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Blairsville-1871 from Indiana County Parks and Recreation

Blairsville — about 1871

County Info

The county seat is Indiana (the town)

Created from portions of Westmoreland & Lycoming counties on March 30 1803, but was administered by Westmoreland County until its organization November 3, 1806

Named after the original inhabitants of the area.
— Was also known to the earliest settlers as
"Indian country west of the Alleghenies."

"Christmas Tree Capital of the World"
"Boyhood home of actor Jimmy Stewart
(and decendent of the early pioneer of this county)"

Adjacent Counties

Jefferson County (north)
Clearfield County (northeast)
Cambria County (southeast)
Westmoreland County (south)
Armstrong County (west)

Website Updates


11 May 2018
BIRTH: Davis family, Fuller family, Margaret & Rachel Ann Clawson, Joseph Carl & Ronald E Frantz, James Allison & Solomon Buterbaugh — Submitted by William Kusy
MARRIAGE: Davis family, Fuller Family, Margaret Clawson — Submitted by William Kusy
DEATH: Davis family; Catherine Baker; Catherine B Misner; Mary Ann Moyer; Maxwell Bowder & William Henry Fuller; James Allison, Solomon & William Buterbaugh — Submitted by William Kusy
FAMILY BIOS: William Ackerson Family, James P Ackerson Family — Submitted by FoFG
MESSAGES: Kime Family query submitted by Debbie

12 Feb 2018 — Submitted by William Kusy
BIRTH, MARRIAGE, & DEATH: records for Kline Family
OBIT & FAMILY: Obits & Portraits added to Herrett Family page.

2 Feb 2018 — Submitted by William Kusy
BIRTHS: Barkey, Bowder, Ferguson, Strassler
MARRIAGES: Barkey, Ester Mary/Elam Wisehaup Bowder; Barkey, William A/Matilda A Strassler; Annie Ferguson/John Munshower; David Ferguson/Ann Mary Davis; John Ferguson/Jerusha Bennet Churchill; Samuel Ferguson/Susanna D Davis
DEATHS: Barkey, Ferguson, Strassler
FAMILY: Herrett Family (Golden Anniverary of William & Catharine Herrett)

19 Jan 2018 — Submitted by William Kusy
BIRTHS: Catherine Munshower, Daniel B Munshower, Daniel W Munshower, Della D Munshower, Ela A Munshower, Elizaberh Munshower, Elizabeth C Munshower, Hannah Munshower, John Munshower, Joseph Munshower, Laura Munshower, Mary Munshower, Melissa Munshower, Minnie M M Munshower, Samual St Clair Munshower, Samuel St Clair Munshower, Sarah Jane Munshower, Sarah Jane Munshower
MARRIAGE: John Munshower/Susan Ferguson; Sarah Jane Munshower/William Herrett Bowder; Della D Munshower/Harry E Gorman; Minnie May M Munshower/Amos Bryan Krebs
DEATHS: Annie S. Munshower, Catherine Munshower, Catherine Baker Munshower, Daniel B Munshower, Daniel B Munshower, Eliza Smith Munshower, Hannah Munshower, John Munshower, John Munshower, Laura Munshower, Melissa Munshower, Nicholas Munshower, Sarah Jane Munshower, William H Munshower

18 Jan 2018 — Submitted by William Kusy
MARRIAGE: Maria A Herrett/John Stetler; Mary Ann Herrett/Bethuel Johnson; Priscella Jane Herrett/Elam Bowder
DEATHS: Catharine S Herrett; Daughter Herrett; William Herrett; William H Herrett; William Herrett
BIRTHS: Catharine S Herrett; Daughter Herrett; Marie A Herrett; Mary Ann Herrett; Priscella Jane Herrett; William Herrett; William Herrod Herrett

17 Jan 2018 — Submitted by William Kusy
OBITUARY: Alvin Alton Bowder, Eden Naomi (Kline) Bowder, Elam Bowder, E.W. Bowder, Mrs Elam Bowder, Jacob Bowder, Mrs. Esther Bowder, Mrs. Myrtle Etta Bowder

11 Jan 2018 — Submitted by William Kusy
OBITUARY: William H. Bowder, Sarah Jane (Munshower) Bowder.
MARRIAGE RECORDS: Elam Bowder/Priscella Jane Herrett; William Herrett Bowder/Jean A Munshower; William Herrett Bowder/Rose Agnes Breth; Catherine Cassie Bowder/A.B Gressley; Elam Wisehaup Bowder/Ester Barkey; Elam Wisehaup Bowder/Myrtle Etta Sell; Annie M M Bowder/William H Fuller; Annie M M Bowder/James Alison Butterbaugh; Abraham L Bouder/Ruby L Bennett

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