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1852 Emigrants

1852 Emigrants on the Oregon Trail, composed by Leah Menafee. This listing of emigrants was donated by Richard Milligan, to whom we are most grateful. Typed January-March, 2000, by Janine Bork and Jan Phillips.

NOTE: These pages are posted "AS IS" and will not be edited to correct spelling, dates, or add any other data on the families listed here. This is not an interactive project, and we cannot add your name and email address to denote which families you are researching nor which families you might be related to.


SDOP = Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers entries, membership list 1965
PR = ?
Ind. Ro. = "Independence Rock," Robert Spurrier Ellison, Ye Galleon Press, 1975

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FAIRCHILD, Hyman, DLC #562 Jackson Co., born 1832 Essex Co., NY
FAIRCHILD, Joel, DLC #3936 Washington Co., born 1826 NC
FAIRCHILD, Sarah, wife of Joel, marr. 19 July 1849 MO

FANNING, Elias E., DLC #2380 Linn Co., born 1829 Morgan Co., IL
FANNING, J., 11 June 1852, Ind. Ro
FANNING, Levi, DLC #1683 Linn Co., born 1809-10 Wythe Co., VA

FARLEY, Robert, DLC #2365 Yamhill Co., born 1818 Sumner Co., TN
FARLEY, Lydia, wife of Robert, marr. 22 Dec 1847 Ray Co., MO

FARLOW, Hiram, DLC #781 Linn Co., born 1822 IN
FARLOW, Lucinda E., wife of Hiram, marr. 14 Sept 1845 IL

FARRELL, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth, born 1822 VA, died 1 Mar 1917 Portland, OR

FARRENS, Samuel P., DLC #3840 Marion Co., born 1825 MO. Wife died 2 June 1852 on Little Blue River, two children

FAULKNER, Thomas I., DLC #2079 Linn Co., born 1807 Delaware Co., NY
FAULKNER, Mary, wife of Thomas I., marr. 27 Mar 1845 Champagne Co., OH

FAWK, James, DLC #1884 Polk Co., born 1816 England
FAWK, Elizabeth, wife of James, marr. 5 June/July 1838 England

FEELING, George, DLC #3410 Washington Co., born 1803 Ireland
FEELING, Mary Maria, wife of George, marr. 25 Dec 1851 DeKalb Co., IL

FELDEWERT, Nicholas, DLC #1339 Lane Co., born 1826 Germany

FERGUSON, Albert, from VA [SDOP]
FERGUSON, Margaret (Wetzel), from VA [SDOP]
FERGUSON, Alexander, DLC #1156 Douglas Co., born 1812 Warren Co., NY

FERRILL, George W., DLC #527 Washington Co

FERRY, Charles, DLC #3464 Linn Co., born 1805 Breckenridge Co., KY
FERRY, Ellen, wife of Charles, marr. 31 Mar-1 Apr 1845-47 IA

FIELDS, Ambrose, from KY [SDOP]
FIELDS, Belle, born on plains, died 26 Nov 1929, marr. __ Reardon
FIELDS, Nelson, son of N. Fields of Andrew Co., MO, died on plains
FIELDS, William, DLC #1620 Linn Co., born 1829 Ray Co., MO

FILKINS, Renshaw, DLC #4357 Lane Co. (rej.), born 1834 NY

FINCH, Nancy, of Jackson Co., MO, died on plains

FINLEY, Annie E., born 1849 MO, died 7 May 1925, Dallas, OR, marr. __ Embree

FINDLAY, Mrs. Sarah Jane, born 1842 MO, died Aug 1925 Beaverton, OR

FIREBAUGH, Michael, DLC #2169 Benton Co., born 1808 MD
FIREBAUGH, Rebecca, wife of Michael, marr. 12 Sept 1838-39 Vermillion Co., IL

FISCHER, Frederick, DLC #3929 Yamhill Co., born 1823 Germany
FISCHER, Fredericka, wife of Frederick, marr. 22 Nov 1847-49 St. Louis, MO

