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1852 Emigrants

1852 Emigrants on the Oregon Trail, composed by Leah Menafee. This listing of emigrants was donated by Richard Milligan, to whom we are most grateful. Typed January-March, 2000, by Janine Bork and Jan Phillips.

NOTE: These pages are posted "AS IS" and will not be edited to correct spelling, dates, or add any other data on the families listed here. This is not an interactive project, and we cannot add your name and email address to denote which families you are researching nor which families you might be related to.


SDOP = Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers entries, membership list 1965
PR = ?
Ind. Ro. = "Independence Rock," Robert Spurrier Ellison, Ye Galleon Press, 1975

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NESSLEY, Jacob G., DLC#2847, Columbia Co., 1812 Va.
NESSLEY, Mary, marr. to Jacob G. 1829, Ohio

NEWELL, John, (Akin diary)

NEWHILL, Jesse S. d. 4 Jul 1913, Ore.

NEWINGHAM, Absalom, d. 1 Jun 1852. Died on plains (Callison diary)

NEWMAN, Francis A., DLC#1539, Clackamas Co., b. 1828, Ohio
NEWMAN, James S., b. Ohio, to Ind. Died on Platte in 1852. With him were sons Richard and Thomas. Wife was dead.
NEWMAN, Thos., Ind. [SDOP]
NEWMAN, Anna Roddey, Ind. [SDOP]
NEWMAN, Thos Brantley, b. 15 April 1814
NEWMAN, Thomas, DLC#4923, Lance Co. b. 1831 Washington Co., Ind. (rejected)

NEWTON, Mrs. Ursula (Freel), b. 1848 Iowa, d. Feb 1917 Molson, WA

NICHOLS, Henry B., DLC#1480, Benton Co. v. 1825, Ohio
NICHOLS, James, (Akin Diary)
NICHOLS, John, DLC#1513, Linn Co., b. 1831 Vermillion Co., Ind.
NICHOLS, Joseph, DLC#4507, Clackamas Co. b. 1806 Georgia or Tenn.
NICHOLS, Mrs. Rachel Emily, b. 1833, Ill. d. 12 Jan 1923
NICHOLS, Thos. E. b. 1847. d. 10 Sep 1926, Eagle Point

NICHOLSON, James, (Akin Diary)

NIDAY, Hiram, DLC#1479, Josephine Co., b. 1822 Ohio. D. 1855
NIDAY, Caroline. Wife of Hiram. Married 4 Mar 1847, Mahaska Co., Iowa

NIDER, Elizabeth Jane, of Polk Co. MO., died on plains

NIXON, Andrew, DLC#1285, Marion Co., b. 1827, Jefferson Co., Ohio
NIXON, Joseph, DLC#2892, Linn Co., b. 1824 Hampshire Co. Va.

NOBBETT, Sarah, of Ray Co. MO. Died on plains 1852

NOBLETT, C/W. B. 1822, Va.

NOBLE, Curtis, DLC#1826, Coos Co., b. 1793, N.Y. D. 1857
NOBLE, Margaret Ann, marr. Curtis 10 Jan 1841, Mississippi Co., Ark. Children: Eliz., Wm. H., Lyman, John M.

NOEL, Stephen, b. 1808, Sciota Co., Ohio

NOLAND, James S., DLC# 1719, Douglas Co., 1815, Ky.
NOLAND, Sarah, marr. 1836, MO

NORRIS, Daniel, DLC#507, Lane c., b. 1824, Cochocton Co., Ohio
NORRIS, Elizabeth

NORTHRUP, Thos. E., DLC#3342, Washington Co., b. 1822, Oswego Co., N.Y.

NORTON, B.F., 16 Jun 1852, Ind Ro.
NORTON, Henry, of Pike Co., Ill. Died on plains 1852
NORTON, Thos H., DLC#5063, Marion Co., b. 1824/5 Vermont. Married Emeline 26 Nov 1846, Pike Co., Ill.

NYE, Charles H., DLC#3702, Linn Co., b. Mar 1830 Mass.
NYE, Mrs. Henryetta, b. 1843, Iowa., d. 19 Dec 1926, Sweet Home
NYE, Nathan B., b. 1831, Mich. D. 3 Mar 1923, Gold Hill

NUNNELY, John R., DLC#3844, Yamhill Co., b. 1832 Tenn.

