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Names of Persons For Whom Marriage Licenses Where Issued In the Province of Pennsylvania Previous to 1790


[Source: Pennsylvania Archives Second Series Reprinted under the direction of Charles Warren Stone Secretary of the Commonwealth; Edited by John B. Lynn and Wm. H. Egle, MD Vol. II, Harrisburg, F.K. Meyer, State Printer, 1890]

Among the laws agreed upon in England by the Proprietary for the government of the Province of Pennsylvania, was one providing for a registry of marriages, births and deaths. By virtue of this law licenses were issued by the authorities. Although the Assembly frequently declared it "the opinion of this House that the Proprietary or his Deputy Granting Lycenses to marry is not Incident to any authority Granted them by the Royal Charter, nor warranted thereby, nor by any power that we understand they have; but the Granting of such Lycenses is Contrary to law & an Evil Tendency;" the practice did not fall into total desuetude until some years after the formation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of 1790. Four volumes of these records are in existence, covering a period of not quite forty years. What has become of the earlier registers and those also kept during the Revolution, it has been impossible to ascertain.
The license was issued from the Provincial Secretary's office, and the date prefixed to each name is that of the issuing the same, not that of the marriage. Ministers and other performing the ceremony sent forward the penal bond properly signed, whereupon the license was issued. Accounts were kept with these persons, and from the records we glean the following names. The reader may look, perchance, for some of the celebrated clergymen of the old-time; but many of these procured their licenses through the civil magistrate and hence do not appear in the books referred to:

1760, Aldricks, Hermanus, Esq., Cumberland county.
1767, Andrews, Rev. John, Lewestown, Sussex county.
1762, Alsentz, George, Germantown
1742, Backhouse, Reverend
1763 Barton, Rev. Thomas, Lancaster
1742, Beckert, Rev. William
1759, Borell, Rev. Andrew Rector at Wilmington
1760, Bordenlied, Rev. Mr.
1767, Bucher, Rev. Conrad, Carlisle.
1742 Chew, Samuel Esq.
1762 Craig, Rev. George, Chester
1744 Currie, Rev. William, at the Great Valley, Chester County.
1742 Franberg, Rev. Pter
1768 Gircelius, Rev. Lawrence, Wilmington
1762 Gordon, Lewis, Esq., Northampton county
1766 Graham, Henry Hale, Esq., Chester
1762 Griffith, Rev. Albel, "Baptist Minister in West Bradford Township, Chester County"
1744 Griffith, Timothy, "in Penn Cador Hund'd, New Castle, County."
1762 Growden, Lawrence, Esq., Bucks county
1763 Hall, David, Esq., Sussex county
1743 Holt, Ryves, Esq., Lewes Town, Sussex county
1764 Huston, Rev. Alexander, "Mushmellion Hund'd, Keng county."
1762 Inglis, Rev. Charles, Dover.
1764 Johnston, Samuel, Esq., York county.
1743 Legat, John
1768 Long, Rev. James, "of Counescoeheague in Cumberland county."
1767 McGaw, [Magaw] Rev. Mr., Dover.
1762 McKannon, Rev. William "of White Clay Creek, New Castle county."
1743 Machay, John, New Castle
1760 Miller, Rev. John, "near Dover."
1763 Murray, Rev. Alexander, Reading, Berks county.
1763 Neal, Rev. Mr., "of Oxford, Germantown,"
1742 Noxon, Thomas, Esq.
1762 Parker, Joseph, Esq., Chester
1765 Peters, Rev. Richard, "of the city of Philadelphia."
1743 Pugh, Rev. John
1762 Read, James, Esq., Berks county
1760 Reeger, Rev. Mr. Lancaster.
1744 Ridgley, Nicholas, Esq.
1762 Rodgers, Rev. John, "at St. George's New Castle county."
1743 Ross, Rev. Aeneas, oxford
1762 Schlatter, Rev. Michael, near Germantown
1762 Shippen, Edward, Esq., Lancaster county.
1766 Spencer, Rev. Elihu, "at St. George's New Castle county."
1762 Steel, Rev. John "Carlisle in Cumberland county."
1762 Stevenson, George, Esq., York county
1762 Stover, Rev. Casper, Lebanon Township, Lancaster county.
1760 Sturgeon, Rev. Mr.
1762 Thompson, Rev. William "Commissionary at York county."
1750 Unander, Rev. Mr.
1768 Van Buskirk, Rev. Jacob, Germantown.
1763 Vining, John Esq., Kent county

Severe laws were passed in the early days of the Province against clandestine marriages, and an act of the Assembly of 1683 proposed a law for "young Men's marrying at such an age," The issuing of a license was not obligatory, but was intended for those cases where the banns were not published or the marrying in church dispensed with, and as a protection to ministers and others performing the ceremonies.

