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1828 Robbery of the Chambersburg Bank, Chambersburg, PA

Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, December 3, 1828

The front door of the Bank of Chambersburg was broken open on the night of the 24th ult. by boring out the lock, &c. The President and directors state that the robbers were not able to make any impression on the vault or iron chest and that they have not been able to discover the loss of any money, notes, books or papers.

Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, December 17, 1828

Chambersburg, Dec. 2

Chambersburg Bank

An attempt was made on the night of the 24th ult. to rob this institution. The villain or villains, first prized or broke off the lock of the wood cellar and endeavored to effect a passage up into the banking room by boring out a hole in the floor, but finding the joists very close together, after making some progress they abandoned that project and attacked the front door, the lock of which they succeeded in boring out. All the money, however, being secured in the vault, or in the heavy iron chest in the banking room, they were completely disappointed in their expectations of booty - but fortunately for the cause of justice, in ransacking the drawers and papers, they fell upon a deposit of counterfeit and broken bank paper, which they no doubt supposed to be good money and bore it off.

All things considered this was one of the most bold and so far as entering the Bank, successful efforts of villainy that can well be imagined. The Bank is situated on the corner of the public square and within a few yards of the stage office, in and about which there was light and people stirring nearly all the night - and the period selected, a clear moonlight night.

We understand that the Directors have strong suspicion that a young man who left town the morning after the robbery, was concerned in the business and two of the directors and an officer left town on Thursday in pursuit of him. Probably the result of their efforts to arrest him will be known in time for our postscript.
We learn that the watchman of the Bank, has acknowledged he was absent from his post on the night it was entered. This breach of trust will doubtless undergo a legal investigation and therefore, any observations upon his conduct here would be improper.

But we feel it to be our duty to state, not to prejudice his cause nor wound the feelings of anyone, but as a solemn warning to the young and unwary - that he was at a gambling house. Yes, a fondness for gaming, we are well advised, seduced this man from his post of duty - by which he has forfeited, perhaps forever, his character. It behooves the proper authorities to look to these houses. Such places have been the means of ruining many youth and of reducing hundreds of mature age to poverty and disgrace. More on the subject hereafter. - Repository.

The Robbery

David Slider, the young man suspected of being concerning in breaking into the Bank, alluded to in another part of this paper, was arrested on Saturday evening last, returning to town and lodged in jail. A part of the counterfeit money taken from the bank was found concealed in one of his stockings. He states he received it from John V. Benjamin, who took the stage for Harrisburg on the morning the Bank was broken. It will be seen that a reward of 70 dollars is offered by the President of the Bank, for the apprehension of Benjamin. - Ib.

December 9,

John V. Benjamin, for whose apprehension the President of the Chambersburg Bank offered a reward, has been arrested and secured in jail at Lancaster. - Ib.

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