Probate Records for Edward Perrin Bedford Co. PA

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Estate of Edward Perrin, Intestate

Petition by Artemus Bennett for Partition of Certain Shares of the Real Estate of Edward Perrin, dec d.

Nov. 18, 1852 Recorded & filed and on witness of J.W. Mann, Esq. writ of Partition amended By the Court

Writ made and entered in No. 8, Page 390 (or 391) J.M. Mann

To the Honorable F.M. Kimmell President & Wm. T. Ray, huty(?) & J.R. Noble, Esquires, associate Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Bedford County, now comprising of Orphans Court.

This Petition of Artemus Bennett purchaser of several shares of the children of Edward Perrin dec d. late of the County of Bedford Penna, humbly presents...

That the said Edward Perrin lately died Intestate, leaving no widow, but issue nine children, to wit: Rebecca intermarried with Samuel Awford, Jasper Perrin, Leary Ann Perrin, Jonathan Perrin [the word 'and' is written then crossed through] John Perrin, William Perrin, Sarah Perrin, Amos Perrin, and Deborah intermarried with Daniel Gordon.

That your petitioner has purchased the following shares of said heirs - Rebecca's Share, Jasper's (Jesse's) share, Leary Ann's, William, Sarah & Amos.

That Jonathan & John Perrin have sold their shares to John E. Roberts, as Petitioner has been informed.

That the said Intestate died seized, in his demesne, as, of for, of and in a certain plantation & tract of Land situate in Southampton township, Bedford County, adjoining lands of your Petitioner, Jeremiah Robinett & others, Containing one hundred & nineteen acres, or there abouts, with a small Log house & Stable thereon, about 20 ac. of Land cleared, with a small orchard.

Your Petitioner therefore as purchaser of the share of Jasper, which deed is on Record, in the Recorder's Office, prays your Honorable Court to award an Inquest to make partition of the premises aforesaid to and among the children & representatives of the said Intestate, in such manner & such proportions as by the laws of the Commonwealth is described, if such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling the whole.

But if such partition cannot be made thereof, as aforesaid, then to vendue and appraise the same, and make report of the proceeding, therein according to Law.

And he will pray

Artemus Bennett


Inquisition Results for Writ of Petition by Artemus Bennett to Sub-Divide Real Estate of Edward Perrin, Deceased

Orphans Court, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

January 8, 1853

Bedford County

Inquisition endented & taken at the House of Moses Roberts - in Southampton township in said County, this eighth day of January in the year of our Lord - one thousand eight hundred and fifty three, before John Alsip, Esq. & High Sheriff of said County, in that oaths & solemn affirmations of Able Johnson, Joseph Willison, John D. Purdue, David Fetter, Samuel Gordon, Hugh Wilson, Michael Mills, Adam Fetter, Adam Fetter Sr., Lewis Johnson, Eli W. Ash & William Johnson, twelve good and lawful men of his Bailiwick, whose names & seals are hereunto annexed, upon their oaths & solemn affirmations


aforesaid - do say that having been taken by the said John Alsip, high Sheriff as aforesaid, in his proper person to and upon the premises described in the Writ to this Inquisition annexed, and the parties in the said writ named having been s-?--aly named and as many as chose being present, that the premises aforesaid in the said writ mentioned cannot be parted and divided so as to accommodate all the heirs or parties interested without prejudice to or spoiling the whole, and that the same cannot be parted and divided so as to accommodate two or more of the heirs or parties interested therein, without prejudice to or spoiling the whole, and therefore the said Inquest has valued and appraised the same together and undivided and do value and appraise the same at and for the sum of two hundred and Eighty dollars and Eighty four Cents -

In testimony whereof as well, I the said Sheriff and the Jurors aforesaid, to this Inquisition have set their hands & seals this eighth day of January A.D. eighteen hundred fifty three.

John Alsip Sheriff his mark William Johnson Adam X Fetter

Lewis Johnson Michel Mills

Abel Johnson John D. Perdue

Adam P. Fetter Sr. David Fetter

Jasper Willison Samuel Gordon

Hugh Wilson Eli W. Ash

To Feb'y Term 1853

Writ of Partition and Valuation on the Estate of Edward Perrin dec d.

