Columbia County War World II Casualties Taken from WWII Honor List of the Dead and Missing War Dept June 1946

Surname Given Name Serial No. Rank Status
ADAMS Dale F 33081142 CPL KIA
ALDINGER David L 0-024613 CAPT KIA
ALLEN Lee W 13003297 PFC KIA
ALLEN Robert W 0-831628 2 LT DNB
ANSBACH Nevin C 33460871 PFC KIA
BAIOCCHI Joseph 33348515 SGT DNB
BALDUCCI Michael 33610655 PVT KIA
BARNES Jack W 33464920 PVT KIA
BARNES Walter 33612629 PVT DOW
BARRALL Robert W 0-660322 1 LT DNB
BENSHOFF Alvin W 33614505 PVT KIA
BENTON Dan R 6941082 PVT KIA
BERRIGAN Joseph F 33612617 PVT DNB
BLOOM Parvin O 33606569 PVT DOW
BLOOM Robert L 33465212 PVT KIA
BLOSS Phillip A 33610602 PVT KIA
BREY Elwood J 01312374 1 LT DOW
BRIGGS Robert j 0-695031 2 LT KIA
BRONZBURG Francis 22081257 TEC 5 DNB
BUTRY Metro 33604611 PVT KIA
CALLEY John Jr 01291070 1 LT KIA
CAMPBELL John R Sr. 33615405 PFC DNB
CANOUSE Jay S 33081258 1 SG KIA
CARTER Edward M 3367630 SGT KIA
CHEDDAR Stephen 33101354 PVT DNB
CIPRIANI Peter 33615067 PFC KIA
COCHRAN William H 33355573 PVT KIA
COLISHION Peter L 33471632 PVT KIA
CRESS Robert E 33459876 PVT DNB
CUTHBERT Richard R 0-412620 2 LT KIA
DALBERTO Anthony V 13127506 S SG KIA
DALTO James V 13055751 CPL KIA
DAVIS Stanford G 33851485 PVT KIA
DE FRAIN Raymond C 20322444 SGT DOW
DE HAVEN Henry W 33345421 S SG KIA
DOWNING Harold E 33081260 TEC 5 DOW
DRUMHELLER Calvin E 33350524 PFC KIA
EARNSHAW John H 33464940 PVT KIA
EDWARDS Doyle L 33464946 PFC DNB
EIFERT Raymond 33614521 PFC KIA
ELLIOTT Earl W 33609038 PFC KIA
EVANS Arden R 33357859 PFC KIA
EVANS Donald L 33172555 TEC 5 KIA
EVELAND Guy E 33456726 PFC KIA
EVERITT Orville C 0-764628 1 LT FOD
EVES Carl L 33609521 CPL DOW
FAHNESTOCK George L 33081291 PFC DOW
FANTUZZI Orlando A 33353105 S SG KIA
FARRELL John E 13022403 CPL DNB
FARVER Arwillis E 20303148 PFC KIA
FAUX Warren J T-187557 FL O KIA
FETTERMAN William F 20303155 PFC DOW
FISCHER Henry J 33611668 PVT DOW
FISH Lloyd W 20303156 S SG KIA
FLAHERTY Edward C 0-811879 2 LT KIA
FRAIND Andrew J 33171553 TEC 4 KIA
FRITZ Donald E 33024159 S SG KIA
FUREK James M Sr 33851486 PVT KIA
GARRISON Howard C 13099875 T SG KIA
GAUMER Garwood G 33350496 SGT DNB
GIBBONS Charles J 20322449 SGT DNB
GRAHAM William B 0-800873 2 LT DNB
GRISCO Henry M 33465251 T SG FOD
GRISCO Henry M 33465251 T SG DNB
GUGULA Nicholas 33024134 PVT KIA
HANLEY Norton F 33172558 CPL KIA
HARRIS Earl J 01318786 2 LT KIA
HESS Alfred B 33604838 PFC KIA
HILLEY Charles R 33611670 PVT KIA
HOFFMAN Leo J Jr 13173525 S SG KIA
HONOLD John L 13031711 CPL FOD
HONS Ralph E 33171555 PVT KIA
HOOVER William W Jr 33137096 SGT KIA
HORN Kenneth P 33615611 PVT DNB
HORNE Charles W 33357746 T SG KIA
HOUSER Morris R 0-680219 2 LT KIA
HOVANCAK Steve P 33606526 PVT KIA
HOWER Frank F 0-714707 2 LT KIA
HOWER John L 0-760848 1 LT KIA
HOWER Percy C Jr 33464851 TEC 5 KIA
HRUBY John A 33934896 PFC KIA
HUMMEL Woodrow W 0-394571 LT C KIA
HUTTON William C 01300492 1 LT DOW
JOHNSON William A Jr 33348402 PFC KIA
KACYON Elmer M 33055134 PFC KIA
KACYON Robert L 33465290 PFC KIA
KAMINSKI Walter 33171561 CPL KIA
KARNES Robert 33172563 SGT DNB
KINGSTON Jack E 33456748 TEC 5 KIA
KISHBACH Edwin R 33465255 PVT KIA
KITCHEN Robert H 33851417 PVT KIA
KLINE Harold E 33604751 PVT KIA
KOSLOSKI Vincent 33355537 PVT DNB
KOVAL Michael B 13128327 PFC KIA
KRESSLER Fred R 33609488 PFC DOW
LAUBACH Melvin E 33602735 PFC DOW
LAWALT Gordon 33604833 PVT FOD
LEARN Leroy W 33606365 PVT FOD
LETTERMAN Frank V 01585771 2 LT DNB
LOCKARD William C 20303157 PVT KIA
LONG Donald F 33352890 PVT DNB
LONG Ralph D 33464928 PFC DOW
MALEK Carl Jr 33081272 S SG DOW
MARSHALL Kenneth C 13127703 PFC KIA
MARTIN John J Jr 0-664424 1 LT KIA
MAY Frank C Jr 33101935 PVT KIA
McDEAVITT Albert C 33610610 PFC KIA
McHENRY Harvey J 0-771085 2 LT FOD
McHENRY S R Jr 33616363 PVT DNB
McVITTY Clyde C 33500088 PVT KIA
MENSCH William E 20322465 PVT KIA
MERICLE Keith E 32808643 T SG KIA
MESKINIS Joseph M 33355549 S SG DOI
MICHAEL Daniel A 33350292 CPL DNB
MINJACK John 33358051 PFC KIA
MOLICK John P 33352840 PFC DNB
MONTGOMERY William H 33950045 PVT KIA
MORRIS William J 33464923 PFC KIA
MOSER Phillip D 33612604 PVT KIA
MOYER Glenn A 33606596 PFC KIA
MUSSER Charles D 33494166 PFC KIA
MYERS Clyde E 0-689159 2 LT DNB
NAZARCHYK Michael 33357739 CPL DNB
OHL Samuel H 33357742 PFC KIA
PAULES Russell E 0-802779 2 LT FOD
PETERS Charles B 33024430 T SG KIA
PETSCHE William R 33841678 PFC KIA
POLIFKA Peter 33172569 PVT FOD
PURSEL William F 33457034 PFC KIA
REDLIFT William F 33457034 PFC KIA
REMETTA Edward 3?o88315 PFC KIA
REPPERT Burton H 13103641 S SG KIA
ROBBINS Harold L 33607580 PVT KIA
RUNYAN Francis E 33615940 PFC KIA
RUPERT Robert E 33612605 PFC DOW
RUPP James W 13048633 CPL KIA
RYAN John M 33456774 PFC KIA
SAKALSKI Michael G 33613688 PVT DOW
SARAY Lewis 13157509 PVT KIA
SCHUYLER Mary F A-225345 TEC 5 DNB
SEELY Reed L 0-355105 CAPT KIA
SHAFFER Lee E 33606539 PFC KIA
SHEATLER Russell F 33614530 PVT KIA
SHEEP Robert E 0-823992 2 LT DNB
SLOAN Ridyard G 01822916 1 LT KIA
SMILNOCK John T 33348432 CPL DOW
SNYDER Harry F 33055120 S SG DOW
SOBACK Michael 33610656 CPL KIA
SOBISKI Joseph J 33345470 SGT KIA
SPEVACK Milton 33116642 TEC 4 KIA
STEINRUCK Harold E 33350509 PFC KIA
SUNMERS Bruce R 33456730 PFC DNB
THOMAS Bruce G 33462422 CPL DNB
TROY William S 33602730 PVT KIA
TUROCK Stephen 33459665 PFC KIA
UYHELY Steve C 33353108 PFC KIA
VAN HORN Willard M 33348511 PFC KIA
VANDLING Joseph T 13026191 S SG FOD
VOLANSKI Nicholas 6998110 T SG KIA
WARK Luther E 33611617 PVT FOD
WELCH Francis E 33881509 S SG KIA
WELLIVER Reuben C Jr 0-746490 1 LT KIA
WHITE David E 0-816191 1 LT KIA
WHITE Gerald L 33171579 PFC KIA
WILLIAMS Earle R 33606514 PFC DOW
WILLIAMS Wayne W 33020208 T SG KIA
YOUNG Reber A 33081319 PVT KIA
ZINDA Frank J 33055118 PFC KIA
ZULTEVICZ Henry J 33465516 PFC KIA

