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State Updates


May 2018
State Misc. News: Mollie Maguires' News - Contributed by Robin Line

April 2018
PA Draft Registrations: Archie Kreiger Knowles - Contributed by Darlene Baylor

February 2018
Source: "Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey;" Volume XXII, Marriage Records, 1665-1800, by William Nelson; published by The Press Printing and Publishing Company, 1900; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team.
Miscellaneous News Items: Frank Reeder Resigns As Secretary of State - Contributed by Robin Line

November 2017
State Data
Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania
Source: "Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania," Genealogical and Personal Memoirs, Editor, John W. Jordan, LL.D., Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Volume II, published 1911; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team
List of Families
John W. Hereon, Henrietta Salisbury Evans, William T. Lyon, Clara Norton Shaw Jenkins, Robert Packer Brodhead , Persifor Frazer Smith, George Bartleson Benners, Andrew Fine Derr, John Benton Fassett, Frederic Walsingham Miller, Gilbert Follansbee, Henry S. Lydick, Churchill Brown Mehard, James Murdock Clark, James Alexander Robinson, William Hoggan Haines, Harry Gilmore Samson, Florence Jones Reineman, Margaret Irwin Hays, Matilda Graham Horner, Jennie Serrill Griffith, Elizabeth Wilson Robinson Allen, Adams - Anshutz, Logue Family , Omar Scott Decker, Francis Thomas Fletcher Lovejoy, Edwin Ruthven Sullivan, John Reed Scott, William Piper De Armit, Robert Sturgeon Robb, Estelle Knox Paul, Percival James Eaton, J. Caldwell Morrow, Frances Van Horn Burns, Anna Harding Denny Corcoran , Major Samuel W. Jeffries, Henry W. C. Gleffer, Homer J. Lindsay, Samuel Babcock Crowell, Babock (Badocke) Family, Addinell Hewson, M. D., Colonel Oliver Christian Bosbyshell, Hon. William Potter, Hon. Hampton L. Carson, Edward E. Robbins, Robert Potter Molten, George Grossman Lenning, Jonathan Cilley Neff, William Stewart Wallace, Andrew Vinton Brown, Thomas Rehrer Osbourn, John Heman Converse, Richards Family, John Marston, John Calvert, Louis Childs Madeira, David Chambers Boggs, John Eshleman Lloyd, Daniel Waldo Howard, Ogden D. Wilkinson, Archibald Roger Montgomery, H. S. Prentiss Nichols, Alexis Dupont Smith, Antoine Bournonville, Neville B. Craig

September 2017
State Data

Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania

The Diary of Robert Morton
Kept In Philadelphia While That City Was Occupied By The
British Army In 1777


March 2015: How to Use Salsafy (1829), How to Preserve Hams in 1830


February 2012 : 1828 Commencement of Dickinson College


July 2015: The Johnstown Flood - Evans Family Deaths


February 2015: 1828-29 Appointments by the Governor
March 2012: Pennsylvania Governor Biographies : George Wolf


March 2017
1840 Census of Pensioners
-Transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Military Past Updates


July 2015:
Misc. Marriage and Death Notices: Mrs. Sarah Benjamin - Transcribed by Jim Dezotell

March 2015: Misc. Marriage and Death Notices: LLoyd-Davenport - Transcribed by Nancy Overland
August 2013: Daily Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia, Saturday April 29, 1865 - Transcribed by Donald Buncie
Sept 2012: Misc. Marriages and Death Notices: John Armstrong - Submitted by Ron Moseley
Mar 2012: Miscellaneous News Items - 1911 Oil Men's Picnic


State Data
July 2015
Marriage Records from the Journal of American Ancestry - State Licenses

March 2015: Biographies: HENRY LINTON, J.V. GEIGER, Vincent U. Rodgers, JOHN W. TRITES, MILTON K. WYCKOFF
Sept 2012: Pennsylvania Marriages 1742-1748 - Transcribed by Vicki Hartman

State History

July 2016
 Western Pennsylvania in 1760 - A Journal of a march from Fort Pitt to Venango and From Thence to Presqu' Isle - From the Papers of Capt. Thomas Hutchins, Geographer General of the United States


March 2015: Bill Passed to Make Turnpike to Maryland Line (1828), 1829 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal News; 1829 Delaware-Hudson Canal News: Dam Nearly Destroyed by Raftmen
February 2015: November 1830 Canal News, Railroad to be Laid From Harrisburg Through Cumberland and Franklin Counites (1829), State Road from Dillsburg to Berlin (1829), Ice Damaged Dams on Canals (1829), 1827-1830 Pennsylvania Canal News
July 2012 : Pennsylvania Canal News - Wiconisco Canal Abandoned(1890)
February 2012 : The Delaware and Hudson Canal (and Railroad) , Pennsylvania Canal 1829 News: The Western Division



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