O'BRIEN, John, DLC# 725, Jackson Co., b. 1826, Galway, Ireland

ODELL, W.H., b. 1830, Ind., d. 15 Mar 1922, Portland

ODEN, Jacob N., DLC# 575, Douglas Co., b. 1800 Madison Co., Ky.
ODEN, Wm. G., DLC# 4584, Marion (rejected). B. 1826 Warren Co., MO

OGG, James, DLC# 3994, Yamhill Co., b. 1818, Orange Co. Va.

OGLE, James A., DLC# 918, Douglas Co., b. 1810, Clark Co. Ky.
OGLE, Ann, marr. James 6 Mar 1834, Morgan Co., Ill.
OGLE, Joseph, DLC# 1593, Lane c., b. 1805, Grainger Co., Tenn.
OGLE, Rebecca (Agee), marr. Joseph 26 Feb 1829, Bledsoe Co., Tenn.

OGLESBY, Mary Armstrong, Ill. with Roscoe C. Oglesby, 1858 [SDOP]
OGLESBY, Samuel, DLC# 1154, Clackamas Co., b. 1812, St. Clair Co., Ill.
OGLESBY, Nancy A., marr. Samuel 5 Sept 1839, Pike Co., Ill. d. Sept 1853

OHMSTEAD, John, DLC# 674, Douglas Co., b. 1814, Otsego, Co., N.Y.
OHMSTEAD, Elizabeth, marr. John 27 Feb 1837, Adams Co., Ill.

O'KELLY, Benjamin G., DLC# 1526, Lane c., b. 1816 E. Rhea Co., Tenn.
O'KELLY, Joseph B., DLC# 1316, Lane Co., b. 1827 Tenn.
O'KELLY, Matilda (Nuckiber), marr. Joseph, Newton Co., MO.

OLDS, Darwin G., DLC# 4763, Washington Co., b. 1824, Hanover Co., Ohio
OLDS, Evaline M. Eaton, marr. Darwin G. 2 April 1849, Mich.
OLDS, Frank Martin, born on the plains 1852. d. 5 Apr 1931
OLDS George, DLC# 3441, Washington Co., b. 1827, Ohio
OLDS, Sarah, marr. George, 1851 Mich.
OLDS Nancy, b. 1834 Michi. D. 17 Jun 1917, McMinneveille. Married. H.S. Jacobs
OLDS, Ruben P., DLC# 730, Josephine Co., b. 1819, Ohio. (rejected)
OLDS, Miss Virginia, b. 1835 , d. 17 Mar 1926

OLIVER, Wayne, DLC# 1014, Jackson Co. b. 1813, Tenn.

OLLIVANT, Thos., DLC# 623, Douglas Co., b. 1814, England

OLSON, Andrew, DLC#2575, Linn Co. (rejected), b. 1828 Sweden

ORCHARD, Pleasant?, DLC# 1855, Polk Co., b. 1831/32, Adams Co., Ill.
ORCHARD, Mrs. Solpha A., d. 1 Oct 1915

ORR, Mr.
ORR, Daniel, DLC# 4698, Yamhill Co., b. 1821 Vermont. Married Felancy 1844 N.Y.

OSBORN, Willis, DLC# 4432, Marion Co., b. 1825 Campbell Co., Ky.

OSBORNE, Samuel P., DLC#2825, Yamhill Co., b. 1810, Ind.
OSBORNE, Jane B., Married Samuel June 1831, Tazewell Co., Ill.

OSBURN, Silas, b. Ind., 1833

OSTRANDER, Mary A. b. 1841, MO., Married ____ Roe, d. 6 Feb 1924, Forest Grove

OTIS, Daniel, DLC# 3981, Marion Co. b. 1821 Vermon. Married Philancy, 29 Dec 1843, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. (Rejected). See ORR

OVERMAN, G.J. and wife
OVERMAN, George M., DLC# 1714, Linn Co., b. 1826, Hardy Co., Va.
OVERMAN, Amanda M., DLC# 29, July 1846, Davis Co., MO.
OVERMAN, child. D. 18 Aug. Grande Ronde (Morris diary)

OWEN, Mrs. Millie A., b. 1851, d. 6 Nov 1918
OWEN, Mitchell M., DLC# 2990, Clackamas Co., b. 1820 Tenn. D. 9 Jan 1915
OWEN, Sarah Jane, marr. Mitchell 7 Mar 1850, Macoupin Co., Ill.

