1800 Tax List for Morris Township, Greene County, PA

- Transcribed by DebbieOvechka

Continuing with the earliest tax lists for each township in Greene County, we have herewith the Morris Township list for the year 1800. Morris Township was formed in 1799, from parts of Morgan, Franklin and Finley Townships. The assessors were Isaac Pettit and Moses Foster; occupations were not designated so we may only assume that all were farmers.

Previous townships listed have been Aleppo (1818), Center (1820), Cumberland (1798), Dunkard (1809), Franklin (1809), Greene (1797), Jackson (1841), Jefferson (1800), Marion (1836), Monongahela (1830) and Morgan (1800).

Barns, Joshua

Burnes, James*

Brooks, John*

Brown, Elijah*

Beson, Nathaniel*

Cox, Michael:

Conger, Elias*

Chapman, William*

Casto, Able*

Daily, James

Foster, Moses*

French, Aaron, Sr.*

French, Aaron, Jr. *

Forshey, Thomas

Pruddin, Gabriel*

Goding, Abraham*

Gregorry, Samuel*

Gregorry, Patrick*

Headley, Benjamin

Headley, Samuel*

Hendershot, Jacob

Hair, John*

Hurley, Zachariah, Sr.*

Hurley, William*

Headley, Joseph*

Hill, Robert*

Iams, Richard*

John, Jacob*

John, Thomas

Jackson, Alexander*

Jewlin, John

Jewling, Isaac

Loughman, Frederick*

Maning, Edmond*

Master, Joseph

Miller, Hannah

Miller, Jemimah*

McVeigh, Isaac*

McVeigh, James Sr.

Patterson, William

Patterson, John

Valalee, John

Sheale, Thomas

McVeigh, James*

McVeigh, William*

McHenry, Joseph*

Milikin, Robert*

Meeks, Elisha*

Parker, Thomas*

Pettit, John*

Pearson, John*

Patterson, Thomas*

Polock, David

Prat, John

Pettit, Azariah*

Pettit, Nathaniel*

Pearson, Vincen*

Pettit, Isaac*

Shideler, Peter*

Smith, John*

Sutten, Nathan*

Smith, Jacob*

Rogers, William*

Stockdale, James*

Vandalen, John

Valalee, John*

Wiggins, Phillip*

Walpole, Luke*

Wear, Thomas

Winget, Daniel*

Wiggins, Thomas Sr.*

Wiggins, Thomas, Jr.*

Watter, Lewis

Young Men

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Randle*

Gregorry, Noble

Forshey, John*

Wiggans, Joseph

Pruden, Gabriel

Pruden, Silas

McFarland, Daniel

McFarland, Daniel, Jr.

Crawford, James (s. maker)

This last list (under single men) perhaps contained the names of those who also owned land there, as it is certain that the McFarlands resided in Washington County and also owned land there.

Those names marked * were also listed in the tax list for 1801; the following additional names appeared in 1801.

Baxter, John

Barker, George

Blackford, Mannen

Betson, Nathaniel, Jr.

Carter, William

Dacon, Duke

Galloway, William

Hammer, John

Lewis, Walter

McMawnee, James

McMawnee, James

Maning, James

McKinney, James

McVeigh, John

Peirson, John

Parker, James

Parker, Thomas

Russell, Henry

Seals, James

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Thomas

Sook, Abraham

Simson, Stephen

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Charles

Young Men

Hurley, Zachariah

Patterson, William

Patterson, John

Unseated Lands

Brackenridge Land

Gabriel Blakeney Land

Bake Land

Ebenezer Brown Land

Crafford Land

Samuel Clark Land

James Daly Land

Henry Draper Land

John Forshey Land

William Green Land

Thomas John Land

Jones Land

Daniel McFarland Land

Isaac Pettit Land

Samuel Peyton Land

Thomas Shields Land

John Vandalee Land

William Davis Land

The following additional names appeared in the census of 1800, Morris Township, and appear to give a rather complete record for this township at this time.

Michael Cox Meredith Leacon Benjamin Miller Reuben Wright
Michael Turner John Meeks James Henry Seth Jewel
James Braden James McManus

[Source: The Greene Hills Echo, Published by the Green County Historical Society]

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