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Pennsylvania Government History

Appointments by the Governor
Impeachment Trial of Judge Seth Chapman
1826 Committees of Correspondence Appointed by the Harrisburg Convention
List of Pennsylvania Governors  Contributed by Barb Ziegenmeyer

Pennsylvania Governor Biographies

Title of Acts Passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Legislature

State Officer Biographies  

  • JAMES TRIMBLE, The First Deputy Secretary Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania  NEW!!

  • George Taylor - Signer of the Declaration of Independence (Short Article) NEW!!

  • John Trunkey,

  • Amos C. Noyes,

  • William P. Schell

The Removal of the Seat of Government to Harrisburg  

Pennsylvania Government News   

  • John Spayed Resigned Office of President of Courts (1809)


  • James Engle Resigns as Speaker of the House (1810)

  • Former Gov. Richard Penn Dies in England (1811)

  • Legislature Ratifies Bridge Over Delaware (1811)

  • Death of John Smilie (Congress Representative 1813)  

  • Delegates to the 1826 Harrisburg Convention (1826)

  • Thomas Sill Elected to Congress (1826)

  • Honoring the Bravery of David Conner (1826)

  • Appointments to the Harrisburg Convention (1827)

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