.....Includes Heirloom Recipes from Hometowns across America

Myrtle Point, Oregon

Secrets from Coos County Cupboards

Compiled by the Myrtle Point Ambulance Association, circa 1980

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Abbott, Mrs. RobertOatmeal Macroons (Cookies)24
Anderson, LucyMrs. Field's Oatmeal Cookies (Cookies)30
Bothwell, Mary AnnSunbeam Angel Food Cake (Cakes)14
Bryant, JoyTaco Meat (Main Dishes)54
DanaePastry Cookies (Cookies)33
 Red Pepper Relish (Misc.)61
 Zucchini Jelly (Misc.)61
 Zucchini Pineapple (Misc.)61
 Cream Puffs (Pies)66
Di Domenico, VeraChili Con Carne (Main Dishes)48
Gates, TonieOatmeal Cake and Frosting (Cakes)11
Gaudet, JeriApple Cake (Cakes)12
 Apple Cake (Cakes)16
 Tropical Delight & Icing (Cakes)12
 Tropical Delight & Icing (Cakes)15
 Granola Bars (Cookies)30
 Peanut Butter Cookies (Cookies)29
 Peanut Butter Fingers (Cookies)29
Gibbs, VerlaJello Salad (Easy)36
Holtz, CandyDiJon Rabbit (Main Dishes)52
 Rabbit Chip Bake (Main Dishes)53
Houston, CherylNo Bake Oatmeal Cookies (Cookies)32
 Bread Stuffing (Main Dishes)58
 Shepard's Pie (Main Dishes)52
 Stuffed Baked Chicken (Main Dishes)53
Howard, KathyConfectioners Sugar Frosting (Cakes)13
 Crazy Cake & Frosting (Cakes)9
Hughes, Mrs. RonSugar Frosted Cupcakes (Cakes)13
Huntley, AmyFrozen Pops (Easy)35
Iverson, RobertaBig Bowl Cocoa Cake (Cakes)18
Jewett, GraceLemon Lush (Easy)36
 Raspberry Topper (Pies)65
Johnston, Mrs.Brown Butter Frosting (Cakes)19
 Fruit Cocktail Cake (Cakes)19
 Sour Cream Banana Bars (Cakes)19
 Parsely Pinwheel Pie Ham Bake (Main Dishes)45
 Tuna Cashew Casserole (Main Dishes)45
Liday, HelenMountain Bars (Cookies)21
 Heavenly Hash (Easy)35
 Easy Hamburger Stroganoff (Main Dishes)54
 Quick Chicken Barbecue (Main Dishes)45
 Skillet Beef Macarone (Main Dishes)53
 Zucchini Casserole (Main Dishes)52
 Five Cup Salad (Misc.)60
 Health Salad (Misc.)60
 Marinated Brussel Sprouts (Misc.)60
 Lemon Lush (Pies)67
Little, MarcyMeat Loaf with Barbacue Sauce (Main Dishes)57
Looney, PricillaHershey Brownies (Cookies)32
Martin, Mrs.Zucchini Dollar Cakes (Cakes)13
Peitz, Mary JeanSour Cream Chocolate Cake (Cakes)11
Poulson, SusanPenuche Frosting (Cakes)16
Schwarm, PeggyRefrigerator Rolls (Breads)5
 Strawberry Fluff Frosting (Cakes)9
 Chocolate Chip Cooies (Cookies)33
 Ginger Cookies (Cookies)26
Sell, PhyllisCinnamon Rolls (Breads)6
 Daffodil Cake (Cakes)10
 Clam Fritters (Main Dishes)58
Sell, SuzyMustard Sauce (Main Dishes)51
Silveus, RoseThuringer (Main Dishes)51
Sunseri, MaryCheesecake Cookies (Cookies)32
 Dutch Cookies (Cookies)23
Thomas, JanetCake Mix Cookies (Cookies)23
 Frozen Fruit (Easy)35
 Tacos (Main Dishes)54
Urquhart, MildredOrange-Raisen Cake (Cakes)13
Watts, Karen and ShawnDavy Crocketts (Cookies)28
Weekly, MarilynOatmeal Cookies (Cookies)27
Wheaton, AnitaChicken Gumbo Meatballs (Main Dishes)54
Williams, Mary JaneSpicy Chips and Dip (Main Dishes)50
