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Gen. Philip Benner
Benner, Gen. Philip, d. 27 July 1832, in Spring Township, Pa., age 70. He was among the first settlers in this county and was here as early as 1792. Under the command of Gen. Wayne, he participated in the Revolution. (8 Aug. 1832) [Source: Vital Records From The National Intelligencer, by George A. Martin; transcribed by V. Bryan]

 Mrs. Jane Bones

Republican Compiler, July 4 1821

Died in Pikeland, Chester county, on the 2d ult., Mrs. Jane Bones, in the 94th year of her age. She led a pious and sociable life, was the tender Mother of a respectable family of children. Her health and activities were extraordinary, that, within 5 years of her death, she would mount her venerable horse, called Charley, aged 52 years (formerly Governor Penn's riding horse) and perform a journey of 30 miles a day, without complaining of fatigue. Since the death of her old horse, she has not backed any other, but would frequently walk 3 miles an hour, and, instead of complaining of being tired she would seat herself and tell a lively and entertaining tale. Her eyesight was so good that, within 10 days of her death, the Writer saw her sew fine Cambric, in the most elegant manner without the use of spectacles. - American Republican

Chester, Pa., Nov. 7, ae. ___. Dr. B. was one of those good-humored, whole-souled, and generous men who cast around them a genial glow of friendship and good feeling wherever they move. As a physician he has stood among the first for many years, and has been one of the most successful practitioners in the community.
Source Citation:
Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Chester Co., Pa., July 10, ae. 70, wife of the Rev. Levi Bull, D.D., and daughter of the late Cyrus Jacobs, Esq., of Lancaster Co.
Source Citation:
Annual OBITUARY NOTICES OF EMINENT PERSONS who have died in the United States FOR 1858; BY HON. NATHAN CROSBY; BOSTON: JOHN P. JEWETT AND COMPANY. 1859. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Samuel Cochran
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, May 13, 1829
Died of apoplexy, at his residence in Cochranville, Chester county, on the morning of the 3d inst. Gen. Samuel Cochran, for many years Surveyor General of the Commonwealth.

Class of 1859 - PHINEAS SANBORN CONNER. A.M.; M.D. Jefferson Med. Coll., 1861; LL.D., 1884. B. 23 Aug., 1839, West Chester, Penn. Physician. Prof. Surg., Cin. Coll. Med. and Surg., 1866-67. Prof. Chem., Med. Coll., Ohio, 1867-69. Prof. Surg. Anat., 1869-70; also 1875-76; Prof. Anat. and Clin. Surg., 1876-78. Prof. Surg., Dart. Med. Sch., 1878-1902. Ass't Surg., 1861-65. Brev. Major U.S.A., 1865-66. D. 26 Mar., 1909, Cincinnati, O.
Source is: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1908-1909, Hanover, N.H. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Mrs. Lydia Ellis

The Pennsylvania Gazette, Philadelphia PA

December 21, 1742

Eastown, Chester County, Dec. 10

On the 8th Inst., died here Lydia Ellis, in the 84th year of age, and this Day her Corps were attended to the Grave by a great Number of her Relatives and Friends, and interred at Haverford-West, by the Side of her Husband, who left her a Widow 38 Years since, with 10 small Children, which she carefully educated thro' many Difficulties. She understood much of Physick, Surgery, and the Virtue of Herbs, by which she performed many and great Cures in the Country round her, and was always ready to run to the Assistance of the Afflicted Afflicted, without expecting or requiring anything for her Trouble. She had from her Youth a great Share of Vital Piety, was careful in keeping to Meeting, fearing God, and loving all that fought him in Reality. She was particularly tender and compassionate to the Poor, to whom on propre Occasions she gave liberally and chearfully. The effect of a well-spent virtuous Life appeared in her quiet and happy Death; for being sensible in her last Sickness that her End approached, she settled all her Worldly Affairs, and took Leave of her Friends with great Calmness and Composure of Mind; and admonishing, praying of and blessing her Children, she departed chearfully to everlasting Rest.

George A. Fairlamb
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, April 22, 1829
It becomes a melancholy duty, this week, to announce to our readers the death of George A. Fairlamb, M.D. the Senior Editor of this paper. He departed this life at his residence in Downington on the Morning of Friday the 10th inst. between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clcok, aged 40 years. - Independent Journal

Mrs. Susan Evans

Reading Eagle, Reading, Pennsylvania Edition dated 27 Dec 1899

Contributed by Vicki Hartman

Chester county Deaths:

Mrs. Susan Evans, at Glen Moore, Chester County, aged 83 years. Deceased is survived by 3 children.