OZMENT, George, DLC# 1909, Douglas Co., b. 1817 Madison Co., Alabama
OZMENT, Louisa, marr. George 1 May 1852, Iowa
OZMENT, George W., DLC# 4283, Benton Co., (rejected). B. 1832 N.C.

PAINE, Charles H., DLC# 2046, Linn Co., b. 1828, Ohio
PAINE, Sophia, marr. Charles H. 20 April 1848, Ill.

PAINTER, Robert, DLC# 1926, Douglas Co., b. 1796 Va., d. 1855
PAINTER, Robert Jr., DLC#1045, Umpqua, b. 1831, Ohio
PAINTER, Thos. B., DLC# 1925, Douglas Co., b. 1833, Mich. D. 1855

PARISH, Wm. H., DLC#6850, Linn Co., b. 1833, Ky.

PALMATEER, Charles Wesley, b. 1850 Mich. D. 22 Jan 1926
PALMATEER, Garret, DLC#4991, Clackamas Co., b. 1806, Canada
PALMATEER, Sibbell, marr. Garret 15 Jan 1829, NY.
PALMATEER, George W., DLC# 5017, Clackamas Co., b. 1829, N.Y.
PALMATEER, Nancy, Married George, 1848/49 Mich.
PALMATEER, James Daniel, b. 1847, d. 28 July 1926, Oregon City
PALMATEER, John W., DLC#1737, Clackamas Co., b. 1831, N.Y.
PALMATEER, Richard G., b. 1844, Canada, d. 18 Dec 1921, Estacada
PALMATEER, Mrs. Sarah. 1843, Ill. d. 29 July 1918, Garfield
PALMATEER, Seth M., DLC# 4275, Clackamas Co., b. 1833, N.Y.

PALMER, Blackford M., DLC#3698, Washington Co., b. 1840, Jefferson Co., Ind.


PARKER, Allen, DLC# 2416, Linn Co., b. 1826 Pike Co., Ohio

PARKER H. b. 1823/25 Vermont. D. 5 July 1917, Astoria
PARKER, Hollon, b. 1832, N.Y.
PARKER, James, DLC#2142, Marion Co. b. 1812/14 Claidonia Co., Vermont
PARKER, Joseph P., DLE#1105, Jackson, b. 28 Oct 1815, Mass.
PARKER, Sarah (Craft), Married Joseph 15 May 1845, Nauvoo, Ill.
PARKER, Moses, DLC#2466, Linn Co., b. 1830, Ohio
PARKER, Patterson C., DLC# 162, Umpqua Co., b. 1802, Humphrey Co., Tenn
PARKER, Y., of Des Moines Co., Iowa. Died on plains 1852


PARMENTER, George Jerome, d. 4 Feb 1915

PARRISH, Catherine, DLC# 4557, Linn Co., b. 1802, Kent Co., Del.
PARRISH, Evan P. marr. Catherine. D. 14 June 1852 on Oregon Trail
PARRISH, Jesse B., DLC# 3920, Marion Co., b. 1819 Va.
PARRISH, Delilah/Deliah, marr. Jesse B. 5 Oct 1842, Morgan Co., Ohio
PARRISH, L.M. - See Lange p. 480

PARROTT, James, d. 14 Apr 1931, aged 80 years.

PARSONS, Mrs. Mary (Collins), (b. 1829, Ohio?) b. 1837 - d. (24 Dec 1916, Portland?) d. 26 Jan 1917, Molalla

PARTIN, John, d. 22 Jun 1931

PARTON, John , DLC# 790, Lane Co., b. 1818, Howard Co., MO.
PARTON, Rachel (Hargraves), marr. John 20 Jun 1841, Putnam Co., MO.

PARTLOW, Wm., d. 1905

PASLEY, Moses, DLC#99, Josephine Co., b. 1826 Tenn.

PATE, J.W., b. 1831, Jefferson Co., Ill.

PATTEN, Wm. H., DLC# 2731, Linn Co., b. 1812, Beaver Co. Pa.