Wilmot, IvyMandarin Orange Cake & Frosting (Cakes)15
(Unknown Contributor)Baking Powder Biscuits (Breads)4
 Biscuits (Breads)3
 Cheese Biscuits (Breads)3
 Cheese Crackers (Breads)4
 Cornbread (Breads)3
 Failures in Baking - Biscuits (Breads)2
 Failures in Baking - Muffins (Breads)2
 Failures in Baking - Yeast Breads (Breads)2
 Fast Sweet Dough (Breads)6
 Homemade Biscuit Mix (Breads)5
 Popovers (Breads)6
 Rich Biscuit Dough (Breads)3
 Sour Dough Bread (Breads)7
 Sour Dough Starter (Breads)7
 Whole Wheat Biscuits (Breads)4
 Zucchini Bread (Breads)6
 Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting (Cakes)17
 Chocolate Zucchini Cake (Cakes)18
 Failures in Baking - Cakes (Cakes)8
 Milk Frosting (Cakes)16
 Pumpkin-Orange Cake (Cakes)10
 Quick Lunch Box Cake (Cakes)11
 Quick-as-a-wink Chocolate Frosting (Cakes)17
 Ready to Serve Cake (Cakes)18
 Rhubarb Cake (Cakes)9
 Smooth'N Creamy Frosting (Cakes)17
 Velvet Crumb Cake (Cakes)14
 Almond Jewels (Cookies)27
 Carmel Nut Rolls (Cookies)23
 Chinese Fortune Cookies (Cookies)25
 Chocolate Peanut Cookies (Cookies)21
 Cocoa Brownies (Cookies)27
 Coconut Date Porcupines (Cookies)22
 Date Nut Balls (Cookies)31
 Fruit Blossom Cookies (Cookies)22
 Jumbo Oatmeal Chip Cookies (Cookies)26
 Lemonade Drop Cookies (Cookies)28
 Magic Window Cookies (Cookies)24
 Monster Cookies (Cookies)33
 Oatmeal Apple Drops (Cookies)25
 Snickerdoodles (Cookies)31
 Banana Splits (Easy)37
 Birthyday Surprise Jello (Easy)38
 Cherry Pie (Easy)35
 Ice Cream Party Dessert (Easy)38
 Old-Fashioned Cole Slaw (Easy)38
 Party Salad (Easy)37
 Strawberry-Chocolate Mousse (Easy)36
 Basic Medicine Supplies (Hints)41
 Food Safety (Hints)41
 Household Hints (Hints)40
 How to Control Severe Bleeding (Hints)42
 Baked Stuffed Fish (Main Dishes)58
 Barbecued Lamb Steaks (Main Dishes)47
 Barbequed Beef (Main Dishes)55
 Cabbage Joes (Main Dishes)55
 Cabbage Rolls (Main Dishes)49
 Corn Dogs (Main Dishes)51
 Crispy Fried Chicken (Main Dishes)47
 Dorman's Almond Crunch Rice (Main Dishes)46
 Fisherman's Wharf Jambalaya (Main Dishes)47
 Guacamole (Main Dishes)50
 Homecoming Hamburger (Main Dishes)51
 Jimmy Dean Nachos (Main Dishes)50
 Mushroom and Cheeseburger Dinner (Main Dishes)56
 Oven Fried-Chicken (Main Dishes)58
 Parmesan Rice (Main Dishes)46
 Rice with Zucchini (Main Dishes)46
 Sloppy Joes (Main Dishes)55
 South of the Border Dip (Main Dishes)50
 Sweet and Sour Lamb Chops (Main Dishes)56
 Tamale Pie (Main Dishes)48
 Tuna Casserole (Main Dishes)57
 Vegetable Oriental with Turkey (Main Dishes)44
 Banana Salad (Misc.)60
 Creamy French Dressing (Misc.)62
 Low-Sodium Mayonnaise (Misc.)62
 Yogurt "Mayonnaise" (Misc.)62
 Cherry Cha Cha (Pies)67
 Failures in Baking - Pies (Pies)63
 Light Tarts (Pies)64
 Peach Cobbler (Pies)66
 Peach Pie (Pies)65
 Pecan Pie (Pies)64
 Pumpkin Pie (Pies)65
 Strawberry Romanoff Pie (Pies)64

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