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Pensioners on the Rolls
as of January 1, 1883


 Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for Which Pensioned, the Post-Office Address, and the Date of Original Allowance, United States Pension Bureau Senate

Volume IV, Washington.
Government Printing Office, 1883 

On 8 Dec 1882, the US Senate passed a resolution to enumerate, by town, county, and state, all individuals receiving a pension. This list is taken from that document. It is used today as a major genealogical source for Civil War and the War of 1812 pensioners. Pensioners in this transcribed version of the original document are listed by county, post office and alphabetically by name.

Pension List
Linn County, Oregon


of pensioner

Post Office

Cause for which pensioned

rate (USD $)

Date of

where resided

196467 Beebe, James O. Albany injury to spine 4 Oct 1881 Linn
120142 Brown, Mary Albany widow 8 Oct 1868 Linn
204109 Howard, Amos H. Albany gun shot wound, right cheek, right arm 8 Mar 1882 Linn
28183 Jones, John Albany wound, both hands 12 May 1864 Linn
167459 May, James H. Albany arrow wound, head 12 May 1880 Linn
195582 Phillips, William N. Albany chronic diarrhea 8.5 Sep 1881 Linn
114320 Ramsey, Moria Albany dependant mother 8 Jun 1868 Linn
147535 Voss, Christian Albany gun shot wound, left shoulder 2 Aug 1877 Linn
12050 Wadsworth, Francis M. Albany wound in back 16 Jun 1862 Linn
21232 Bright, Rebecca Brownsville widow 1812 8 Mar 1879 Linn
197704 Chance, Henry H. Brownsville gun shot wound, right hand 6 Nov 1881 Linn
90757 Fonst, Louisa Brownsville widow 20 Dec 1873 Linn
16065 Hyde, Julius Fay Brownsville dislocation, right hip joint 12 Jan 1874 Linn
41337 Ricks, John W. Brownsville gun shot wound, left thigh 3 Apr 1865 Linn
1403 Dwyer, Charles Halsey injury to abdomen (Navy) 4 May 1870 Linn
173712 Diffenbacker, Fredrick Harrisburgh varicose veins 8 Sep 1880 Linn
203562 Sherrill, William H. Harrisburgh chronic diarrhea, part deaf, dis. Throat 4 Feb 1882 Linn
193657 Barrickman, Robert E. Lebanon diseased eyes 4 Jul 1881 Linn
108158 Crason, George W. Lebanon loss left arm above elbow 24 Sep 1874 Linn
7262 Duncan, Sarah Lebanon widow 1812 8 Jul 1878 Linn
210743 Hand, Crandell Lebanon diseased lungs 8 Jun 1882 Linn
120278 Hawken, Samuel Lebanon gun shot wound, left hip, thigh 8 Dec 1872 Linn
149247 Johnson, Major Lebanon total blindness 72 Dec 1877 Linn
101822 Long, Isaac H. Lebanon disease of bladder and kidneys 4 Jan 1870 Linn
130606 Ross, George Lebanon gun shot wound, right hip 6 Jun 1878 Linn
96282 Saltmarsh, Isaac Lebanon gun shot wound, lower jaw, left shoulder 6 Mar 1869 Linn
119728 White, Edward T. Lebanon gun shot wound, right arm 14 Nov 1870 Linn
50658 Acheson, Nancey Oakville dependant mother 8 Jul 1865 Linn
222107 Kyniston, John T. Peoria slight deafness both ears 2 Dec 1882 Linn
18742 Belyen, William Scio survivor 1812 8 Apr 1872 Linn
142307 Vanderpool, George W. Sodaville chronic diarrhea 8 Jan 1878 Linn


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