PATTERSON, Andrew W., M.D., DLC# 2810, Lane Co., b. 1814, Pa.
PATTERSON, F.A., b. 1835, Ill. d. 22 Dec 1926, Independence, Ore.
PATTERSON, Harriet, marr. ___ Hill. D. 1 May 1931, aged 91.
PATTERSON, Norman, DLC# 784, Josephine Co., b. 1830, Vermillion Co., Ill.

PATTON, Alex, DLC# 3512, Washington Co., b. 1806, Ohio
PATTON, Sarah, marr. Alex 1828, Ohio
PAQUET, Francois H., DLC# 1471, Clackamas Co., marr. Mary Louise 12 Jan 1836, St. Louis, MO. b. 1811, Canada.
PAQUET, Joseph, b. 1841, MO. d. 30 Sep 1924, Portland.
PAQUET, Lous, b. 1845, MO., d. 24 Dec 1920, Portland.

PATTY, Wm. R., DLC#5062, Yamhill Co., b. 1817, Blount Co., Tenn.
PATTY, Martha Jane, marr. William R. 1829, Roane Co., Tenn.

PAULSELL, Jeremiah, d. 31 May 1916

PAXTON, Andrew B., DLC# 397, Linn Co., b. 1833, Ind.

PAYNE, Champion F. (?), DLC#1252, Linn Co. b. 1831 Chariton Co., MO. d. Ashland
PAYNE, Elizabeth, marr. Champion April 1852, Chariton Co. MO.
PAYNE, Wm., DLC# 793, Lane Co., b. 1831 Tenn.

PEARCE, A. 5/15 Jun 1852, Ind R.

PEARCE, John, DLC# 749, Douglas Co., b. 1830, Somersetshire, England
PEARCE, S.O. June 5/15 Jun 1852, Ind Ro
PEARCE, Washington, DLC# 20, Jackson. B. 1829, Richland Co., Ohio

PEARL, James, DLC# 1762, Linn Co., Married 1.) Elizabeth Berry 1846, Holt Co., Mo., 2.) Elizabeth Wiseman. D., b. 1807, Ohio
PEARL, John, DLC#1584, Linn Co., b. 1833, Knox Co., Ohio
PEARL, Joseph, DLC# 1833, Linn Co., b. 1829, Ohio
PEARL, Sarah, marr. Joseph Aug 1847, Andrew Co., MO.

PEARSON, David C. b. 1848 Ky., d. 24 Nov 1816, Mulino, Ore
PEARSON, George W., DLC@ 482, Douglas Co., b. 1808, Cecil Co., Maryland.
PEARSON, Wm., DLC#4516, Benton Co., b. 1820, Union Co., Ind.
PEARSON, Frances F., marr. William 18 Feb 1840, Union Co., Ind.

PEASE, Levant, d. 15 Mar 1913
PEASE, Sylvester, DLC#634, Jackson Co., b. 1829, Windsor Co., Vermont

PEEL, Gilbert, DLC# 6164, Linn Co., b. 1833, Ohio

PELTON, Edward V., DLC# 79, Jackson Co., b. 1829, Saline Co., Ark

PENINGER, John, DLC# 2139, Jackson Co., b. 1816 Pendleton Co., Va. D. 1855.

PENLAND, George J., DLC#1364, Lane Co., b. 1833, Green Co., Ohio

PENTLAND, Anna, marr. ___ Brooks, d. 12 Sept 1911

PERKINS, James H., DLC#1635, Lane Co., b. 1831, Tazewell Co., Vermont.
PERKINS, Elizabeth (Moody), marr. James 29 Apr 1850, Madison Co., Iowa
PERKINS, Mrs., died east of Cascades in Barlow.
PERKINS, Joel B., DLC# 2179, Benton, marr. Margaret, April 1838/40/ Ill. b. 1810, Warren Co., Ky.
PERKINS, John B., DLC# 3958, Marion Co., b. 1832, MO.
PERKINS, Joseph, DLC# 1355, Lane Co., b. 1806, Ohio
PERKINS, Richard, wife was Elizabeth East from KY 1843. b. England
PERKINS, Mrs. Sarah, d. 1905
PERKINS, Thos. J., DLC# 4904, Benton Co., b. 1831, Harden Co., Tenn.
PERKINS, Zopher, DLC# 3981, Columbia Co., b. 1808, Ohio
PERKINS, Sarah, marr. Zopher 16 Oct 1851 Iowa. D. 1855

PERRY, Robert, DLC# 2442, Yamhill Co., b. 1806, England
PERRY, Martha, marr. Robert Oct 1832, Bristol, England
PERRY, Wm. Thos. DLC# 174, Douglas Co., b. 1811, Windsor Co., Vermont
PERRY, Harriet, marr. William Thos., 17 April 1844, Putnam Co., Ill.

