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Pennsylvania Governement Miscellaneous News

John Spayed Resigned Office of President of Courts

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, June 22, 1809

John Spayed, Esq., has resigned the office of president of the courts of common pleas of Berks, Montgomery, Northampton and Wayne counties, and Robert Porter, son of the surveyor general, has been appointed by the governor, his successor.


The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, September 20, 1809

On Friday morning last, at 9 o'clock Chief Justice Scott, attended at the court house to receive the return of the Sheriff in a habeas corpus issued yesterday by the Chief Justice to bring before him seven persons* who had alleged in a petition that they were illegally confined; by the return to the habeas corpus, it appeared that these persons were arrested in virtue of a written order from the British Consul residing in this city, as deserters from the British frigate L'Africaine, then lying at Annapolis. The Chief Justice sent for Mr. Wood the British consul, at half past 8 o'clock this morning, to request his attendance. An immense crowd of people filled the courthouse, taking possession of the Jury boxes, the bar and the judges seat, to the very elbows of the Chief Justice.

When Mr. Wood appeared in court, it was stated to the Chief Justice, that he wished his counsel might be sent for, and two gentlemen of the bar were pa med whom he wished to consult; the counsel for the prisoners urged that they should be immediately discharged; that even admitting them to be deserters from a British vessel and British subjects - no person whatever could have a right in this country to arrest or detain them for that cause; the Chief Justice however, sent for one of the counsel named by the consul who immediately attended, and when informed by the consul of the reason for requesting his attendance he stated to the court that he was engaged in a case of considerable importance in the district court then sitting, in which the other counsel was also engaged, which would necessarily prevent an immediate investigation of the question, whether the prisoners could lawfully be detained under the authority of the consul; that he perceived the habeas corpus had been granted without any affidavit as to the illegal confinement of the prisoners, and understand that objections were made to the formality of the order under which the arrest had been made; but as the prisoners were now before the Chief Justice, who had full power to enquire into the circumstances and discharge, admit to bail, or recommit them, as he might adjudge to be proper; as the case was of great public importance, and the detention of the prisoners for a few hours would not be attended with much inconvenience; he therefore requested the Chief Justice would consent to hear the counsel of the British consul in the afternoon of the same day, and defer his decision until that time, The Chief Justice stated, that the opinion of the Secretary of State had satisfied him, that deserters from British vessels ought not to be arrested or detained under the authority of the government of the United States, for the purpose of delivering them up to the officers of the British government, he therefore ordered the prisoners to be immediately discharged. The audience expressed their approbation of his decision by three loud and tumultuous huzzas and execrations of the Tories, and carried off the deserters in triumph!!

*John Nowland, William Whokes, Dennis Murphy, Richard Hughes, John Earp, Jacob Lamb

James Engle Resigns as Speaker of the House

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, February 14, 1810

On the 30th ult. James Engle, Esq. resigned the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives of this state; and the same day John Weber, Esq. of Montgomery County was elected to fill the chair.

Former Gov. Richard Penn Dies in England

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, July 31 1811

Died in Richmond England on the 27th May, Richard Penn, Esq., formerly governor of Pennsylvania.

Legislature Ratifies Bridge Over Delaware

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, May 8, 1811

Trenton, April 8

Bridge over the Delaware

The legislature of this state having at their late sitting, passed a law authorizing the building of a bridge over the River Delaware, between Black's Eddy (above Bull's Island) and Well's Falls, and appointed on the part of this state, Isaac Mickle, of the county of Glaucester, Jacob Hasey, of the county of Salem and Caleb Newbold, of the county of Burlington, commissioners for the purpose of fixing upon a scite (site) for the said bridge. The legislature of Pennsylvania have assented to and ratified said act, and have appointed on the part of that commonwealth, John Barclay of the Northern Liberties, in the county of Philadelphia, Amos Slaymaker of the county of Lancaster and John Holme of the county of Bucks, commissioners to join the commissioners of this state, to fix upon said scite.

John Smilie

The Centinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) January 13, 1813

Died in Washington city, on the 30th December, the Hon. John Smilie, a representative in Congress from Pennsylvania, aged about 74 years. He was a native of Ireland, but arriving in this country at an early age, was engaged in the war of the revolution, both in civil and military capacities. Since that period he has never been out of public service, in conventions, in the legislature of Pennsylvania and of the United States.

Delegates to the 1826 Harrisburg Convention

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Feb 1, 1826

The following Delegates to the Harrisburg Convention to nominate a candidate for Governor have already been chosen viz.

Bedford county - Andrew Mann, Christian Snider, Alexander Ogle.

Mifflin - David Crawford, James Milliken

Montgomery - Joel K Mann, Jonathan Roberts, Robert E. Hobart, Michael Cope, John Stevens.

Northampton, Wayne and Pike - Henry Winter, Henry King, Wm. Overfield, Wm. G. Scott, Christian J. Hatter.

Northumberland - Martin Weaver, Robert H. Hammond.

At the meetings in all the above counties except Mifflin, resolutions were adopted expressing their confidence in the present Governor, &c. - and we think it highly probable that Mr. Shulze will be nominated and re-elected.

Thomas Sill Elected to Congress

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) March 29, 1826

From the returns of the election held in the counties of Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Warren and Venango, on the 14th instant, to supply the vacancy in congress occasioned by the death of Mr. Farrelly, it appears that Mr. Thomas H. Sill, a member of the bar of Erie county and recently a member of the legislature of this state is elected by a considerable majority. - Greensburg Gazette.

Honoring the Bravery of David Conner

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Feb 15, 1826

Harrisburg, Feb. 11.

An honorable testimonial to the bravery and gallantry of David Conner, now a master commandant in the naval service of the United States, was exhibited in the house of Representatives on Tuesday last by the unanimous passage on their second reading of a preamble and resolution expressive of "the high sense the government of this commonwealth entertains for his good conduct and intrepidity." In several actions in which he was engaged in the last war and likewise authorizing the Governor to present him with an appropriate sword the expense of which shall not exceed four hundred dollars. - Oracle.

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Feb 22, 1826

Harrisburg, Feb. 13

On Saturday last, Mr. Maclean moved to postpone the bill and recommend it to the next Legislature which was supported by Maclean, Clarke, Brown, Waln, Anderson and Cummingham and opposed by Meredith, Baker, Irwin, Middlewarth, Huling and Lehman. An adjournment was called for and carried 40 to 41 - so that there was no decision.Capt. David Conner

The resolution submitted by Dr. Povall in the house of Representatives voting a sword to this gallant officer of the navy passed that body unanimously on the 8th inst. The blank having been filled with 400 dollars to defray the expense. Captain Conner is a native of Harrisburg.

Appointments to the Harrisburg Convention (1827)

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), July 4, 1827

The following persons were appointed on Thursday last to Represent Pennsylvania in the convention proposed to be held at Harrisburg, on the 30th inst. to wit:

Hon. John Todd of Bedford

Chas. Ingersoll and Matthew Carey of Philadelphia

Hon. Charles Huston of Centre

Hon. Walter Forward and Joseph Patterson, Esq. of Pittsburg

Hon. Johnathan Roberts of Montgomery

Hon. Joseph Ritner and Alexander Reed of Washington

James Todd of Fayette

William Clark of Dauphin

David Townsend of Chester

Samuel Bairde of Berks

William P. Maclay of Mifflin

Daniel Montgomery of Columbia

George Dennison of Luzerne

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