List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883

 Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for Which Pensioned, the Post-Office Address, and the Date of Original Allowance, United States Pension Bureau Senate

Volume IV, Washington. Government Printing Office, 1883

On 8 Dec 1882, the US Senate passed a resolution to enumerate, by town, county, and state, all individuals receiving a pension. This list is taken from that document. It is used today as a major genealogical source for Civil War and the War of 1812 pensioners. Pensioners in this transcribed version of the original document are listed by county, post office and alphabetically by name.

This document, digitally scanned by Google, can be found on Google Books.

Pension List
Multnomah County, Oregon

of pensioner
Post Office
Cause for which pensioned Monthly
rate (USD $)
Date of
where resided
23178 Baugher, Henry C. East Portland gun shot wound, left arm 2 Jan 1864 Multnomah
23393 Baumhager, Herman East Portland hemiphegia 24 Aug 1872 Multnomah
182250 Fields, Samuel H. East Portland diseased eyes 6 Feb 1881 Multnomah
42346 Harrington, George P. East Portland wound, both lungs, shoulder joint 24 Multnomah
16430 Hill, Charles A. East Portland gun shot wound, right hand 12 Sept 1863 Multnomah
182371 Hummel, Frank East Portland gun shot wound, left shoulder, side 4 Feb 1881 Multnomah
166640 Kingsbury, Rhoda C. East Portland dependant mother 8 Sep 1874 Multnomah
Knisely, Benjamin F. East Portland gun shot wound, left thigh 4 Multnomah
122283 Martin, John T. East Portland varicose veins, ulcers, left leg 8 Mar 1873 Multnomah
203737 McGowan, Irenus East Portland gun shot wound, index finger left hand 3 Feb 1882 Multnomah
151198 Morehand, Isreal A. East Portland chronic diarrhea 4 Feb 1878 Multnomah
41269 Nattage, George E. East Portland gun shot wound, left thigh 8 Apr 1865 Multnomah
123979 Neale, Felix R. East Portland gun shot wound, shoulder and breast 12 Jul 1878 Multnomah
176959 Oiler, Crawford C. East Portland injury to spine, paralyzed right leg 8 Oct 1880 Multnomah
17241 Plympton, Sarah J. East Portland widow 8 Multnomah
139027 Sanders, Isaac East Portland sun shot wound, back 2 May 1876 Multnomah
151680 Stanton, Griffin A. East Portland wound, right thigh 6 Mar 1878 Multnomah
7543 Tomlinson, Albert East Portland minors of 14 Jul 1881 Multnomah
106122 Walton, Henry East Portland gun shot wound, left forearm, groin 4.25 Oct 1870 Multnomah
168748 Morray, Orlando S. Pleasant Home diseased heart, lungs 8 May 1880 Multnomah
32589 Arnold, Fredrick K. Portland wound, left arm 6 Dec 18864 Multnomah
67336 Arnold, Isaac Portland shell wound, left arm 2.66 Jul 1866 Multnomah
22104 Baner, Maria Portland widow 8 Oct 1861 Multnomah
94697 Barnell, William C. Portland gun shot wound, right thigh 4 unreadable Multnomah
128274 Bartholomy, Zephine Portland wound both thighs 2 May 1874 Multnomah
101837 Battle, Joseph Portland injury to abdomen 4 Jan 1870 Multnomah
73640 Bedbury, George W. Portland cataract, right eye 4 Nov 1865 Multnomah
131676 Beno, Frederick Portland injury to abdomen, nerv. prostration 16 Dec 1874 Multnomah
126141 Borthwick, Alexander Portland shell wound, right hand 4 Dec 1873 Multnomah
854 Brandt, Peter Portland injury to abdomen (Navy) 4 unreadable Multnomah
109840 Brooks, Leander B. Portland injury to abdomen 8 Jun 1871 Multnomah
180295 Carlin, Thomas Portland injury to right ankle 4 Dec 1880 Multnomah
124246 Centro, Alexander L. Portland gun shot wound, right thigh 4 Jul 1873 Multnomah
