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1860 Crawford County PA Mortality Schedule

Transcribed by Debbie Ovechka

Taken From Crawford County Genealogy Pamplet

Beginning in 1850, mortality schedules were taken in Pennsylvania every ten years, in conjunction with the federal census. The schedules were to include any deaths having occurred in the state in the preceding twelve months, on a township by township basis through each county.

The first schedule, in 1850, was recognized as both inaccurate and incomplete. Although reporting methods were somewhat more consistent by 1860, and the population apparently somewhat more accepting of governmental inquisitiveness into what had been strictly private matters, it is still doubtful that all the deaths occurring in any given county were reported. Indeed, reports from several Crawford County townships are missing entirely from the 1860 schedule. In spite of this, the schedule's value as a research tool remains undisputed.

The 1860 mortality schedule covers only the period from July of 1859 through June of 1860. Each entry includes name, age, sex (which has been omitted in this transcription for all but a few questionable cases), marital status, place of birth, month of death, occupation, cause of death, and duration of illness.

By far the most common cause of death was consumption, followed by assorted respiratory problems variously described as lung fever, congestion or inflammation of the lungs. Typhoid fever carried off a number of people, as did "dropsy" and suicides, usually by hanging. One death each was attributed to choking on a bean, diabetes, child birth, change of life, drowning, being killed by a fall tree, jaundice and asthma, among others.

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Beaver Township

William Peoples, 14, born, Pa., died March, typhoid fever, 23 days

Calvin Peoples, 16, Pa., April, typhoid fever 34 days

John Pruden, 9, Ohio, September, scarlet fever, 4 days

Anna Welch, 49, married, Vermont, February, scrofulus disease, 2 years

Michael Boughton,(Broughton -ed.), 72, married, Connecticut, September, farmer, typhoid fever, 2 weeks

Ami Burrington, 81, married, Connecticut, March, farmer, old age

Elias White, 1, Pa., August, typhoid fever, 5 days

Elisabeth Staterline, 7, Pa, June, measles, 1 week

George Cole, 1/12, Pa, July, measles, 3 days

Conneautville Borough

Ellen Reniff, 1, Pa, June, congestion of brain, 4 weeks

Eva J.B. Doty, 1, Pa, January, congestion of the lungs, 2

George Young, 35, married, unknown, January, carpenter, caught in machinery, sudden

Eva Dine (?), 5, Pa, September, putrid sore throat, 1 week

Caroline E. Whitley, 27, married, Ohio, July, consumption, 5 years

Cornelius Van Liew, 65 married, N.J., October, farmer, broken leg, 3 months

Michael V. Badger (?), 39, married, N.Y., February, machinist, consumption, 2 years.

Conneaut Township

Mary E. Thayer, 33, married, Ohio, February, consumption, 8 years

Rachel Barber, 76, married, Conn, December, cancerous breast, 7 weeks

Rodolphus Dewey, 59, married, Mass, August, farmer, suicide

Adelbert Cory, 1, Pa, May, spinal disease, 5 mos

Louisa Lawrence, 50, married, N.Y., May, dropsy, 5 hours (?)

Sally Derald (?), 68, married, N.Y., July, dropsy, 6 mos

Eleanor Derald, 75, widow, Ireland, September, chronic complaint, 6 mos

Permilia Thayer, 39, married, N.Y., May, consumption, 3 years

Mary Gilliland, 33, married, Pa, November, consumption, 1 year

Hannah Gilliland, 46, married, Pa, May, liver complaint, 14 years

Jane ______, 27, married, N.Y., May, consumption, 1 year

John Kazebee, 35, married, N.Y., July, lumberman, congestion of brain, 10 days

Evansburgh Borough

Martha S. ________, 6, Pa, October, putrid sore throat, 12 days

Cussewago Township

Edward Scott, 45, married, N.Y., July, farmer, inflammation of lungs, 8 days

Elisabeth Lake, 50, married, N.Y., August, consumption, 6 mos

James C. Lewis, 13, Pa, September, inflammation of brain, 10 days

Jane Thickston, 51, Pa, April, general debility, 18 mos

James B. Freeman, 6/12, Pa, December, tumor on the back, 6 mos

Francis E. Mosher, 2, female, Pa, August, inflammation of bowels, 1 day

Nancy Davis, 80, married, Virginia, June, apoplexy, 1 day

Keziah A. Hills, 6/12, Pa, March, heart disease, 1 week

C.B. Manville, 2/12, female, Pa, November, inflammation of lungs, 1 week

Jeremiah Colvin, 62, married, Vermont, February, farmer, cancer in face, 15 years