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1773 Aug. 7 Aaron, Hannah Jones, Jonathan
1767 Sep. 4 Aaron , Rachel Kelly, John
1764 Aug. 1 Abbett , Jonathan Sidders, Abigail
1774 Dec. 3 Abbott , Ezekiel Williams, Elizabeth
1783 21-Jun Abel , John -----
1768 Apr. 18 Abel , Matthias Elliart, Jane
1771 Dec. 11 Abel, Sarah Shaw, Samuel
1774 17-Mar Abel, Susannah Anderson, John
1763 Apr. 18 Abercromby, Elizabeth Bower, Hugh
1765 9-May Abercrummey, Judith Malcolm, Robert
1774 Jan. 1 Aberdeen, Joseph Leacock, Susanna
1774 25-May Abraham, James George, Hannah
1773 18-Dec Abraham, Margaret Eastburne, Benjamin
1766 23-May Abrams, Elizabeth Lancaster, John
1771 Jan. 14 Abrecken, Mary Shafer, Jacob
1767 16-May Aburn, Hannah Hughes, Richard
1765 Oct. 17 Ackles, Susannah Wade, Andrew
1762 22-Dec Acred, John Ireland, Hanah
1774 Dec. 21 Adair, Thomas Jones, Eleanor
1764 Dec. 5 Adams, Alexander Galer, Martha
1775 Oct. 12 Adams, Ann Conyngham, Thomas
1770 Sep. 25 Adams, Catharine McKowan, George
1772 10-Jul Adams, Catharine Robertson, Patrick
1764 Nov. 1 Adams, Elizabeth Willson, George
1770 1-Dec Adams, Elizabeth Hewitt, John
1764 Feb. 29 Adams, Elizabeth Lang, William
1764 Nov. 1 Adams, Elizabeth Smith, William
1768 Oct. 17 Adams, Hannah Wilkie, John
1748 Jan.-- Adams, James Jones, Sarah
1763 Jul. 27 Adams, Jane Nimmen, George
1745 Dec. -- Adams, John  
1772 Aug. 20 Adams, John Hummer, Catharine
1775 Nov. 15 Adams, John Walker, Elizabeth
1764 Dec. 24 Adams, John Hamilton, Martha
1775 Feb. 3 Adams, John Davis, Mary
1776 Mar. 9 Adams, John Winn, Phoebe
1769 Dec. 28 Adams, Jonathan Flower, Susannah
1762 16-Feb Adams, Joseph Morrow, Ann
1769 16-Mar Adams, Margaret Webster, Samuel
1762 6-Sep Adams, Mary Dolbow, Gabriel
1763 10-Aug Adams, Mary Vore, Gideon
1765 26-Jun Adams, Mary Urch, James
1774 8-Dec Adamson, Alexander Groce, Mary
1748 Mar Adamson, Anthony Haines, Dorothy
1746 Jan Adamson, Philip  
1748 13-Jul Adamson, Susanna Parsons, John
1765 29-Aug Adamson, William Story, Elizabeth
1767 Jen 8 Adams, Patience Watson, William
1765 25-Mar Adams, Peter Rick, Mary
1762 6-Nov Adams, Rachael Black, James
1762 23-Jul Addidle, Charity Elliott, George
1771 16-Feb Addis, Martha Harding, Joseph
1767 12-Nov Addis, Mary Duffield, Jacob
1748 Feb Addis, Richard Haslet, Susanna
1769 27-Dec Adudell, John Hanse, Eleanor
1764 14-Sep Adudel, Sarah Harding, William
1763 24-Sep Agen, Alexander Morrison, Agnes
1763 11-Aug Aglee, John Weaver, Rosanna
1770 24-Oct Agnes, Margaret Price, Joseph
1768 12-Dec Aires, Stephen Wells, Hester
1786 15-Dec Airs, Elizabeth Baker, Arnol
1771 3-Dec Akerly, Keziah Carlisle, William
1768 May-36 Akin, Hannah Joseph Nicholson
1764 7-May Alberger, Mary Bernholt, John
1767 16-Jul Alberry, Adam Monse, Elizabeth
