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April 2016

Obituaries added: John Williams, Matilda Backensto

News articles added: Looney removed (1889); Stewart reelected, Faun baptized, Abundant game (1890)

Births added: Hulse daughter (1890)

March, 31 2016

Obituaries added: John Strauser, Blanche Strauser, Walter Wright

Marriages added: Johnston-Shier (1921)

News articles added: Two wicked women, Shot by a Nightwatchman (1890)

November, 2015

Divorces added: Ridinger, Trask, Averill, Evans (1957)

Marriages added: Roberts-Ridinger (1958)

October 18, 2015

Obituaries added: Farley Pearce, William Looney, Unknown Suttle, Mabel Walden, Alva Cartwright, John Cartwright,

News articles added: Administrator notice (1850); Indicted (1913); Called home (1923); Harrisburg personals (1925), Ridinger home (1952);

Marriages added: Riche-Hunt (1851); Walden-Cartwright (1920)

Births added: Cartwright son (1904)

Biographies added: Hugh George, Enoch Hoult, James Kesling

Military news: Ridinger operation (1953)

July 22, 2015

Obituaries added: Mary Kime, Theodore Ripperton, Albert Cline, Eliza Hogue, Cordelia Ridecout, Amanda McGee, Hughes children, Melissa Hamilton, Unknown Gosner, Eliza Lewis, Elmer Kees, Elmer Kees Jr., Martha Claypole, Catherine Lister, David Lilly, David Hester, Unknown Pomeroy, William Russell, William McPherson, Morgan Jones, Jonathan Brittan, Henry Ruport, Lewis Clever

Marriages added: Dinwiddie-Henderson, Phillips-Suttlemiers, Atkinson-Schwatka, Glass-Blain (1858); Simpson-Nanny, More-Wilson, Belts-Watson, Foster-Frowman, Haines-Blain, Blount-Baltimore, Purdy-Thompson, Danforth-Baker, Tuttle-Long, Mulky-Sirus, Reede-Parrish, McFarland-Sprenger, George-Beach, Stafford-Poll, Slater-James, Barton-McIllree, Kizer-Wiggle, Lewis-Layton, Briggs-Wilson, Coyle-Summers, McAllister-Frieland, Strow-Slate, Mendenhall-Parrish, For-Young, Munkers-Ireland, Barker-Lake, Phillips-Nanna, Miller-Hollandback, Simmons-Moss, Nye-Settie, Yates-Crabtree (1859); Marks-Wilson (1864); Finlayson-Underwood (1865)

News articles added: Soda springs (1858); Captured, Killing, Silver mines (1859); Eagle Woolen Mills, Wagon road open (1865)

July 1, 2015

Obituaries added: William Reuter, Robert Kizer, Benjamin Cleaver, Robert Johns, Elizabeth McCartney, Mariah Long, Cynthia Evans, Gertrude Miller, Nina Schick

Marriages added: Butler-Unknown (1856); Bond-Pearl (1892); Rodgers-Courtney (1848)

News articles added: Miss Whitney resigned, Skipworth ill, Heffron taken (1892); The present council (1851); Harrisburg news (1925)

Military news: Enlisting (1944)

Births added: Balkovic son, Wright daughter (1925)

April 12, 2015

Marriages added: Belshaw-Hoult (1884)

News articles added: Finlayson murder (1884); Moving to Eugene (1896)

Obituaries added: May Woodbury, William Hunter, Ethel Murphy, John Stevens, Charles Pearch, George Gardiner, Sarah Cleek, James Robnett

Births added: Holt son (1896)

December 20, 2014

Obituaries added: William Huitt, John Curtis, Julius Van Winkle, Lulu Shepherd, John Smith, Thomas Boggs, Myrna Dandurand, Virgil Dandurand

Marriages added: Diver-Williams, McGee-McFarland (1877); Derrick-Ralston (1878); Kechum-Peterson (1851); Malden-Doidge (1923)

News articles added: Fields killed (1878); In Jail (1879)

Biography added: W. R. Bilyeu

September 30, 2014

Obituaries added: Hamon Shelton, BiIlly Goodman, Anna Walton, Tyler Troyer, George Byers, Viola Vignery, Eileen Richard, John Richard

Births added: Riggs twins (1930)

Marriages added: LaPorte-Sperling (1930)

July 22, 2014

Obituaries added: William Manis, Del Pitzer, Bonde Vonsild, Charles Sprenger, Louis Churchill, David Bond, Irene Walburn, Louise Keen, Henry Ingram, J. H. Stine, E. L. Elliott, Aron Hunter, Luellan Williams, J. M. McConnell, J. F. Waters, William McMeeking, William Uttinger, John Hackleman, Janet Finlayson, Sarah Lakin, Isaac Swearingen, James Duncan, Charles Erickson, Violet Snook

Military added: WWII Army Honor Roll (dead)

News articles added: Special court (1868); Island trap, 700 lb hog, 67 marriage licenses (1869); Stine murder (1891); Thompson insane, Grand jury, Finlayson murder, Barger birthday (1883)

Biographies added: John Worth, Robert Irvine, William Risley, L. L. Swan, Thomas Stites, John Whitney,

Marriages added: Hawley-Miller (1891); Horn-Barger, Busey-Hyde (1883)

Cemeteries added:  Fox Valley

December 23, 2013

Obituaries added: Oliver Nye, Irena Warmouth, Frank Peterson, Ben Poindexter, William Lamson, A. L. Stinson, Winthorp Hill, Charles Taylor

News articles: Steamer smashed, Titusville, Improper conduct, Griswold attempted suicide, Disgraceful women, Brown illness, Sherill award (1879); Rubb insane (1880); Nimchick confession (1883); Saunders guilt & jail break (1886)