FISHER, James N., died 15 Feb 1915
FISHER, Rebecca
FISHER, Stephen, DLC #1790 Marion Co., born 1811 Jefferson Co., VA
FISHER, Susannah, wife of Stephen, marr. 21 Mar 1847 Van Buren Co., IA

FISK, James H., died 1907
FISK, Willis, from OH [SDOP]
FISK, Ester Tripp, from OH [SDOP]

FISKE, Nathan W., DLC #1023 Jackson Co., born 1821 OH
FISKE, Esther, wife of Nathan, marr. 18 Feb 1841 Ogle Co., IL

FITCH, Thomas, DLC #1506 Multnomah Co., born 1833 OH

FITZGERALD, Mrs. Susan, died 15 April 1924 Portland, OR

FITZGERRILL, Alfred, DLC #4798 Marion Co., born 1820 NC
FITZGERRILL, Rachel, wife of Alfred, marr. 10 Oct 1850 IA

FITZMORRIS, Michael, DLC #4821 Polk Co., born 1826 Ireland

FLANAGAN, Patrick, from Ireland via San Francisco, CA [SDOP]

FLEENER, Samuel, DLC #746 Linn Co., born 1815 VA

FLEMING, Henry, from IA [SDOP]
FLEMING, Nancy Jones O'Conner, from IA [SDOP]

FLEISCHNER, Jacob, from Germany

FLETCHER, Charlotte, born 1848 OH, died 3 Nov 1926 Portland, OR, marr. __ Gibbons
FLETCHER, Wellington, DLC #515 Yamhill Co., born 16 Aug 1832 Canada

FLINN, John, from Ireland via ME [SDOP]
FLINN, Mary Royal, from Ireland via ME [SDOP]

FLUNER, Jesse, from Madison Co., IA, died on plains
FLUNER, Rachel, of Madison Co., IA, died on plains

FOGLE, George, DLC #806 Linn Co., born 1826 Stark Co., OH

FOISY, Augustine, DLC #534 Douglas Co., born 1814 Quebec

FOLEY, Abram N., DLC #894 Coos Co., born 1796 VA
FOLEY, Bersheba, wife of Abram, marr. 8 Aug 1815 VA

FOLLIS, Allen H., DLC #5061 Linn Co., born 1812 Maury Co., TN
FOLLIS, Susannah, wife of Allen H., marr. 14 Oct 1845-47 Cedar Co., MO

FOLSOM, John E., DLC #3719


FORD, Daniel, DLC #376 Yamhill Co., born 1827 MO
FORD, Felix H., DLC #4365 Yamhill Co., born 1827 Wayne Co., KY
FORD, Robert
FORD, Robison, DLC #6658 Washington Co. (rej.), born TN

FORGEY, George W., born 1840 IN, died April 1924, Albany, OR
FORGEY, John, DLC #4384 Linn Co., born 13 Sept 1818 Scott Co., VA
FORGEY, Margaret Matilda, wife of John, marr. 22 June 1843-44 IN
FORGEY, Mrs. Martha A., born 1848, died 5 May 1923, Albany, OR

FOREN, William, DLC #1368 Linn Co., born 1831 TN

FOSTER, George, born 1843 Canada, died 23 Jan 1925 Kelso, WA
FOSTER, James W., DLC #4934 Clackamas Co., born 1829 ME
FOSTER, John W., DLC #7655 Polk Co., born 1825 NY City, NY
FOSTER, Spencer C., DLC #3204 Polk Co., born 1826 Ontario Co., NY
FOSTER, Thomas, of Allegany, MD, died on plains 1852

FOUNTAIN, Mathew, DLC #1305 Linn Co., born 1814 Christian Co., KY
FOUNTAIN, Sarah (Hicks), wife of Matthew, marr. 5 July 1836 Boone Co., MO

FOUTS, John, born 1839 MO
FOUTS, Larkin, DLC #3285 Yamhill Co., born 1810 NC
FOUTS, Jane, wife of Larkin, marr. 5 Aug 1849-50, Polk Co., IA

