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Alley Family Cemetery
Established 1885
Located on Hwy 53 3.6 miles north of Mohler on homestead of John M. Alley
 (7 graves - Overgrown)

American Legion Cemetery
Established 1900
Located about 2 miles west of Nehalem on Hwy 101
(Fully Tended)

Bailey Cemetery
2 miles east of Tillamook on Third Street 2 miles south of Trask River
(1 infant grave - Abandoned to nature)

Bartnick Cemetery
Established 1890
Located near summit of Cape Meares Road where road forks one to Cape Meares Lighthouse, one to Tillamook River Ferry, one to Netarts at Cook Place now Happy Camp
(3 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Batterson Family Cemetery
Located on homestead of William Batterson
 (3 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Bay City I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Established 1856
Alderbrook Loop Road at south end of town, 1.3 miles SE of Hwy 101
(Fully Tended)

Beaver Creek Cemetery aka Foland, United Bretheren
Established 1884
Located on the north side of Blaine Road approx 6.4 miles east of Beaver Creek 21 miles south of Tillamook
(Moderately Tended)

Blaine Cemetery
Established 1898
Located on the north side of Blaine Road approx. 6.4 miles east of Beaver Creek 21 miles south of Tillamook
(Moderately Tended)

Browning Cemetery
4 miles above Blaine on south side of Nestucca River
(1 grave)

Chatwood Babies
On Chatwood Place, in south Tillamook County
 (3 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Clemens Corner
Junction of South Prairie Road and Brickyard Road
(Abandoned to nature)

Connell Baby
3 miles southeast of mouth of Testament Creek Jct.
 (1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

Dolph Cemetery
Near Dolph
(Abandoned to nature)

Dougherty Cemetery
2 miles east of Tillamook 1/4 mile north on Wilson River Loop or Schild Road

Earl Cemetery
4 miles southeast of Tillamook on Long Prairie Road just north of old Blimp Base

Fairview Pioneer Cemetery aka Trask
Established 1861
3 miles east of Tillamook 1 mile south on Trask River Road about 1 mile in back of Sunset Heights Memorial Gardens east of second ridge
(Moderately Tended)

Fawcette Cemetery
Near Jct of Old and New Hwy at Pleasant Valley south of Tillamook
 (3 graves)

Fisher Baby
West corner of Shipper Place on south side of road. (road went through this)
(Abandoned to nature)

Gist Cemetery
Established 1887
On county road on the north side of the Big Nestucca River about 2 1/2 miles northwest on Cloverdale - North side of road
(Moderately Tended)

Hatch Family Cemetery
1 mile east of Garibaldi 1 mile south across Miami River
 (2 graves)

Hebo I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Established 1896
On east side of Hwy 101 .65 miles west of Hebo and 21 miles south of Tillamook
(Moderately Tended)

Hiram Wesley Smith Cemetery
On a hill near Alderbrook Golf Course west of Bay City I.O.O.F. Cemetery
(2 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Hodgdon Cemetery
Established 1881
Overlooking Hodgdon Creek at Netarts in section where Pearl Street was extended to Hwy 131

Hutchen Cemetery
3/4 mile from Nestucca River west
(2 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Indian Cemetery
About halfway between Netarts and Bay Ocean jct on west side of road
(Abandoned to nature)

Indian Cemetery

Across bay from Garibaldi called Squaw Town
(Abandoned to nature)

Lovell Family Cemetery
At Manzanita
(2 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Ludtke Family Cemetery
Established 1915
On Hwy 53 about 2.8 miles from Mohler on mouth of north fork of Nehalem River
 (3 graves - Abandoned to nature)

McCormack Cemetery
Established 1889
1 1/2 miles south of Netarts boat basin on back of Braden Ranch
 (4 graves - Abandoned to nature)

McCowell Cemetery
Established 1907
Located block 17 lot 5 of Netarts Bay Park addition
(Abandoned to nature)

Moore Cemetery
Near intersection of Leonard Street and Bishop Avenue at Netarts
(Abandoned to nature)

Munson Cemetery
South of Pleasant Valley south of Tillamook
 (1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

No Name - Family Cemetery
Located west side of north fork Nehalem River on land homesteaded by Rob Crawford near the Clatsop County line
(2 graves - Abandoned to nature)

O'Hara Cemetery
Established 1856
Located in the approx. vicinity of Rice Creek Area

Oretown Cemetery
Established 1886
Located on hill 1/4 mile from hwy in an easterly direction from Hwy 101 at Oregon Gospel Church - Oretown Grange caretaker
(Moderately Tended)

Perry Cemetery
Near Fox Creek by Wilson River 13 miles east of Tillamook
 (1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

Private Cemetery
1/2 mile south of Tillamook River Road 1 mile west on Matejeck Road
 (1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

Private Cemetery
2 miles south of Tillamook River Road 1 mile west on Netarts Road
(Abandoned to nature)
Quick Cemetery
Established 1876
Located at Quick corner of old Hwy 101 about 1.5 miles from Pleasant Valley jct
 (5 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Reinke Cemetery
At Sandlake
 (1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

Root Cemetery
Established 1920's
Located Oceanside approx. across from community hall
(1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

Sacred Heart Cemetery
Established 1903
2 miles south of Tillamook on Hwy 101 - at Air Base
(Fully Tended)

Sandlake Cemetery
Across from Sandlake cheese factory
(Abandoned to nature)

Schwalmas Family Cemetery
On west side of north fork Nehelem River across Market Road from bridge
(1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

Scout Camp Cemetery
Established 1898
At Cloverdale near boy scout camp
(Fully Tended)

Scovell Family Cemetery
Established 1889
On Hwy 53 5 miles north of Mohler near 3 Forks
(5 graves - Abandoned to nature)

Snyder Family Cemetery
On Hwy 101 east of Manzanita
(1 grave - Abandoned to nature)

Stratoff Cemetery
1/2 miles south of Long Prairie Road on old Air Base 3 miles south of Tillamook
(Abandoned to nature)

Sunset Heights Memorial Gardens
Established 1941
3 miles east of Tillamook on Trask River Road
(Fully Tended)

Sutton Cemetery
Established 1871
Hill Road at south edge of Cloverdale
(Abandoned to nature)

Tillamook I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Established 1864
Third Street - Tillamook
(Fully Tended)

Trout Cemetery aka Joe Champion; Haynes
North part of Evergreen Drive - Tillamook
(Moderately Tended)

Union Cemetery
Established 1913
Just off the east side of Hwy 101 about 2.6 miles south of Cloverdale - Union Cemetery Association

Walker Cemetery
Established 1887
4 miles east of Beaver on Beaver-Blaine Road at foot of hill near orchard at Boulder Creek
(Abandoned to nature)

Wells Cemetery (moved to Tillamook I.O.O.F.)

White Cemetery
2 miles east on Third Street in Tillamook, 1 mile south on McCormick Loop Road
(Abandoned to nature)

Woods I.O.O.F. Cemetery aka Lakeview
Established 1889
0.7 miles north of Nestucca Bridge at Woods then 0.2 miles east
(Abandoned to nature)

**Information taken from Oregon Cemetery Survey published 1978

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