Genealogical Material Found in Oregon Land Donation Claims

Abstracts of the first 2500 claims filed at the Oregon City Land Office. A total of 5289 claims were filed at this office, 2141 claims were filed at the Roseburg Land Office, 5 at The Dalles Land Office and 2 at the La Grande Land Office.

To save space the following abbreviations have been employed:



adjacent, adjoining or adjusted

Arr. Ore.
arrival in Oregon
Justice of Peace
Ore. T.
Oregon Territory
settled claim

His Mark

(MA) this following a person's name shows this person gave affidavit that he had known them as husband and wife since day of marriage.

Oct/Sept or this form is used if two different months or two different dates are given for the same act

1826/8 in the same record.

(?) County names have been checked against the actual county names of the states indicated. If a county name was entirely different from any existing names for that state, the county name was then transcribed as it appeared on the record and indicated by a (?).

Source: Genealogical Material Found in Oregon Land Donation Claims Vol. 1
Abstracted from Applications by Genealogical Forum of Portland, Oregon (1957)
Transcribed by FoFG mz

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No. 1 HIBBARD, King, Marion Co; b 1806, Ontario Co, N.Y.; SC 1 Apr 1848; m Nancy 26 Mar 1835, Tazewell Co, Ill. Aff: Wm. Brisbin, Ralph C. Geer, John W. Shrum.

No. 2 GEER, Ralph C., Marion Co; b 1816, Windham Co, Conn; SC 15 Sept 1848; m Mary C. 8 Jan 1837, Madison Co, Oh. Aff: John B. Hunt, John S. Hunt, Wesley Shannon, John W. Shrum.

No. 3 McNARY, Alexander, Polk Co; b 1798, Fayette Co, Ky; SC 1 Oct 1847; m Sudicia (Ludicia), Sept 1824/5, Morgan Co, Ill. Aff: Alvah C. R. Shaw, James M. Allen.

No. 4 DELANY, Daniel, Sr. Marion Co; b abt. 1794, Greene Co, Tenn; SC 1 Apr 1844; m Elisabeth 6 Dec 1820, Washington Co, Tenn. Aff: Daniel Waldo, Daniel Delany.Jr.

No. 5 CRABTREE, Dela F., Linn Co; b 1815, Lee Co, Va; SC 1 Oct 1846; m Rheh 13 Oct 1836, Lee Co, Va. Aff: Wm. Crabtree, David Claypool.

No. 6 THOMAS, Frederick, Linn Co; b 1792, Blount Co, Tenn; SC 14 Apr 1847; m Rebecca, 1818, Mo. Aff: Samuel K. Barlow (knew both since 1845), Jesse B. Thomas, Washington Thomas.

No. 7 NELSON, John, Marion Co; b 1817, Oh; SC 25 Oct 1847; m Clarrissa 25 May 1839, Jefferson Co, Ind. Aff: Loring Thomas, Ezekel Burbage.

No. 8 EDGER, Moses, Linn Co; b 1806, Botetourt Co, Va; SC 15 Jan/June 1847; m Susan 8 Oct 1835, Boone Co, Ind. Aff: Wm. Edger, Sampson Smallman.

No. 9 MUNKERS, Preston, Linn Co; b 1820, Clay Co, Mo; SC 10 Jan 1848; m Nancy Jane, Dec 1845, Platte Co, Mo. Aff: Joseph Crank, Nathaniel Crank, Benj. Munkers (Munkres).

No. 10 HOFFMAN, Jesse G., Marlon Co; b 1812, Cumberland Co, Ky; SC 1 Feb 1848; m Morning 20 Oct 1837, Clay Co, Mo. Aff: David Crawford, Alexis Aubechon, James E. Hall.

No. 11 NEEL (NEIL), Peter, Marion Co; b abt. 1817, Greene Co, Tenn; SC 28 Feb 1846; m Mahala Feb 1837, Salem Co, Ark. Aff: Geo. Neel, Alexander Neel.

No. 12 FANNO, Augustus, Washington Co; b 1804, Cumberland Co, Me; SC 22 Sept 1847; m Rebecca I . 17 Apr 1851, Washington Co, Ore. T. Aff: David C. Graham, Benj. Stewart, Joshua Dixon.

