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Births Copied From the Schaefferstown Lutheran Church Book

Pages 91 - 93
Taken From the History of Schaeffersown, A.S. Brendle Esq., Dispatch Publishing Company, York Pa, 1901

Transcribed  and Indexed by Nancy Piper for Genealogy Trails

Pages 94-113
Transcribed and Indexed by Debbie Ovechka for Genealogy Trails


February 21 1772 Naef, Margaret Catharine John George and Mary Elizabeth Naef Michael and Anna Mary Naef
June 20 1771 Naef, Peter George and Mary Elizabeth Naef Peer and Barbara Sheetz
May 31, 1796 Neff, Catharine John and Magdalena Neff John and Catharine Dissinger
November 29, 1786 Neff, Christina Michael and Magdalena Neff Jacob Neff et. uxor
November 6, 1774 Neff, Christina Elizabeth Abraham and Catharine Neff Jacob and Eva Christina Neff
March 8, 1799 Neff, Elizabeth George and Rosine Neff James and Magdalena Murdock
July 20, 1775 Neff, John George and Mary Elizabeth Neff Adam and Catharine Elizabeth Bollman
June 4, 1776 Neff, John Frederick George and Catharine Neff Fred and Elizabeth Wolfesperger
September 28, 1779 Neff, John George Abraham and Catharine Neff Jacob and Christina Neff
April 14, 1799 Neff, Magdalena John and Magdalena Neff James and Magdalena Murdock
February 15, 1777 Neff, Mary Elizabeth Abraham and Susanna Mary Neff John Jacob and Elizabeth Neff
March 3, 1780 Neff, Michael Abraham and Anna Marie Neff Jacob Neff and uxor
October 18, 1779 Neff. John George John George and Catharine Neff George Boyer and Catharine Stump
September 18, 1779 Nelp, John John and Anne Marie Nelp John and Agatha Nelp
March 7, 1793 Nelp, John John and Anne Marie Nelp Samuel and Anne Marie Rex
April 30, 1787 Nelp, John George John and Anna Maria Nelp George and Susanna Pfeffer
November 20, 1800 Newman, Elizabeth Benjamin and Catharine Newman Magdalena Newman
May 10 Noll, Eva Michael and Magdalena Noll Jac. And Magdalena Philippi


January 13, 1775 Oberie, John Frederick John Adam and Margaret Oberie Christian and Maria Phillipi
July 24, 1791 Oberle, Elizabeth Adam and Margaret Oberle Henry Mock and Catharine Beinhauer
March 16, 1794 Oberle, Jacob John and Mary Salome Oberle Fred and Anna Margaret Steiner
October 11, 1779 Oberle, John Peter John Adam and Margaret Oberle Peter and Christina Beinhauer
January 10, 1777 Oberle, Maria Margaret Adam and Margaret Oberle Christopher and Catharine Oberle
August 4, 1777 Oberle, Susanna Christopher and Catharine Oberle Adam and Margaret Oberle
March 4, 1776 Oberlender, Catharine Peter and Catharine Oberlender John and Agatha Neip
June 12, 1776 Orendorff, Eva John and Margaret Orendorff Henry and Eva Mock
June, 1779 Orendorff, Henrietta Theresa John and Margaret Orendorff Henry and Eva Mock


July 5, 1787 Peter, Benjamin John and Salome Peter Martin Moyer and Christine Peter
August 19, 1780 Peter, William John and Salome Peter Peter and Margaret Swope
January 4, 1795 Pfeffer, Elizabeth Jacob and Catharine Pfeffer Parents
November 23, 1796 Pfeffer, George John Jacob and Catharine Pfeffer Jacob and Magdalena Lauser
June 10, 1789 Pfeffer, George Henry George and Mary Susanna Pfeffer Henry Schafer, Esq., and Eva
August 6, 1799 Pfeffer, Henry Jacob and Catharine Pfeffer Henry and Barbara Iba
March 15, 1779 Pfeffer, John George Henry and Catharine Pfeffer John George Pfeffer
August 8, 1791 Pfeffer, John George John George and Sus. Mary Pfeffer John and Anne Marie Nelp
June 9, 1772 Pfeffer, John Jacob Henry and Elizabeth Pfeffer Jacob and Catharine Kitzmiller
January 17, 1773 Pfeffer, Mary Catharine Henry and Catharine Pfeffer Jacob Seltzer and wife
December 2, 1787 Pfeffer, Mary Salome George Pfeffer uxor Henry Schaefer, Esq., and Eva
May 24, 1776 Pfeffer, Mary Sarah Henry and Catharine Pfeffer Christopher and Elizabeth Seller
April 25, 1801 Pfeffer, Sarah John and Catharine Pfeffer Andrew and Catharine Fuhrman
October 9, 1797 Philippi, Elizabeth John and Elizabeth Philippi Henry and Eva Mock
January 11, 1801 Philippi, John Christ and Barbara Philippi John and Christine Philippi
August 28, 1799 Philippi, John John and Elizabeth Philippi Jacob and Christine Philippi
January 27, 1776 Phillipi, Christian Jacob and Christina Phillipi Christian and Anna Mary Phillipi
March 22, 1776 Phillipi, John Jacob Christian and Christina Phillipi Jacob and Christina Phillipi
October 10, 1775 Phillipi, Mary Catharine John and Catharine Phillipi Abraham Neff and Anna Mary Phillipi
April 29 1771 Pickers, Jacob William and Elizabeth Pickers Frederick and Margaret Schmidt
October 12 Porsh, Lydia Henry and Hannah Porsh Henry and Susanna Miller