Marriages added: Templeton-Thompson, Tucker-Sperry (1879)

Births added: Simpson daughter (1879)

Biographies added: William Bilyeu, Clyde Bryant, John Christy, M. Monroe Newport, Lauflin Curl, John Duncan, Samuel Garland, George Wright, Henry Hewitt, Gale Hill, Charles Cree

July 28, 2013

Obituaries: Thomas Edwards, Minerva Crandall, Mary Love, Winthrop Hill, John McDonald, Reason Willoughby, Alfred Orton, Emma Wilkins, James Marks, Martin Brown, J. L. Harris, Barney Hagerty, Russell Price (updated), Ward Adair, Lou Strange, David Hyman, Roy Pearl, Rosie Hyde

Marriages: Davis-McPherson (1902), Davis-Busey (1880), Gill-Deare (1880), Henderson-Martin (1882), Fox-Lewis (1882), Langdon-Piper (1882)

News: Suicide Before Arrest (1902), Sad St. Paul trip (1881), Immigrants (1881), New Year's party (1913), Carroll-Nelson engagement (1914), Hanging rumor (1882), Official drunk (1882)

April 26, 2013

Obits added for: D. M. Pace, Thomas Ray, Stephen Haley, Robert Price, William McBride, Unknown Wilson, Dell Looney, Lucy Mottet, Edna New, Richard Clarke, William Kagee, Gladys Blackwell, Duane Anderson, Jack Boerger, Lawrence Beeunas, Emma Peeples, Elva Swander, Meredith Seits, Leneve Weeks, Lillian Corbat, Lester Steers, Jacob Gradwohl, Dorothy Kennedy, Viola Carrick, Gladys Wells, Walter J. McKinney, Charlotte Edwards, Manuel Chisholm, Anna Standley, Doyle Curtis,

Marriages added: Hunter-Beamer

1882 news article on Mrs. Kistner
1910 news article on Lebanon High School

Biographies: Thomas Anglin, William Van Vactor, Joseph Shelton

News articles:
1909 - newly added - Gooch P.O.

January 31, 2013

Obits added for A. B. McIlwain, James Blakely, Jonathan Kirkpatrick, Homer Roper, Madella Elliott, F. A. Hayne, James Hayne, Arabella Hayne, Ulysses Hayne, Herman Ritter, Mary Ritter

News articles added:

1890 - War of 1812 pensioner

December 30, 2012

Obituaries added: Charles Kendall, Roy Healy, Sigwert Myers, Tamar Nord, John Holcomb, Jacob Bashor, Irvine Adkins, Anna Cunningham, Martha Logan, George Cochran, Ashby Pearce, Anderson Cox, Sydney Hueston, William Farrier, Unknown Perman

1872 & 1897 news articles added.

Culver-Sherman (1903) wedding announcement.

October 27, 2012

Death notice added for Allen Parker, Joseph Church, Edwin Edmunds, Zenes Wilcox, David Jones, Christopher Alderson, Mary Kizer, George Tetzie

Several news articles from 1862 & 1863 added.

June 29, 2012

Obituaries for J. J. White & Jesse Dollarhyde have been added.

June 16, 2012

5 new marriage announcements have been contributed by Kathy McDaniel. Biographies for Chamberlain, Rice, Stites, Crawford, Stewart, Parker, Whitney, Moss, Hoult, Bilyeu, George, Wheeler, Kizer, Crawford.

June 9, 2012

Additional obituaries have been added.

February 2, 2012

New obituaries have been added as well as a few news articles

January 30, 2012

Early Oregon Trail pioneers & settlers lists, from "Another of Jan's Linn County History" has been added.  Special thanks to Jan Phillips for her contributions.

January 13, 2012

USGS Topo maps have been added.  Many new obituaries (or death notices) & newspaper articles have been added.

December 15, 2011

Biographies of J. M. Moyer, Dr. George Washington Odell, Rev. Isaac D. Driver, Otto C. Luecke, John J. Cramer, Eldon F. Cross, James E. Jenks.  Obituaries of Scott Sprenger,Jesse Barr and news articles from 1864 & 1893

December 1, 2011

70 biographies have been newly added.  This includes the biographies of George Blakeley, Joel Calavan , Edward Sox, James Keeney, and others!

November 13, 2011

Brownsville H.S. 1910 yearbook added.  Newspaper articles have been added and additional obituaries have been added.  General clean up on several pages has happened.

November 4, 2010
Search engine has been added to site.  Updates have been made to census, marriage and military records.  Also have schools with links to some yearbooks added.

October 1, 2010:

Jim Dezotell took over as host.  Changes and updates coming soon.

August 2010:

Thanks to Jim Dezotell we have an obituary for Lillie Forster

Thanks to Robyn Greenlund we have a marriage notice for Booker/Harrison, Booker/Chastain & Booker/Templeton

Thanks to Pat Esterday we have the following obituaries: Norman Odenthal, Virginia Zeitner & William Odenthal

January 20, 2010:

Thanks to Robyn Greenlund we have a death notice for Willard Truax

September 5, 2009:

Thanks to Kathie Marynik we have obituaries with the following surnames: Hehn & Rutherford

May 25, 2007:

4 death notices
1 marriage notice

February 28, 2007:

4 pages of the unstated 1860 census

January 3, 2007:

Chapter on Albany from 1893 illustrated history of Oregon

December 23 2006:

Chapter on Brownsville from the 1894 Oregonians Handbook of the
Pacific Northwest

November 7, 2006:

Towns page with article about Scio from the 1894 Oregonian's
Handbook to the Pacific Northwest

October 25, 2006:

Cemetery page

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