134694 Cook, Ebenezer Portland injury to abdomen 4 Jul 1875 Multnomah
84583 Dickerson, Silas W. Portland gun shot wound, left thigh 2 Aug 1867 Multnomah
30924 Dyer, Eunice Portland dependant mother 8 Sep 1864 Multnomah
124427 Eller, James W. Portland diseased heart, eyes 8 Aug 1873 Multnomah
112259 Elwell, Lite Portland loss ring finger left hand, deafness, injury right side 8 Jul 1871 Multnomah
193139 Falles, Patrick W. Portland diseased heart 2 Jul 1881 Multnomah
1830 Fitzgerald, Michael Portland wound head,(Navy) 8 Sept 1874 Multnomah
200775 Flynn, Edmund W. Portland gun shot wound, right hip, elbow, left thumb 6 May 1882 Multnomah
97226 Ford, Abraham Portland disease of abdominal viscera 4 Apr 1869 Multnomah
37690 Fuhrman, Michael Portland loss of use of hand 14 Feb 1874 Multnomah
6841 Gardiner, Laura Portland widow 8 Jan 1867 Multnomah
165745 Geer, Avery Amos Portland injury to abdomen 17 unreadable Multnomah
135825 Grady, Patrick Portland gun shot wound, right leg 4 Sep 1875 Multnomah
196937 Graig, George W. Portland minors of 10 Jan 1881 Multnomah
196955 Graves, John W. Portland injury right hip 4 Oct 1861 Multnomah
177415 Guinty, Bernard Portland minors of 12 May 1877 Multnomah
222586 Harrison, Ezra Portland gun shot wound, back, shoulder, arm 18 Dec 1882 Multnomah
202740 Hawks, Thomas Portland disease of abdominal viscera 4 Feb 1882 Multnomah
188653 Holm, William A.R. Portland gun shot wound, left foot 6 May 1881 Multnomah
71300 Hoyt, Clinton Portland gun shot wound, left arm 4 Sep 1866 Multnomah
190767 Irvine, Gerrard Portland gun shot wound, right thigh 4 Jun 1881 Multnomah
2229 Johnson, Nels E. Portland injury head (Navy) 8 Mar 1876 Multnomah
33618 Johnston, William C. Portland gun shot wound, head 5.33 Apr 1868 Multnomah
189585 Jones, Henry E. Portland total deafness right ear, part left ear 12.75 Jun 1881 Multnomah
2626 Keating, James Portland gun shot wound, left foot (Navy) 2 Jun 1879 Multnomah
155849 Kelley, Joseph Portland gun shot wound, left thigh 4 Oct 1879 Multnomah
28409 Ketcham, Jacob N. Portland gun shot wound, left breast 18 Multnomah
97627 Kidd, Lawrence Portland gun shot wound, head 2 Jul 1878 Multnomah
9072 Lowry, Anthony W. Portland injury left eye 8 Feb 1859 Multnomah
52579 Marske, Amandus Portland gun shot wound, abdomen, ilium 4 Mar 1865 Multnomah
137776 Mayfield, William Ira Portland gun shot wound, right knee 4 Feb 1876 Multnomah
151302 Mazzanovick, Lorenz Portland injury to abdomen 8 Mar 1878 Multnomah
32054 McDevitt, Thomas F.B. Portland injury left hip joint, injury to abdomen 4 Aug 1864 Multnomah
126262 McDongall, Thomas Portland varicose veins, ulcer left leg 12 Jan 1874 Multnomah
141037 McEachen, Flora Portland widow 8 Mar 1870 Multnomah
78718 McMasters, Robert M. Portland gun shot wound, left wrist 8 unreadable Multnomah
148212 McNamara, Mary Portland widow 8 Feb 1871 Multnomah
54615 Mehwaldt, Alexander Portland loss fingers, right hand 2 Jan 1866 Multnomah
88057 Miller, Amanda Portland dependant mother 20 Dec 1866 Multnomah
15207 Miller, Sebastian Portland gun shot wound, right hand 12 Aug 1863 Multnomah
10804 Murphy, John Portland injury to abdomen 4 Apr 1863 Multnomah
162235 Murray, Sr., James W. Portland injury right knee 2 Feb 1881 Multnomah
46000 Parker, Francis L. Portland gun shot wound, right shoulder, lung 6 Dec 1877 Multnomah
163338 Parminter, Louis Portland gun shot wound, right foot, leg 2 Nov 1879 Multnomah
139137 Pepper, Patrick Portland injury to abdomen, injury, right hip 10 Dec 1877 Multnomah
123577 Pierce, Norman S. Portland gun shot wound, right thigh 8 Aug 1876 Multnomah