No. 13 LARKINS, Monroe, Clackamas Co; b 1818, Perry Co, Oh; SC 22 Dec 1847; m Elizabeth V, Apr 1840, Putnam Co, Ill. Temp. abs. from c 3 or 4 weeks in 1849 due to his father's sickness. Aff: Geo. Graham, James Larkins, Pleasant Sanders.

No. 14 CARTER, Johannan, Benton Co; b 1809, Nelson Co, Ky; SC 1 Mar 1847; m Lucinda 16 Mar 1828, Morgan Co, Ill. Aff: Smiley Carter, David D. Stroud, Thomas M. Read, Tolbert Carter. Adj. c Joseph Hamilton, David Irwin, John Wilson. Was in Linn Co, Ore. T. in 1846.

No. 15 MEALEY, Dr. Washington B., Linn Co; b 1809, Cumberland Co, Pa; SC 15 Sept 1846; m Margaret 23 Feb 1837, Warren Co, Ill. Aff: John McCoy, Hiram Bond, Caroline Hamilton, Jonathan H. Brattain.

No. 16 HUNT, John S. (for children or heirs of my wife Temperance Hunt, dec), Marion Co; b 1803, Clermont Co, Oh; SC 19 Feb 1848; m Temperance 8 May 1823, Union Co, Ind. She d 29 Oct 1850 leaving 8 children. Aff: David Colver, Ralph C. Geer.

No. 17 COLVER, David, Marion Co; b 1798, Clinton Co, N.Y.; SC 30 Mar 1847; m Elizabeth 27 Oct 1850, Clackamas Co, Ore. T. Aff: John S. Hunt, Theophilus Powell.

No. 18 POWELL, Theophilus, Marion Co; b 1792, Montgomery Co, Va; SC 5 Feb 1846; m Rachael on or before 1 Nov 1841, Van Buren Co, Mo. Aff; Johnithan E. Center, Mary Center.

No. 19 McCLANE, John B., Marion Co; b 1820, Philadelphia, Pa; SC 30 Sept 1845; m Hellen C, Apr 1849, Salem, Marion Co, Ore. T. Served in Cayuse Country War with Cayuse Indians June 1846 to fall or winter of 1847. Went to Cal to dig gold Sept or Oct 1848. 16 Aug 1853 gave power of Attorney to Rev. Lewis H. Judson, Salem, Marion Co and had returned to Philadelphia, Pa. Aff: Wm. H. Wilson, Josiah L. Parrish.

No. 20 WILSON, William H., Marion Co; b 1805 Cheshire Co, N.H.; SC Sept 1844; m Chloe A. 16 Aug 1840, Nisqually, Ore. T. (now Wash), Town of Salem occupied much of this claim by 1867. Many pages regarding M.E. Church and schools included with this application. Aff: John B. McClane, John Mc H_____

No. 21 TAYLOR, John, Marion Co; b 1792, Frederick Co, Va; SC 6 Nov 1847; m Elizabeth, Dec 1813, Hardy Co, Va. (W. Va.). Aff: Henry Foster, Allen I. Davie.

No. 22 WHITE, James, Polk Co; b 1804, Armstrong Co, Pa; SC 1 Dec 1845; m Rhoda 18 Jan 1841, Berrien Co, Mich. Aff: Samuel Fenton, Leonard White, D.C. Raymond, surveyor assisted by Charles P. Fullerton & Octavius Pringle.

No. 23 No claim filed under this number.

No. 24 WALLER (S), Alvin F., Marion Co; b 1808, Luzerne Co, Pa; SC 15 Apr 1848; m Elepha (Elipha), May 1833, Genesee Co, N.Y. Aff: James Davidson, Joseph Watt, Fabritus R. Smith, Wm. H. Wilson.

No. 25 PUGH, John M., Marion Co; b 1820, Sullivan Co, Ind; SC 1 Nov 1847. Aff: John Force, James S. Ross.

No. 26 ARTHUR, Richard, Washington Co; b 1824, Washington Co, Ky; SC 30 Sept 1844; m Jane 23 May 1844,
Washington Co, Ore. T. Aff: Wm. Wilson, Robert Walker.

No. 27 WALKER, Samuel, Marion Co; b 1811, Pendleton, S.C.; SC Sept 1847; m Jemima, June 1827, Independence, Mo. Aff: Isaac N. Gilbert, Lewis Savage.

