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1870 Crawford County PA Mortality Schedule

Transcribed by Debbie Ovechka

Taken From Crawford County Genealogy Pamplet

Conneaut Township

30 Nanna North, 21, married, PA, January, keeping house, typhoid fever

42 Mira Harvy, 7, PA, March, lung fever

44 John Mills, 72, married, N.Y., July, farmer, consumption

46 Betsy Sanderson, 68, Mass, March, consumption

52 Seth Penfield, 89, widower, N.Y., June, farmer, dropsy of the heart

92 A.H. Barber, 63, married, N.Y., January, farmer, typhoid fever

114 Henry Parmiter, 44, married, N.Y., August, farmer, dropsy of the heart

123 Jones Conick, 75, married, N.Y., May, blacksmith, asthma

139 G.W. Smith, 35, married, PA, September, farmer, typhoid fever

221 Elam Terry, 20, PA, November, farmer, typhoid fever

226 William Graham, 67, married, PA, March, farmer, consumption

227 Chas Thompson, 15, PA, November, works on farm, typhoid fever

227 Z. Thompson, (male), 10, PA, December, consumption

273 Thos. Thompson, 49, married, Ohio, August, farmer, inflammation of the heart

338 Permelia Thorn, 75, married, PA, October, keeping house, consumption

355 Sarah Stevens, 27, married, PA, April, keeping house, dropsy on the heart


30 John B. Frazier, 46, married, PA, March, marble cutter, consumption

33 Alice D. Nevil, 10, PA, April, attended school, typhoid pneumonia

40 G.T. Bostwick, 77, married, Vt, April, Justice of the Peace, congestion of lungs

63 Effie May Gehr, 4/12, PA, August, dropsy on brain

115 Maggie Bortles, 6, PA, December, consumption

115 Nina B. Bortles, 3, PA, November, inflammation of brain

122 Betsy Burroughs, 79, widow, Conn, November, cancer tumor

139 Henry Hammon, 8/12, Pa, February, dropsy on the brain

147 Wilburn Whitley, 45, married, N.Y., May, physician, disease of valves of heart

174 John B. Sanders, 74, married, N.Y., July, farming, cramp on stomach

178 Willie Floyd, 1, PA, July, inflammation on brain

189 Minnie Darling, 3, Pa, January, inflammation on lungs

61 Sarah C. Flanigan, 16, Pa, parents foreign born, June, housework, consumption

187 Laura Clark, 20, Pa, September, house work, consumption

Cussewago Township

9 James A. Camp, 31, married, Pa, May, farmer, scrofula

26 Maude Harvy, 2, Pa, September, typhoid fever

38 Isabella A. Donohan (?), 13, Pa, March, typhoid pneumonia

68 Sophia Boyd, 64, married, Conn., February, keeping house, consumption

72 Arthur J. Sterns, 1, N.Y., January, scalded

92 Elizabeth Paine, 87, Widow, Pa, February, dropsy

149 Caroline Heard, 43, married, Pa, March, keeping house, consumption

157 Carrie Cutler, 24, Pa, September, at home, typhoid fever

178 Mary Stelle, 72, widow, N.J., July, keeping house, consumption

220 James McCarty, 30, married, Canada, parents foreign born, February, works on farm, consumption

224 James McBride, 20, Pa, May, works on farm, consumption

238 Margaret E. Liebhardt, 22, Pa, April, keeping house, fever

--- Isabelle I. Cole, 32, married, Pa, July, keeping house, consumption

East Fairfield Township