World War II Honor List of Dead And Missing State of Pennsylvania War Dept. June 1946

TYPE OF CASUALTY: This Is Indicated by the symbol at the far right of each column. An Individual who was killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action In the rear areas, or If a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping, is designated “KIA.” Persons who were wounded and later died are marked “DOW”--died of wounds. Those who suffered fatal battle INJURIES as opposed to WOUNDS, In combat or In combat areas, and died In a line-of-duty status, are designated “DOI”--died of Injuries. Other line-of-duty deaths, such as from sickness, homicide, suicide or accidents outside combat areas (including training and maneuver deaths) are listed “DNB”- -died, non-battle, individuals who were determined to be dead under Public Law 480 are designated “FOD”--finding of death. Missing persons are marked with the, single letter “M”

Only those persons who died In a line-of-duty status are listed herein. individuals who were not in line of duty at the time of their deaths are not so listed. Though personnel not In line of duty are not listed, failure to find in these lists the name of a person known to be dead should not be taken as prima-fade evidence that such person died not in line of duty.

GRADE: This is synonymous with the misnomer “rank”, and the abbreviations which may be found in this book are as follows: GEN, General (four star); LT G, Lieutenant General, (three star); M G, Major General (two star); B G, Brigadier General (one star); COL, Colonel; LT C, Lieutenant Colonel; MAJ, Major; CAPT, Captain; 1 LT, First Lieutenant; 2 LT, Second Lieutenant; C WO, Chief Warrant Officer; WOJG, Warrant Officer, Junior Grade; FL 0, Flight Officer; AV C, Aviation Cadet M SO, Master Sergeant; 1 30, First Sergeant; T 30, Technical Sergeant; S SO, Staff Sergeant TEC3, Technician Third Grade; SOT, Sergeant; TEC4, Technician Fourth Grade; CPL, Corporal; TEC5, Technician Fifth Grade; PFC, Private First Class, and PVT, Private.

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