1870 US Census Mortality - South Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Persons who died during year ending 1st June, 1870 in South Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, enumerated by P. C. Marks, Ass't Marshall.

Note: ACH was abbreviated for Allegheny County Home

# of Family Given Name Age Sex Color Married or W Place of Birth Month Died Occupation Disease or Cause of Death
1 McGrady, Domnic 1 M W   Penn Jan   Marasmus
62 Jackson, John 62 M W M Ireland Aug Farmer Consumption
106 Collins, Walter 2 M W   Penn Sep   Acute Dysentery
113 Algco, Boyd C. 17 M W   Penn Nov Apprentice to blacksmith Killed on R. R. accident
113 ______, John 11/12 M W   Penn Sep   Acute Dysentery
129 Forban, Masy 35 F W M Ireland March Keeping House Shot with a pistol
152 Wallace, Martha 2 F W   Penn Sep   Acute Dysentery
174 Wilkison, John 89 M W W Penn March Farmer Abcess of liver
220 Reynolds, Lizzie 11/12 F W   Penn Jan   Inflammatory of bowel
230 Wallace, Elizabeth 42 F W M Ireland Feb Keeping House Consumption
227 McKinney, Martha 72 F W W Ireland June   Old Age
ACH Foster, Robert 69 M W W Ireland June Laborer Consumption
ACH Davis, Davis 42 M W   Wales June Laborer Cirrhosis Hepatitis
ACH Jones, Sarah 19 F W   Penn June   Consumption
ACH Jackson, Amanuel 22 M W   Penn July Laborer Consumption
ACH Stephens, Howard 4 M W   Penn Aug   Consumption
ACH Oberr, Infant 1 week F W   Penn Sep   Cause Unknown
ACH Omps, Jacob 65 M W   Germany Oct Laborer Pericarditis
ACH Kepler, Infant 1 day M W   Penn Oct   Symmeles
ACH Hite, Infant 1/12 F W   Penn Nov   Marasmus
ACH Marbles, Joseph 45 M W M England Nov Laborer Paralysis
ACH Moore, James 94 M W W State Unknown Dec   General Debility
ACH Gausling, William 65 M W M Penn Dec Coal miner An old wound
ACH Frily, Henery 50 M W   Germany Dec Laborer Injury by a fall
ACH Galiher, Johnie 90 M W   Ireland Dec Playing on Triangle Old Age
ACH Hayney, Infant 1/12 M W   Penn Jan   Syphilis
ACH Butler, Infant 1/12 F W   Penn Jan   Apthia
ACH Backman, George 70 M W   Germany March Laborer General Debility
ACH Bestler, John 40 M W   Penn March Working in mill Aneurism
ACH Gibson, Edward 40 M W M Ireland Apr   Consumption
ACH Osburn, Christiana 75 F W W Penn Apr   Consumption
ACH Gallespy, James 80 M W   Penn Apr Laborer General Debility
ACH Height, Mary 66 F W M Penn Apr   Consumption
ACH Scott, George 59 M W M Penn May Laborer Dropsy
252 Lesbitt, Agnes B. 8 M W   Penn Apr   By pistol being discharged - Accident
294 Coyle, Fletcher  7/12  M W   Iowa March   Pneumonia

Transcribed by C. Anthony

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