Salads & Soups)27
Grant, DorothyCarrot Cookies (Cookies & Candies)122
 Cherry Oatmeal Bars (Cookies & Candies)113
 Dilly Bread (Bread)13
 Jiffy Rolls (Bread)5
 Orange Slice Candy Cookies (Cookies & Candies)113
 Pinapple Bread (Bread)12
 Pinapple-Zucchini Bread (Bread)13
 Zucchini Bread (Bread)5
Harrington, AmyCrepes (Main Dishes)59
 Eggs Piquant (Main Dishes)61
 Lasagna (Main Dishes)47
 Mexican Salad (Salads & Soups)25
 Potatoes Josephine (Vegetables)64
 Ratatouille (Vegetables)64
Huffman, DottieDump Cake (Desserts)87
 Health Bread (Bread)8
 Hollywood Hash (Main Dishes)46
 Impossible Tuna Pie (Main Dishes)30
 Seven Layer Salad (Salads & Soups)16
 Six Week Muffins (Bread)9
 Tupperware Bread (Bread)14
Hughes, SherynBaked String Beans (Vegetables)70
 Carrot Cake (Desserts)98
 Cherry Salad (Salads & Soups)23
 Curried Apple-Onion Soup (Salads & Soups)28
 Double Fudge Fanciful Cake (Desserts)94
 Five Cup Salad (Salads & Soups)23
 Fudgie Scotch Squares (Cookies & Candies)118
 Golden Raisen Buns (Bread)11
 Gram's Molasses Cookies (Cookies & Candies)125
 Hard Sauce (Desserts)101
 Herbed Onion Bread (Bread)8
 Isable's Lemon Squares (Cookies & Candies)114
 Mincemeat Bars (Cookies & Candies)125
 Mrs. Taylor's Coffee Cake (Bread)9
 Oatmeal Cake (Desserts)98
 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Cookies & Candies)114
 Panned Curried Cabbage (Vegetables)66
 Pear Cookies (Cookies & Candies)131
 Raw Cranberry Relish (Potpourri)141
 Sour Cream Raisen Pie (Desserts)108
 Strawberries (Cookies & Candies)131
 Taffy Chocolate Fudge (Cookies & Candies)134
 Tangy Punch (Potpourri)139
 Trade Winds Chicken (Main Dishes)35
 Vi's Punch (Potpourri)139
Lehmanowsky, IllmaGingerbread (Desserts)95
Lewis, LeonaBlueberry Puff (Desserts)78
 Butter Dips (Bread) (Bread)4
 Carrot Copper Pennies (Vegetables)67
 Fluffy Icing (Desserts)101
 Hot Fudge Sauce (Desserts)101
 Ideal Strawberry Preserves (Potpourri)142
 Leona's Ranch Steak (Main Dishes)44
 Lime Salad (Salads & Soups)24
 Peach-Walnut Jam (Potpourri)142
 Quick Salad (Salads & Soups)24
McClellan, MabelCabbage Cooked in Milk (Vegetables)65
 Copper Pennies (Vegetables)65
 Deluxe Sugar Cookies (Cookies & Candies)124
 Pimento Salad (Salads & Soups)17
 Pinapple Bread (Bread)14
 Red and Green Salad (Salads & Soups)24
 Rhubarb Custard Pie (Desserts)103
 Salad Dressing (Salads & Soups)17
 Sea Food Salad (Salads & Soups)17
 Tomato Preserves (Potpourri)143
Michel, AnnBest Ever Chicken Casserole (Main Dishes)34
 Lemon Pie (Desserts)105
 Lime Jello Mold (Salads & Soups)27
 Rhubarb Chiffon Pie (Desserts)105
 Salmon Loaf (Main Dishes)31
 Vegetable Pie (Vegetables)69
Mitchell, EvelynAngel Food Cake (Desserts)97
 Carrot Cake (Desserts)93
 Champagne Salad (Salads & Soups)20
 Chocolate Covered Cherries (Cookies & Candies)136
 Chocolate Icing (Desserts)97
 Coconut Cookies (Cookies & Candies)127
 Cranberry Salad (Salads & Soups)20
 Graham Cracker Pinapple Custard (Desserts)75
 Lane Cake (Desserts)92
 Microwave Granola (Cookies & Candies)132
 Nadine's Salad (Salads & Soups)25
 Oven Baked Caramel Corn (Cookies & Candies)133