1747 Mar Alberton, Catharine Beezens, Jacob
1761 29-Oct Albertson, Jonathan Thomas, Jemima
1771 1-Jun Albertson, Sarah Flennigan, William
1770 10-May Albertson, Susannah Edwards, William
1762 26-Jul Albright, Hannah Wright, Anthony
1747 Oct Albright, Mary Guthrie, Alexander
1762 31-Aug Albright, Mary Barber, Charles
1775 20-Feb Albright, Michael Dowterman, Juliana
1748 11-Nov Albrighton, Xhia Hicks, Nicholas
1769 6-Oct Aldworth, William Coffing, Hannah
1764 Set 24 Alse, Elizabeth Reynolds, Jno.
1770 6-Sep Alexander, Adam Bailes, Hannah
1764 6-Dec Alexander, David Cochran, Elizabeth
1762 22-Sep Alexander, Elizabeth Bunn, William
1762 22-Sep Alexander, Elizabeth Bunn, William
1776 6-Jan Alexander, Hannah McCress, James
1766 17-Apr Alexander, Henry Rush, Hester
1766 17-Apr Alexander, Henry Rush, Hester
1772 17-Oct Alexander, James Parker, Jane
1760 8-Jul Alexander, James Porter, Lydia
1767 10-Jan Alexander, James Thompson, Mary
1771 17-Jul Alexander, James Craven, Rachel
1761 25-Jul Alexander, John Johnson, Marg’t
1764 31-Jul Alexander, Margaret Grant, Lewis
1766 18-Dec Alexander, Sarah Stevenson, Jennings
1764 14-Nov Alexander, Thomas Simpson, Catharine
1775 5-Apr Alexander, Thomas Smith, Mary
1768 6-Jan Alison, Benjamin Chambers, Sarah
1768 11-Aug Allardice, Joseph Ashton, Elizabeth
1768 24-Apr Allen, Andrew Cox, Sarah
1768 7-Dec Allenby, James Snow, Elizabeth
1774 20-Dec Allen, Elizabeth Oakman, Isaac
1774 30-Aug Allen, Elizabeth Magee, Thomas
1773 28-Sep Allen, George Bowen, Esther
1748 Jan Allen, George Harding, Mary
1772 7-Oct Allen, Hannah Gill, Robert
1774 2-Nov Allen, Hannah Little, William
1769 20-Dec Allen, Isaac Campble, Sarah
1765 15-Jan Allen, James Christy, Catharine
1769 6-May Allen, James Hull, Elizabeth
1768 9-Mar Allen, James Lawrence, Elizabeth
1773 11-Oct Allen, James Fitzgerald, Margaret
1760 12-Nov Allen, Jane Ewing, Henry
1767 12-Dec Allen, Jedediah Nicholson, Ruth
1774 March Allen, John  
1764 13-Mar Allen, Joseph Plumley, Sarah
1747 Nov Allen, Margaret Burk, Adam
1767 22-Feb Allen, Margaret Lockhart, John
1763 3-May Allen, Mary Rodman, Joseph
1771 2-Mar Allen, Mary Coates, Thomas
1773 28-Jun Allen, Mary Price, William
1773 21-Apr Allen, Nathaniel, Jr. Dean, Mary
1768 6-Apr Allen, Patience Clark, Josiah
1745 Dec Allen, Patrick  
1762 7-Jan Allen, Peter Holth, Rebecca
1765 26-Jan Allen, Richmond Farmer, Mary
1761 6-Jun Allen, Sarah Jones, Thomas
1748 Sep Allen, Susanna Spike, Jacob
1744 May Allen, Ulrich  
1748 13-Apr Allen, William Reed, Jane
1764 3-May Allen, William Brooks, Martha
1748 16-Jun Allen, Woolrick Mandlin, Mary
1763 13-Jan Allibone, William Gauthony, Sarah
1774 19-Oct Allison, Aaron Phipps, Elizabeth


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