169473 Rieman, David R.P. Portland chronic diarrhea, disease of abdomen cos. 8 Jun 1880 Multnomah
213541 Sammons, Miron J. Portland gun shot wound, left wrist, side 4 Jun 1882 Multnomah
141970 Schiever, Herman Portland partial anchylosis, right elbow 6 Oct 1876 Multnomah
122531 Sehanz, John R. Portland gun shot wound, left hand 2 Apr 1873 Multnomah
175899 Sergeant, Edward M. Portland gun shot wound, left shoulder 4 Oct 1880 Multnomah
204562 Sergeant, Isaac C. Portland chronic diarrhea 6 unreadable Multnomah
101346 Shaw, James P. Portland wound, left shoulder 4 Sep 1876 Multnomah
82398 Sherry, Catherine Portland widow 8 Jun 1867 Multnomah
221419 Smith, Edward P. Portland chronic diarrhea 4 Nov 1882 Multnomah
767 Stewart, Thomas Portland diseased eyes from shoulder wound (Navy) 8 Jul 1876 Multnomah
191816 Stranger, Thomas O. Portland gun shot wound, right wrist 4 Jun 1881 Multnomah
165262 Strans, John Otto Portland ulcer in sole of right foot 2 Mar 1880 Multnomah
19732 Strong, Harriet A. Portland widow 30 Jan 1874 Multnomah
28425 Talbot, Sarah A. Portland widow 1812 8 Jan 1880 Multnomah
62627 Torry, Ann E. Portland widow 20 Multnomah
69462 Tracy, David J. Portland wound, left thigh 5.66 Aug 1866 Multnomah
6473 Vergil, Maryette Portland widow 8 Sep 1863 Multnomah
21476 Wandthe, Amalie Portland widow 8 Feb 1867 Multnomah
27299 Watson, Warren K. Portland strain of lungs and back 2.66 Apr 1866 Multnomah
118389 Weldier, Milton Portland gun shot wound, left leg 18.75 Aug 1872 Multnomah
219019 White, Richard C. Portland fracture right thigh 4 Oct 1882 Multnomah
78726 White, William H. Portland gun shot wound, right ankle 8 Mar 1867 Multnomah
16107 Wilson, Henry Portland gun shot wound, left shoulder 16 unreadable Multnomah
158819 Wylie, Samuel G. Portland minors of 10 Jul 1872 Multnomah
14722 Doughlass, John Powell's Valley survivor 1812 8 Mar 1872 Multnomah
100440 McLain, David L. Powell's Valley wound, right foot 6 Oct 1869 Multnomah
138178 Hurlburt, John A. Rooster Rock gun shot wound, back 4.25 Mar 1876 Multnomah


Where to Go From Here

Most soldiers or their widows or minor children applied for a pension. In some cases, a dependent father or mother applied. The pension files are indexed by the National Archives microfilm publication T288, General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934 (544 rolls) which is also available online at (for a fee).

The pension file will often contain more information about what the soldier did during the war than the Compiled Military Service Records, and it may contain much medical information if he lived for a number of years afterwards. For example, in his pension file, Seth Combs of Company C, 2d Ohio Cavalry, reported: " left eye was injured while tearing down a building...and in pulling off a board a splinter or piece struck my eye and injured it was hurt while in the Shenandoah Valley near Winchester, Va. about Christmas 1864--a comrade who stood by me name Jim Beach is dead." In another affidavit, Seth said he "also got the Rheumatism while on duty as a dispatch bearer on detached duty."

To obtain a widow's pension, the widow had to provide proof of marriage, such as a copy of the record kept by county officials, or by affidavit from the minister or some other person. Applications on behalf of the soldier's minor children had to supply both proof of the soldier's marriage and proof of the children's birth.

For more information on obtaining military pension records, visit the United States National Archives.


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