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 Mr. and Mrs. Soloman Light's Golden Anniversary

Taken From Daily Gazette and Bulletin (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)
December 1, 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Soloman Light, of Annville, have celebrated their golden wedding.

Mr. And Mrs. J.W. Meyer's Golden Anniversary

Lebanon Daily News, Lebanon Pa., Monday Evening, November 2, 1931, Page 1

Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Meyer of Fredericksburg, Sunday celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home. Mr. Meyer is a minister, retired farmer and bank director. Mrs. Meyer before her marriage was Miss Leah Gibble. The happily married couple received the best wishes of their many friends for many more years of a happily married life. Delicious refreshemtns were served to the following guests: Joseph Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Lewi Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. I.. E.B. Klein, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs Ezra meyer and mrs. N. G. Meyer, children - eleven grand children: Violet Klein, Ammon, Nathan, Jonas, Samuel, Jacob, Elizabeth, Ruth, Mark, Ira and Grace Meyer. Others present were Lee Wampler, Mr. and Mrs. Phares Nolt and Mrs. Elizabeth Brubaker.

John  and Minerva J. (Modlin) Koons Celebrate  48th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Koons, formerly of this county and now of Shirley, Indiana, on November 1st passed their 48th wedding anniversary. It was celebrated in an unusual manner, for just before noon about sixty of their neighbors unexpectedly invaded the home and proceeded to make merry.

They came with heavy laden baskets of good things which were soon spread upon a banquet board and all enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. The afternoon was spent in friendly social intercourse and diversion.

Their guests departed late in the afternoon wishing the happy couple many more happy returns of the anniversary. Mr. Koons was born in Lebanon County on the 30th day of August 1868, but has resided in Indiana since 1870.

On Nov. 1st, 1883, he was united in marriage to Miss Minerva J. Modlin, of Henry County, Ind. About two years ago Mr. and Mrs. Koons spent a month visiting relatives and friends in Lebanon county and a little more than a year ago Mr. Koons was here to attend the funeral of Rev. John G. Light. They were little school mates in Lebanon County over 50 years ago.

Harry Light of the Lebanon rendering works near Jonestown, and Mrs. Light were guests at the Koons home at Shirley in May of this year. Mr. Koons is a first cousin of Rev. I. B. Koonds of Bellgrove; Daniel Koons of Lickdale; Joseph Koons of Lebanon; Samuel Snyder of Annville, watchman at the Ninth street railroad crossing and Mrs. Samuel Blouch of Bunker Hill.

Mr. Koons has been a subscriber to the Lebanon News for many years and has extended his subscription for another year. He likes to keep posted on the news of his native county and state. [Lebanon Daily News, Thursday Evening, November 5, 1931, Page 15 - Transcribed by Nancy Piper]

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Groh Celebrate 38th Wedding Anniversary

Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) November 6, 1931

Wedding Anniversary

Celebrated by Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Groh, North Fifth Street

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Groh of 20 North Fifth Street, celebrated their thirty-eighth wedding anniversary. The happy couple received the best wishes of their friends for many more years of happily married life. A dinner in honor of the event was given by their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Groh. Those present were Mrs. Samuel Rise, Mrs. James Hauer, Mrs. Gertrude Lowry, Mrs. Robert Haak, Mrs. John Bomberger, Miss Elizabeth Bomberger, Mr.a nd Mrs. John Kelley, Miss Hilda Groh, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Groh, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hank and son, Harold.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boltz 25th Anniversary
Lebanon Daily News, November 27, 1931
Wedding Anniversaries Were Observed on Thanksgiving Day
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boltz, of 421 Walton street, on Thanksgiving Day entertained a company of relatives and friends in celebration of their twenty-fifth or silver wedding anniversary. It was an all-afternoon and evening affair and proved to be most enjoyable. A sumptuous turkey dinner was served at 4 o'clock, the feast including all the necessary trimmings to make it a real epicurean delight. The dining and living rooms were gaily decorated in yellow and silver for the affair and a centerpiece of monster chrysanthemums on the table gave the festive board a most artistic appearance. The hospitality accorded the guests also included a round at cards, and general recreational games, together with musical entertainment.
The host and hostess received a number of beautiful gifts, mostly of silver, as mementoes of the occasion, and were also showered with felicitations and good wishes for many happy returns of the marital anniversary.
Besides Mr. and Mrs. Boltz, those present included: Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mauger and Harold J. Giles, of Reading; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kepner, Misses Maude Fetter, Maude Houtz and Jane Diehl, Paul Gadel and Junior, Gordon and Vivian Boltz.

Mr. and Mrs. William Erdman's 4th Anniversay
Lebanon Daily News, November 27, 1931
Wedded Four Years
Mr and Mrs. William Erdman of Ninth and Poplar streets on Thanksgiving Day celebrated their fourteenth wedding anniversary at their home. The couple were wished many more years of a happy maritan life.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reilly's 16th Anniversary
Lebanon Daily News, November 27, 1931
Wedded 16 Years
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reilly of 1260 Willow street, celebrated their sixteenth wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day. The happy celebrants received many beautiful gifts and the best wishes of their hosts of friends for many more happy years of marital life. A delicious chicken dinner was served in honor of the event.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Turner's 21st Anniversary
Lebanon Daily News, November 27, 1931
21st Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Turner, of Fourth and Lehman streets, celebrated their twenty first wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving Day. They were guests of honor at a dinner given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund James, 129 Lehman Street. Beside the two coupe, Marion Turner, the celebrant's daughter, was the only guest. The Turners were given the best wishes of their many friends for many more happy years of maritial life.

Mr. and Mrs. William Heddinger's 9th Anniversary
Lebanon Daily News, November 27, 1931
Mr. and Mrs. Heddinger Celebrate
Mr. and Mrs. William Heddinger celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary Thanksgiving Day, and in honor of the event a card party was held at their home. The following guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. Russel Walters, Mr. and Mrs. George Olt, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noll, Mr. and Mrs. William Heddinger. All had a delightful time and left wishing Mr. and Mrs. Heddinger many more happy years of wedded life.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krist 40th Wedding Anniversary
Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) December 1, 1931
A surprise party was held for Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krist of 1326 Lehman street, in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary. The party was held by the children for their parents. Delicious refreshments were served. The evening was spent feasting on goodies and dancing. Music was furnished for the occasion by Bill Krist, guitar, Russ Luciftti saxophone, Herman Luciotti, Bill Capriotti and Ton Marianno played accordians. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krist and children, Bill, Betty and Bertha; Mr. and Mrs. John Krist; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Luciotti; Mr. and Mrs. John Bednar and daughter Mary; Mr. Luciotti and sons, Herman and Anthony; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Capriotti and children Buddy and Emma; Warren and George Cerrisini and Herman Hartz. All wished Mr. and Mrs. Krist many more years of happy married life.


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