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Bedford County PA News - Disasters

Transcribed by Nancy Piper unless otherwise stated


The Centinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), November 21 1810

Bedford, November 14

The rain, which fell on Friday and Saturday last, raised the creeks, in this vicinity, higher than the oldest inhabitants recollect to have seen them. The bridge over Dunning's creek was carried off the pillars, but lodged against a large tree, at a short distance. On this stream as well as on that of the Raystown Branch, much individual damage was done.

We have been informed that a Wagoner and four horses were drowned in crossing a stream near McConnelstown, which, at most seasons of the year, is partly dry; - and that at For Cumberland, Md., the elegant bridge over Will's creek, has been entirely swept away, and a new brick mill.

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

March 17, 1824

Bedford, Pa., March 12

An incessant fall of rain on Sunday last, together with a great flow of water from the mountains, which were covered with a deep snow, occasioned an unusual flood in our branch of the Juniata and Dunning's creek. We regret to state that two of the arches of the large stone bridge on the Turnpike east of this pace, gave way on the lower side and fell. The bridge has been so much injured that, we understand doubts are entertained as to the propriety of attempting to repair it. Notwithstanding this accident, by the exertions of the managers of the road and other citizens, the old circuitous road, by Dunnings creek bridge, was so soon repaired as to cause but little delay to the wagoners and other travelers. We have heard that the Turnpike bridge over Turtle creek has also been destroyed. - Gazette.

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
November 24, 1824

On the 29th ult., the house of Mr. Shell, near Shellsburgh, was burnt to the ground. The most of the furniture was, however, saved. The fire originated in the kitchen. - Greensburgh Gaz.

Bonnett's Tavern House Destroyed by Fire

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) March 29, 1826

Bedford, March 17.


Our borough was yesterday visited by this destructive element in its most terrific form. At about half past 12 o'clock, Mr. Bonnett's large tavern house, immediately opposite this office was discovered to be on fire and so irresistible were the flames that in a few minutes it was discovered that all attempts to save the building were useless and the whole attention of the citizens was directed towards confining the fire to the building in which it originated. The wind blew a perfect hurricane from the north-west, and notwithstanding that many of the adjoining and surrounding buildings were repeatedly on fire, by the most unremitted and zealous exertions of all the citizens, they were saved from ruin.

Too much credit cannot be given, not only to the citizens but to the farmers of the vicinity and strangers who were present for their spirited conduct on this lamentable occasion - Gaz.

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