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Lincoln School
Coquille, Coos County, Oregon

Coquille-Lincoln School

Lincoln School, 2008

The Coquille School District is looking into having the Old Lincoln School, the boarded-up structure on CVMS property, demolished sometime this summer. The 82-year-old structure was condemned nearly ten years ago.

Yet again, the old Lincoln School, better known as the boarded up building on the middle school grounds, is staring the wrecking ball in the face. This month, the district solicited bids for demolishing the old, long condemned building. As of last Monday’s board meeting, the most promising bid comes from John Williams Construction. The $38,000 proposal covers bringing the old building down and carting away the remains. CSD Business Manager Eileen Harrington explained Williams told her he wasn’t looking for any profit in the deal, he’s just charging the bare operating costs in exchange for the building’s timbers. The bid doesn’t include filling in the 14-foot deep basement hole; this project will likely be bid out separately, Harrington said.

The demolition money won’t come from the district’s General Fund, but rather a capital projects fund created when Washington School was sold in 2005; by law, this money can only be used for building issues, such the recent CHS bleacher project and the district wide lighting upgrade. The fund has run low in recent months, but Harrington said a tax credit from the state for Coquille’s switch to efficient lighting for about $30,000 should be coming within six months.

Removal of old Lincoln is key to the District’s plans to eventually place a new district office on the old building site. While the new district office is only in the brain storming stage right now, the district hopes to create a new district office at the site when the current offices at Jefferson School are sold.

Old Lincoln was built in 1926. It was used until the late 1990s, when the then District Offices were moved from there to Washington. The building is in poor shape, and is no longer even used for storage.
Source: Coquille Community News, May 15, 2008

Update: After much discussion, it has been decided that the cost of tearing down the Lincoln School building is prohibitive. The Shutter Creek inmates were instead used to remove all items currently housed in the building. It's fate remains undecided.

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