PETERSON, Mrs. Pauline, b. 1839, MO. d. 20 Jun 1925, Pilot Rock, Ore.

PHELPS, A.O. from Wisconsin. B. 1828, Mich., Wife Julia A. b. NY 1837

PHILLIPS, James R., DLC# 756, Lane Co., b. Fauquier Co., Va.
PHILLIPS, James S., DLC# 2050, Lane Co., b. 1825, Ky.
PHILIPS, Nancy Ann, marr. James S. 11 Nov 1847, MO.
PHILLIPS, John, from MO. [SDOP]
PHILLIPS, John D., DLC# 4722, Benton Co., b. 1829/30, Ky.
PHILLIPS, P. from Ill., b. 1825, Germany
PHILLIPS, Mary, marr. ___ Brown, d. 29 Aug 1931, aged 80 years.
PHILLIPS, Thos J., b. 1827, d. 19 Jun 1922, Milwaukee, Ore
PHILLIPS, Thos J., DLC# 4446, Washington Co., b. 1826, Ky.
PHILLIPS, Wm. P., DLC# 5236, Linn Co., b. 1827, Bedford Co., Tenn

PHIPPS, Albert, of Iowa, died on plains 1852.
PHIPPS, Joseph, DLC# 4872, Linn Co., b. 1812 Grayson, Co., Va.
PHIPPS, Nancy, marr. Joseph, 5 Dec 1833, Knox Co., Ky.

PHILPOT, Monroe, b. 1848., d. Oct 1924, Harrisburg, Ore.

PLANT, Charles, DLC# 2961, Marion Co., b. 1784, Canada

PLATTER, Abraham, DLC# 302, Josephine Co., b. 1830, Miami Co., Ohio

PLYMALE, Gabriel, DLC# 834, Jackson Co., d. 8 Nov 1852
PLYMALE, Mary Ann, marr. Gabriel 18 Oct 1828, Cabell Co., West Va.
PLYMALE, Sebastian, b. 1828, Ill., d. 6 May 1920, Portland

PIERCE, Lewis M., DLC# 63, Douglas Co., b. 1814, Ohio
PIERCE, Casandra, marr. Lewis 11 May 1837, Ind
PIERCE, Philetus G., b. 1801 Pa., d. 1855, Ore.
PIERCE, Mary Ann, marr. Philetus 7 Oct 1832, Sangamon Co., Ill.
PIERCE, Samuel A., DLC# 4135, Linn Co., Married Emily J. Turnage, b. 1831,32, Ray Co.,

PICKENS, Samuel, DLC# 4036, Linn Co., b. 1817, Meigs Co., Ohio
PICKENS, Prudence, marr. Samuel 1 Jan 1830/31, Meigs Co., Ohio
PICKENS, Wm. M., DLC# 5128, Linn Co., b. 1826, Meigs Co., Ohio
PICKENS, Sarah, marr. Wm 19 April 1846, Meigs Co., Ohio

PIERCE, Franklin, DLC# 1756, Clackamas Co., b. 1820 Maryland
PIERCE, Matilda, marr. Franklin 1841, Ill.
PIERCE, John F., DLC# 3538, Washington Co., b. 1831, Mass.

PINKLETON, Mr., his daughter Rebecca marr. secondly Dr. H.H. Fisher

PINNEY, James A., b. 1837, d. 4 Feb 1914

PITMAN, Jacob, DLC# 452, Umpqua Co., b. 1831, Monroe Co., Ohio.

PITNEY, John B., b. 1829
PITNEY, Elizabeth (Wayland). Children: Joel A. b. 20 Oct 1843, Howard Co., MO

PIXLEY, Hiram, DLC# 5025, Lane Co., b. 1823, Monroe Co., N.Y.