15 William Conrad, 6, Pa, May, at home, quick consumption

20 Margaret Barday, 45, married, France, parents foreign born, March, keeping house, consumption

76 Charlotte Stitzer, 7, Pa, May, at home, caries of the spine

79 Frank Demancy Palmer, 8/12, Pa, August, cholera infantum

93 Isabel Powell, 82, widow, Ireland, parents foreign born, March, keeping house, inflammation of lungs

97 Sarah Margaret Farringer, 6/12, Pa, April, inflammation of lungs

101 Juliette Marley, 2, Pa, May, whooping cough

105 Martha Marley 82, widow, Pa, September, keeping house, inflammation of brain or paralysis

109 Irene McClintock, 24, married, Pa, July, keeping house, consumption

East Fallowfield Township

14 Hetty May Shepard, 1, Pa, June, asthma

Linesville Borough

42 Eliza Willson, 42, married, NY, May, keeping house, tuberculosis

50 Angeline Shattuck, 41, married, NY, September, keeping house, burnt

70 May Cloud Gehr, 2, Pa, June, drowned

84 Addy McKinney, 1, Pa, June, spotted fever

Mead Township

35 Fannie Dahl, 18, Pa, father foreign born, September, at home, consumption

49 George Lewis Ellis, 20, Pa, May, keeping house, consumption

121 Stillman, Dewey, 68, married, Mass, April, farmer, Inanitim

124 Harriet Hodgson, 42, married, England, January, keeping house, child birth

134 John Andrew, 73, married, France, January, farmer, hemorrhage of pleura

160 Clara Parsons, 78, married, Bavaria, February, keeping house, dropsy of the heart

168 John L. Brunson, 14, Pa, June, worked at farming, killed by horse running off

184 John C. Little, 1, Pa, May, scarlet fever

184 Eveline S. Little, 3, Pa, May, scarlet fever

190 McClintoc Smith, 11/12, Pa, January, croup

192 Fannie Hatch, 55, widow, Pa, September, keeping house, diabetes

195 Alanson Leonard, 79, widower, Ma, parents foreign born, September, thrown from a wagon

221 Margaret Boudot, 62, married, France, January, keeping house, consumption

227 Lottie Weller, 1, Pa, February, inflammation of brain

263 Jane Ann Hamilton, 37, married, NY, October, on a visit, child birth

294 Grace Andrews Wightman, 67, married Conn, February, keeping house, inflammation of pleura

322 Samuel Tiffany Lord, 63, married, NY, March, Epis, clergyman, remittent fever

340 George Parks, 21, Canada, August, worked at a butcher, consumption

352 Caroline Amelia Cochran, 3, Pa, September, at home, inflammation of brain

356 Rebecca Denny, 14, Pa, January, at home, consumption

356 Sarah Denny, 2, Pa, April, at home, inflammation of lungs

422 Oscar Kiser, 5, Pa, parents foreign born, March, at home, scarlet fever

422 Minnie Kiser, 3, Pa, parents foreign born, March, at home, scarlet fever

John L. Brunson was killed almost instantly by the running of a horse, attached to a cultivator, cultivating corn

Leonard died from injuries received by being thrown violently to the earth caused by the upsetting of a wagon, with horses attached, running off. The attending physician on Stillman Dewey gave me as the immediate cause of Mr. Dewey's death a disease call Inanitim.