 Raised Doughnuts (Bread)2
 Rocky Road Fudge Bars (Cookies & Candies)126
 The Mayor's Chocolate Cake (Desserts)96
 Yeast Rolls (Bread)2
Noben, RuthJapanese Hamburger (Main Dishes)43
Noyes, AvonaBaked Cranberry Sause (Desserts)77
 Beef Barbacue Sandwiches (Main Dishes)57
 Dottie's Baked Apples (Desserts)77
 Forgotten Dessert (Desserts)75
Palmer, Nellie90 Minute Cinnamon Rolls (Bread)3
 Angel Pie (Desserts)109
 Applesauce Cake (Desserts)87
 Date-Nut Bars (Cookies & Candies)116
 E-Z Refrigerator Rolls (Bread)6
 Karo Crazy Crunch (Cookies & Candies)134
 Lemon Lush (Desserts)74
 Mystery Pudding (Desserts)74
Parton, EarlaChocolate Brown Sugar Layer Cake (Desserts)88
 Chocolate Crinkles (Cookies & Candies)120
 Chocolate Pie (Desserts)107
 Chow Mein (Main Dishes)55
 Flamingo Dressing (Potpourri)144
 Fudge Balls (Cookies & Candies)120
 Hamburger Relish (Potpourri)144
 More (Main Dishes)52
 Orange Pie (Desserts)107
 Porker Pines (Main Dishes)55
 Yummy Chocolate Pie (Desserts)107
Perry, Mary E.Applesauce Cookies (Cookies & Candies)119
 Sliced Nut Cookies (Cookies & Candies)119
 Sweet Pickle Chips (Potpourri)140
Petersen, DormaAvocado Salad (Salads & Soups)18
 Baked Chicken and Rice (no salt) (Main Dishes)39
 Bean Salad (Salads & Soups)18
 Chicken Salad (Salads & Soups)18
 Chocolate Candy (Cookies & Candies)135
 Church Supper Rolls (Bread)4
 Cranberry Candy (Cookies & Candies)136
 Divinity (Cookies & Candies)135
 Pumpkin Chiffon Pie (Desserts)109
Roush, LalahBaked Beans (Vegetables)67
 Chicken Nut Noodle Dish (Main Dishes)40
 Green Pepper Slime (Potpourri)146
 Tater Tot Pie (Main Dishes)40
 Tomato-Zucchini Soup (Salads & Soups)28
Rylander, HazelAngel Food Pie (Desserts)110
 Orange Bow Knot Rolls (Bread)1
 Rhubarb Cream Pie (Desserts)102
Schroeder, HelenApple Crisp (Desserts)76
 Apple Pudding (Desserts)79
 Baked Bologna Jubilee (Main Dishes)56
 Banana Bread (Bread)14
 Calypso Bars (Cookies & Candies)115
 Casserole meal (Main Dishes)53
 Casserole Surprise (Main Dishes)32
 Chicken Tamale Pie (Main Dishes)37
 Chocolate Cookies (Cookies & Candies)131
 Clam Casserole (Main Dishes)30
 Cobbler or Crisp – Apple, Berry or Rhubarb (Desserts)79
 Coconut Oatmeal Drops (Cookies & Candies)124
 Coffee Sheet Cookies (Cookies & Candies)123
 Corned Beef Hash Roll (Main Dishes)53
 Dump Cake (Desserts)95
 Egg and Sausage (Main Dishes)61
 Frylets Casserole (Main Dishes)54
 Ham Loaf (Main Dishes)51
 Hamburger Rice Pie (Main Dishes)52
 Ice Box Cookies (Cookies & Candies)116
 Ice Box Pudding (Desserts)85
 Loaf of Gold (Carrot Loaf) (Vegetables)63
 Luncheon dish (Main Dishes)58
 Mandarin Green Beans (Vegetables)70
 Meat Pie (Main Dishes)46
 Mexicali Dip (Potpourri)147
 Mushroom Patties (Main Dishes)49
 Oriental Vegetables (Vegetables)63
 Pie Crust (Desserts)102
 Pumpkin Bars (Cookies & Candies)123
 Rhubarb Chiffon Pie (Desserts)102
 Rhubarb Cobbler (Desserts)81
 Salmon Loaf (Main Dishes)32
 Stuffed Franks (Main Dishes)41
 Sweet-n-sour Hamburger (Main Dishes)32
 Tangy Cubed Steaks (Main Dishes)51
 Tater Tots (Vegetables)70
 Toasted Snow Squares (Desserts)81