Jonas Snyder, 33, married, Pa., March, farmer, apoplexy, sudden

Samuel Stitte, 40, married, N.J., February, farmer, consumption, 5 mos

Hiram Chamberlain, 25, Pa, February, farmer, consumption, 2 mos

John Chamberlain, 87, married, N.J., July, old age, unknown

Jennifer Wiard, 2, Pa, July, choked on a bean, unknown

Robert L. Hotchkiss, 9/12, Pa, August, cholera infantium, 8 hours

Charles, D. Hotchkiss, 1, Pa, November, inflammation of lungs, 2 days

Hayfield Township

Jno. J. Smith, 25, Pa, January, student at law, consumption, 18 mos

Homer J. Smith, 2, Pa, September, heart disease, sudden

Amelia Smith, 10, Pa, December, consumption, 1 year

Margaret Dutton (?), 57, widow, N.Y., January, consumption, 3 weeks

James Fullerton, 68 married, Pa., April, farmer, liver complaint, 14 weeks

Milan Morse, 3/12, Pa, February, fits, 8 days

John Burns, 74, married, Pa, ____________, farmer, consumption, 2 mos

Mary Brace, 28, widow, December, consumption, 6 mos

Moses Crosley, 73, widower, Pa, February, farmer, inflammation of bowels, 9 weeks

Lois Kilmore, 92, widow, N.Y., July, old age, unknown

Catharine Kilmore, 36, married, Pa, October, unknown, 7 years

James Frazier, 65, Pa, May, farmer, inflammation of brain, 1 week

Sarah Jones, 27, married, Pa, March, consumption, 2 mos

Ida Lefever, 4, Pa, November, typhoid fever, 3 weeks

Barbara McKelvey, 45, Pa, August, suicide by hanging, insane

Jane Campbell, 92, widow, Pa, May, old age, unknown

Spring Township

Jules Parker, 51, married, N.Y., May, farmer, intemperance and insanity, suicide by hanging, sudden

Casey Cole, 77, married, N.Y., December, farmer, congestion of the lungs, 11 days

Amanda Murphy, 14, Pa, March, inflammatory rheumatism, 4 weeks

Jacob B. Thomas, 27 married, Pa, November, farmer, consumption, 1 year

Shoperd Wills, 1/12, Pa, December, ague, 3 weeks

Homer Fisher, 4/12, Pa, December, brain fever, 1 week

Maria Wright, 30, married, N.Y., April, consumption, 3 mos

Daniel Lippert, 62, married, Rhode Island, May, farmer, despondent insane suicide by hanging, sudden

Corey M. Seely, 2, female, Pa, September, lung fever, 3 days

Adaline Sperry, 25, married, Pa, July, consumption, 3 mos

Adalaide Joslin, 11/12, Pa, April, lung fever, 5 weeks

Ada M. Beals, 4, married (sic), July, bronchitis, 4 days

Hannah Sloane, 68, Pa, December, canker in stomach, 1 day

Joel Hotchkiss, 20, Pa, May, farmer, consumption, 18 mos

Orastus White, 1/12, Pa, August, consumption, 3 weeks

Mary Lackey, 52 married, N.Y., March, heart disease, sudden

William Vanallen, 22, N.Y., March, blacksmith, consumption, 5 mos

Catherine Clany (?), 13, Pa, March, typhoid fever, 2 weeks

Rachel Pike, 37, married, Pa, October, child birth, 17 days

Summerhill Township

Joseph Fish, 78, married, Rhode Island, August, farmer, erysipelas, 7 days

John Rierson (?), 1/12, Pa, May, lung fever, 1 day

Prudence Bennett, 81, married, NY, August, old age, unknown

Ann Beach, 7, Indiana, November, inflammation of lungs, 1 week

Linn McKay, 7/12, male, Pa, February, inflammation of brain, 1 week

Annett Curtis, 1/12, Pa, October, fits, 5 days

Dwight Chapin, 22, NY, August, farmer, dropsy of chest, 9 mos

North Shenango Township

Mary Shellato, 81, widow, Ireland, December, palsy, 3 mos

Henry Bennet, 80, widower, Pa, November, farmer, palsy, 3 mos

Fanny Harriott, 8, Pa, November, accidental fall, 2 weeks

Elijah Collins, 80, married, Pa, March, farmer, palsy and old age, 1 year

Patterson Espy, 85, married, Pa, July, farmer, old age, 9 mos

South Shenango Township

William W. Davis, 8/12, Pa, June, inflammation of the lungs, 1 week

Joseph McCarther, 44, married, Pa, December, farmer, consumption of the liver, 2 weeks