No. 28 STANTON, Alfred, Marion Co; b 1808, Stark Co, Oh; SC 3 Nov 1848; m Phebe 9 Jan 1831, La Porte Co, Ind. Aff: Isaac Gilbert, Lewis Savage, Samuel Walker.

No. 29 POLLARD, Zacheriah, Marion Co; b 1800, Madison Co, Ky; SC 4 Oct 1848; m Susan 16 Jan 1820, Washington Co, Ind. Aff: Samuel Parker, Benj. Munkers.

No. 30 MUNKERS, Benjamin, Marion Co; b 1799, Campbell Co, Tenn; SC 12 Oct 1846; m Mary 12 July 1818, Howard Co, Mo. Aff: Zacheriah Pollard, Samuel Parker.

No. 31 CORNELIUS, Benjamin, Sr., Washington Co; b 1802, Christian Co, Ky; SC 18 Mar 1846; m Betsey 14 Nov 1826, Howard Co, Mo. Aff: Jacob Hoover, Richard Arthur.

No. 32 HOOVER, Jacob, Washington Co; b 1814, Green Co, Ky; SC 28 Nov 1844; m Malinda 8 Feb 1844, Platte Co, Mo. Aff: Richard Arthur, Henry Black.

No. 33 MONROE, David & Heirs of Betsey Monroe, Washington Co; b 1799, Scotland; SC 15 Oct 1846; m Betsey Randall 11 Aug 1841, "at York factories in the British possessions.” She d 3 Dec 1851. Nat. Cit. 23 Oct 1851. Aff: Wm. Wilson, Richard Arthur, Henry Black & James Evans, Gen. Supt. of the Wesleyen Missions who performed m.

No. 34 BLACK, Henry & Heirs of Lizette Black, dec., Washington Co; b l819, Bath Co, Ky; SC 15 Mar 1845; m Lizette, July 1841, Washington Co, Ore. T. "Married by J. S. Griffin at the house of Robert Newell before the Congregation Assembled in Divine Service Aug 7, 1842, Mr. Henry Black of the U.S. to Mrs. Lizett Warfield of this territory." (First m in Tualitan settlement-now Washington Co) She d 15 July 1846 on c leaving 4 children, m 2nd Mary A. E. 27 Feb 1848, Washington Co, Ore. T. Aff: Richard Arthur, Wesley Mulkey, Walter Pomroy, Jr.

No. 35 WILSON, William & Heirs of Polly Wilson, Washington Co; b 1820, Lawrence Co, Ark; SC 1 Mar 1844; m Polly 5 Mar 1840, Washington Co, Ark. She d 9 Jan 1849, leaving 5 children, m 2nd Sarah 18 Apr 1850, Clackamas Co, Ore. T. Aff: Robert Walker, Richard Arthur, David Munroe.

No. 36 KEIZER, Thomas D., Marion Co; b 1793, Cabarrus Co, N.C; SC Nov 1844; m Mary 13 Nov 1813, Montgomery Go, N.C. Aff: Wm. D. Cole, Hiram English both of Polk Co.

No. 37 EBBERT, George W., Washington Co; b 1810, Bracken Co, Ky; SC Jan 1844; m Fanny 22 June 1843, Washington Co, Ore. T. Aff: Caleb Wilkins (MA),
Alexander Zachary. Boundary of c corrected 26 Feb 1890.

No. 38 LENOX, David T., Washington Co; b 1802, Catskill, N.Y.; SC 1 Aug 1844; m Louisa 4 May 1826, Livingston Co, Ky. Aff: Edward Constable, Edward H. Lenox.

No. 39 ZACHARY, Alexander, Washington Co; b 1802, on New River, Va; SC Jan. 1844; m Sarah 13 Jan 1822, Washington Co, Mo. Aff: David T. Lenox, Wm. H. Bennett, Caleb Wilkins.

No. 40 YOUNG, Elam, Washington Co; b 1788, Saratoga Co, N.Y.; SC 15 Mar 1849; m Irene 24 Oct 1808, Otsego Co, N.Y. Aff: Wm. H. Bennett, Walter Pomeroy, Jr.

No. 41 CHAMBERS, James W., Washington Co; b 1817, near Uniontown, Pa; SC 15 Oct 1846; m Mary 9 Mar 1845, Morgan Co, Mo. Aff: David T. Lenox.

