Greene County PA Marriage Records

List of marriage records from docket book of
Jay Thompson, Justice of Peace at Carmichaels, PA

Transcribed by Debbie Ovechka

Sunday, May 21, 1815, Jess Hopton to Sarah Finch

Thursday, May 25, 1815, Uriah Higginbottom to Elizabeth Chance

Thursday, June 8, 1815, George Cree to Sarah Rice

Thursday, October 19, 1815, Rememberance Hughes to Margaret McClain

Saturday, October 28, 1815, Marcena Mitchenor to Mary Stone

Thursday, November 9, 1815, John Buckingham to Elizabeth Hughes

Thursday, November 16, 1815, Amos Horner to Nancy Shively

Friday, November 24, 1815, John McCarter to Sarah Willis

Monday, November 27, 1815, Benjamin Deguid to Hannah Statler

Thursday, February 7, 1815, William Dunsmore to ________ Groon

Thursday, June 13, 1815, James Flenniken to Mary McClelland

Sunday, September 29, 1816, Daniel Moore to Margaret Kelly

Tuesday, October 22, 1816, George Moody to Lucinda Black

Thursday, February 22, 1816, Robert Jackson to Ann Blackledge

Thursday, March 20, 1817, Samuel Swan to Priscilla Crago

Tuesday, May 27, 1817, Jacob Wiley to Hannah Way

Sunday, August 17, 1817, William Miller to Mary Cann

Thursday, April 29, 1818, John Dolson to Mary Ewart

Thursday, July 16, 1818, Luke Boldence to Elizabeth Freelove Wooden

Tuesday, December 1, 1818, David Snively to Mary Anderson

Thursday, February 4, 1819, James Flenniken, Jr. to Mary McClelland

Saturday, July 31, 1819, George Elliot to Sarah Wilson

Sunday, November 14, 1819, William Carmichael to Mary Morely

Thursday, January 6, 1820, James Mundell to Lydia Encey

Tuesday, June 19, 1821, Samuel McClelland to Mary Pickens

Sunday, April 7, 1822, Benjamin Maple to Margaret Burris

Tuesday, February 4, 1817, John Newsom to Althea Repp

Thursday, December 26, 1822, William Alison to Martha Londy

Thursday, January 2, 1823, Joseph W. Gilbert to Betty Seaton

Sunday, March 23, 1823, Kent Horner to Margaret Anderson

Thursday, January 1, 1824, William Kerr (of James) to Elizabeth Curl

Wednesday, July 4, 1827, Thomas Seaton to Elizabeth Brown (Dunkard)

The above list of marriages was taken from the Waynesburg Republican of December 17, 1952; it was prepared by Howard L. Leckey and was included in an article of the Seaton Family. The intentions were that it might be included in Volume VIII of the Ten Mile Country and its pioneer families, by Leckey.

[Source: The Greene Hills Echo, Published by the Green County Historical Society]

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