FOWLER, George M., DLC #5197 Benton Co., born 1824 MO
FOWLER, Philena, wife of George M., born 4 May 1848 Ray Co., MO

FOX, Ephraim, DLC #672 Linn Co., born 1822 Knox Co., KY
FOX, Louisa Frances, wife of Ephraim, marr. 17 Sept 1846 Macon Co., MO
FOX, J. B., died 16 Aug 1915

FRAKES, William, born 1826, died 9 Sept 1920, Pendleton, OR

FRANKLIN, Benjamin, DLC #3369 Polk Co., born 1819 Warren Co., OH
FRANKLIN, Susannah, wife of Benjamin, marr. April 1846 Mahaska Co., IA
FRANKLIN, Celeste, died 6 Oct 1940, aged 93, marr. __ Emmett
FRANKLIN, William B., DLC #2990 Washington Co., born 1831 OH

FRANTZ, Susannah, born 1811 Germany, marr. John April 1835 Germany. He died on plains 1852

FRAZER, Milton, DLC #1674 Multnomah Co., born 1831 KY
FRAZER, Georgina, wife of Milton, marr. 12 July 1849 Rockcastle Co., KY

FREDERICKS, Sarah, of Pike Co., IL, died on plains 1852

~~~FREED, Martha, died 24 Dec 1929, aged 86 years, marr. __ Hawley

~~~FREEL, Amos, from IA [SDOP]
~~~FREEL, Elizabeth, from IA [SDOP]

~~~ More information added June 27, 2001 on Freels here: freel.html 

FREEMAN, Walter, DLC #3371 Washington Co., born 1801 PA
FREEMAN, Rachel, wife of Walter, marr. March 1846 Cedar Co., IA

FRENCH, John H., DLC #434 Douglas Co., born 1831 Calloway Co., MO
FRENCH, Samantha Ann, died 5 Aug 1941

FRIEBERT, Mrs. Rosannah, died 11 Dec 1914

FRIZZELL, G. Lafayette, born 1851 MO, died 6 Dec 1926 McCoy, OR
FRIZZELL, Jason Porter, born 1848 MO, died 4 Mar 1917, Salem, OR
FRIZZELL, William, born 1840 MO, died 23 Aug 1924 Cascade Locks, OR

FROMAN, Isaac R., DLC #2080 Linn Co., born 1830 IL
FROMAN, Eliza Jane, wife of Isaac, marr. 23 Mar 1851 Vermillion Co., IL

FRONK, John W., DLC #4915 Linn Co., born 1819 OH

FROST, George T., DLC #3633 Linn Co., born 1828 NC

FRUM, Elijah, born 1847 IL, died 6 Oct 1926 Arlington, OR

FRYER, Alexander L., DLC #8072 Washington Co. (rej.), born 1829 KY, died 9 Oct 1918 Yamhill Co
FRYER, Abel P., DLC #1039 Umpqua Co., born 1826-27 Cayuga Co., NY
FRYER, William W., DLC #4564 Washington Co., born 1797 Prince William Co., VA
FRYER, Sarah, wife of William W., marr. 11 Mar 1822 Green Co., KY. Children: John L., James M., Alexander L., Flories J., Hetty F., Elvira Ann, Sarah M

FULBRIGHT, William, DLC #5179 Marion Co., born 1823 MO

GABRIEL, William J., DLC #1919 Lane Co., born 1819 Cooper Co., MO
GABRIEL, Rebecca, wife of William J., marr. 19 Sept 1850 MO

GAGE, John Pike, died 20 Oct 1915

GAINES, Willis, DLC #702 Linn Co., born 1810 Madison Co., KY
GAINES, Louisa, wife of Willis, marr. 27 Dec. 1831 MO

GALBREATH, Samuel, DLC #5183 Washington Co., born 1814 Perry Co., PA
GALBREATH, Sarah, wife of Samuel, marr. 1849 Van Buren Co., IA