Meadville, 1st Ward

53 Phebe Morris, 93, widow, Wales, August, keeping house, broken arm and old age

66 Emma Russell, 21, NY, May, schoolteacher, typhoid fever

82 Harry True, 1, Pa, November, inflammation of lungs

91 Susan Ellis, 16, Canada, October, sewing girl, inflammatory rheumatism

102 Robert Kohler, 51, married, Saxony, January, G.R. Minister, congestion of lungs

136 Elisha W. Sillen, 64, married, Conn, April, carpenter, sudden paralysis

158 John Whitney, 22, England, August, cotton spinner, fell from building

161 Robert B. Dickson, 30, Pa, May, apothecary, not known

169 Henry C. Roueschi, 56, married, France, September, blacksmith, apoplexy

182 John C.C. Brooks, 47, married, Pa, December, scrivener, dropsical consumption

188 David Dick, 74, married, father foreign born, March, inventory, erysipelas

226 Gaylord Church, 58 married, NY, September, attorney at law, dropsy of the heart

231 Matie F. Barnes, 29, married, PA, March, keeping house, consumption and dropsy

231 Male Baby Barnes, Pa, March, stillborn

231 Male Baby Barnes, Pa, March, stillborn

249 John Burns, 63, married, Ireland, May, laborer, dropsy of the heart

256 Mary McAlean, 1, Pa, parents are foreign born, August, teething

259 Fredi Chick, 9/12, Pa, parents are foreign born, February, inflammation of lungs

273 Cornes (?) baby, female, Pa, parents foreign born, February, stillborn

274 John Gelvin, 2/12, Pa, parents foreign born, August, colic

Meadville, 2nd Ward

2 Henrietta Ackerins (?), 22, married, Pa, May, domestic servant, scrofula-mulatto

10 Rebecca Proudfoot, 76, widow, England, April, housekeeper consumption

33 Eleanor Fawcett, 89, widow, Ireland, October, house keeper, a fall and old age

39 Hugh M. Long, 65, married, Pa, March, huckster, congestion of bowels

51 Samuel Green, 11, mulatto, Pa, July, at home, by falling timber

69 Female baby stocker, Pa, parents foreign born, March, stillborn

75 William Ward, 1, Pa, December, consumption of lungs, mulatto

80 Charles Ramsey, 1, Pa, January, lung fever, mulatto

90 Jane Dunham, 76, widow, Pa, March, housekeeper, old age

91 Sarah Grimes, 80, widow, NJ, June, housekeeper, old age

141 David A. Finney, 35, married, Pa, March, carpenter, inflammation of bowels

144 Joannah Routh, Pa, May, stillborn

169 Henry butler, 8/12, mulatto, Pa, March, lung fever

209 Jennie Phillips, 11, Pa, August, at home, dropsy

215 Allison Wall, male, 1/12, Pa, September, inflammation of bowels

215 Herbert Wall, 1/12, Pa, September, inflammation of bowels

265 Henry Reitzer (?), 11/12, Pa, October, teething

370 Caroline Miller, 26, Pa, November, domestic servant, consumption

383 Mary L. Bullock, 1, Pa, January, teething and spine affection

387 Maria Norton, 57, Pa, April, keeping house, consumption

Meadville, 3rd Ward

30 Frank Farnicorn, 7, Pa, April, at home, parents foreign born, dropsy of heart,

42 Patrick Kelley, 40, Ireland, February, laborer, typhoid fever

42 William Steele, 25, Pa, September, laborer, typhoid fever

42 Mrs. DeLuce, 35, married, Pa, August, consumption

67 Joseph Scowden, 3, Pa, October, consumption of bowels

81 Carrie D. Clark, 23, married, Pa, November, housekeeper, consumption of bowels

81 Gertrude Clark, 4/12, Pa, August, cholera infantum

171 George E. Lashell, 54, married, Pa, November, druggist, consumption

239 Infant Burk, Pa, July, stillborn

42 Died at the hospital could not ascertain the given name

239 Was to (sic) young when born to ascertain the sex

Meadville, 4th Ward

45 Joannah Torbett, 11, Pa. February, at home, dropsy

46 Harry Tiffany, 58, married, NY, September, hotel keeper, brain fever

54 Maggie Likens, 22, married, Pa, April, house keeper, erysipelas

118 Henry Gaskell, 60, married, Pa, parents foreign born, September, gunsmith, dropsy

120 Infant Male Waterman, Pa, February, stillborn

141 George Helms, 1/12, Pa, September, scrofula

163 Eliza Larkins, 35, married, Mass, March, keeping house, consumption

175 Mollie Moyer, 3, Pa, October, burns

175 Letta Moyer, 1, Pa, January, inflammation of brain

244 Charles Jones, 12, Pa, June, at home, jumping from Car RR

257 Nancy Jackson, 35, Pa, November, housekeeper, lung fever

276 Robertson Thompson, 49, married, Scotland, April, machinist, congestion of brain

297 George Engler, 1, Pa, August, cholera infantum

303 Ida Patterson, 4/12, Pa, March, congestion of lungs

321 Calvinia(?) Troupe, 80, widower, Pa, October, retired hotel keeper, paralysis

354 Herman L. Morris, 1, Pa, October, dysentery

North Shenango Township

29 Jno. E. Rusler, 24, Ohio, May, farm hand, acute inflammation pericardial of heart

35 Julia Mosely, 41, married, Ohio, December, keeping house, tuberculosis

42 Niel Stevens, 82, widower, Conn, August, sea captain, dropsy of heart

55 Palmyra Collins, 44, married, NY, July, keeping house, epileptic fit

86 Jno. Lynn, 88, married, NJ, September, farmer, gangrene in feet

91 Willie Brown, 15, Ohio, mother foreign born, March, congestion of brain

103 Alice Chapman, 1, Pa, February, measles

The diseases nearly all assume a typhoid state. Rheumatism and lung complaints of frequent occurrence - the latter and "female weakness" predominates among the women to an alarming extent. Cause tight lacing and his shoes.

