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December 2016
Jacob Seal and the Seal Family - Transcribed by Bonnie T.

October 2016
News from the January 10, 1914 Harrisburg Telegraph through page 5

Illness: Lewis Paganelli Near Death
Marriage Notices: Cheesebro-Rogers, Boeshore-Lingle, McCleaster-Suter
Engagements: Wright-Haldeman Engagement
Births and Birthdays: Lena Witmer Birthday Party, Gingrich Birth, Mays Birth
Ivan Garvic Stabbed by Steve Garvic
Fires: J. Hampton and Jacob Capp homes destroyed by fire
Obituaries: Mrs. William Hetrick
Union Deposit Community News
Community News
Community News
Community News
Community News
Community News
Wiconisco C
ommunity News
Community News
Community News
Hummelstown C
ommunity News
Community News

July 2016

News from the January 9, 1914 Harrisburg Telegraph

Births and Birthdays: John S. Craig Birth, Dorothy Dunlap Drennen Birth, J. A. Slentz Birthday, Beatrice O'Donnell Birthday
Engagement Announcements: Fredeking-Miller, Laskey-Capin
Marriage Notices: Snavely-Westenhaver, Stover-Wirth, Weaver-Grove
Obituaries, Death and Funeral Notices: Mrs. Henrietta Buffington Funeral, George W. Cless, Mrs. Eleanor E. Foltz, John F. Fritchey, Charles H. Hutchinson, William H. Howden Funeral, Sarah O'Toole, George W. Pharo, John Renicker, August Spangolo
Harrisburg News: J. Ross Sharp Inherits City's Oldest Cabinet Shop from Father Albert R. Sharp, D. F. Walker to Build New Ice Cream Plant
Highspire News: Highspire Personals
Lyken News: Lykens Borough Council Organization
Steelton News: Steelton High School Play

April 2016
News-Fires: Harrisburg Academy Destroyed (1831)

March 2016

John H. Epler

(News from the Harrisburg Telegraph, Harrisburg, Pa, January 8, 1914)
Misc News: Grace Crater Found at Foster Parent's; Walter Shoemaker Visits Parents
Births and Birthdays: Mary Erb's Fifteenth Birthday, Gilbert S. Darlington's 22nd Birthday
Enhaut Local News and Gossip
Middletown Local News and Gossip
News-Accidents: Grove Bowers Overcome by Gas

Samuel Whitmoyer, Mrs. Mary Whitmoyer - Contributed by Melody Beery

December 2015

Mrs. Henrietta Buffington
George W. Cless
Mrs. Eleanor E. Foltz
William H. Howden
Archibald McAllister
Christian K. Metzler
Henry H. Moser
George W. Pharo
David R. Porter
Kathryn Beatrice Shuey
Esther Stanfield
William B. Steinmetz
Mrs. Rachael C. Urich

Marriage Notice: Marini-Pucciarilli, Brinton-Kipp

July 2015
Harrisburg: Hope Fire Company's 100th Anniversary (Jan. 1914)

Marriages from the Journal of American Ancestry

Daniel Cameron - transcribed by V. Bryan
Benezer Hale, Mrs. Beader, Jeremiah Shoop (from the 1847 Ottawa Free Trader)

Misc. News: William Clark's Wealth
Misc. News: Mary Walter and Son Taken in by Harrisburg Couple - Transcribed by Bonnie T.
Administrative Notices: Estate of George Seal - Transcribed by Bonnie T.


John Begly, Mrs. Martha Chamberlain, Frederick Cleckner, Mary (Hurst) Huber, John Humphreys, Thomas Minshall, Mrs. Susan Montgomery, John Wharton (From the Oracle of Dauphin)

Mrs. Fredericka Blacksmith, Mrs. Anna P. Bowen, Mrs. Kate R Cornelius, Raymond Demmy, Mrs. James Gilbert, Mrs. W.H. Hoffa, Augustus Kreidler, Myrtle Look, Mrs. Ettie McAfee, Mrs. Abanna A McCune, Mrs. Annie J. Messersmith, J. Ralph Morrison, Mrs. Mary F. Moser, George B. Reed, Guy P Strickler, William Henry Aurand Waggoner, Charles F. Walter, Mary Walter, Mrs. Mary Walter (3), Mrs. William Woodhead, Charles E. Wright - Transcribed by Bonnie T

April 2015:
Rose (Baish) Sheller, Harry P. Shireman, Child of Thomas Still , Isabella Stout, Mrs. Rachel C. Urich, Mrs. Catherine Wagner, Mrs. Harriet Weaver, Mrs. Rebecca L. Wurster

  • News-Accidents: Fosner Dickey Seriously Injured During Firing of Cannon , Lawrence Robinson Injured in Wagon Accident, Wilmer Gibboney, Critically Injured by Falling Tree, Mrs. Martha Humes Injured in Fall, Mrs. Richard Hummel Injured in Fall, Mrs. Sarah O'Toole Accidently Burned, Philip Price Injures Thumb, John Renecker Badly Burned Playing with Matches, James Good Fractures Arm in Fall
  • Local News and Gossip: January 5 1914 Local Gossip for Steelton and Middletown; January 7, 1914 Local Gossip for Oberlin
  • 1914 Marriage Announcements: Seiber-Roop, Waterman-Bigelow, Gaupp-Snyder, Markle-Kerchloff, Mailey-Drumm, Snyder-Nevin
  • 1914 Engagements and Marriage Licenses: Wlach-Wawruschek, Alexander-Fraim, Gotshall-Zimerman, Smith-Penbrook
  • News - Crimes: Mrs. James Chester Critically Injured by Tramp, Shaffer and Erb Homes Robbed