GALLAGHER, Mrs. Ruth (Stout), died 12 Oct 1915

GALLOWAY, Charles, DLC #4695 Polk Co., born 1798 Hampshire Co., VA, died 30 Sept 1884
GALLOWAY, Mary (Heeney), wife of Charles, marr. 5 Dec 1830 IA Co., WI, she died two weeks later

GATTON, William, born 1831, died 25 Mar 1924, Portland, OR

GANYARD, Peter, DLC #441 Josephine Co., born 1829-30 NY
GANYARD, Levina Corbus, wife of Peter, marr. 1851 Hillsdale Co., MI

GARD, Timothy, DLC #1402 Clackamas Co., born 1802 Washington Co., OH
GARD, Mahala Mozer, wife of Timothy, marr. 15 Jan 1829 Calhoun Co., IL
GARD, Mrs. Kate, died 18 April 1916

GARLETS, Josiah, DLC #3898 Clackamas Co., born 1825 PA
GARLETS, Mary H., wife of Josiah, marr. 25 Feb 1845-46 Lexington, MO

GARLICK, William, DLC #2440 Washington Co., born 1827 England
GARLICK, Caroline, wife of William, marr. 4 Sept 1850 Whiteside Co., IL

GAROUTTE, Mrs. Sophia Jane, died 13 Mar 1916

GARRETT, James, DLC #645 Linn Co., born 1822 Howard Co., MO
GARRETT, Frances M. (Welch), wife of James, marr. 27 Apr 1852 Chariton Co., MO
GARRETT, Richard, DLC #4192 Linn Co. (rej.), born 1833 MO
GARRETT, Thomas, DLC #4936 Clackamas Co., born 1831 Chariton Co., MO
GARRETT, Pamelia Ann, wife of Thomas, marr. 1850-51

GARRISON, Ephraim, DLC #3273 Benton Co., born 1799 Cayuga Co., NY
GARRISON, Mrs. Mary E., died 1909-10
GARRISON, William M., DLC #4111 Benton Co., born 1829 OH

GATES, William Harvey, born 1839 OH, died Spray, OR 26 Apr 1925

GATTON, William, born 1831, died 25 March 1924, Portland, OR
GATTON, William, from IA [SDOP]
GATTON, Nancy, from IA [SDOP]

GAULT, D. Mc., died 19 April 1912
GAULT, John, DLC #4322 Washington Co., born 1814 Windham Co., VT
GAULT, Lucy, wife of John, marr. 22 Oct 1840 WI
GAULT, John W., born 1844 MO, died 11 March 1908, Spokane, WA
GAULT, Pembroke, DLC #1375 Washington Co., born 1817 Windham Co., VT
GAULT, Elizabeth, wife of Pembroke, marr. 10 Apr 1842 David Co., IA

GAYLORD, Sarah Stout [SDOP]

GEARHART, William, DLC #1057 Lane Co., born 1819 Boone Co., MO
GEARHART, Matilda (Benson), wife of William, marr. 18 Feb 1841 Howard Co., MO

GEARIN, John, DLC #2058 Marion Co., born 1812 Ireland
GEARIN, Ellen, wife of John, marr. 4 Oct 1848 Ft. Wayne Co., IN

GEARY, Edward R., DLC #2034 Yamhill Co., born 1812 Washington Co., MD
GEARY, Nancy M., wife of Edward R., marr. 1841 Coshocton Co., OH
GEARY, Martha, born 1840, died 10 Nov 1924, Portland, OR, marr. __ Perham


GIBBS, Mary (Watkins), died 24 Nov 1915
GIBBS, Mrs. W. S., died 16 March 1912

GIBBINS, William A., DLC #4110 (rej.) Linn Co., born 1830 Washington Co., KY

GIBBONS, Mrs. Charlotte (Fletcher), born 1848 OH, died 6 Dec 1926

GIBSON, Almira, died 5 Oct 1930, age 85, marr. __ Starbuck
GIBSON, George G., DLC #3497 Polk Co., born 1806 TN
GIBSON, Mary B., wife of George G., marr. 3 Nov 1835 Lincoln Co., MO
GIBSON, John, DLC #1150 Jackson Co., born 1826 NY
GIBSON, Mrs. Sarah (Crow), born 1836 WI, died 30 Dec 1926, Merlin, OR