August 4, 1799 Rager, William Jacob and Catharine Rager Michael and Catharine Moore
October 1, 1771 Rau, Magdalena George and Magdalena Rau Parents
April 24, 1801 Reager, Elizabeth Jacob and Catharine Reager Henry and Anna Margaret Stohler
March 18, 1776 Ream, Anne Sophia Peter and Salome Ream Alexander and Catharine Schaefer
March 10, 1779 Ream, John Peter and Marie Salome Ream Adam Fried and Magdalena Pfeffer
March 5 1773 Ream, John Martin Peter Ream, Jr. and Mary Salome Mart. Albrecht and An. Mary Fried.
February 26, 1798 Ream, Samuel Peter and Susanna Ream Martin Ream and Anna Mary Schorck
April 17 1771 Reid, Eva Barbara Peter and Ann Catherine Reid Peter Reid and Barbara Endress
August 28 Reid, Magdalena John and Christina Reidel Christian and Barbara Gettle
August 28, 1787 Reidel, Peter Andrew and Mary Judith Ricke Andrew and Catharine Strickler
December 12 1770 Ricke, Elizabeth John and Dorothea Ried Casper and Anna Ried
November 29, 1775 Roeger, Maria Catharine Elias and Catharine Roeger Catharine Roeger
July 1, 1775 Ruff, Maria Catharine Jacob and Catharine Ruff Magdalena Bollman
January 6, 1793 Russel, Robert Martina and Susanna Russel Henry and Eva Kohl


