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Marriage Records from the Journal of American Ancestry
State Licenses


Andrew Boone and Elizabeth White, 20 March, 1765, State License
Campbell, Eliza and Thomas Lacky, October, 1749, State License
Campbell, Edward and Mary Lawrence, 2 February, 1748, State License
Campbell, Elizabeth and William Albertson, 1 April, 1752, State License
Cooper, Ananias and Bridget Dwyer, 22 May, 1775, State License
Cooper, Elizabeth and Joseph Correy, 5 December, 1763, State License
Cooper, Hugh and Mary Fowler, 28 May, 1765, State License
Cooper, James and Ann Hims, 14 December, 1762, State License
Cooper, Jane and George Kennedy, 29 March, 1763, State License
Cooper, Keziah and Moses Long, 2 December, 1761, State License
Cooper, Mary and Samuel Kirk, 3 April, 1751, Penn. State License
Cooper, Robert and Mary Crawford, 7 April, 1763, State License
Cooper, Sarah and John Bruse, 4 December, 1771, State License
Cooper, Susannah and Thomas Sealock, 25 May, 1763, State License
Fox, Mary, and John Rasbury, 6 July, 1774, Penn. State Licence [sic]
Fox, Francis and Sarah Thompson, 20 June, 1775, Penn. State Licence [sic]
Harrison, Mary and Abraham Bennet, March, 1749, Penn. State License.
Lincoln, Isaac and Mary Shute, December, 1746, State Licence [sic]
Lincoln, Jacob and Ann Rambo, June, 1747, State License
Logan, George and Olive Lawrenceson, 15 April, 1751, Penn., State License
Logan, John and Ann Talbert, 30 July, 1773, Penn. State License
Logan, Mary and Robert Lightbody, 27 October, 1768, Penn. State License
Logan, Mary and James Cherry, 5 June, 1760, Penn. State License
Logan, Rachel and James McClellan, 18 January, 1776, Penn., State License
Logan, Sarah and James Cummings, 3 June, 1751, Penn. State License
[Source: "Genealogy: A Journal of American Ancestry", Volumes 6-7, 1916-1917; Edited by William Montgomery Clemens, 1916-1917 ]


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