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Members of the 1837 Constitutional Convention

A Table Containing the Name, Age, Birthplace, Residence and Occupation of each Member of the Convention assembled at Harrisburg, May 2d, 1837, to propose amendments to the Constitution of Pennsylvania [Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) July 4 1837 - Transcribed by Nancy Piper]

Name Age Birthplace Residence Occupation
Daniel Agnew 28 Trenton, N.J. Beaver County Lawyer
William Ayers 60 York Co PA Butler County Lawyer
M. W. Baldwin 41 Essex Co NJ Philadelphia Manufacturer
Ephraim Banks 45 Mifflin Co Mifflin Co Lawyer
John Y. Barclay 37 Bedford Co Westmoreland Co Lawyer
Jacob Barndollar 57 Frederick Co MD Bedford Co Farmer & Merchant
Charles A. Barnitz 49 York Co York Co Lawyer
Andrew Bayne 37 Fayette Co Allegheny Co Merchant
Andrew Bedford 37 Luzerne Co Luzerne Co Physician
Thomas S. Bell 36 Philadelphia Chester Co Lawyer
James C. Biddle 41 Philadelphia City Philadelphia City Lawyer
L. L. Bigelow 37 Vermont Westmoreland Co Physician
Sam’l C. Bonham 45 North Carolina York Co Farmer
Charles Brown 37 Philadelphia Co Philadelphia Co Merchant
William Brown 43 Northampton Co Northampton Co Farmer
Jeremiah Brown 53 Lancaster Co Lancaster Co Farmer
Pierce Butler 27 Philadelphia Philadelphia Co Farmer
Samuel Carey 49 Bucks Co Bucks Co Physician
George Chambers 50 Chambersburg Franklin Co Attorney
Jos. R. Chandler 41? Phymouth Co Mass Philadelphia City Editor
John Chandler 45 Chester Co Chester Co Farmer
Chas. Chauncey 39 Connecticut Philadelphia City Lawyer
Nathaniel Clapp 42 Saratoga Co NY Bradford Co Merchant
James Clarke 54 Franklin Co Indiana Co Mechanic
John Clark 62 Union Co Beaver Co Farmer
William Clark 60 Dauphin Co Dauphin Co Farmer
Sam’l Cleavinger 44 Greene Co Greene Co Lawyer
Andrew J. Cline 40 Philadelphia Bedford Co Lawyer
Lindley Coates 43 Chester Co Lancaster Co Farmer
R. E. Cochrane 52 Delaware State Lancaster Co Physician
Thos. P. Cope 68 Lancaster Co Philadelphia city Merchant
Joshua F. Cox 34 Adams Co Somerset Co Lawyer
Walter Craig 50 Ireland Washington Co Merchant
Richard M. Crain 39 Lancaster Co Cumberland Co Farmer
Geo. T. Crawford 28 Allegheny Co Westmoreland Co Farmer
Cornelius Crum 46 Maryland Huntingdon Co Farmer
John Cummin 65 Ireland Juniata Co Farmer
T. S. Cunningham 47 Washington Co Mercer Co Attorney
William Curll 56 Ireland Armstrong Co Farmer
Wm Darlington 32 Chester Co Chester Co Lawyer
Mark Darragh 35 Bucks Co Berks Co Physician
Harmar Denny 43 Allegheny Co Allegheny Co Lawyer & Farmer
John Dickey 42 Westmoreland Co Beaver Co Merchant
Joshua Dickerson 46 Washington Co Washington Co Farmer
Jacob Dillinger 38 Lehigh Co Lehigh Co Surveyor
James Donegan 43 Philadelphia Co Berks Physician
John R. Donnell 38 York Co York Farmer
Joseph M. Doran 35 Philadelphia City Philadelphia Co Lawyer
James Dunlop 43 Chambersburg Franklin Co Farmer & Manufact’r
Thomas Earle 41 Massachusetts Philadelphia Co Lawyer
D. M. Farrelly 29 Crawford Co Crawford Co Lawyer
Robert Fleming 36 Lycoming Co Lycoming Co Lawyer
Walter Forwad 59 Connecticut Allegheny Co Lawyer
John Foulkrod 45 Montgomery Co Philadelphia Co Surveyor
Joseph Frey 55 Bucks Co Lehigh Co Farmer
John Fuller 48 Chester Co Fayette Co Farmer
John A. Gamble 37 Centre Co Lycoming Co Surveyor
William Gearhart 62 New Jersey Northumberland Farmer
David Gilmore 50 Fayette Co Fayette Co Farmer
Virgil Grennel 37 Connecticut Wayne Co Farmer