October 16, 1791 Sabina, John John Nicholas Hauert and Sabina Jacob and Magdalena Lauser
February 3 1772 Salathee, Anna Catharine Frederick and Regina Salathee Peter and Anna Catharine Ried
March 30, 1798 Sander, Anna John and Anna Mary Sander Anna Sander
August 10, 1792 Sander, Anna Marie Jacob and Catharine Sander Michael and Anne Marie Moore
October 6, 1794 Sander, Elizabeth Peter and Elizabeth Sander Jacob and Anne Sander
May 1, 1800 Sander, George Jacob and Catharine Sander John Moore
June 19, 1787 Sander, John Jacob and Catharine Sander John Sander
December 14, 1790 Sander, John John and Anna Mary Sander Jacob and Hannah Sander
September 27, 1776 Sander, John Frederick Jacob and Anna Sander John Sander
April 25, 1792 Sander, John George Theodore and Catharine Sander George and Elizabeth Holstein
May 10, 1799 Sander, Magdalena John and Anna Mary Sander Michael and Anna Mary Moore
November 12, 1796 Sander, Michael Jacob and Catharine Sander Michael and Anna Mary Moore
October 20, 1798 Sander, Michael Michael and Catharine Sander George Batdorf
September 16, 1789 Sander, Peter Jacob and Catharine Sander Peter Mess
November 26, 1774 Santer, John Michael Jacob and Anne Santer Matthew and Magdalena Albrecht
September 30, 1787 Schaefer, John Jacob and Anna Marie Schaefer Michael and Catharine Mess
November 1, 1789 Schaefer, John George Jacob and Anna Marie Schaefer Martin and Sophia Albrecht
September 2, 1787 Schaub, Catharine Elizabeth Schaub Catharine Winter
December 27, 1770 Schmid, Benjamin Frederick and Margaret Schmid Benjamin Weiser
September 2, 1771 Schoener, Antonius Adam and Maria Schoener Anthony and Margaret Stiegel
April 26, 1778 Schorck, Eva Christina George and Salome Schorck Henry and Eva Mock
January 20, 1774 Schorek, Catharine John George and Salome Schorek Jacob and Catharine Kitzmiller
October 28, 1787 Schorek, John George George and Salome Schorek George and Susanna Pfefer
April 10, 1788 Schorek, John Henry Christian and Regina Schorek Henry and Eva Kuntz
March 2, 1776 Schork, Benjamin John George and Salome Schork Jacob and Margaret Balthaser
February 18, 1787 Schroff, John Henry Catharine Schroff Henry Kuntze et uxor
March 12, 1774 Schrolt, Henry Solomon and Anna Marie Schrolt Henry Golz and Margaret Schrott
November 31, 1775 Schrott, Elizabeth Solomon and Anna Maria Schrott Henry Golz and Margaret Schrott
April 15, 1777 Schrott, John Solomon and Anna Mary Neff Conrad and Margaret Plasterer
March 22 1771 Schup, John John and Catharien Schup John Adam Lautermilch
September 7 1772 Schweigard, Peter Valentine and Barbara Schweigard Jacob and Christiana Naef
June 1771 Schwob, Andrew John and Catharine Schwob Andrew and Catharine Moore
December 4, 1798 Seibert, Sarah Frantz and Susan Seibert Sarah Zwalley
June 15, 1773 Seller, Catharine Margaret Christopher and Elizabeth Seller Henry Seiler and wife
August 25, 1776 Seller, Elizabeth Christopher and Elizabeth Seller Henry and Catharine Seller
January 2,1 1772 Seller, John Henry Christopher and Elizabeth Seller John Henry and Catharine Seiler
November 9, 1774 Seller, Magdalena Christopher and Elizabeth Seller Abraham and Magdalena Snyder
October 7, 1778 Seller, Magdalena Christopher and Elizabeth Seller Magdalena Snyder
March 13, 1771 Seltzer, Anna Marie Michael and Barbara Seltzer Jacob and Barbara Seltzer
July 2,7 1771 Shaefer, Andrew Michael and Appollonia Shaefer Andrew and Catharine Shaefer
November 24 Sheetz, Peter Peter and Eliz. Sheetz Parents
July 20, 1792 Shell, Anna Catharine John and Anne Marie Shell Catharine Lauser
December 7, 1795 Shell, John John and Anna Marie Shell John and Christine Lauser
November 2, 1794 Shell, John John and Anna Mary Shell John and Mary Margaret Conrad
May 6, 1789 Shell, Mary Margaret John and Anna Mary Shell Magnus and Margaret Conrad
November 17, 1790 Shell, Rachel John and Anna Mary Shell John George and Rachel Mager
October 30 Sherk, Louisa John and Maria Sherk Parents
February 11, 1792 Shilling, Adam John and Barbara Shilling Adam and Susanna Fieman
August 16, 1789 Shilling, Catharine John and Barbara Shilling Jacob and Catharine Shilling
September 15, 1791 Shilling, Catharine Jacob and Catharine Shilling Catharine Beinhauer
March 13, 1789 Shilling, John Jacob and Catharine Elizabeth Shilling Adam and Margaret Oberle
February 25, 1772 Schorch, John Philip Henry John George and Salome Schorch Henry anc Catharine Pfeffer
April 16, 1792 Shoud, Anne Marie Philip and Catharine Shoud Anne Marie Felker
March 2, 1789 Shoud, Philip Philip and Catharine Shoud Phlip and Barbara Brown
February 10, 1793 Shram, John Michael John Joseph and Eva Mary Shram Barbara Fessler
April 1, 1799 Shramm, John George Joseph and Eva Shramm Peter and Catharine Brossman
