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Lebanon County Pennsylvania

1843 History of  Lebanon County, Pennsylvania [Source: Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania, by Sherman Day, 1843]
The Union Canal   The Union Canal was a towpath canal that existed in southeastern Pennsylvania in the United States during the 19th century. News articles are online recording the building of this canal.

The History of Lebanon County:  Taken From the History of the counties of Berks and Lebanon : Rupp, I. Daniel. Lancaster, Pa.. G. Hills. 1844.,

  • Pages 302 to 322 - History of Lebanon County, Lebanon Township, Lebanon (city) and Bethel Township
  • Pages 323 to 353 - History of Hanover , Londonderry, Heidelberg  and Swatara Township
  • Pages 354-360 - History of Annville, Jackson and Union Township
In The Swatara Region - A Two Days Trip Through the Valley  in 1895 (Source Notes and Queries by W.H. Egle, 1895)
This Contains a lot of early area history and genealogical information.  Surnames mentioned are Albert, Blough, Bomgardner, Deininger, Erb, Elder, Early, Leidig, Funkhouser, Goetz, Harper, Heintzleman, Kean , Krause, Light, Mark, Maulfair, Miller, Mosser, Moyer, Neidig, Ney, Orth, Raysor, Rittenhouse, Roop, Sherk, Shellenberger, Stauffer, Ulrich, Weis, Worthington, Zimmerman 


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