Martha Ann Gallaher, 29, married, NY, May, dropsy, 3 weeks

Mary Ann Snodgrass, 1/12, Pa, November, sore mouth, 3 weeks

Eliza Galbreth, 25, married, Pa, October, consumption, 6 mos

Thomas McKinley, 26, Pa, May, farm laborer, consumption, 2 years

John Ralston, 70 widower, Pa, July, unknown, 1 hour

Susan Turner, 78, widow, Mass, February, palsy and old age, 14 mos

Robert Marshall, 19, Pa, March, unknown, 2 weeks

Rome Township

Dianna Patterson, 47, married, Pa, January, tailoress, consumption, 5 days

Charles Fink, 17, _____, September, sawyer, typhoid fever, 2 weeks

Martin Fink, 56, married, NY, October, farmer, typhoid fever, 5 weeks

Jemima Fink, 34 (?), Pa, November, dropsy, 5 weeks

Fidelia Ransom, 20, married, Pa, January, consumption, 18 mos

Nancy Post, 2, May, Pa, strangulation, sudden

Athens Township

Mary Southwerk, 37, married, Pa, February, consumption, 6 years

Olive Flick, 20, married, NY, November, consumption, 3 years

Hannah Smith, 30, married, Pa, September, unknown, 5 days

Anna Cotrell, 26, NY, March, unknown, 6 days

Lester Taylor, 1, Pa, August, inflammation bowels, 4 days

Louisa Murdock, 45, married, NY, August, inflammation bowels, 12 days

Lawrence Murdock, 9 (?), Pa, September, inflammation bowels, 3 weeks

Myron Baker, 8, Pa, November, neuralgia, 18 days

James Harrison, 1 Pa, October, croup, 1 day

Summit Township

Michael McCarty, 16, Pa, June, nervous disease, from infancy

Hugh Gilliland, 54, married, Pa, November, farmer, inflammation of bowels, 2 days

Janes Coats, 28, married, NY, November, consumption, 3 mos

Thomas Chidester, 62, married, NJ, June, farmer erysipelas, 1 week

John C. Harper, 23, Pa, February, carpenter, consumption 14 mos

Venango Borough

Edward Peters, 26, married, Pa, February, carpenter, typhoid fever, 2 weeks

Lydia Tiedman, 43, married, Pa, October, typhoid fever, 2 weeks

Minnie Klechner, 1, Pa, April, dropsy on brain, 10 days

Christine Kepler, 37, married, Pa, January, consumption, 12 weeks

Mead Township

Thomas R. McFadden, 66, married, Pa, November, farmer, dropsy in limbs, 14 years

Richard Stockdon, 13, Pa, February killed by a tree falling, sudden

Jabez Goodrich, 62, married, Conn, October, farmer, consumption, 6 mos

John Walton, 78, married, Mass, April, farmer, asthma, 1 week

William Williams, 8, Pa, September, consumption, 3 weeks

Patrick Y. Boyl, 88, married, NY, January, farmer, consumption, 8 mos

Clarence Wilson, 2, Pa, March, brain tumor, 2 days

Elisabeth Shaffer, 48, married, Bavaria, August, change of life, 1 year

Catharine Smith, 63, married, Prussia, February, despondency, suicide by hanging, sudden

Hetty Mossinger, 37, married, Pa, June, cancer in breast, 2 years

William Wirt, 37, NJ, April, peddler, consumption, 3 mos

Elisabeth Ewing, 40, married, Pa, May, consumption, 3 weeks

Zavier Bedot, 68, married, France, January, farmer, old age, unknown

Edward Prall, 72, married, NJ, April, farmer, despondency, suicide by hanging, sudden

Mary J. Gittis, 22, Ohio, November, typhoid fever, 4 weeks

Mary Battles, 2, Pa, July, measles, 2 weeks

Mary A. Battles, 46, married, Rhode Island, December, palsy, 2 days

David Compton, 89, married, NJ, December, farmer, old age, unknown

Edward Compton, 2/12, Pa, December, inflammation of lungs, 1 week

John Hall, 1, Pa, August, inflammation of brain cause by a fall, 1 day

Norman H. Calendar, 10, Pa, January, inflammation of brain, 1 week

Daniel W. Callender, 7, April, rheumatism, 4 mos

Frank Caughman, 38, married, Wertemburg, December, carpenter, dropsy in limbs, 6 weeks