No. 42 OTCHIN, Thomas, Washington Co; b 1814, England; SC 24 May 1843; m Mary 19 Mar 1838, "on Red River in the British Possessions." Nat. Cit. 21 Nov 1853, Hillsborough before Hon. Olney, Associate Justice for Ore. T. Aff: Wm. Manzry, David T. Lenox, James W. Chambers.

No. 43 GRIFFIN, John S., Washington Co; b 1807, Rutland Co, Vt; SC Sept 1841; m Desire 11 Apr 1839, St. Sonisla (?), Mo. Aff: Richard S. Griffin, Isaiah Kelsey.

No. 44 PUGH, Janett, widow, Marion Co; b 1798, Wilson Co, Tenn; SC 20 Dec 1847; m William Pugh 16 Feb 1815, Wilson Co, Tenn. He d 3 Jan 1846 in "Tualatin Plains, Ore. T." Aff: Alvis Smith, James S. Ross.

No. 45 BEERS, Alanson & Heirs of Rachael Beers, Marion Co; b 1808, Fairfield Co, Conn; SC Oct 1844, m Rachael 17 Nov 1830, Western Fairfield Co, Conn. She d 14 Sept 1851 on c leaving 7 children, m 2nd Sarah 19 Feb 1852, Oregon City, Ore. T. Aff: Joseph M. Garrison, Douglas Jones, Mendorum Crawford.

No. 46 SHRUM, Nicholas, Marion Co; b 1813, Smith Co, Tenn; SC 25 Dec 1846; m Delilah 19 July 1821/2, Montgomery Co, Mo. Aff: Maxwell Ramsby, James Smith.
No. 47 STRINGER, Cornelius, Marion Co; b 1788, Yorkshire, England; SC 1 Apr 1847; Aff: Wm. I. Herren, John C. Herren. Nat. Cit. 13 Mar 1852.

No. 48 HOWELL, John & Heirs of Temperance Howell, Marion Co; b 1787, Orange Co, N.C; SC Aug 1844; m Temperance 14 Oct 1811, Grainger Co, Tenn. She d 22 May 1848 leaving 11 children, m 2nd Francis 17 Feb 1850. Cert. was later issued to John Howell and wife Francis R Aff: Wm. R. Munkers, Wm. A. McDaniel, Wm. H. Wilson, David Leslie, John Topar.

No. 49 HERREN, William J., Marion Co; b 1824, Henry Co, Ky; SC 1 Dec 1847; m Evaline 14 Oct 1847, Marion Co, Ore. T. Aff: Zachariah Pollard, Samuel Simmons.

No. 50 POMEROY, Walter, Washington Co; b 1798, Hampshire Co, Mass; SC 1 Mar 1850; m Jane, June 1843, Marion Co, Ore. T. Aff: Edward Constable, Joseph L. Meek, John Pool. (One aff. gives SC 1 Mar 1848).

No. 51 CARY, Abijah, Marion Co; b 1816, Shelby Co, Oh; SC 12 Oct 1848 or 1 Jan 1849; m Sophia M. 3 May 1839, Andrew Co, Mo. Aff: Joseph Waldo, F. R. Smith.

No. 52 RECTOR, William H., Marion Co; b 1806, Fauquier Co, Va; SC 30 July 1846; m Ann, Mar 1826, Belmont Co, Oh. Aff: Benj. Munkers, Reuben Á. Gesner.

No. 53 FORD, Nimrod, Marion Co; b 1817, Washington Co, Tenn; SC 20 Nov 1847. Aff: Alexis Smith, John Ford.

No. 54 FORD, John, Marion Co; b 1818, Washington Co, Tenn; SC 1 June 1844; m Beeda (Reeda) Ann 16 June 1842, Jackson Co, Mo. Aff: Alexis Smith, N. Ford.

No. 55 WALDO, Daniel, Marion Co; b 1800, Harrison Co, Va (W.Va.); SC 1 Dec 1843; m Malinda C. 13 Mar 1825, Gasconade Co, Mo. Aff: Daniel Delany, Sr., Daniel Delany, Jr.

No. 56 LEWIS, Reuben, Marion Co; b 1814, Tompkins Co, N.Y.; SC 1 Nov 1844; m Polly A. 12 Feb 1844, Oregon City, Ore. T. Aff: Daniel Waldo, Daniel Delany, Sr.

