1831 Pennsylvania Death Records from the National Intelligencer

Source: National Intelligencer, as pub. in the NGSQ, vol 55, No. 1, March 1967, submitted by K. Torp

These are all 1831. The date at the end is date of publishing in the N.Intell.

"This city" refers to Washington D.C. where the National Intelligencer was published

BAKER, Joseph, a citizen of Baltimore, committed suicide Feb. 21 at York, Pa. (March 7) Contributed by Kim Torp

COLEMAN, James, died Sept. 9, in Lancaster Co., Pa., age 47. (Sept. 20) Contributed by Kim Torp

COONES, Frederick, age 75, a native of Pa., but for the past 25 years a resident Of this city, died March 31- (April 2) Contributed by Kim Torp

CORVELL, Cornelius, died on Great Hill, near Lambertsville, Pa., July 6. He was born June 27, 1733, and was an ardent Whig of the Revolution. (July 16) Contributed by Kim Torp

DENNISON, George, died at Wilkesbarre, Pa., Aug. 21, in the 42nd year of his age. He was appointed Register and Recorder of this county; was thereafter called to a seat in the State Legislature, and represented that Dist. in Congress. (Sept. 10) Contributed by Kim Torp

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