 Uncooked Cookies (Cookies & Candies)116
 Yum Yum Cake (Desserts)95
 Yuma Balls (Main Dishes)49
Shields, LeonaBlond Brownies (Cookies & Candies)129
Spires, KathleenChicken and Rice Casserole (Main Dishes)39
 Danish Pastry Bars (Desserts)86
 Holiday Potatoes (Vegetables)69
 Pineapple Cake (Desserts)91
 Pineapple Made from Zucchini (Desserts)91
Starr, FernPeanut Butter Pie (Desserts)112
 Tunnel of Sugarplum Cake (Desserts)99
Stauffer, MargeBroccoli Souffle (Vegetables)67
 Pickled Peach Salad (Salads & Soups)22
Storbeck, JoyceBatter Yeast Bread (Bread)7
 Bread and Butter Pickles (Potpourri)140
 Cake Frosting (Desserts)99
 Caramel Corn (Cookies & Candies)133
 Catsup Salad Dressing (Salads & Soups)19
 Chicken Spaghetti (Main Dishes)37
 Christmas Casserole Cookies (Cookies & Candies)130
 Company Sweet Pickles (Potpourri)140
 Cowboy Cookies (Cookies & Candies)121
 Cranberry Salad (Salads & Soups)19
 Easy Turkey Divan (Main Dishes)58
 Frozen Slaw (Salads & Soups)20
 Gingersnaps (Cookies & Candies)121
 Hamburger Jerky (Potpourri)145
 Layered Salad (Salads & Soups)19
 Oven Beef Stew (Main Dishes)53
 Peanut Butter Roundup Cookies (Cookies & Candies)121
 Pear Preserves (Potpourri)143
 Pecan (Walnut) Pie (Desserts)110
 Pecan Lassies (Cookies & Candies)128
 Pfeffernusse (Pepper nuts) (Cookies & Candies)130
 Pumpkin Bread (Bread)7
 Rhubard Pineapple Jam (Potpourri)142
 Scotch Oatmeal Cookies (Cookies & Candies)128
 Sour Cream Chocolate Cake (Desserts)94
 Sour Cream Sugar Cookies (Cookies & Candies)128
 Southern Gal Biscuits (Bread)7
UnknownElephant Stew (Main Dishes)43
 Superior Wedding Cake (Desserts)112
Vanlandingham, GeriBaked Beans (Main Dishes)39
Weaver, VelmaHuckleberry Pudding Cake (Desserts)78
 Non-fail Fluffy White Icing (Desserts)100
 Orange Gumdrop Cookies (Cookies & Candies)115
 Rhubard Meringue Pie (Desserts)104
 Salmon Loaf (Main Dishes)33
 Salmon Spread (Potpourri)145
Weed, RuthApplesauce Cake (Desserts)89
 Bran Muffins (Bread)12
 Casserole meal (Main Dishes)48
 Cheese Balls (Potpourri)147
 Chocolate Macaroon Cake (Desserts)89
 Cole Slaw Parfait (Salads & Soups)23
 Fruit Punch (Potpourri)139
 Graham Cracker Pie (Desserts)111
 Orange-Nut Bread (Bread)10
 Pecan Pie (Desserts)106
 Stained Glass Candy (Cookies & Candies)137
 Vinegar Pie (Desserts)111
Whitaker, FrancesCarrot Pudding (Desserts)84
 Chicken Pican Salad (Salads & Soups)22
 Chicken Salad with Pinapple (Salads & Soups)22
 Homemade Soap (Potpourri)148
 Ice Cream (Desserts)85
 Lemon Pudding (Desserts)82
 Meringue Shells (Desserts)82
 Pie Crusts (Desserts)108
 Pumpkin Pie (Desserts)108
 Raspberry Vinegar (Potpourri)141
 Red Cabbage (Vegetables)68
 Steamed Cranberry Pudding (Desserts)84
 Tamale Pie (Main Dishes)48
 Tomato Aspic (Salads & Soups)25
Winningham, WillamaeCorn Bread (Bread)6
 Yeast Waffles (Bread)3
Zinn, JessieAngel Biscuits (Bread)5
 Chicken 'n Rice (Main Dishes)38
 Cream Puffs (Desserts)72
 Creamy French Dressing (Potpourri)144
 Queen of Puddings (Desserts)72
 Three Bean Salad (Salads & Soups)24

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