No. 57 GOODMAN, Sally & Heirs at Law of Richard Goodman, Marion Co; Richard was b abt. 1803, Va; SC 1 May 1846; m Sally, Mar 1831, Cooper Co, Mo. Sally Goodman gave aff. that her husband, Richard, left to go to Cal. Sept 1848 and Jan 1849 she "heard and believed” he d in Cal leaving 8 children. R.A. Gesner states that Goodman was insane - disappeared from gold mines on Feather River Cal. & soon after was reported d. Aff: Daniel Delany, Sr., Daniel Waldo, Reuben A. Gesner.

No. 58 CAMPBELL, James, Marion Co; b 1807, Muhlenberg Co, Ky; SC 4 Mar 1847; m Nancy H. 9 Feb 1851, Saline Co, Mo. Temp. abs. 1 Sept 1848 to abt. middle Jan 1849 went to Cal., also 17 Nov 1850 to 29 Aug 1851 went to Mo. to settle estate due Mr. Campbell's heirs. Aff: John H. Bridges, David Waldo.

No. 59 SMITH, Henry, Marion Co; b 1818, Marion Co, Tenn; SC 3 Mar 1847; m Susannah T, July 1837, Montgomery Co, Mo. Aff: David Waldo, Reuben Lewis.

No. 60 STANLEY, Thomas, Marion Co; b 1794, Franklin Co, Pa; SC 1 May 1847; m Margaret 14 May 1828, Baltimore, Md; Cert, statement from John Finlay, Pastor 1st Baptist Church, Baltimore, Md. regarding m included. Boundary conflict with Wm. H. Rector corrected 25 Feb 1853. Aff: Abraham Olinger, Allen I . Davie.

No. 61 GESNER, Reuben A., Marion Co; b 1815, Schenectady Co, N.Y.; SC 4 July 1847; m Mary Bailey 6 Apr 1841, Coles Co, Ill, H.C. Dunbar, J.P. performed m. A document showing R.A. Gesner purchased D.L.C. of Emerson, Linn Co, 1 Feb 1864. Aff: James Stanley, Nicholas Shrum, Clk. of Coles Co, Ill Court M.A.

No. 62 WALTER, William & Heirs of Rachel Walter, late wife, Washington Co; b 1780, Baltimore Co, Md; SC 15 Mar 1846; m Rachael 1804, Washington Co, Pa. She d Oct 1849 leaving 7 children. Aff: James B. Robinson, Benj. Cornelius, & Wm. Jolly, who gave aff. he saw Rachael Walter sick in Cal. & soon after heard of her d abt. 1 Nov 1849.

No. 63 MARKS, John, Clackamas Co; b 1795, Md; SC 25 Oct 1847; m Fanny, July 1818, Harlan Co, Ky. Aff: John Gribble, Andrew I. Adam

No. 64 GRIBBLE, John, Clackamas Co; b 1799, Mecklenburg Co, N.C; SC 1 May 1847; m Elizabeth 15 Nov 1821, Haywood Co, N.C. Aff: Jacob Adams, Andrew Adams.

No. 65 CRABTREE, John I., Linn Co; b 1800, Lee Co, Va; SC 12 July 1846; m Malinda 22 Feb 1825, Lee Co, Va. Aff: Horace M. Brown, Frederick Thomas, Peter Smith.

No. 66 CURL, James, Linn Co; b 1798, Montgomery Co, Ky; SC 20 Oct 1847; m Anna 13 Oct 1822, Monsin (?) Co, Ind. Abs. from c Feb 1849 for 3 mo. Aff: John I. Crabtree, Joel Calaran.

No. 67 COFFIN, Stephen, Washington Co; b 1807, Me; SC 15 Apr 1849; m Lucinda 4 Mar 1852, Washington Co, Ore. T. 1 Sept 1853 purchased c #48 for $ 278.90. Aff: James M. Moore, Jane G. Moore, Charles W. Savage.

No. 68 CHAPMAN, William W., Washington Co; b 1808, Harrison Co, Va (W.Va.); SC 15 May 1850; m Margaret F., Mar 1832, Tyler Co, Va (W.Va.). 1 Sept 1853 purchased 162.83 acres of c #46. Aff: Ammi P. Dennison, Jane Moore, John H. Hess.

No. 69 STARK, Benjamin, Washington Co; b 1820, New Orleans, La; SC 1 Sept 1849. Conflicting boundary with Daniel H. Lownsdale. Aff: John H. Couch, Wm. H. Bennet.