GILBERT, Samuel, DLC #4507 Benton Co. (rej.), born 1804 KY

GILBREATH, James C., DLC #4133 Columbia Co., born 1829 AR
GILBREATH, Sarah A., wife of James C., marr. 3 Aug 1849 AR

GILBRETH, Joseph, DLC #1530 Yamhill Co., born 1827 McMinn Co., TN, died 4 Jan 1853
GILBRETH, Jemima, wife of Joseph, died 29 Nov/Dec 1849 McMinn Co., TN

GILE, Matilda Creelin, Isle of Man, with Henry Smith Gile, ME, 1851

GILES, Daniel, born 1836 PA, died 3 July 1918


GILFREY, Mrs. D. C., Jr
GILFREY, Henry H., born 1843 IL, died 8 Feb 1925, Washington, D.C
GILFREY, John T., born 1818 Philadelphia, PA

~~~ GILLESPEE, Jacob, born 1809 TN

~~~Information from Jan Gillespie July 9, 2001: The list of people included two of my husband's ancestors.  Unfortunately, their surname is misspelled.  Jacob and Marcellus Gillespie are listed as "Gillespee."


GILHAM, Abe, died on plains
GILHAM, Newton D., DLC #3916 Clackamas Co., born 1811 Madison Co., IL
GILHAM, Marecy (sic), wife of Newton D., marr. 11 Sept 1845 Green Co., IL
GILHAM, (Akin diary)

GILLALAND, Nancy, from PA [SDOP]

GILLAM, Corbin, DLC #131 Douglas Co., born 1798 MD

GILLAM, Thomas J., DLC #536 Douglas Co., born 1834 PA

GILLIAM, Charles, DLC #3788 Clackamas Co., died 19 Oct 1852
GILLIAM, Mary, born about 1802 NC, she got DLC
GILLIAM, Jasper, DLC #5114 Clackamas Co., born 1831 IL
GILLIAM, Rosa Ann E., wife of Jasper, marr. Sept 1851 IL
GILLIAM, William, DLC #3787 Clackamas Co., born 1829 NC

GILLILAND, John M., DLC #6142 Clackamas Co., born 1802 PA
GILLILAND, John W., DLC #4082 Linn Co., born 1819 KY
GILLILAND, Mrs. Mary, died 27 Mar 1913

GILMORE, Robert, born 1850 IL, died 1925
GILMORE, Thomas, DLC #874 Douglas Co., born 1830 Clay Co., MO
GILMORE, Nancy A., wife of Thomas, marr. 22 Dec 1851 Andrew Co., MO

GILSON, Harriet, died 29 Mar 1940, age 92, marr. __ Caples

GILSTRAP, Isaac, DLC #4425 Polk Co., born 1830 IN

GISH, J. C., 14 June 1852, Ind. Ro

GIST, William, DLC #7077 Lane Co. (rej.), born 1828 Morgan Co., MO

GITHENS, William E., born 1849, died 14 Jan 1925 Albany, OR

GLAZE, Reuben, DLC #5069 Polk Co., born 1822 TN
GLAZE, Cynthia Shelton, wife of Reuben, marr. 15 Aug 1842-43 Andrew Co., MO

GLEASON, Elizabeth J., died 20 Oct 1920 age 86y

GLEN, John G., DLC #2308 Yamhill Co., born 1821 Columbia Co., OH

GLENN, George G., DLC #2434 Yamhill Co., born 1828 OH

GLISAN, Mrs. Elizabeth R. Couch, born 1842 MA, died 25 Oct 1926, Portland, OR

GREER, Henry R., DLC #2415 Linn Co., born 1797 NY

GODARD, Lewis A., died 14 June 1915

GOLDEN, John, from IN [SDOP]