Vernon Township

Susan Dunham, 22, Pa, December, consumption, 350

Cliff Williams, 1/12, Pa, August, unknown, sudden

___________ Cooper, 1/12, male, Pa, June, impeded circulation, 5

Margaret Shartle, 46, married, Pa, August, cancer, 1 year

___________ Cotton, 1/12, male, Pa, May, unknown, sudden

Clara Gable, 2, Pa, June, inflammation of brain, 5

Mary Birch, 21, Pa, April, consumption, 2 years

Michael Zimmer, 2, Pa, September, dysentery, 18 days

John P. Scowden, 43, married, Pa, May, farmer, consumption, 4 years

Patric Winters, 69, married, Ireland, December, farmer, dropsy heart, 120 days


Smith Smock, 1, Pa. Sept., Croup, 4

Mary Kenner, 75, Married, Pa., April, Palsy, 4 years

Celia Newton, 69, Married, Mass., May, Catarrh in head, 6 years

Levina Anderson, 17, Pa., May, Thyphoid Fever, 14 days

Thomas Rose, 80, Widower, Pa., May, Farmer, Bilious Colic, 12

Fairfield Township

Jacob Zigler, 63, Married, Vertemburg, March, Farmer, Schivous Stomach, 60

Ruth Heath, 22, Pa., May, Consumption, 2 Years

Mary Cochran, 81, Widow, Pa., Feb., Cholera Morbus, 10 Days

_______ Rockafellow, 1, Male, Pa., August, Measles, 35

Randolph Township

Russell Matteson, 76, Married, Rhode Island, Feb., Farmer, Lung Fever, 10

Richard Matteson, 24, Pa., March, Farmer, Consumption, 1 Year

John Matteson, 7/12, Pa., April, Lynn _____? Tonsillaris, 14 Days

Jacob Massacer, 60, Married, New Jersey, Jan., Farmer, Consumption, 9 Years

Steuben Township

Joseph Gleson, 2/12, Pa., July, inflammation of bowels, 14 days

Kenskin (?) Bligh, 1, Male, Pa., Nov., Disentery, 8

_________ August, 1/12, Female, Pa., March, Unknown, 3

Andrew Bremer, 66, Nova Scotia, June, Farmer, Dispepsis, 90

Woodcock Township

Sarah McCalmont, 68, Widow, Ireland, October, Disease of the Heart, Sudden

Elisabeth Logan, 29, Married, Pa., April, Consumption, 1 Year

Isaac Denton, 60, Pa., January, Farmer, Neuralgia, 6 Months

Susan Dunn, 2/12, Pa., June, Inflammation Lungs, 2 Weeks

Elisa Potter, 65, Widow, New York, Nov., Consumption, 3 Years

Sally Seabough, 55, Married, New York, Nov. Paralysis, 4 Months

Adam Nuenhisen, 81, Married, Pa., March, Farmer, Dropsy of Heart, 5 Months

Jonas Wotring, 55, Pa., June, Farmer, Consumption, 14 Weeks

Orra Pedman, 1/12, Female, Pa., January, Strangulation, Sudden

Laura Pedman, 11/12, Pa., Dec., Croup, 2 Days

Lucas Strauss, 71, Married, Pa., May, Farmer, Bilious Colic, 2 Days

Penelope Carr, 5, Pa., July, Inflammation of Brain, 2 Weeks

Reuben Leibersperger, 28, Married, Pa., Nov., Farmer, Consumption, ____ Weeks

Nathan Price, 77, Widower, New Jersey, Jan., Farmer, Dropsy of Brain

George Smith, 18, Pa., May, Typhoid Fever, 4

Mary Smith, 22, Married, May, Consumption, 6 Months

Delilah Marker (?), 20, Pa., March, Com. School Teacher, Consumption, 2 Weeks

Ida Magee, 5, Pa., Nov., Inflammation of the Brain, 3 Weeks

Susan Cline, 77, Widow, Pa., Sept., Old Age, 5 Days

Cochranton Borough

43 Sarah Vilnia (?) Ward, 4, PA, July, at home, inflammation of lungs

84 Rufus McFarland, 4, PA, March, at home, inflammation of lungs

30 George Bain*, 51, married, Scotland, parents foreign born, April, worked at coopering, dropsy of the heart.

* "George Bain died at the house No. 30 where he then resided with his family. Since or immediately after his death the family vacated the house, and I thought that it would be proper to report the death by the number of the house."

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