1890 Veterans Schedules

Curry County, Oregon


Name Precinct Notes
Theophilus T. Allen Port Orford Pct Biography
Edwin Bailey Port Orford Pct
Erastus P. Ball Port Orford Pct  
Henry Barker Port Orford Pct
John Barks Ellensburg
James A. Button Port Orford Pct
Jesse W. Carey Port Orford Pct Biography
Henry R. Carver Port Orford Pct
Isaac H. Coulson Eckley, etc
John H. Coy Eckley, etc
David Drydur Ellensburg
Daniel H. Dwelbiss [Divilbiss] Port Orford Pct Biography
John Garber Port Orford Pct
Edward Good Port Orford Pct Biography
William S. Green Eckley, etc
John W. Hoover Eckley, etc
John Howey Ellensburg Biography
James S. Langlois Port Orford Pct Biography
Adaline McBride Port Orford Pct Widow
John J. McBride Port Orford Pct Deceased, Biography
John H. McElhaney Ellensburg Biography
Samuel T. Malehorn Port Orford Pct Biography
August Miller Port Orford Pct
George W. Miller Eckley, etc  
William L. C. Pehtz Port Orford Pct
Charles H. Pierce Port Orford Pct Biography
Edward Roper Port Orford Pct Biography
Alonzo B. Sabin Port Orford Pct
Peter Setelloe Ellensburg
Horace Shoemaker Port Orford Pct Deceased
Mary A. Shoemaker Port Orford Pct Widow
John H. Stephens Port Orford Pct
William R. Stewart Eckley, etc Biography
William Stewart Ellensburg
James H. Stitt Ellensburg
Johnas H. Upton Port Orford Pct
Flober Vandeswang Ellensburg
James White Ellensburg Biography
William Whitten Ellensburg Biography
Mary Wilbur Port Orford Pct Widow
William S. Wilbur Port Orford Pct Deceased
John Winslow Eckley, etc
Delos Woodruff, Judge Eckley, etc Biography

In 1840 an enumeration of living Revolutionary War veterans was included in the census. This was a list of names recorded on the back of the original printed census forms. Beginning in 1870, the enumerators asked questions regarding Civil War veterans and lists were compiled from these records. In both cases, only the name of the veteran is available.

The 1890 Census for most of the United States has been lost due to fire, but the 1890 Veterans Schedules remain. For counties like Curry County in Oregon, this is the only census information which is known to exist.

Pvt. Frank Schumann at Ft. Stevens, Oregon in May of 1918

Pvt. Frank Schumann at Ft. Stevens, Oregon in May of 1918

Roy Samuel Niles (on left) - 1896-1979 U.S. Army. Served during World War I  France

Roy Samuel Niles (on left) - 1896-1979 U.S. Army. Served during World War I France

From the W.R. Adam photograph collection Alexandria Library,

From the W.R. Adam photograph collection Alexandria Library,
Special Collections

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Remember than an index entry is only a reference to more detailed information found in census records themselves. It is important that researchers consult the actual census records to which these indexes refer.

All available census schedules, from 1790 to 1930, have been microfilmed and are available at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., at the National Archives' regional archives in twelve states, at the LDS Family History Library and LDS family history centers throughout North America, at many large libraries, and through microfilm lending companies. Some state and local agencies may have census schedules only for the state or area served.

This index is part of the Oregon Census, 1841-90 Index from Ancestry.com (fee required). The original data was compiled and digitized by Ronald V. Jackson of Accelerated Indexing Systems (AIS) from microfilmed schedules of the U.S. Federal Decennial Census, territorial/state censuses, and/or census substitutes.


Microfilm copies at National Archives
National Archives, East Point, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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