GOLTRA, Mrs. Sarah Denny, born 1836 OH, died 15 Sept 1916, Albany, OR

GOODEL, Abel, of Knox Co., IL, died on plains

GOODMAN, Charles W., died 6 Nov 1915
GOODMAN, James H., DLC #1478 Linn Co., born 1825 Barren Co., KY, died 1906
GOODMAN, Mary, wife of James H., marr. 29 Aug 1843 MO (Locker)
GOODMAN, John B., DLC #1579 RB Benton Co., born 15 March 1834, died 7 May 1927
GOODMAN, W. R., born 1848 MO, died 7 March 1917, Brownsville, OR

GOODPASTURE, Alexander, DLC #2039 Linn Co. (DLC RB #1989 Lane Co), born 1823 Overton Co., TN, died 1862
GOODPASTURE, Elizabeth Jane (Moss or Brattain), wife of Alexander, marr. 1844 Morgan Co., IL

GOODRICH, Mrs. Sarah (Barnes), born 1836 PA, died 3 June 1925, Dayton, OR

GOODWIN, Edward C., DLC #1225 Lane Co., born 1825-26 TN
GOODWIN, Nancy Ann, wife of Edward C., marr. 17 March 1847 Buchanan Co., MO

GORDON, Patrick, DLC #1978 Lane Co., born 1820 Chesterfield Co., VA
GORDON, Isabel, wife of Patrick, marr. 5 July 1850 Clay Co., MO

GORE, Emerson, DLC #164 Jackson Co., born 1824 Windsor Co., VT
GORE, Mary E., wife of Emerson, marr. 30 Sept 1849 IA
GORE, James, DLC #4935 Linn Co., born 1813 Clark Co., IN
GORE, Henrietta B., wife of James, marr. 1839-43 Des Moines Co., IA

GOSA, Levi Brazil, born 1848 LA, died 18 July 1922
GOSA, Samuel T., DLC #3548 Washington Co., born 1815 KY

GOSSETTE, Abraham, DLC #4312 Marion Co., born 1798 TN

GOULD, Jeremiah, DLC #2327 Linn Co. (rej.), born 1797 MA
GOULD, John B., DLC #3839 Clackamas Co., born 1806 OH
GOULD, Margaret, wife of John B., marr. 11 Dec 1842 Vanderburgh Co., IN

GRADON, Israel, DLC #4983 Multnomah Co., born 1821 OH
GRADON, Isabella, wife of Israel, marr. Feb 1850 IN

GRAHAM, John, DLC #4025 Washington Co., born 1830 PA
GRAHAM, Robert, DLC #3416 Clackamas Co., born 1809 Pike Co., OH
GRAHAM, Minerva B., wife of Robert, marr. 14 Sept 1830 Pike Co., OH
GRAHAM, Thomas, DLC #2004 Lane Co., born 1825-27 MO
GRAHAM, Sarah Ann (Finch), wife of Thomas, marr. 2 Sept 1848-50 MO
GRAHAM, William, DLC #3389 Benton Co., born 1818 OH
GRAHAM, Harriet, wife of William, marr 4-20 April 1840-42 OH

GRANT, Mrs. Josephine, born 1835 MO, died 20 Nov 1919 Falls City, OR
GRANT, Richard J., DLC #2886 Polk Co., born 1825 Lafayette Co., MO
GRANT, Sarah Jane (Williams), wife of Richard J., marr. 16-17 May 1846 Davies Co., MO

GRANTHAM, J. M., 11 June 1852, Ind. Ro

GRAVES, George A
GRAVES, James, DLC #4645 Benton Co. (rej.), born 1830 Gallia Co., OH, died 12 Oct 1918

