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September 16, 2018

Marriage Announcements added: 1914

April 8, 2018

News articles added: 1914

Obituaries and Death Notices added: 1914

Marriage Announcements added: 1914

February 5, 2017

News articles added: 1913

Obituaries and Death notices added: 1913

Marriage Announcements added: 1913

August 6, 2016

News articles added: 1913 and 1914

Obituaries and Death Notices added

Marriage Announcment: Loomer - Burge

April 15, 2016

News articles added: 1913 and 1922

Obituaries added: Batzner, John

Marriage Announcement: Shipley-Fisher

April 3, 2016

New Host!

Obituaries added:  Gordon Page, Della Dundas, Edna Ely

Cemetery page updated

October 18, 2015

Obituaries added: Robert Hague, Ella Bowman

News articles added: Tripp appointed (1867)

September 30, 2014

Obituaries added: John Randall, Francis Sumner, Lucy Newell, Emily Newell

Biographies added: Benjamin Eddy, John Johnson, Horace Holden, William Johnson, Eli Goodspeed, David Wiley,William Stillwell, George Hunt, George Lamb, William Hays, Peter McIntosh, Henry McDermott, Charles Elliott, John Jones, George Bodyfelt, Isaac Quick, Joseph Donaldson, Elam Butts, Benjamin Hathaway, Charles Reynolds, Calif Drew, Amos Vaughn, Francis Shearer, Winfield Cone, Claude Thayer, Henry Rogers, Henry Lowry, Axom Farmer, Henry Alderman, John Marolf, William Owens, James Williams, John Morgan, Willis Powell, Marcus Harrison, William Chance, Peter Brant

March 31, 2014

News article added: Ajax trouble (1868)

Military added: Vietnam War Casualties

Biographies added: Lars Jensen

December 23, 2013

Military: World War I Honor Roll

Biographies added: Frank Brooks, Hosea Botts, Oak Nolan, Woodson Patterson, B. H. Hathaway, Thomas Goyne, B. H. Hathaway

July 28, 2013

Obits: Eliza Brant, Bachus Child, William King, Benjamin Hutchins

April 26 2013

News articles:

1905 - near deaths

January 31, 2013

Feb. 1913 news articles added.

Obits added: Guy Allen, Elwood Squires, John Ward, Cornelius Ward

Marriages added: Cochrane-Hart,

Births added: Campbell, Latimer

Divorce announcements added

October 27, 2012

Additional material added for death notices, birth announcements, ,marriage announcements and general community news

September 5, 2012

County has a new look a feel AND new content:

Death notices added for: John Johnson, A. E. Nisinger & Louis Dudrey

Marriages added for: Hanson-Blanchard, Conover-Crane, Jackson-Bebee

New !!  Birth notices: announcements for Berns, Kirby, Mitchell, Goyne, Blaser, Shaw, Welch, Galloway, Lamb, Johnson

New !! Anniversaries: Heaston's 35th.

New !! Engagement Announcements: Martin Hoven & Linnea Newquist

Newspaper articles from 1913 added, including a telephone list.

August 27, 2012

Biography added for Jasper Smith

Scuddeer - More marriage added

June 2011

Thanks to Jim Dezotell we have a biography for Robert Boals

August 2010

Thanks to Kathy Marynik we have obituaries for the following people: Vern Ray Hushbeck, Edna May Husbeck, Harold Hushbeck, Jesse Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Laura Kennedy, Irma Kennedy,
Jeremiah Kennedy, Donald Parks & Anita Parks

Thanks to Jim Dezotell we have a biography for John Henderson

September 5, 2009

Thanks to Kathie Marynik we have obituaries for the following people - Lewis Hushback Sr., Sarah Hushbeck, Lewis Hushback Jr., Mary Thun, Fred Thun, Lee Thun & Irene Webb

Thanks to Janice Rice we have marriages for Givens/Jones and Jones/Mazwell

November 23, 2008

Thanks to Kyle Condon we have obituaries for Frank and Pearle Hettick!

May 8, 2008

1890 South Prairie Veterans census

August 15, 2007

Thanks to Robyn Greenlund we have the 1883 pensioners list!

May 25, 2007

Updated news articles

1870 Nehalem & Onion Peak Veterans census

February 28, 2007

Towns page

1870 census

February 7, 2007

1860 census

January 3, 2007

Cemeteries page

October 25, 2006

Misc. Newspaper articles

October 7, 2006

Bay Area 1890 Veterans census

May 2006

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