March 18, 1792 Shrater, Mary Elizabeth Henry and Rosine Shrater John and Margaret Conrad
October 4, 1799 Shreiner, Anne Margaret William and Elizabeth Shreiner Anne Margaret Shreiner
June 18, 1798 Shreiner, Maria Wm. and Elizabeth Shreiner Balteser Keath and Maria
December 25, 1796 Shreiner, William John and Catharine Shreiner Wn. Shreiner and Eliz. Buffemoyer
September 26, 1786 Smith, Catharine John and Margaret Smith Gertrude Iba and Catharine Fitzberger
October 14, 1782 Smith, Conrad Francis Smith and uxor Henry and Eva Mock
August 17, 1789 Smith, George John and Margaret Smith George and Christine Albrecht
December 7 Smith, George John and Barbara Smith Geo. And Elizabeth Neff
March 8, 1793 Smith, Henry John and Margaret Smith Henry Iba and Barbara Ely
November 5, 1798 Smith, Jacob John and Margaret Smith Jacob and Magdalena Lauser
March 8, 1796 Smith, John Philip John and Margaret Smith Philip Iba
December 12 Snyder, Anna Maria Jacob and Cath. Snyder Eva Swanger
November 9, 1786 Snyder, Barbara William and Elizabeth Snyder John and Catharine Zieger
December 5, 1788 Snyder, Elizabeth William and Elizabeth Snyder Hassler, Jacob and Barbara
March 14, 1791 Snyder, Eva Christian and Margaret Snyder Sam. Lewis and Eva Fengel
March 14, 1791 Snyder, John Henry Christian and Margaret Snyder Henry Kuntz et uxor
September 23, 1790 Snyder, Joseph Conrad and Catharine Snyder Joseph Gehr
March 25 Sontag, Daniel Andrew and Elizabeth Sontag Dan. and Solome Bobb
February 29, 1792 Spanghut, Catharine Henry and Mary Elizabeth Spanghut Michael and Catharine Wonn
December 26, 1790 Spanghut, John Henry Henry and Elizabeth Spanghut John Philippi
May 11, 1788 Spanghut, Magdalena Henry and Mary Elizabeth Spanghut Philip and Magadalena Erpff
September 25, 1789 Spanghut, Mary Elizabeth Henry and Mary Elizabeth Spanghut Elizabeth Glud
August 31 Spangler, Hannah Peter and Hannah Spangler Catharine Spangler
January 1, 1787 Specht, Eva Adam and Eva Elizabeth Specht Eva Schaud
October 23 1772 Speck, Peter Adam and Catharine Speck Peter Hauser and Magdalena Phillipi
August 26, 1798 Spengler, Catharine Peter and Hannah Spengler Michael and Catharine Sander
December 12, 1787 Spickler, Elizabeth Michael and Barbara Spickler Nicholas and Elizabeth Spickler
February 14, 1788 Spickler, Elizabeth Nicholas and Elizabeth Spickler Peter Wolfesperger and Eliz. Pfeffer
February 10, 1795 Sprickerman, Anne Marie Peter and Christina E. Sprickman Henry and Barbara Iba
February 18, 1801 Steiner, Catharine Philip and Catharine Steiner Jacob and Catherine Steiner
March 26, 1792 Steinmetz, John Charles and Margaret Steinmetz Parents
October 1770 Stephen, Jacob Frederick Adam and Mary Elizabeth Stephen Jacob Rausch and Catharien Moyer
September 24 1773 Stiegel, Eva Anthony and Christina Stiegel Henry and Eva Mock
January 24, 1777 Stiegel, John Anthony and Christina Stiegel John and Anna Maria Nelp
March 8, 1775 Stiegel, Magdalena Anthony and Christina Stiegel Philip and Magdalena Erpff
June 5, 1796 Stober, Catharine John and Mary Salome Stober Catharine Mess
May 26, 1789 Stober, George Valentine and July Stober Parents
December 1, 1788 Stober, George John and Mary Salome Stober Peter and Christine Beinhauer
September 28, 1786 Stober, John John and Mary Salome Stober Christopher and Barbara Miller
March 13, 1791 Stober, Magdalena John and Christine Stober  
February 9, 1793 Stock, Catharine Michael and Barbara Stock John and Catharine Dissinger
February 1, 1795 Stock, Maria Michael and Barbara Stock Maria Reed
May 15, 1769 Stoeber, Anna Elizabeth Philip and Catharien Louisa Stoeber Elizabeth Forster
August 18, 1771 Stoeber, Catharine Philip and Catharine Louisa Stoeber Andrew Shaefer et al
March 4 Strack, Samuel Henry and Susanna Strack Barbara Strack
January 10, 1790 Strasberger, Anne Marie John and Catharine Strasberger Julian Fake
September 28 1770 Straub, Andrew Peter and Catharine Straub Andrew and Catharine Moore
August 3, 1792 Strickler, Anna Catharine John George and Catharine Strickler Andrew and Catharine Strickler
February 18, 1798 Stroh, John Charles Charles and Magdalena Stroh Daniel and Salome Bobb
July 22, 1777 Swanger, Anna Catharine Paul and Barbara Swanger Peter and Mary Salome Ream
January 21, 1795 Swanger, Anne Maria Nicholas and Catharine Swanger Samuel and Anne Marie Rex
November 20, 1789 Swanger, Elizabeth Nicholas and Catharine Swanger Elizabeth Sheetz
August 4, 1787 Swanger, Eva Nicholas and Catharine Swanger Michael Trion and Eva
September 10, 1796 Swanger, Michael Nicholas and Catharine Swanger Peter Ream, Jr.
April 15, 1790 Swope, Samuel Peter and Margaret Swope Parents

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