GRAY, Caleb, DLC #811 Linn Co., born 1819 Clark Co., IN
GRAY, Jane T., wife of Caleb, marr. 5 May 1850 IL
GRAY, David Baxter, died 8 May 1916
GRAY, George W., died 27 April 1916
GRAY, James, born KY, widower with Smiths, McCoys, McConklin, McElroy, and Rev. James Worth
GRAY, James, DLC #1539 Linn Co., born 1797 KY
GRAY, Mrs. Susan (Mearns), born 1844, died 29 Oct 1926 Portland, OR

GREENWOOD, John, DLC #2113 Yamhill Co., born 1804 England
GREENWOOD, Mary Jane, wife of John, marr. 17 April 1851 Louise Co., IA
GREENWOOD, William L., DLC #1363 Lane Co., born 1825 Meade Co., KY
GREENWOOD, Martha J. (Walton), wife of William L., marr. 3 June 1847 Warren Co., IL

GREER, George H., born 1836 Newburg, PA
GREER, Mrs. Mary Hamble, born 1828 OH, died Feb 1921 Greenburg, OR

GREGG, Levi A., DLC #3644 Yamhill Co., born 1824 Sangamon Co., IL
GREGG, Samuel B., DLC #2051 Linn Co., born 1830 Warren Co., PA
GREGG, William R

GRIER, J. S., 17 June 1852, Ind. Ro
GRIER, John, DLC #4980 Clackamas Co., born 1819 Scotland
GRIER, Ann, wife of John, marr. Dec 1839 Scotland

GREVE, Nancy Conway, from IN [SDOP]

GRIFFITH, Amos, Jr., DLC #4600 Washington Co., born 1823 KY
GRIFFITH, Maria T., born 1846 MO
GRIFFITH, John W., DLC #4599 Polk Co., born 1795 VA
GRIFFITH, Mrs. Rebecca, died 26 June 1915

GRIM, Jacob, DLC #4372 Clackamas Co., born 1808 VA
GRIM, Jane, wife of Jacob, marr. 1832 OH

GRINER, Henry, DLC #4480 Yamhill Co., born 1825 PA
GRINER, Phebe Jane, wife of Henry, marr. 1848 MI

GROOM, Arson A., DLC #4196 Washington Co., born June 1820-23 NJ

GROSS, Catherine May (Lemaster), died 19 Dec 1914

GROVES, Obijah, DLC #1499 Clackamas Co. (rej.), born 1827 IN

GRUBB, Sam., DLC #6, Jackson Co., born 1815 Brooke Co., VA
GRUBB, Elizabeth (Bell), wife of Samuel, marr. 23 April 1840 IA

GRUBBS, Francis H., DLC #4061 Benton Co., born 1834 PA

GUBSER, Joseph, DLC #2370 Washington Co., born 1806 Switzerland
GUBSER, Johanna, wife of Joseph, marr. 20 Aug 1831 Switzerland

GUERIN, Georgia (sic), from NY [SDOP]
GUERIN, Drusilla Morgan, from VA [SDOP]
GUERIN, james F., DLC #4589 Marion Co., born 1828 NJ

GUILEY, George W., DLC #2034 Lane Co., born 1830-31 Pike Co., MO

GULLIFORD, Mrs. Emma C. (Allen), born 1842 IL, died 25 Dec 1921, Halsey, OR
GULLIFORD, J. A., born 1834 IL
GULLIFORD, Mrs. J. A., born 1850 MO
GULLIFORD, Jasper N., born 1845 IL, died 5 June 1920 Eugene
GULLIFORD, William, marr. Eliza Shoup/Myrtle Montgomery (9); children: John L., Jacob A., William, Eliza, Tom (9)

GUSTIN, ?Alex., DLC #4442 Washington Co., born 1832 KY

GUTHRIE, Martha Miller, from IL [SDOP]
GUTHRIE, David, from MO [SDOP]

GWINN, Norman, DLC 3523 Marion Co., born 1819 Greenbrier Co., VA

GWYNN, Rev. Rhys, born 1834 Wales, died 3 Feb 1917, Puyallup, WA

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