March 2015:

SWAB, Daniel Cooper - transcribed by Kim Mohler

Mary E. Harris - Contributed by Mary Kay Krogman
William C. Brubaker, Mrs. Emma Carberry, Frazer M. Clendenin, Mrs. Julia Creswell, Grace (Holloway) Eadie, Mrs. Andrew B. Foltz, Michael Gruber, Mrs. Elizabeth Hoover, John Hoover, Donald D. Ketlinger, William Kunkel, Mrs. Jane O. Lewis, Mrs. E. J. Miller, George W. Pharo, Daniel Reigel

News-Births and Birthdays: Leach, Schoffstall. Leon Fitting, Edythe Freeburn
News-Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Moses (42nd), Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Enders (55th)
 November 2014:
David Lentz Battles Burglars (1914), Police Search For Bandits Who Robbed Weldon, Succop and Scottdale in Taxicab (1914), Mr. McFadden's Money Stolen (1864), Arrest of Daniel Dangerfield - Escaped Slave (1859), Emaunuel Shafner Convicted of Murder (1872);
Cumberland Valley Rail Road Bridge Destroyed by Fire (1844), Great Flood in the Susquehanna (1846), Hunt's Rolling Mill/Nail Factory Destroyed (1842), State Printing Office Burned (1873);
Kate Rupert Burnt in Explosion (1869);
Clark's Ferry (1829), Samuel C. Stambaugh Appointed Indian Agent (1830), R. G. Denning Married Miss Gray on Deathbed (1860), Miss Clara Hale - A Beautiful Huntress (1875);
Berrysburg, Elizabethville, Enders, Enhaut, Hershey, Lykens, Middletown, Millersburg, Oberlin:
Jan. 2-5 News Local Gossip;
Daniel A. Andre - Newly Elected Burgess (January 2, 1914);
January 3, 1914 Local Gossip; Wesley Witmer - Newly Elected Burgess (Jan. 5, 1914) ;
1914 Obits:
Mrs. Annie E. Arthur, Mrs. A. I. Collum, William H. Dell, Mrs. Mame E. Miller, Mrs. Henrietta Watson;
Obits/Death Notices:
Mr. Petriken (1857), John Hagan (1860), Mrs. Cameron (1874), Mrs. Barbara Dehurt (1874), Mrs. Wilhelmina Bollinger (1878), George W. Farling (1916);
1914 Marriage Notices:
Swomley-Forsyth, Hoffman-Cobaugh, Waltz - Maguire, Grandone-Anderson, Knisely-Leisenring Engagement, Ramer-Scott, Smink-Welker, Longabach-Snyder, Soloman-Silver, Johnston-Jackson;
Marriage Notices:
Sheafer-Wood, Caslow-Carpenter - Transcribed by Tammy Clark; Bio: FREDERICK S. BRUNER - Transcribed by Tracy McAllister

August 2014:
History of Hannover Church - Transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title

June 2014:
Obits: Robert B. Wilkins, William Shannon, Edmond F. Cryder, Jacob Etzler, Peter Wolford; Marriage Notice: M'Clure-Dickson

March 2014:
Bio: SWAB, Daniel Cooper - Transcribed by Kim Mohler; Obits:
Rev. Jacob Hershey, Simon Kintzer, Mrs. Elizabeth Bower;
Death Records: CARMEN E. ZEIGLER RENN - Contributed by Jacque McDonnell;
Misc. News:
Jacob Keefer's Big Potato (1877), Capt. David Hummel Stricken by Paralysis (1886), H. Wells Appointed Sheriff (1892), Orvie Green Finds Postage Stamps in Hollow Tree (1892), Mrs. Susan Hensel Wins Life Insurance Suit (1895), Myers Sues Crum For Bringing Smallpox into Home (1901), Sarah Henshaw Gets New Nose (1910), Farmer's Produce Charter Approved (1911), Berks and Dauphin Turnpike Purchased by Highway Department (1917), Biggest Tree in Pennsylvania Discovered on John Early Farm (1920);
: Emerick and Refine Instantly Killed in Rail Accident, Farling Killed in Farm Accident (1916), W. S. Swope Killed in Car Accident - Others Injured (1917) Two Killed 15 Hurt When Car Hits Sleigh (names listed) (1918);
Phoebe Troutman Arrested for Theft (1872), Chauncey Arnold Arrested for Robberies (1894), Mrs. James Kugle Foils Burglar (1894), Katie Lyter Attacked with Axe (1902), Strikers Cause Riot (1916);
Cyrus Snyder's Grist Mill Destroyed by Fire (1870), Douden & Richards Factory Destroyed by Fire (1871), D. W. Chandler's Mill Destroyed by Fire (1892), Mrs. Jeremiah Gingrich Loses Livestock and Barn in Fire (1910);
1891 Snow Storm;
Marriage Announcements:
Swonger-Fackler, Ebersole-Keller, Lauver-Hawk, Brehm-Hanmaker, Schaftner-Swords, Shoop-Hartz, Sellers-Skelton, Miller-Miller, Myers-Jones

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