PLYMALE, Sebastian, b. 1838, Ill. d. 6 May 1920, Portland

POINDEXTER, Bennet W., DLC# 1966? Lane Co., b. 1825, Ky.
POINDEXTER, Elizabeth, of Carrol Co., MO. Died on plains 1852.
POINDEXTER, Dr. H., DLC# 1659, Lane Co., b. 1818 Ky.
POINDEXTER, Elizabeth, marr. Dr. H. 16 May 1845, Ray Co., MO

POMEROY, Henrietta (Blish), Married Calvin Pomeroy from Ill., in 1842. Came from MO.
POMEROY, Lyman W., DLC# 4946, Linn Co., b. 21 Apr 1833, Vermont.

POND, Mrs. O.F., b. 1833, d. 5 Sep 1922, Santa Cruz, Calif.

POOLER, Lewis C., DLC# 4858, Marion Co., b. 1831/32, N.Y.

POPE, Mrs. George W. b. 1839, Ind. D. 30 July 1921, Bandon Ore.
POPE, Thos A., b. 1842, N.Y., d. 22Nov 1924
POPE, Capt. Wm. H., d. 9 May 1915

PORTER, David P., DLC# 4642, Linn Co., b. 1827, Ohio
PORTER, Mrs. Emily b. 1836, Ireland, d. 9 Nov 1918
PORTER, Josiah, b. 1851, Mo., d. 4 Dec 1926, Cottage Grove, Ore.

POST, John D., DLC # 326, Josephine Co., b. 1816, N.Y.

POWELL, train passed at Salmon Falls of Snake ( S. diary)
POWELL, Mrs. A.D., b. 1815, d. 27 Jun 1913
POWELL, A.H., d. 13 Mar 1915
POWELL, Elias, DLC# 2381, Linn Co., b. 1823, Claiborne Co., Tenn.
POWELL, Rebecca, marr. Elias Jan 1848, Jackson Co., MO.
POWELL, Elizabeth Jane, marr. ___ Bland, b. 1846, d. 4 Jun 1925, Lebanon, Ore
POWELL, Emily York, MO. [SDOP]
POWELL, Henry Clay, b. 1840, Ill. d. 10 Oct 1923, Albany, Ore.
POWELL, Joab and Ann Beeler, MO, [SDOP]
POWELL, Anna, (Beeler), marr. Joab 1818, Claiborne Co., Tenn.
POWELL, John, DLC# 2383, Linn Co., Married Emily 15 Mar 1838, MO. b. 1818, Tenn.
POWELL, John P. DLC# 5003, Multnomah Co., b. 1822, Gates Co. N.Y.
POWELL, Edeline, marr. John P. 1 April 1847, MO.
POWELL, Martha Milliron, MO. With John from MO, 1847 - S & D
POWELL, Peter, DLC# 4400, Linn Co., b. 1822, Tenn.
POWELL, Nancy, marr. Peter 7 Oct 1843, Jackson Co., MO.

PROPST, Henry Taylor, d. 20 Dec 1929, aged 80 years.
PROPST, John W., d. 12 Apr 1933, 96 years
PROPST, Mary E. Married ___ McKechnie. b. 1841., d.. 27 Apr 1924 Carlton, Ore

PROSCH, Mrs. Thos. D. 30 Mar 1915

PROUSE, Mary Jane of Johnson Co., MO. Died on plains 1852

PUGH, J.W. b. MO 1847
PUGH, Mrs. Monterey, 90th birthday 6 Dec 1936

PULLEN, Albert, B. 1848, D. 29 Apr 1925, Portland, Ore
PULLEN, Andrew, DLC# 3715, Clackamas, b. 1820, Botetourt Co., Va.,
PULLEN, Andrew, Ill [SDOP]
PULLEN, Jane Hill, Iowa, [SDOP]
PULLEN, Martha Jane (Reynolds), marr. Andrew Pullen 22 Jan 1843, Rock Island Co., Ill.
PULLEN, Andrew and Martha, Ill. [SDOP].

PURDUE, John DLC# 3580, Douglas Co., b. 1820, Giles Co. Va. (refused). Got DLC# 497 Douglas Co.
PURDUE, Frances, marr. John 15 Jan 1844, Mercer Co., Va.

PURDY, Henry, D.C# 744, Douglas Co., b. 1823, Clinton Co., N.Y.
PURDY, Elizabeth, marr. Henry 28 Dec 1849, Putnam Co., Ind.
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