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Charles L. McLain, captain, 110th Infantry. For repeated arts of extraordinary heroism in action on the Marne River, France, July 15, 1918, and at Apremont, France, September 29, 1918. He was an observer with the French when the enemy attack on the Marne River was start July 15, 1918. All the officers of an Infantry company having been killed or wounded, he voluntarily reorganized the remainder of the company and successfully fought his way through the enemy, upon two occasions being surrounded. In this operation he was badly gassed. At Apremont, September 29, when his own company had reached its objective, he, finding that another company was without officers, voluntarily assumed command of it and led the first wave. In so doing he was wounded, but he continued in action until the objective was reached. Residence at appointment: 451 Philadelphia Street, Indiana, Pa.

Source: Congressional Medal of Honor & Distinguished Service Cross & Distinguished Service Medal Issued by the War Department, 1919
Distinguished Service Cross
* Indicates Posthumous Award

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