Oil Creek Borough

3 Ann Spaulding, 62, married, NY, June, keeping house, consumption

Oil Creek Township

15 Michael Kelly, 4 Ohio, mother foreign born, September, inflammation of lungs

67 James Handcock, 1, Pa, February, catarrh fever

264 Jonathan Smith, 84, married, Conn, February, retired farmer, apoplexy

269 Joseph Heald, 81, widower, Maine, September, retired farmer, fever and ague

276 Robert Kerr, 52, married, Pa, February, farmer, consumption

362 Catherine Barron, 3, Pa, father foreign born, April, fits

Pine Township

57 Albert Reynolds, 2/12, Pa, April, ricketts

60 Samantha Mattock, 11/12, Pa, September, cholera infantum

66 Wm. Meeker, Sr, 72, married, Va, July, physician, consumption of blood

Randolph Township

15 William Cutshall, 49, married, Pa, March, farmer, cancer in stomach

46 Frank Polley, 22, Pa, parents foreign born, October, farmer, typhoid fever

46 Joseph Ballandret, 17, NY, parents are foreign born, October, typhoid fever

73 Eliza Holmes, 32, married, Pa, March, keeping house, quick consumption

109 Mary Byham, 1/12, Pa, March, convulsions fits

146 Phillip Hatch, 83, married, NY, June, farmer, old age

147 Abel Delamater, 59, married, NY, July, farmer, consumption of lungs

156 Rhoda Terril, 79, widow, NJ, March, old age

214 Christian Richards, 51, married, France, March, farmer, murdered

232 John E. Hanks, 9, Pa, June, heart disease

237 Alonzo Barney, 30, Pa, February, farmer, consumption

255 Elizabeth Doubet, 50, married, France, November, keeping house, spinal affection

256 Nicholas Voisin, 57, married, France, September, farmer, heart disease

274 Jane/June Coal, 23, married, NY, November, keeping house, consumption

293 Joseph Jacquard, 3, Pa, parents foreign born, October, diphtheria

231 Don Chafee, 7/12, Pa, February, inflammation of bowels


5 Daniel Connor, 1/12, Pa, September, cholera infantum

14 Jane Betts, 24, married, Pa, May, keeping house, consumption

58 Elijah Bradley, 61, married, Mass, October farmer, heart disease

60 John W. Amy(?), 4, Pa, August, spotted fever

63 Tamzin (?) Marsh, 29, married, Mass, October, no occupation, typhoid fever

Richmond Township

15 Admiral Bump, 76, married, Mass, July, farmer, hepatitis

35 Female infant Clark, 1/12, Pa, October, cholera infantum

39 Ernest Bailey, 2, Pa, May, scarlet fever

63 Patrick Petty, 64, married, Canada East, May, farmer, cancer

77 John White, 78, married, NY, August, farmer, valvular disease

79 Frank Danford, 9/12, Pa, April, scarlet fever

97 Bertie Bailey, 1, female, Pa, May, scarlet fever

132 Male infant Falkenburg, 1/12, Pa, August, inflammation of bowels

156 William G. Davison, 65, married, Mass, farmer, March, gravel

166 Sylvester Hays, 58, married, NY, May, farmer, consumption

171 Forney Lyon, 70, widower, NY, April, no occupation, consumption

236 William Richards, 84, widower, Pa, April, old age

241 Mary E. Lamphier, 1/12, Pa, May, fits