No. 70 TURPIN, William M., Polk Co; b 1824, Garrard Co, Ky; SC 30 Aug 1851; m Frances A. 11 Aug 1842, Lafayette Co, Mo. Aff: Glen O. Burnett, Job E. Harvey, Amos Harvey, Horace G. Burnett. (A news clipping showing Wm. M. Turpin as guardian of Henry M. Turpin, a minor under 14 yrs., filed for right to sell real estate Nov 1854 is included with documents.)

No. 71 KELSEY, Isaiah, Washington Co; b 1817, Barren Co, Ky; SC 1 Jan 1842; m Winey 1 June (?) 1841, "on banks of the Big Platt." Aff: John S. Griffin, Richard Williams.

No. 72 BARLOW, Samuel K., Clackamas Co; b 1797, Nicholas Co, Ky; SC Oct 1849; m Susannah 6 Aug 1820, Monroe Co, Ind. Aff: Geo. Irving, Champney Pendleton.

No. 73 KEENE, Alfred C. Marion Co; b 1821, Sullivan Co, Tenn; SC 30 Sept 1849; m Nancy 3 Aug 1849, Marion Co, Ore. T. Aff: Robert Young, Geo. Neel, Calvin Neel, Peter Neal.

No. 74 Reissued under #1218.

No. 75 ENGLISH, Benjamin F, Polk Co; b 1815, Madison Co, Ky; m Perlina 16 Aug 1833, Clay Co, Mo. Aff: James E. Williams, Isaac Skaas.

 No. 76 RICHARDSON, Gideon, Lane Co; b 1790 Franklin Co, Va; SC 26 Apr 1849 (19 Oct 1848); m Margret 8 Oct 1812, St. Louis, Mo. Aff: John B. Ferguson, Franklin W. Richardson, Aaron Richardson.

No. 77 FIELDS, Thomas, Linn Co; b 1809, Oh; SC 10 July 1848; m Rebecca 22 Jan 1829, Clay Co, Mo. Aff: Timothy A. Riggs, John Fields.

No. 78 VAUGHAN, Alexander, Lane Co; b 1829, Cabell Co, Va (W.Va.); SC 1 Sept 1849; m Elizabeth 5 Apr 1848, Marlon Co, Ore. T. Aff: Wm. T. Vaughan, Thomas J. Vaughan.

No. 79 CENTER, Mary, widow, Marion Co; b 1789, Oh; SC 30 Dec 1845; m Ebenezer Center 1809, Oh. He d 11 Feb 1835, Edgar Co, Ill. Aff: Theophilus Powell, Jonathan E. Center.

No. 80 SMITH, Fabritus (Fabitus) R., Marion Co; b 1819, Monroe Co, N.Y.; SC 20 Jan 1849; m Vergelia E. 1 Sept 1847, Marion Co, Ore. T. Aff: David Leslie, Wm. Roberts, Joseph Waldo, Abijah Cary.

No. 81 BURCH, Samuel, Polk Co; b 1793, Prince Georges Co, Md; SC 15 Oct 1847; m Eleanor S. abt. the yr. 1822, Chariton Co, Mo. Aff: Nathaniel Ford, David Goff.

No. 82 BLEVENS, Alexander, Polk Co; b 1808, Bourbon Co, Ky; SC 1 Sept 1845; m Levina, June 1838, Boone Co, Mo. Aff: Nathaniel Ford, Elisha McDaniel.

No. 83 GOFF, David, Polk Co; b 1796, Bedford Co, Va; SC 15 Oct 1845; m Keziah, Aug 1818, Madison Co, Ky. Aff: Nathaniel Ford, Joshua McDaniel.

No. 84 HOOKER, Cyrenus C, Polk Co; b 1818, Chautauqua Co, N.Y.; SC 15 Dec 1850; d 12 Feb 1852; Parmenus P. Hooker, adm. of estate. Aff: Nathaniel Ford, Daniel Goff, Ira S. Hooker (father), Sarah Hooker (mother). Aff. Given by J.E. Lyle, Clk. of Dist. Court of U.S. (Polk Co) states "Return William Everman was duly arraigned, tried and convicted in said court for the murder of Cyrenus C. Hooker committed 12 Feb 1852." Also said Return Wm. Everman subsequently acknowledged that he did commit the said murder on or at the farm of the said Hooker.

