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Obituary & Death Notices - Ek

Name Publication Date Source
Ek, Clarence
Monday, January 20, 1941
Eugene Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Car's Plunge Drowns Driver

Walton Worker Dies In Creek Near Noti

Clarence Otto Ek, 33, sawmill worker at Walton, was drowned when his car plunged into Poodle creek, a mile west of Noti, some time Saturday night.  His body was recovered when the car was taken out of the creek Sunday afternoon.

It is believed that the car went into the creek about 10:30 o'clock.  Persons living nearby heard a crash about that time.  The next morning two small boys, Duane Simpson and Charles Kull, saw the top of a car beneath the surface of the water.  They told their parents and an investigation followed.  Carrol Lankins of Noti dived into the creek and reported that a body of a man could be seen in the car.  State police and the sheriff's office were called.  Sheriff Swarts took a wrecker out Sunday afternoon and dragged the car out of the water.  State police officers and the coroner were also on the scene.

The submerged car was headed west and it is believed that Mr. Ek was on his way home from Eugene or Noti when the accident occurred.  The car went off the grade of the road by the side of the bridge, the officers offering the explanation that the fog was so heavy the driver was unable to see he bridge.

Mr. Ek was born August 8, 1906, in Preston, Wash.  He is survived by a brother, Jack W. Ek; a sister, Helen Ek; two nieces, Patricia and Joan Ek, all of Eugene.  He was unmarried.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. from the Poole chapel, Rev. Harold Scott officiating.
Ek,  William
Monday, November 12, 1928
Eugene Guard (Eugene, OR)
Insane Killer Murders One, Shoots Self

Woman Painfully Injured By Pistol Shots of Enraged Ex-husband

His mind temporarily deranged from months of brooding over attentions paid his divorced wife by another man, James Wyland, 63, early Sunday shot and fatally wounded William Ek, 49, seriously wounded Mrs. Wyland, and then committed suicide by shooting himself twice.

The shooting occurred early Sunday at Pengra, 10 miles east of here.  The victims were brought to Eugene.  Wyland and Ek died a few hours later.

Mrs. Wyland was wounded in the leg but her condition was considered serious.

According to witnesses, Wyland went to a cookhouse where his divorced wife was employed and found Ek eating at a table. A few words were exchanged between the two men and then Wyland drew a revolver and fired at Ek, wounding him in the shoulder.

He then went into the kitchen and shot Mrs. Wyland.  He walked through the dining room to the front porch and turned the gun upon himself, firing two bullets into his abdomen.

Residents told Sheriff Frank Taylor of Eugene that Wyland had been brooding over his troubles with his wife for several months and that he held Ek responsible for the difficulties which led to the divorce.
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