262 Hannah Stoneman(?), 59, married, NY, January, keeping house, inflammation bowels

282 Eva Baker, 6/12, Pa, November, congestion of brain

286 Abraham Warner, 74, married, NY, June, retired farmer, cholera morbus

Rockdale Township

8 George Jones, 5/12, Pa, April, whooping cough

51 Infant male Hull, 1/12, Pa, March, cholera infantum

53 Frances Quinn, 67, married, England, December, cancer

63 Saml. Chapin, 79, married, Mass, June, dropsy of heart

71 Sally Dine, 76, widow, Mass, March, consumption

81 Jesse Weller, 1, Pa, September, cholera infantum

88 Jerusha Henry, 67, widow, Vt, June, congestion of bowels

95 Arthur Smith, 1, Pa, August, epileptic fits

110 Mary McFadden, 37, married, Pa, May, keeping house, hemorrhage of ________

142 Esther Dean, 29, widow(?), NY, January, keeping house, congestion of lungs

210 Harriet Birchard, 33, married, Pa, October, keeping house, inflammation bowels

215 Newell Stanford, 44, married, NY, December, farmer, by falling off horse

225 James Fuller, 75, widower, NY, July, gravel

228 Idalette Lewis, 9, Pa, April, whooping cough

252 Sarah Brown, 45, married, Pa, February, keeping house, typhus fever

273 Patrick Calvin, 50, married, Ireland, March, worked on RR, cancer

Rome Township

24 Mary A. Coyle, 27, married, Pa, December, keeping house, consumption

70 Mary Hilliker, 2/12, Pa, May, inflammation on lungs

125 Daniel Rogers, 90, married, Ireland, March, farmer, stroke paralysis

170 Joseph Stewart, 70, widower, Ireland, August, farmer, tracypelas

171 Mary Ida Stewart, 1, Pa, parents are foreign born, March, scalded

185 Lucy A. Morris, 22, married, Pa, parents foreign born, May, keeping house, consumption

Sadsbury Township

22 Maria Shartle, 23, widow, Pa, December, seamstress, tuberculosis

22 Nette Swartzell, 1/12, Pa, December, don't know

160 Flora S. Miller, 24, married, Ohio, September, at home, congestion of liver


82 Fred Hinckle, 44, Germany, August, pauper, paralysis

82 William Fellows, 70, NY, November, pauper, old age

82 George Montgomery, 60, Pa, April, pauper, heart disease

82 Infant male Vangiler, 1/12, Pa, April, pauper, no disease developed

82 Lavina Freeman, 88, Pa, March, pauper, old age

82 Debra Colt, 80, Pa, October, pauper, old age

82 Harriet, Colin, 53, Pa, April, pauper, consumption

82 Ester Johnson, 30(?), Maryland, December, paper, old age

82 Sarah H. Phelps, 70, Pa, March, pauper, old age

82 Infant male Everett, 1/12, Pa, March, pauper, no well developed disease

82 Infant Male Dunean, 1/12, Pa, March, pauper, no well developed disease

82 Infant male Boyle, 2, Pa, March, pauper, inflammation of brain

82 Adaline Everett, 19, Pa, March, pauper, consumption

82 Mary Scanlon, 40, Ireland, October, pauper, consumption

4 Nicolas Snyder, 70, married, Pa, September, consumption

17 Saml. Lockhart, 35, Pa, December, bartender, delirium tremens

44 Anna Stem, 82, widow, Pa, September, old age

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