No. 85 FORD, Nathaniel, Polk Co; b 1795, Buckingham Co, Va; SC 25 Feb 1845; m Lucinda D. 11 July 1822, Howard Co, Mo. Aff: Alvah C. R. Shaw, Joshua McDaniel.

No. 86 WILLIAMS, Richard, Washington Co; b 1796, S.C.; SC 16 Oct 1841; m Keziah 15 Nov 1816, Barren Co, Ky. Aff: Jno. B. Preston, Isaih Kelsey.

No. 87 GARRISON, Joseph M., Marion Co; b 1813, Dearborn Co, Ind; SC 1 Sept 1844; m Mary 16 Apr 1846, Yamhill Co, Ore. T. Aff: Geo. Wilcox, Alanson Beers, Medorum Crawford.

No. 88 MARTIN, John, Marion Co; b 1823, Shelby Co, Ky; SC 10 Apr 1846; m Frances A., Dec 1843, Clinton Co, Mo. Aff: Solomon Durbin, W.G.T. Vault.

No. 89 WHEALDON, Isaac, Clackamas Co; b 1809, Harrison Co, Oh; SC 20 Oct 1848; m Mary Ann, Dec 1830, Harrison Co, Oh. Aff: John Gribble, Daniel Riggs, Jacob Adams.

No. 90 WHITCOMB, Lot, Clackamas Co; b 1806, Windsor Co, Vt; SC 14 Dec 1847; m Inna, Apr 1829, Vt. Aff: John L. Garrett, Alfred Lewelling.

No. 91 HOLCOMB, Almond B., Clackamas Co; b 1810, Essex Co, N.Y.; SC 8 Apr 1849; m Nancy S. 14 Aug 1831, Astabula Co, Oh. Aff: Horace Baker, Mark Hatton.

No. 92 CASON, Fendal C, Clackamas Co; b 1799, Spottsylvania Co, Va; SC 15 Sept 1844; m Rebecca R. 19 Dec 1822, Spottsylvania Co, Va. Aff: James McNary, Peter Rinearson.

No. 93 McNARY, James, Clackamas Co; b 1790, Fayette Co, Ky; SC 2 Oct 1847; m Nancy M., Feb 1841, Pike Co, Ill. Aff: Fendal C. Cason, Peter Rinearson.

No. 94 HOLMES, William, Clackamas Co; b 1807, Overton Co, Tenn; SC 8 Feb 1844; m Mary A. L. C., May 1834, Saline Co, Ark. Aff: A. Laurince Lovejoy, Sidney W. Moss.

No. 95 STRAIGHT, Hiram, Clackamas Co; b 1814, Washington Co, N.Y.; SC 30 Mar 1844; m Susan 1837, Henderson Co, Ill. Aff: Wm. Holmes, Sidney W. Moss.

No. 96 ALFREY, Elizabeth R., Widow, Clackamas Co; b 1816, Ky; SC 15 June 1849; m Joseph R. Alfrey, Nov 1838, Platte Co, Mo. He d 29 May 1851 on c leaving 6 children. Aff: Mahlor Brock, Eleanor Brock.

No. 97 COX, Anderson, Linn Co; b 1812, Montgomery Co, Oh; SC 1 Mar 1846; m Julia Ann 7 Aug 1836, Warren Co, Ind. Aff: L. C. Burkhart, Milton Hale, Susanna Hale.

No. 98 DAVIS, Truet, Linn Co; b 1803, Lewis Co, Ky; SC 1 Dec 1847; m Ellis 11 Nov 1824, Lewis Co, Ky. Aff: Anderson Cox, Rebecca Burkhart, John Burkhart.

No. 99 HEDGES, Absalom F., Clackamas Co; b 1817, Morgan Co, Oh; SC 1 Mar 1848; m Elizabeth 18 Apr 1847, Oregon City, Ore. T. 1854 Cert, was rejected because c interferred with town of Canemah. 1866 Owen Wade, Reg. of Local Land Office wrote asking for a patent for Mr. Hedges. Aff: Milton Brown, John McClaskey.

No. 100 RINEARSON, Peter M., Clackamas Co; b 1819, Butler Co, Oh; SC Spring 1847; m Rebecca J. 18 May 1847, Clackamas Co, Ore. T. Aff: James McNary, Fendal C. Cason.

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