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1853 Emigrants

Immigration Roster, Umatilla Agency
This list taken at Umatilla Agency by Thomas Williams, acting Indian Agent, was copied and alphabetized by Shirley Warner Larsen, descendant of the Warner and Stewart families who chose to take the new Elliott Cut-Off or Free Immigrant Road, from the Malheur River to the Willamette Valley in 1853, instead of remaining on the main Oregon Trail.
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July 25, 1853

Anderson, ls ld
Ashby, G.
Ballne, J.
Barns, J., w
Barneburg, F.
Barneburg, Wm., w
Benjamin, H., w
Bethel, J., w
Bissle, G.
Black, J.
Briton, H.J.
Brown, Miss
Ceton, A.
Clark, S., w, 2s, 2d
Clark, W., w
Clouse, P.
Coffin, w, 3s, 4d
Cruzar, A.G., w, ls, 2d
Currell, W.
Dillord, S., w, 2s, 2d
Drewry, D.
Earl, J.
Easton, Mrs. C., ld
Edes, E.J.
Elder, Mary
Fields, O.
Fink, J.F.
Goodale, J.
Green, G.
Hamilton, J.
Hancock, J.
Hendershort, S.
Holt, J.
Hunt, B.T., w, ls, 5d
Jewett, J.M.
Lane, J.J., w, 3s, ld
Lane, M., w, 3d
Laughlin, T.G.
Lenk, J.T., w, 2s, ld
Long, H.
Manuel, J., 3s., 3d
McCulloch, A. & O.
Nash, J.
Orr, J., w, 4s
Penny, Mrs., 1d
Perkins, E.T., w, 3s, 3d
Perry, J., w, 3s, 2d
Promode, E.M., w
Reed, w, 2s, 1d
Reed, J., w, 1d
Reed, Thoe, w, 1s
Rice, A.E. & E.H.
Riggers, C.S., w, 2s, 2d
Root, W.P.
Sampson, E.A.
Scott, J., w
Shurk, J.J., w, 3d
Stocer, C.
Speer, S.
Taylor, Miss
Throp, J.
West, C.B.
Wilson, A.H.
Wilson, S.
Witt, Geo.
Wood, G.W.
Wood, G., w, 1d

2 names unknown
18 names unknown

July 29, 1853

Bird, S.
Buoy, L., w, 5s, 1d
Cornett, Wm. M.
Whitney, Wm. M., w, 2s, 1d

August 3, 1853

Adams, E., w
Arnold, Mrs., 1d
Barney, J. North
Beam, M.
Blum, Wm.
Bradz, A., 1d
Brook, A.
Brook, W.W., w, 2s, 4d
Buoz, H., w
Camage, B.
Campton, J., w, 1d
Chever, O.
Clayhose, W.S., w, 1d
Collins, T.H.
Coms, N.
Cooley, G. & B.
Crabb, J.K., w, 1s
Crabb, Joseph, w, 3s
Crane, A.
Crazard, J., w, 2s, 3d
Dunn, B.
Downing, J.
Dreckey, H.C.
Edger, A.J.
Ford, W.
Garvis, G.
Gaylord, O., w, 2d
Goard, T.
Grimes, E., w
Grubb, E.M.
Harris, J.
Henson, A., w
Johnson, W.M., w
Jones, A.L.
Leek, G.
Linville, J.
Locken, A., w, ls,3d
Loftus, E., w, 1d
Love, F.
McCarty, J.
McDowel, E.
McKenzie, J.C.
Mitchell, J.
Neil, G.
Newhall, H.
Paterson, W.
Patterson, M., w, 2s, ld
Phillips, Wm.
Ramond, Mrs., 3s, 3d
Randolph, J.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, P.
Roberts, A.A.
Roof, W. & G.
Root, W.F.
Roymord, D.
Shaddock, C., w
Smith, D.
Sortell, H., w
Sortell, J., w, ld
Sortell, O.
Stout, E., w, ls, 3d
Strode, R.J.
Sumpter, A., w, Bd
Swartz, A., w
Taylor, J.
Thorp, Mrs., ls
White, W., w
Whitney, Jane
Wilkins, J.
Wistendale, J.
Wood, E., w, 3s, 3d
Wood, R.
Zuke, A.
Zumott, B.

August 7, 1853

Alison, W.H.
Bolman, M.
Bradle, R.
Branan, P.
Bowls, D.
Brown, H.
Campbell, J.
Cline, L.
Deerdoff, J., w, 3s, 1d
Deerdoff, W., w
Draper, B., w, 1s, 4d
Edgerson, J.
Fane, W.
Hogue, J ., w, 2s, 5d
Howfir, H.B., w, 4s, 1d
Isham, J., w
James, W., w
Jones, S.W.R., w, 7s, 3d
Junior, E.
King, J.
Maloney, T.
McCoy, T.
McFarlin, J.
Moss, W.
Myers, J., w
Norton, J.
Quinn, T.
Ream, D.
Robert, R.
Robinson, J.
Saterfield, G., w
Saterfield, J., w, 1d
Sears, C., w, 2s
Sears, J.
Spidel, J.
Taber, M.
Toner, G.
Tracy, B.
Tracy, G. & E.
Workman, D., w, 1d
Wright, Mr., Mr., and Miss

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