1880 US Census Mortality - South Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Persons who died during year ending May 31st, 1880 in South Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, enumerated by Joseph Boyce, Ass't Marshall.

# of Family Given Name Age Sex Color Married, 
Widowed, or Single 
Place of Birth Father's Birth Place Mother's Birth Place Occupation Month Died Disease or Cause of DeathName of Attending Physician
6 Rowley, W. G. 50 M W M Penn Penn PennFarmer April ConsumptionDonaldson, David 
42 Colins, Jane M. 44 F W S Penn  Penn PennKeeping House Feb ConsumptionDonaldson, David 
62 Hanna, Jacob 39 M W S Penn Penn PennFarmer Aug  Tumor of the BowelsGilmore, William
6? Wallace, David 79 M W W Penn Ireland IrelandRetired Farmer March  Rhumatism of the Heart Gilmore, William
65  Jordan, Jacob 71 M W Penn Penn PennFarmer Apr DiabetesDonaldson, David 
68 Black, Bradock C. 18 M W S Penn Penn PennFarmer Jan Consumption Donaldson, David 
81 Clark, Rudolph  57 M W Penn Penn PennFarmer   CancerCook, George
139 Campbell, John W. 24  M W Penn Ireland PennFarmer Farmer Shot Accidentally Tailor, William
142 Kelso, Mary K. 43  F W M Penn      Keeping House   Heart Disease Cook, George
177 Rinchetta, Maryanna  30  F W M Italy Italy ItalyKeeping House Keeping House ConsumptionNone
212 Noah, Elizabeth 74 F W M Penn Penn PennKeeping House   EresifolasMcCaul, James
224 Ogrady, Elizabeth  65  W M Ireland Ireland IrelandKeeping House  March  Tyfoid NewmoniaTailor, Williams 
196 Stefenson, Caroline  34 W Italy Italy ItalyKeeping House  Sept.  Child birth None
P. R Bleeck, Catharine  86 F W M Pa Pa Pa   Sept. Heart Dis.M. P. Taylor

Transcribed by C. Anthony

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