The Execution of the within writ with appraisal by the schedule within attached, So answers John Alsip, Shff. Filed Feb'y 14th 1853. D. Washabaugh, clerk

Jury Pd. By A. Bennett... 5.00

Sheriff Alsip pd. 9.82.

Power of Attorney from Artemus Bennett to J.W. Mann, Esq.

February 15, 1853


I, Artemus Bennett, hereby authorize J.W. Mann, to appear for me and accept the Real Estate of Edward Perrin for me, at the Valuation - It have been appraised by virtue of a Writ of Partition & valuation, issued out of the Orphans Court of Bedford County - February 15th, 1853

Artemus Bennett


To the Honorable the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas now comprising an Orphan's Court in & for the County of Bedford -

The Petition of Artemus Bennett, respectfully represents - That he is the owner of the shares of 5 of the Heirs of Edward Perrin dec d..including the oldest son, that there are 9 Heirs, - That the Real Estate of the said Ed. Perrin has been valued at the sum of $280.84, which will come to each Heir $28.13 - said Petitioner prays your Honor to permit him to take said property at the valuation.

Artimus Bennett by his

Feb'y 1853 - atty J.W. Mann


Edward Perrin's Estate -

Artemus Bennett has the following shares - 1. Jesse Perrin - Recorded Y:96.

2. Leary Ann Perrin - Deed 12 Jan'y 1850

nine Heirs 3. Sarah Perrin Sold by Guardian under order of

4. Amos Perrin Court, deed on Record.

5. Wm. Perrin - Deed 19 Sept. 1849

Valuation $ 280.84

Jury A. Bennett 5.00

Sheriff 9.82

Clerk Orp. Court 2.815

Atty. fee 10.00 - 27.63

9/ 253.21

Each Share 28.13


Motion by Attorney for Artemas Bennett Requesting Answer to the Court from Heirs of Edward Perrin, Deceased

Filed February 21st, 1853

Orphans Court, Bedford, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Bedford County ss:

At an Orphans Court held at Bedford in and for the County of Bedford on the 21st day of February A.D. 1853. Before the Honorable Judges of the said Court.

On motion of J.W. Mann, Esq. Rule upon the heirs and legal representatives of Edward Perrin late of Southampton Township deceased to wit - Rebecca intermarried with Samuel Awford for the use of Artemas Bennett, Jasper for the use of Artemas Bennett, Leary Ann for the use of Artemas Bennett. Jonathan, John, William for the use of Artemas Bennett, Amos for the use of Artemas Bennett, Deborah intermarried with Daniel Gordon -

To be and appear at an Orphans Court, to be holden at Bedford in and for said County on the first Monday 2nd day of May next to accept or refuse to wit, the real estate of said Edward Perrin dec d. at the valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of partition or valuation issued out of the Orphans Court of Bedford County and to the Sheriff of Bedford County for that purpose directed to what cause why the same should not be sold by order of the said Court -

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at Bedford the 21st day of February A.D. 1853. D. Washabaugh,Clerk

Feb'y 21st 1853 on motion of J.W. Mann, Atty, confirmed & Rule on heirs granted By The Court


May Term 1853 Orphans Court, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

We, Daniel Gordon and Deborah Gordon, formerly Perrin, acknowledge to issue and notice of the within Rule and that we have received from Artemus Bennett our full share of the within described property.

his mark

Eli X Perrin

Daniel Gordon

Deborah X Gordon


I, Eli Perrin, purchaser of the share of Rebecca Awford, do acknowledge to have received notice of the within Rule & that I have received payment in full of said share from Artemus Bennett.

Eli X Perrin


I, John Edward Roberts, purchaser of the shares of John & Jonathan Perrin acknowledge to have received notice of the within Rule & that I have received from Artemus Bennett, the amount of the said two shares & hereby transfer the same to him; witness my hand and seal -

John E. Roberts

Attest: Wesley Perdue


Copy of Rule on the heirs of E'wd Perrin, Dec d. to appear gc. gc.

May 6/53

On application of J. Mann, and Petition & ?. filed, the within property decreed to Artemus Bennett, without any Recognizance, the heirs having all within transfered their shares to said Bennett, or acknowledged in writing on the Rule that they had been paid by him in full - By the Court

J. Mann


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