Orlo J. Hamlin 33 Connecticut M’Kean Lawyer
Wm. L. Harris 46 Dauphin Co Union Co Farmer
Thomas Hastings 40 Centre Co Jefferson Co Merchant
Ezra S. Hayhurst 33 Columbia Co Columbia Co Surveyor
William Hiester 46 Berks Co Lancaster Co Farmer
A. Helfenstine 39 Philadelphia Philadelphia Co Physician
M. Henderson 44 Allegheny county Allegheny Co Farmer
Wm. Henderson 42 Cumberland Co Dauphin Co Physician
William High 51 Berks Co Berks Co Farmer
Jos. Hopkinson 66 Philadelphia Philadelphia City Judge
John Houpt 71 Philadelphia Co Bucks Co Farmer
Jabez Hyde 64 Connecticut Susquehanna Co Farmer
Chas. J. Ingersoll 56 Philadelphia Philadelphia Co Farmer and Lawyer
Phineas Jenks 52 Bucks Co Bucks Co Physician
George M. Keim 30 Reading Berks Co Iron master
James Kennedy 50 Buck Co Northampton Co Farmer
Aaron Kerr 61 New Jersey Washington Co Merchant
Jos. Konigmacher 28 Lancaster Co Lancaster Co Manufacturer
Jacob Krebs 56 Montgomery Co Schuylkill Co Farmer
Henry G. Long 30 Lancaster Co Lancaster Co Lawyer
David Lyon 50 Delaware Co Delaware Co Farmer
Wm. P. Maclay 62 Northumberland Co Mifflin Co Farmer
Alexander M’Gee 45 Philadelphia city Perry Co Printer
Joel K. Mann 55 Montgomery Co Montgomery Co Farmer
Benjamin Martin 56 Chester Co Philadelphia Co Gentleman
James M’Sherry 60 Adams Co Adams Co Farmer
Wm. M. Meredith 37 Philadelphia city Philadelphia city Lawyer
James Merrill 47 Vermont Union Co Lawyer & Farmer
Wm. L. Miller 44 New Jersey Fayette Co Carpenter
Levi Merkle 34 Lancaster Co Cumberland Co Farmer
Jas. Montgomery 56 Lancaster Co Mercer Co Farmer
Chris. Myers 41 Lancaster Co Venango Co Iron master
David Nevin 55 Franklin Co Cumberland Co Merchant
Wm. Overfield 50 Monroe Co Monroe Co Farmer
M. Pennypacker 51 Chester Co Chester Co Farmer
James Pollock 67 Juniata Co Erie Co Farmer
James Porter 44 Lancaster Co Lancaster Co Farmer & miller
James M. Porter 44 Montgomery Co Northampton Co Lawyer
S. A. Purviance 27 Butler Co Butler Co Lawyer
E. C. Reigart 40 Lancaster Co Lancaster Co Lawyer
A. H. Read 45 Vermont Susquehanna Co Lawyer
G. W. Riter 41 Philadelphia Co Philadelphia Co Physician
John Ritter 58 Berks Co Berks Co Printer
H. C. Rogerts 26 Connecticut Alegheny Co Lawyer
Samuel Royer 44 Franklin Co. Huntingdon Co Iron master
J. M. Russell 59 York Co Bedford Co Lawyer
Daniel Saeger 57 Northampton Co Crawford Co Farmer
John M. Scott 47 New York Philadelphia city Lawyer
Tobias Sellers 55 Bucks Co Montgomery Co Farmer
George Seltzer 54 Lebanon county Lebanon Co Farmer
John Sergeant 57 Philadelphia Philadelphia city Lawyer
George Serrill 55 Delaware Co Delaware Co Farmer
Henry Sheets 72 Montgomery Co Montgomery Co Manufacturer
George Shilletto 64 Ireland Crawford Co Farmer
Thos. H. Sill 59 Connecticut Erie Co Lawyer
George Smith 32 Lycoming Co Columbia Co Farmer
Wm. Smyth 63 Ireland Centre Co Farmer
Joseph Snively 54 Franklin Co Franklin Co Farmer
J. B. Sterigere 42 Montgomery Co Montgomery Co Lawyer
Thad. Stevens 43 Vermont Adams Co Lawyer
Jacob Stickle 56 York Co York Co Farmer
Wm. Sweetland 48 Connecticut Luzerne Co Merchant
Thomas Taggart 69 Montgomery Co Lycoming Co Farmer
M. J. Thomas 38 Schuylkill Co Chester Co Farmer
James Todd 48 Ireland Indiana Co Farmer
Thos. Weaver 39 Philadelphia Co Philadelphia Co Brickmaker
J. B. Weidman 47 Philadelphia Lebanon Co Lawyer
R. G. White 29 Northumberlan Co Tioga Co Lawyer
G. W. Woodward 28 Wayne Co Luzerne Co Lawyer
Robert Young 38 Indiana, Pa Cambria Co Lawyer

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