Robert Glenn

Chester Times (Chester, Pennsylvania) April 26, 1882

State Telegrams

Robert Glenn, a conductor on the Waynesburg branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, slipped from the platform of a car at Honeybrook Station on Monday, and falling under the wheels, had both legs cut off. He died the same night.

John Hefflenfinger

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) July 5, 1826


On Sunday night, the 4th inst., John Hefflenfinger of Chester county, Penn., rose in his sleep and jumped out of the garret window on a hard pavement a distance of 20 feet. His thigh and arms were broken and many parts of his body severely bruised. Little hope is entertained of his life.

Jesse Myers
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, March 18, 1829
On the 4th inst. we mentioned the death of a Mr. Myers, by the turning of a water wheel, in Diehl's mill, near Oxford. His Christian name was Jesse, son of Mr. Frederick Myers.

John Erwin Miller

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania October 11 1826

Died on the 28th ult. after a short illness, Mr. John Erwin Miller; of Newlin township, Chester county, aged about 50 years. The deceased assisted several of his neighbors a few days before his death to skin some cattle which had died of Murrain and it is supposed that a dead poison was infused into a slight wound in his hand. His whole frame became infected with disease and he died very shortly afterwards. Others who assisted in the operation are sick but it is hoped they will recover. - American Rep.

Mrs. Anna M. Pyle

Taken from the Reading Eagle dated December 23, 1899

Contributed by Vicki Hartman

Mrs. Anna M. Pyle, at Guthrieville, Chester county, after a lingering illness, leaving her husband and one daughter.

John Ralston

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) September 14, 1825

Died on Thursday the 1st inst., at his residence in Vincent township, John Ralston, Esq., one of the Associate Judges of the Courts of Chester county in the 81st year of his age.

Caroline Maude Wynkoop Rigg

Newspaper: Philadelphia Bulletin

Date: April 1, 1963

Submitters Name: Allen Bankson

Obit: Mrs. Horace A. Rigg, past president and regent of the Quaker City Chapter, DAR, of Philadelphia, died yesterday [March 31, 1963] in the Devon Manor Nursing Home. She was 79 years old and lived at 201 N. Wayne av., Wayne.
The former Maud Wynkoop, Mrs. Rigg was also active for many years with the Gray Ladies of Hahnemann Hospital. Her husband, who was an official with the Insurance Company of North America, died in 1960.
Surviving are four sons, Horace A, Jr., Richard W., E. Harrison and Robert W.; a daughter, Mrs. Helen R. Trusch; two sisters, 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Services will be held at 11 A.M. Tuesday [April 2, 1963] at Oliver H. Bair's, 1820 Chestnut st. Burial will be in Westminster Cemetery.

Grace Belle Shick

Taken from the Reading Eagle dated December 23, 1899

Contributed by Vicki Hartman

Grace Belle, a young child of Theodore and Emma d. Shick, aged 8 years, at East Coventry,

Class of 1874 - CALVIN ALONZO SPENCER. M.D., Coll. P. and S., N.Y.; also Jefferson Med. Coll. B. 13 Apr., 1846, Dunmore, Penn. Physician. D. 20 Apr., 1910, Spring City, Penn.
Source is: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1909-1910, Hanover, N.H. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

Robert Taylor

Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, September 24, 1828
Died on Friday evening the 22d ult, at the house of Mr. William Turbert, in the township of East Caln, Mr. Robert Taylor, aged about sixty years.
On Wednesday preceding his decease, Mr. Taylor was crossing one of Mr. Turbert's fields when he was attacked by an irritated bull, which knocked him down and then tossed him up with his horns. The old man not being able to make resistance or get out of the way was attacked by the ferocious animal three several times. His ribs were broken and forced from the breast bone inwards. One of the horns of the animal passed into the cavity of the chest. His collarbone was fractured and his body otherwise injured. He survived about two days. - Downingtown Journal (Chester County)

Lisa Thompson

Date: Sept., 1964

Submitters Name: Allen Bankson

Obit: Lisa Thompson, daughter of Frank D. Thompson Jr., and Gladys Saum Thompson, of 321 W. Marshall s., West Chester, died at the Valley Forge Army Hospital last night. She was 17.
Born in West Chester, Miss Thompson would have entered her senior year at West Chester's Henderson High School this year.
In addition to her parents, she is survived by a brother, Frank D. Thompson III, at home; her paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Thompson Sr., of 301 W. Barnard st., West Chester, and two uncles, Thomas R. and John B. Thompson, both of West Chester.

Charles Parker Warren
Windham County Democrat, Brattleboro, Vt. November 28 1849
Died in Chester County, Pa., Oct. 1, Charles Parker, infant son of Elisha C. and S. Lauretta Warren.



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