Bedford County Pennsylvania Court Records

Donated by Margaret Gagliardi

Bedford County, PA

Continuance Docket Vol 2, Page 150

January Term 1789, #39


Wood (atty) GEORGE KELLY vs ROBERT CULBERTSON. Capias Case C. C. B. B. N. Bail Bond __ April Cont. Ipl. Entered July Judgment

Donated by Margaret Gagliardi

Bedford County, PA

Continuance Docket Vol 2, Page 153

April Term 1789, #15


WOOD (atty) GEORGE KELLY AV vs ROBERT CULBERTSON & JAMES MARTIN Esq. Summons Debt £40. Summons Served on both __ Bail intd in original action.

Donated by Margaret Gagliardi

Bedford County, PA

Continuance Docket, Vol 2, Page 168

October Term 1789


HAMl (atty) N… DANIEL KELLY vs WOODS, RIDDLE (attys) JOHN TUTON. At Summons Debt £106.6.0 post Capias. Summons __ Cont by Consent attomis Jan7, 1790.. Rule to take the deposition of witnesses in the state of Maryland to be read in __ on the trail of this cause before HENRY SCHRYOAK, NATHANIEL ROCHESTER, & WILLIAM LEE or any two of them Esparte Rule to be taken on this Wednesday of Washington Court. Mr. Riddle undertaker to give notice to Pltff & accepts of notice to Defendant Cont., April Rule to declare C. July. Abated by Death of the Deft says Defts Attorney.

The Bedford Gazette, June 8 1900

In the Register’s Office

Wills of Simon Nycum and John B. Replogle.

Simon Nycum, last of East Providence township, bequeathe to his son, John Q. Nycum, an eight-day clock; to his son, Simon F. Nycum, a double-cased gold watch, an eight-day clock, the farm on which he resides and the farming utensils and other personal property on the premises; to his son, Joseph W. S. Nycum, the real estate on which he resides, known at the “Stoudernour” farm; to his son , Albert L. Nycum, the house and lot in Bedford on which he resides; to his son, William H. Nycum, an open-faced gold watch. His books, pictures, house-hold goods etc are to be divided among his children. The executors are to sell the rest of his personal property. His executors in Bedford county are directed to sell all of his real estate in this county and those in Illinois and Iowa are to sell the real estate in those states and in Nebraska. He directs that each of his children shall have and receive an equal share of his estate at final distribution, excepting, however that the shares of Simon F., Joseph W., S. and Albert L. Nycum are given to them for life only, with the remainder to their descendants, and with the further exception that the share which would fall to his son, H. Clay Nycum, he devises to his children, share and share alike. To the Mt. Zion Lutheran church at Ray’s Hill he gives some land and money for making improvements to the church, etc. John Q. Nycum and John S. Hershberger are appointed executors of his estate in Pennsylvania, George W. Nycum executor of his estate in Illinois and Willaim H. Nycum executor of his estate in Iowa and Nebraska.

There are several codicills to the will, one of which reads as follows: “In regard to the shares, or interest, or life estate, gived by me in said will to my four sons – H. Clay, Albert L., J. W. S. and Simon Nycum – I give, devise and bequeath said interests, or life estates, to my executors in trust for their use, so that the same shall not be liable to the payment of theie debts heretofore or hereafter contracted.”


John B. Replogle, late of Woodbury township, bequeaths all of his real estate and personal property to his wife. Upon her re-marriage or death the property is to be equally divided among decedent’s children. Adam Frederick is appointed executor.

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